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Weather in madeira in august: Madeira weather in August 2023: How hot & sunny?

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Best time to visit Madeira (weather, whales, flowers…)

Last updated on By Claire, the Travel Planning Geek

When is the best time to visit Madeira?
Well, it depends on your criteria. 
Below is my complete guide with details to help you make your decision based on:

  • Weather (temperature, rain, water…),
  • Crowds and price,
  • Flowers,
  • Whale watching opportunities,
  • Hiking conditions,
  • Winter sun,

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Best time to visit Madeira – Summary

Best month to visit Madeira

Madeira is enjoyable all year long, but if I had to pick one month as the best months, I would choose: JUNE because of:

  • Great temperatures,
  • Hardly any rain,
  • Before the Summer crowds,
  • Flowers still blooming,
  • Good whale activity,
  • Morning clouds of great sunrises.

Best time to visit Madeira – Criteria

If you don’t want to read the entire article, here is a summary depending on what you are looking for:

  • Weather, Rain –
    The driest months are June, July and August, the wettest months are October to mid-April.
  • Weather, temperatures –
    Summer temperatures are around 24°C at water level, and also hot in the mountains. Some days, when wind blows from the Sahara, temperatures can climb above 30°C
    Winter daytime temperatures are around 20°C on the lower parts of the island (it can be cold in the mountains).
  • Swimming –
    Best time to swim in the ocean is from June to October with sea temperature averaging 23°C
  • Crowds –
    September to October tend to be the quieter months on the island. But there is a general flow of tourists all year-long.
    The busier months are July and August. Christmas time and winter holidays are also popular times.
  • Price –
    Prices are of course higher when the island is the most crowded – Summer 
  • Flowers –
    Spring of course, and the flower festival in Funchal takes place in May.
  • Whales –
    The best time to see whales is in Summer (there are more of them).
  • Hiking –
    May, June, September and October – temperature are great for hiking – and, since many hiking paths are narrow, it is better to avoid the Summer crowds
  • Festivals –
    Check out dates if you want to participate of avoid them.
    The famous Carnival celebrations take place around the end of February.
  • For photography –
    Great lights can be found all year-round
    June and July have more chances to have blankets of clouds early morning, to offer you unforgettable sunrise above the clouds

Visual overview – best time to travel to Madeira

Below is an infographics to help you visualize the best times and decide the best time to go to Madeira based on your criteria.

If you are looking into visiting specifically in Winter, check out my article about Madeira in Winter.

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Best times to go to Madeira for WEATHER, crowds…

When is the best time to visit Madeira for great weather?

Overall, the climate can be described as meditteran-subtropical, offering an “eternal spring“.
It is rarely particularly cold or particularly hot. At sea level, temperatures are comfortable all year long.
Just know that:

  • Some days in Summer, the wind can blow from the Sahara and create over 30°C temperatures
  • in Winter, the temperatures are pleasant at sea level, but can be cold in the mountains (with snow sometimes)

Because of the mountains in the middle of the island, there are different climates. So if you don’t like the weather where you are , check out the other side of the island.

  • The north of the island has more rainfall and, therefore, lush vegetation. 
  • The south is drier and offers more hours of sunshine.

Length of the days & amount of sunshine

  • in Winter – 10 hours of daylight with sunrise around 7am to 8m and sunset from 6pm to 8pm
  • in Summer – 12 hours of daylight with sunrise around 7am to 8m and sunset from 8pm to 9pm

Because of the mountains, blankets of clouds can appear anytime of the year. They are very frequent in the mornings in June and July.
The South receives more sunshine than the North.

Rain in Madeira

Rainfall is concentrated from October to mid-April.
In Summer, rains are quite rare, especially on the South side of the island.

Temperatures in Madeira

As written earlier, Madeira has an Eternal Spring weather, at sea level.

  • In Spring, you are at around 20 to 22°C during the day and 13 to 17°C during the night
  • In Summer, you are at around 22 to 26°C during the day and 17 to 19°C during the night
  • In Autumn, you are at around 22 to 25°C during the day and 15 to 19°C during the night
  • In Winter, you are at around 19 to 20°C during the day and 13 to 14° during the night.

