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Temperature in tenerife april: Average weather April in Tenerife, Spain

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife Sea Temperature in April

Looking to find out what the average sea water temperature in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is for April? Find out what the lowest, highest, and average water temperatures are for Santa Cruz de Tenerife over the past 10 years.

Average water temperature in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for April

The average, high, and low temperatures below should help you if you can swim in the water in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in April.

19.73° C

(67.51° F)

  • highest: 21.54° C (70.77° F)
  • lowest: 18.09° C (64.56° F)

At this temperature, water will feel cold compared to a swimming pool, but with a bit of experience and practice most people will find the water relatively comfortable to swim in.

Water temperature range by day in April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The chart below shows the range of low and high temperatures by day for the month of April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Water temperatures for April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in recent years

Day 2022 2021 2020 2019
1 19. 58° C 19.99° C 20.2° C 20.08° C
2 19.74° C 19.88° C 20.06° C 19.69° C
3 19.76° C 19.82° C 19.88° C 19.72° C
4 19.64° C 19.82° C 19.82° C 19.74° C
5 19.51° C 20.19° C 20.52° C 19.77° C
6 19.53° C 20.29° C 21.17° C 19.75° C
7 19.63° C 20.39° C 20.76° C 19.77° C
8 19.76° C 20.51° C 20.83° C 19.81° C
9 19.88° C 20.86° C 20.87° C 19.69° C
10 19.96° C 20.99° C 20.7° C 19.64° C
11 19.95° C 21.07° C 20.54° C 19.48° C
12 20° C 21. 01° C 20.43° C 19.62° C
13 19.79° C 21.11° C 20.5° C 19.76° C
14 19.82° C 21.22° C 20.6° C 19.84° C
15 19.77° C 21.19° C 20.64° C 19.87° C
16 19.52° C 20.96° C 20.38° C 19.76° C
17 18.91° C 20.91° C 20.63° C 19.58° C
18 19.14° C 20.9° C 20.63° C 19.61° C
19 19.1° C 20.82° C 20.82° C 19.56° C
20 19.55° C 20.89° C 20.57° C 19.44° C
21 19.46° C 21.11° C 20.35° C 19.19° C
22 19.48° C 21.45° C 20.06° C 19.26° C
23 19. 61° C 21.37° C 20.21° C 19.47° C
24 19.97° C 21.05° C 20.37° C 19.6° C
25 19.91° C 21.09° C 20.4° C 19.55° C
26 19.79° C 21.11° C 20.52° C 19.45° C
27 19.79° C 21.27° C 20.74° C 19.39° C
28 19.78° C 21.5° C 21.11° C 19.46° C
29 19.81° C 21.47° C 20.74° C 19.31° C
30 19.86° C 21.33° C 20.55° C 19.54° C

Water temperature in April for locations near Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Spain, Europe

4.02 miles away

El Sobradillo

Spain, Europe

4.05 miles away

San Cristobal de La Laguna

Spain, Europe

4. 22 miles away


Spain, Europe

4.51 miles away

San Andres

Spain, Europe

4.59 miles away

Teresitas Beach

Spain, Europe

5.17 miles away

Data source and citation

Raw data for the calculations made to find the sea surface temperature in Santa Cruz de Tenerife comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and their 1/4° daily Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature.

The water temperature data is constructed by combining observations from different platforms (satellites, ships, buoys, and Argo floats) on a regular global grid. A spatially complete sea surface temperature map is then built by interpolating to fill in gaps in the data.

If you’d like to use any of the information above in the format it is presented, please use the citation tool below.

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Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 28th March to 3rd April |

March 28, 2011
Recent News, Weather

The Weather in Tenerife 21st March to 27th March

The first week in spring saw a marked improvement in the weather on Tenerife with temperatures staying around the 23C mark and plenty of sunshine all week to bring a more tropical feel to the climate. The south was sunny pretty much all week albeit with the breezy weather continuing in some areas whilst in the north it was midweek before the sun completely blew away the clouds. The one area that seems to consistently vary from the forecast is Santa Cruz and the east which generally experiences better weather than is often forecast. Overall a very nice week to be visiting and walking and hiking on Tenerife.

