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Weather april fuerteventura: Weather on the island of Fuerteventura in april 2023

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Fuerteventura climate and weather in January February or March and April?

In Fuerteventura the climate is pleasant throughout the year the contrast between the trade winds that blow on the islands in contrast to the dry heat coming from the neighboring African continent create favorable climate conditions, with hot summers but almost never very hot and mild winters but almost never fresh.

The island can therefore be visited throughout the year by tourists who are looking for excursions or beaches that many lovers of water sports such as Surfing, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing.


We will now go to see in detail the various periods of the year in the hope of being of help in choosing the best time to visit Fuerteventura.

January and February are absolutely the coolest months of the year to visit the island, the maximum temperatures remain between 19 and 21 degrees during the day, while the minimum night falls to around 15/16 degrees. These temperatures in fact also allow January and February to stay on the beach in Fuerteventura as the sun is still very hot and, if not covered by the clouds that in this period of the year can occur quite frequently gives in the central hours of the day a temperature perceived on the skin of 26/27 degrees, there is no shortage of possibilities for the bravest of bathing in the cold waters of the ocean.

The evening against is almost always a sweatshirt or a light jacket maybe combined with a scarf to counter the winds that cool a lot of winter evenings compared to the average of the year.

The winds in January and February in Fuerteventura blow almost constantly in this period, in fact, that the trade winds are presented in their maximum intensity, this in fact creates the best possible conditions for those who love surfing, kitesurfing or wave sports.

March and April

In March and April the situation changes gradually, in fact, it goes from the first 15 days of March when conditions similar to those of the previous two months can still be presented at temperatures much more from late spring at the end of the month up to the quasi-summer end April.

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The maximum averages rise to 23/24 degrees, the clouds are almost always less frequent, the rains already rare and almost completely absent. In the evening you start to take off the sweater and are not infrequent some waves of African heat that raise temperatures for 2-3 days even exceeding 30 degrees and allowing real and summer tastings.

The winds fall in intensity and are more pleasant when there are because they break the heat of the African sun if not sometimes excessive.

Temp middle Gen Feb Mar Apr
Fuerteventura J F M A
Min (°C) 14 14 15 15
Max (°C) 20 21 22 22



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Fuerteventura Weather: What to Expect

The best thing about the Fuerteventura weather is that there are no extreme highs or lows like there are in the rest of Europe; and it is quite predictable at any time of the year.  If someone asks what the weather is like at the moment, you can usually say it’s sunny and windy with a weather of above 22 degrees.  That summary will cover most days of the year on the island.  That’s the reason why Fuerteventura is a sun worshipper’s paradise!

Summer Weather

During the summer months the daytime shade weather will be in the range 25 – 30 degrees Celsius, and around 20 degrees Celsius at night.  Most days will be sunny, dry and windy.  The prevailing N or NE wind helps to cool weathers a little and can be quite refreshing.  The UV index will be around 8 or 9, so a high sun cream factor is a must.

Autumn Weather

September is usually the hottest month of the year as the wind tends to drop; but as we move into October the weather does start to drop, and autumn is mainly dry and sunny.  Daytime weathers will be in the mid 20’s Celsius in the shade on most days.

Winter Weather

Fuerteventura is ideal for you to get your winter sun. While the rest of Europe suffers from low weathers, the weather is still in the low 20’s Celsius in the day and the sun will shine a lot during your stay here.  The prevailing N or NE wind might be strong, and this can make it feel cool in the evenings, so a jacket and trousers might be in order.  The weather will probably drop to around 13 degrees at night in the coastal resorts.  The UV index will be either 3 or 4 at this time, so you’ll still get a tan.

Spring Weather

As the days get longer, the sun becomes stronger and the weathers rise.  You can expect the Fuerteventura weather to be in the mid 20’s Celsius.  It’ll be sunny and dry on most days.

Why is the Fuerteventura Weather so high all year round?

Fuerteventura, in the Eastern Canary Islands, is just over 100km from the coast of Africa, and is known to be the hottest and driest of the Canary Islands.  It seems to be protected from most of the rain that comes across the Atlantic Ocean, which is more likely to fall on the Western Canary Islands.

The statistics show that there is an average of 320 sunny days each year on Fuerteventura, and in the summer there can be 11 hours of sunshine a day.

Will I get any bad weather on Fuerteventura?

Rainfall averages 147 mm a year, and this generally falls during the Winter months.  Even then there’ll be an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day.

If you are unlucky enough to be on the island when there is cloud or rain, you won’t have to wait long before the sunshine returns.

During the Spring/Summer months there is the slight possibility that the island will be affected by an South- Easterly or Easterly wind that will bring hot air in from the Sahara Desert.  If this happens, then the Fuerteventura weather can rise by up to 10 degrees and there is the chance that sand particles will be carried in this wind.  If this is the case then visibility can be reduced.  This type of weather is called a ‘calima’ by the locals.  

Below are the average temperatures, wind speed, and rainy days on Fuerteventura:






Wind (km/h) Average Rainy Days
January 23 11 18 5
February 25 11 20 3
March 27 12 21 4
April 27 13 23 2
May 29 14 24 1
June 29 17 24 0.

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