Just remember that there is greater variation in the mountains. They can be cold in Winter, with even snow.

Water temperatures in Madeira

The sea in Madeira is never very high in temperature. It is deep around the island.

  • In Spring, expect 17 to 18°C
  • In Summer, 21 to 23°C
  • In Autumn, 20 to 22°C
  • in Winter, 17°C to 19°C


Because of the Eternal Spring weather, Madeira receives a constant flow of tourists all year-round.
However, the busiest times are:

  • the Summer holiday months of July and August,
  • Christmas time,
  • and the Winter European holidays, for people looking for Winter Sun.

Need to rent a car in Madeira?
My tips:

  • Compare car rental prices on my favorite platform: – one of the best customer-rated comparison sites!
  • Choose the car and company you prefer (with enough power for steep roads)
  • Consider their full coverage option – I always take it for peace of mind! 
  • Book early to have a large choice of vehicles!

See my 36 tips about renting a car in Madeira

Best time to visit Madeira for FLOWERS

Spring explosion

Madeira is sometimes referred to as the ‘floating garden of the Atlantic’.
Thanks to the combination of the Location and the mountains in the middle of the island, Madeiras has a lush, varied and colorful flora.

You can see lush vegetation and beautiful flowers all year-round, however the full bloom and color explosion is, of course, during Spring time.

Plus, during that time, you can have a chance to be traveling during the Madeira Flower Festival, which includes:

  • performances of folk groups,
  • construction of beautiful floral carpets,
  • music and concerts…

Special flowers to find

And if you are after specific flowers, know that, for example:

  • Strelitzia: Madeira’s signature flower, “the bird of paradise” – grows throughout the island year-round. 
  • Poinsettia: Red flower – Best seen from October to February.
  • Sword Aloe: best seen from October to December.
  • Pink Ball Trees: The flowers bloom from December to March.
  • Jacaranda Trees: with pretty purple flowers, bloom in April and May.

Best time to travel to Madeira for WHALES and dolphins

Overall best time to go dolphin- and whale-watching in Madeira

Many species of dolphins and whales visit the island during different seasons.
But as general rules:

  • You can see whales and dolphins all year,
  • There are always at least 2 or 3 species of whales around,
  • Tours are running year round,
  • The highest quantity of species is from April to September,
  • In Summer, the dolphins generally gather closer to the coast, in more shallow waters
  • There is a much bigger chance of seeing dolphins than whales (they spend a lot of time underwater)

Learn more in my article about Whales and Dolphins in Madeira.

Species of dolphins & best months

The most common species of dolphins you will see in the waters surrounding Madeira are the Bottlenose dolphins. They live there year round.

Other species depending on the season:

  • Common dolphin – January to July
  • Striped Dolphin – February to April and July to November
  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphin – March to October
  • Rough-toothed Dolphin – May to September
  • Risso’s Dolphin – May to October

Best time to visit Madeira for HIKING

The island of Madeira offers some wonderful hiking opportunities:

  • Over volcanic cliffs,
  • Along levadas (irrigation systems) surrounded by lush vegetation,
  • On top of the mountains,
  • . ..

Check out my article with the best hikes and levada walks in Madeira.

You can hike all year round, but here are a few things to be aware of to make your decision:

  • In Summer, temperature can raise quite high in the afternoon – you should start hiking early morning
  • Most hikes have narrow pathways and can have hikers in both directions (many levada walks are return hikes, not loops). Therefore, in Summer they can feel crowded.
  • In Winter, the mountains can be a lot colder and occasionally have snow
  • In Winter, there is more rain and the waterfalls will be fuller.

Therefore, the best months to hike in Madeira are in the shoulder seasons – May, June, September, and October, unless you want to see the waterfalls in full force.

