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Hot place in december europe: Seven Warmest European Countries: A Winter Sun Guide

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by Wander-lust

If “warm destinations in Europe in Winter” was your question in the Google search tab, you’re probably not the only one seeking the sunshine. Honestly, we feel you. Rainy, windy and colder weather, isn’t something most people look forward to. Hence the name of this article, we’ve lined up a couple of European destinations, where the weather is milder and the sun still catches your skin.

Canary Islands

Most likely, this destination doesn’t come as a big surprise to most of you. Oh yes, the Canary Islands bring sun seekers what they wish for. The downside is, that it’s a destination with many tourists, and this may not be your cup of tea. However, temperatures rise to about 23°C, so you may just want to swallow that bitter pill. Located on the far west side of Africa, these islands are officially part of Spain. Therefore you’ll find Spanish dishes, music, and culture. All we can say is…Vamos!


This Mediterranean destination is situated in the most Southern part of Europe and therefore has a mild winter climate. Mind you, in December and January, temperatures can still drop to about 19°C to 20ºC during the day. Rain can fall, but nothing compared to Western Europe. Stroll around the capital Lefkosia, with hidden corners and charming streets. Visit markets, take a look at the architecture, or visit a museum. Furthermore, hiking is also the perfect activity for the winter months as it can be too hot during summer. Not to mention the many cute villages on the island like Omodos or Lofou. Cyprus is definitely a warm destination in Europe you should visit!


This beautiful island is not particularly the warmest destination in Europe on this list, but it’s so lush and green. The climate can be tropical with heavy, short rainfall which may change in a heartbeat. The incredible cuisine, stunning hikes, and waterfalls, make Madeira worthy of a spot on the list. Are you curious about this Island which is called the Hawaï of Europe? Check out our full Madeira Guide.


Another M in the Alphabet that gives us Malta. This tiny island underneath Italy is a warm enough destination in Europe in our opinion. Maximum temperatures of 18 degrees and around 8 days of rain in December. It gets a little colder in January, but there are no freezing temperatures! More on Malta here.

The Algarve, Portugal

Beaches, cliffs, wonderful restaurants, markets, and pretty lodges. The Algarve is a big favourite if you are travelling with kids, couples, and travellers. To get an idea of the Algarve, check out this video we made a few years ago!

Istanbul, Turkey

Now hold on, a little disclaimer before we continue. We visited Istanbul in February and it snowed. However, locals told us it doesn’t happen often though, and we must admit, when the sun broke through, it was at least 15ºC. Rain and snowy storms may occur due to the changing climate of the world, but we still want to tip Istanbul as a wonderful destination in the winter. Flight tickets will be more affordable and it won’t feel too crowded.

So, which warm destination in Europe will you pick this wintertime?


Where to relax in Austria in the summer

Austria is not the country with which summer holidays are associated. It is in winter that skiers and snowboarders from all over the world come to the Alps, and in the rest of the year tourists are limited to Vienna and its environs. Breaking the mold and showing cool Austrian locations for summer trips.

Austrian lakes

Austria has no access to the sea, but this does not mean that you can’t warm up your sides on the beach with some water. An excellent alternative to a seal vacation by the ocean or the sea is a holiday on the Austrian lakes.

Lake Klopeiner

Klopeiner See is the warmest lake in Austria, located in South Carinthia. It is so pure that quenching your thirst with water from the Klopeinersee is a common thing among the locals. In summer, the water temperature reaches +28 ° C, the coast is quite shallow and safe for those who are not very good swimmers. Nearby there are many hotels with private beaches, guest houses in the Austrian country style for every taste and budget.

Those looking for a lazy all-inclusive holiday stay, for example, at the Hotel & Spa Sonne (Westufer 17, 9122 Sankt Kanzian) for around €140 per night with breakfast or Amerika-Holzer Hotel & Resort (Am See XI, 9122 Sankt Kanzian) from €180 per night. Both hotels are located right on the lake, with private beaches, their own SPA, restaurants, bars and fitness centers.

Adherents of more colorful and authentic places choose gasthofs – small Austrian guest houses, where you will be offered not only a bed, but also a rustic breakfast with fragrant lands (Austrian bread rolls), ham, cheeses and homemade butter. Prices per night in such pensions start from € 49. For example, a room in a guesthouse Privatzimmer Marina (5 Arlsdorf, 9100 Völkermarkt) will cost € 51. Breakfasts, free parking, transfer from the airport and only 12 minutes to the beach.