The Weather in Tenerife 28th March to 3rd April

This week promises more of the same with mostly sun everywhere on Tenerife throughout the week. The temperature will continue to rise slightly with a marked increase on Thursday and Friday when as well as a hike in temps it will also be quite windy in the Mount Teide crater. Temperature increase for a couple of days accompanied by windy weather…is that a calima on the horizon?.

Weather in South Tenerife – Mostly sunny with scattered cloud all week. Temperatures should be around 23C.

Weather in North Tenerife – Mostly sunny with scattered cloud all week. Temperatures should be around 22C.

Weather in East Tenerife – Mostly sunny with scattered cloud on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; c,oud and sun for the rest of the week. Temperatures should be around 23C.

Weather in South West Tenerife – Mostly sunny with scattered cloud all week. Temperatures should be around 23C.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – It should be sunny in Mount Teide National Park and on the summit of Teide all week. Temperatures in the crater will be 13C at the start of the week rising to 17C by the weekend and around 2C on the summit of the volcano.

It will be quite a breezy end to the week on the slopes of Mount Teide so it’s worth checking that the cable car is operating before heading up there next Thursday to Saturday.

So far today Mother Nature clearly hasn’t read the weather forecast for Tenerife. It’s quite cloudy and overcast on both north and south coast although the sun is just beginning to break through. Chances are Tenerife’s weather hasn’t remembered to put its clock forward and hasn’t properly woken up yet.

Pic: Sun, sea and sand at Los Cristianos last week

Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Follow Jack on Google+


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Is Tenerife suitable for a holiday in April: the weather and where to go

Tenerife welcomes its guests in April with warm and sunny weather. And although it is still too early to swim, this is the place that many tourists choose to spend the Easter holidays here.


Air temperature

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: +19…+20
  • Puerto de la Cruz: +20…+21
  • Playa de las Americas: +21…+22
  • El 9 -Medano: +21…+22

Tenerife in April is dominated by a real spring, dry and sunny. The daily temperature in the south usually stays at around 19-21 degrees. But according to long-term observations of weather forecasters, sometimes the air warms up to +26. Abnormally high temperatures have not been observed in recent years. The nights are cooler, averaging about 16-17 degrees.

Water temperature

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: +19…+20
  • Puerto de la Cruz: +19…+20
  • Playa de las Americas: +19…+20
  • El Medano: +19…+20

Off the coast of Tenerife, the water has already warmed up to an average of +19 degrees. But only hardened people who come from the northern regions can afford a long bath. Few dare to swim in the northern resorts. But sunbathing, despite the rather fresh wind, is quite comfortable.

Weather features

The second spring month in Tenerife is considered one of the most beautiful months of the year. The amount of precipitation at this time is less and less and on average they fall up to 15 mm per month. Moreover, the rains are short and there are practically no puddles and slush. The length of the day increases and the sun shines 11-12 hours a day. Usually in April there are up to 24 sunny days. The average daily air humidity is 55–60%.

April differs from the rest of the spring period in the absence of gusty winds, the average wind speed reaches only 5.6 m/s. There is now no danger of the Kalima sandstorm, which is usually observed in March.

However, it will not be superfluous to remember that there are some weather differences in the various resorts of the island of Tenerife, because they are located in two opposite climatic regions – north and south.

Airline prices

The cost of tours in April will differ in its variability. The high season in Tenerife has not yet arrived, so in normal times, airfare prices are not too high. However, one can observe some increase in prices for tourist vouchers during the Easter holidays. Choose the most advantageous offers depending on the time of departure, days of the month, etc.

What the island has to offer

Going to the island at the end of this spring month, there is every chance to get to the magnificent celebrations held on the occasion of Easter. In large and small settlements, religious processions and religious processions are organized for the whole pre-holiday week. The holiday itself ends with theatrical performances on a religious theme and performances by orchestras.

The April trip will also please fishermen: right now the blue marlin season begins.

Beach holidays on the island are also gaining momentum. In April, there is a great opportunity to get a beautiful chocolate tan, although there is no main component of relaxing on the beach – swimming, the water temperature still does not allow you to swim for your pleasure.