Where to stay in Madeira?
My tips:

  • For a choice of restaurants and if you don’t rent a car –  See best rated accommodations in Funchal
  • For luxury resorts, check out the Lido area in Funchal
  • For a sandy beach – See best rated accommodations in Machico
  • For a quiet village in beautiful scenery – See best rated accommodations in Porto da Cruz
  • For a practical location to explore the island – See best rated accommodations in Ribeira Brava
  • To enjoy the natural pools – See best rated accommodations in Porto Moniz

More tips on my article about where to stay in Madeira

How is Madeira at Christmas?

What is Madeira like at Christmas?
Madeira is a popular destination for Christmas.
Christmas and the New Year are celebrated at the same time everywhere in the “Christian world”.

Weather conditions

Temperatures at sea level are very pleasant, around 19/20°C during the day.
Water temperature is low (around 17°C), so it is not the best time for swimming. 
But the weather is pleasant for walking and exploring the whole coast of the island.

Christmas trees & decorations

Because of the mild climate, you won’t find many traditional pine trees, but mostly artificial trees.
They are traditionally decorated with balls, Christmas Lights, snowflakes, bows, wreaths, etc. 

Madeirans love decorating for every festival and events.
You will see a lot of decorations, especially in Funchal.

If you walk around, you will also see many Nativity scenes in the form of a staircase or in a rock-shaped form (like a cave). Locals call them “lapinha”.
It is often a small altar of three hauls, covered with a red and a white lace tablecloths. At the top is a small statue of the Baby Jesus, and on the other steps the shepherd, other figures and fruits.

Around Christmas events

Madeira has several traditions around Christmas:

  • The Childbirth masses, a set of nine religious ceremonies (called “novenas”), taking place at dawn in parishes throughout the island. They happen between December, 16th and Christmas Eve. They are often followed by singing gatherings.
  • On December 23rd, there is a Market night in Funchal at the Mercado dos Lavradores – where people shop for fruits and flowers
  • On December 31st, there is a special fireworks show that entered the Guinness book of records as the largest show in the world (from 2006 to 2012)

Christmas food

Of course, no tradition is complete without food specialities:

  • Madeira Honey cake – can be bought all year round, but linked to Christmas
  • Christmas in Madeira is filled with sweets and the cookies
  • “Carne Vinha D’Alhos”
  • . ..

Best months to visit Madeira – pros and cons

Madeira in Winter 

Learn more

Madeira in January

  • Pros –
    Winter Sun – pleasant temperature
    Great time to surf in Madeira
    Christmas lights until the 6th January
    Cheap outside of Christmas
    Great for waterfalls
  • Cons –
    One of the rainiest months (but not that much…)
    Cold in the mountains

Madeira in February

  • Pros – 
    Winter sun, and pleasant temperature
    Carnival at the end of the months
    Rain is less likely than in January – still great for waterfalls
  • Cons – 
    Coldest month of the year (but not that cold…)
    Still some rain

Madeira in March

  • Pros – 
    Temperatures are starting to rise, reaching around 20°C in average during the day
    Some flowers start blooming
    Winter Sun
  • Cons – 
    Still some rain, as in February – still great for waterfalls

Madeira in Spring 

Madeira in April

  • Pros – 
    Flowers are blooming
    Flower Festival takes place in April or May
    Lemon Festival in Santana
  • Cons – 
    Roughly the rain level as March and February

Madeira in May

  • Pros – 
    Flowers are abundant
    Flower Festival takes place in April or May (depending on Easter)
    Many festivals are taking place
    Temperatures are a little bit warmer
    A lot less rain than in March (half the chances of rain)
  • Cons – 
    Sea water has not warmed up yet

Madeira in June

  • Pros – 
    Great temperatures around 22°C
    Many flowers still in bloom
    Sea temperature start to rise
    Morning clouds for photographers
    Atlantic Festival and fireworks
    Hardly any rain, in theory
  • Cons – 
    Morning clouds can be a negative for those looking for sun. ..

Madeira in Summer 

Madeira in July

  • Pros – 
    Warm weather
    Comfortable water temperature
    Hardly any rain
    Morning clouds for photographers
  • Cons – 
    More crowded

Madeira in August

  • Pros – 
    Warm weather
    Comfortable water temperature
    Hardly any rain
    Madeira wine festival starts at the end of the months (with harvest starting)
  • Cons – 
    More crowded

Madeira in September

  • Pros – 
    Warm weather
    Comfortable water temperature
    Madeira wine festival
    Columbus Festival 
    Less crowded than August
  • Cons – 
    A little bit more risk of rain, but not much

Madeira in Autumn 

Madeira in October

  • Pros – 
    Temperature still warm at 24°C
    Water can still be warm
    Madeira Nature festival with outdoor activities
    Prices start dropping
  • Cons – 
    More chances of rain 

Madeira in November

  • Pros – 
    Less crowded
    Temperature are still pleasant
    Waterfalls can have more water
  • Cons – 
    Sea water is now cooler

Madeira in December

  • Pros – 
    Christmas and New Year’s festivities
    Still enjoyable temperatures
  • Cons – 
    Rain is more likely

Best time to travel to Madeira and more – FAQs

Best time to visit Funchal?

Funchal is a great destination all year round.
There is no difference between Funchal and the rest of the island. This entire article applies.
Funchal is on the South Side of the island, so it has more sun and is protected from most winds.

Is Madeira worth visiting?

Whatever the time of the year, Madeira is a worthy destination with mountains, beaches, cliffs and volcanic features.
The landscapes are simply breathtaking. Check out my selection of 40 pictures to get an idea.

What is the hottest month in Madeira?

August is normally the hottest month in Madeira with temperature around 25 and 26°C during the day (but they can go above 30°C when the dry wind from the Sahara is blowing).

How many days do you need to visit Madeira?

The island is not that big. From Funchal you can reach almost all destinations within 1h, thanks to the many tunnels.
The minimum to visit Madeira is a week, but I really think that 10 days is a better timeframe. With only one week, you would have to rush your experience or make some choices of places to see. 
I think the best length for your Madeira trip is between 10 days and 2 weeks (and more if you want to explore the island of Porto Santo as well).

Don’t visit for a long weekend. The island is far from Europe and landings can be delayed because of wind.
Learn more on my 42 Madeira Travel Tips.

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Weather in Madeira during August



Average high


UV Index


Monthly rainfall


Sea temperature

Madeira is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the northwest coast of Africa, and enjoys a subtropical climate and warm weather all year round. We’ve looked at the most up-to-date weather data for Madeira, covering the last 12 years up to 2023, plus we’ve asked our team of travel bloggers for their first-hand experiences in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about Madeira weather in August.

How warm is it in Madeira during August?

August is typically the warmest month in Madeira. The temperature reaches around 23℃ during the daytime, falling away to 21℃ at night. The UV index will be high at this time of year, so protection against skin and eye damage is needed.
Try to limit exposure between 10am and 4pm. Apply broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every few hours, even if it’s cloudy, or more frequently after sweating or swimming, and wear UV-blocking sunglasses too, and bear in mind that bright surfaces, such as sand and water increase UV exposure.

Does it rain in Madeira during August?

The answer is no. Madeira is typically bone dry in August. You’re not likely to see a thunderstorm during your trip.

Is it windy in Madeira during August?

You’re unlikely to experience any strong winds. Expect a gentle breeze that increases to moderate at times during August. With warm air temperatures and high humidity, any breeze will feel warm but refreshing.

How warm is the sea in Madeira during August?

The water temperature around Madeira reaches a pleasant 23℃ during August. While generally considered warm, some people might find it a little on the cool side on entering the water.

Things to do in Madeira

See more

Weather in Madeira

Our month-by-month guide to the weather and climate in Madeira

Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Madeira weather in


Weather in Madeira in August 2023-2022 🌊 and water temperature at “365 Celsius”

According to our rating system, which is confirmed by the reviews of tourists who have visited Portugal, the weather is excellent in Madeira in August, this month’s rating is 4. 8 out of five.

Temperature in Madeira in August


Average temperature during the day: +26.4°C
Average temperature at night: +23.5°C
Sea water temperature: +23.8°C
Number of sunny days: 15 days
Rainy days:
1 day
5.0 mm

Comparison of the weather by months in Madeira
Water temperature in Portugal in August

Should I go on vacation in August?


The climate in August is good and tourists come to have a rest. According to our data, the weather in Madeira in August and the water temperature is excellent. At this time, the warm sea has an average temperature of +23.8°C. There is practically no rain, about 1 day per month, 5.0 mm of precipitation falls. Sunny weather lasts at least 15 days. According to the reviews of tourists who have visited Portugal, it is worth going on vacation to Madeira in August. nine0003

    Please note:

  • Weather in Madeira in July:
    rating 4.7 (out of 5),
    air +25.0°C , sea: +22.5°C,
    rain 0 days
  • Weather in Madeira in September:
    rating 4.8 (out of 5),
    air +26. 5°C , sea: +24.2°C,
    rain 2 days


  • for 3 days
  • for week
  • for 10 days
  • for 14 days
  • for the month
  • for weekend
  • water for 14 days
  • for 5 days
  • for 7 days
  • 2 weeks
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • water now
  • nine, 2020, 2021: the maximum air temperature reaches +27. 9°C, the minimum recorded values ​​are +24.9°C. At night, the temperature in Madeira in August drops to +24.7°C…+22.3°C. On average, the difference between day and night is 2.9°C. What is the weather forecast for Madeira at the end of August and the beginning of the month indicated on the graph, in Portugal almost everywhere the situation is similar.


    Water temperature in Madeira in August

    Weather forecast and sea water temperature in Madeira in August ranges from +22.9°C to +24.4°C. At its lows, it can be considered comfortable for swimming adults and children. In the previous month, the sea is colder by about 1.3°C. The next month the water is 0.4°C warmer. In August, according to the reviews of tourists in Madeira, the climate is well suited for relaxation due to the comfortable temperature of the water in the sea almost anywhere in Portugal.


    Rating, rainy days and precipitation in August and other months.

    The rating in a period of five months fluctuates from 4.5 to 4.8 points. The number of rainy days in August is 1, and it ranks 1st for this indicator for the year. Precipitation is 5.0 mm, which is the 11th place among all months. At the same time, in the previous period, 0.2 mm less rainfall, in the next month, 12.5 mm more. The weather in Madeira in August in the first and second half of the month is shown in the summary table for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 years.

    Wind speed

    The average speed in August is 6 m/s with maximum wind gusts up to 8.5 m/s.

    Climate summary


    nine0008 +26.2°C

    nine0008 +23.2°C


    nine0008 +25.2°C

    nine0008 +23.1°C


    nine0008 +26. 4°C

    nine0008 +23.9°C


    nine0008 +27.1°C

    nine0008 +23.0°C


    nine0008 +25.1°C

    nine0008 +23.6°C


    nine0008 +26. 1°C

    nine0008 +23.7°C


    nine0008 +26.5°C

    nine0008 +23.9°C


    nine0008 +27.8°C

    nine0008 +24.3°C

    Day Day air temperature Water temperature
    1 +26. 9°C +23.3°C
    2 +22.9°C
    3 +25.9°C
    4 +25. 2°C +23.1°C
    5 +25.2°C +23.3°C
    6 +23.4°C
    7 +25. 9°C
    8 +26.8°C +23.5°C
    9 +25.6°C +23.4°C
    10 +23.5°C
    11 +27.1°C
    12 +25.9°C +23.9°C
    13 +27. 9°C +23.9°C
    14 +23.4°C
    15 +26.6°C
    16 +26. 2°C +23.2°C
    17 +26.9°C +23.4°C
    18 +23.1°C
    19 +24. 9°C
    20 +26.5°C +23.4°C
    21 +26.9°C +23.2°C
    22 +23.9°C
    23 +26.2°C
    24 +26.5°C +23.8°C
    25 +25. 9°C +24.1°C
    26 +23.8°C
    27 +27.5°C
    28 +27. 4°C +24.1°C
    29 +26.9°C +23.9°C
    30 +24.4°C
    31 +27. 8°C

    Weather now



    Feeling: +16°C

    From 8m/s

    Precipitation: 0%

    10 day / 14 day forecast

      Pay attention to other cities:

    • Quarteira weather in August
    • Portimão weather in August
    • nine0064

      Weather in Madeira in August. Water temperature in Madeira in august Weather by months.

      Monthly weather/Portugal/Madeira/August

      Resorts of Portugal

      All resorts

      Madeira on the world map

      Other countries

      All countries

      Temperature at night afternoon January +15°C +17°C February +13°C +15°C March +13°C +15°C April +14°C +16°C May +15°C +18°C June +17°C +20°C July +19°C +22°C August +20°C +23°C September +20°C +23°C October +19°C +21°C November +16°C +19°C December +15°C +17°C

      According to our observations, as well as reviews of tourists who visited Portugal, we can say that the weather in Kemer in September is expected to be good. The average daily air temperature in August is 23.2 °C, while the temperature of the water in the sea will be 23.4 °C.

      Weather in August

      nine0008 +23.4 °C

      Daytime average temperature
      Nighttime average temperature
      +23.2 °C
      +19.8 °C
      Sea water temperature
      Number of sunny days
      Length of daylight hours
      12 days
      Rainy days
      2 days
      36 mm
      Average wind speed 20.3 m/s

      Is it worth going to Madeira for a holiday in August?


      74. 0%

      Taking into account all the available data on the weather in Madeira in August (air and water temperature, amount and intensity of rains, cloudiness, day length and wind strength), we calculated the level of comfort in this resort, which was 74.0 %. Please also note that the comfort level in September will be higher and will be 77.1 %

      Comfort level by months

      On the graph below you can see the comfort level in Madeira calculated by us for each month. The most comfortable months for a holiday in Madeira are September, July and August. Months with a minimum level of comfort are April, March and January.

      Monthly comparison of weather in Madeira

      Select the month you are interested in from the list below if you want to receive detailed information about the weather in Madeira at other times. nine0003





      Temperature in Madeira in August

      August is the hottest month in Madeira. During the day, the air temperature in August ranges from 22.3°C to 24.3°C, at night from 19.2°C to 19.2°C, respectively. The mean air temperature is 23.2 °C during the day, and 19.8 °C at night. The difference between daytime and nighttime air temperatures reaches an average of 3.4°C per month.

      Water temperature in Madeira in August

      In August, the water in Madeira is quite warm. The water temperature in the sea does not fall below 22.8°C, while the maximum figure can reach 24.0°C. The average water temperature in August is 23.4 °C, which is 0.9°C higher than in July and 0.6°C lower than in September.

      Rainy days and precipitation in August

      The average rainfall for Madeira in August is 36 mm, with about 2 rainy days as a rule. According to our observations and hysmeteo data, the probability of rainy weather is 7.5 %. In this case, most often it will be a light drizzle.

      Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

      In Madeira in August there are usually about 12 sunny, 16 cloudy and 3 overcast days. The day length (from dawn to dusk) is 13 hours and 19minutes. The number of hours of sunshine when the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface, taking into account the average cloud cover for the month, is 8 hours and 53 minutes per day. Madeira is one of the sunniest months of the year.

      Wind in Madeira in August

      The graph below shows the probability of winds of different strengths during the month. The average wind speed in Madeira in August is 20.3 m/s.

      Weather in August at other resorts in Portugal

      We bring to your attention a summary of the weather in other popular resorts in Portugal in August. Select the resort you are interested in to get more detailed information.

      nine0499 Water temperature

      Name Day air temperature Air temperature
      at night
      Rainy days
      Madeira 23. 2°C 19.8°C 2 days (36 mm) 23.4°C
      Lisbon 28.4°C 17.9°C 0 days (4 mm) 18.6°C
      Porto 26.9°C 16.0°C 1 day (15 mm) 17.2°C
      Algarve 29.4°C 20.6°C 0 days (1 mm) 21.8°C
      Faro 29.4°C 20.6°C 0 days (2 mm) 21.8°C
      Albufeira 29.3°C 19.9°C 0 days (1 mm) 21.4°C
      Funchal 23.2°C 19.8°C 2 days (35 mm) 23.

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