Photo: @andi_steiner, Unsplash

Lake Wörther

Lake Wörthersee is located 15 km from Klagenfurt, on the border with Slovenia and Italy. It is ideal for a beach holiday: the water temperature in summer reaches +27 °C. Unlike the small Klopeinersee, the Wörthersee stretches for as much as 17 km.

The charming town of Velden is located on the shore of the lake and can be explored on foot. Other activities include trips around the area on a rented bike, playing golf on local courses, or mountain hiking with an overnight stay.

Lake Zeller

Zell am See-Kaprun is a year-round popular Austrian resort at the foot of the Alps on Lake Zeller See. If you’re looking for an all-in-one vacation, Zell am See is the perfect place to visit, with mountains, lakeside beaches and glaciers. And in addition to enjoy the beauty of the many attractions in the area.

The purest water in the mountain lake Zeller invigorates: in summer it rarely warms up to +23 °C. The city has three equipped beaches (where they even built a swimming pool – for those who are too cold in the lake), a huge number of nice hotels, cafes and restaurants. Staying at the Grand Hotel Zell am See (Esplanade 4-6, 5700 Zell am See) , you will get a beautiful view of the lake and mountains, a private small beach, SPA and free access to boats, catamarans and bicycles.

It costs at least a week to go to this resort: there are a lot of activities. There is expanse for lovers of hiking: there are a lot of hiking trails in the mountains. Whichever one you choose, breathtaking views are guaranteed. For example, you can follow the trail named after Princess Sisi, and at the end you will come across a small old chapel, where the royal person often retired. And on the way up, you will meet grazing cows, as if from a chocolate wrapper, and, if you wish, you will pick up ripe forest berries and mushrooms. If it rains, knock on one of the mountain houses: the people here are hospitable, they will give you hot tea and allow you to dry your socks on the stove.

The Krimml Waterfall, Krimmler Wasserfälle, can be reached by bus from Zell am See-Kaprun in 20-30 minutes. It is called the European Niagara because it is the largest in Europe. Starting the journey from the foot of the waterfall, you can walk to its top. Incredible landscapes open up at each level of the ascent! Stock up on sandwiches and water – the path is not easy, but it’s worth it. And for a hearty lunch, go to a cafe at one of the bus stops. There you will be allowed to sit with food right on the roof.

If you are looking for extreme sports, go kayaking or canoeing on the rivers Saalach and Salzach. Or head to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier and travel from summer to winter. There is snow here all year round and you can sprint along the ice slides. Don’t forget warm clothes: the temperature at the top is around -6°C even in hot August.

Photo: @daniel-frank, Unsplash

Thermal spas

The Austrian thermal baths are a different kind of experience. The locals have a real cult of health and balance of soul and body, so almost all SPA resorts are heavenly corners on earth. Get ready to see a lot of naked people in pools and saunas. Austrian spas have a rule: no clothes. And also there is no division into male and female zones. In more touristic and luxury thermal complexes, the “naked zone” is separated from the main one. If you decide (a) to go into it, be kind (a) to get rid of swimming trunks. At the same time, you can move between the pool and the sauna in a bathrobe and a towel.

Aqua Dome

Aqua Dome (Oberlängenfeld 140, 6444 Oberlängenfeld) is located in an incredibly picturesque place surrounded by the Alps near the ski resort of Sölden. Clean fresh air, mountains, fabulous nature. The thermal complex is built on the principle of Feng Shui from natural materials. The visiting card of the SPA-hotel is jacuzzi bowls raised above the ground and filled with sea and thermal water.


Tauern SPA

Tauern SPA (Tauern Spa Str. 1, 5710 Kaprun) will delight you with 13 saunas for every taste and 12 swimming pools. One of them is completely transparent and offers a view of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. There is also an ice fountain and a salt steam room.

Photo: @Tauernspa

Rogner Bad Blumai

Rogner Bad Blumau (Bad Bluma 100, 8283 Bad Blumau) – not very promoted thermal complex, but local ones are rested. No wonder, because it was designed and built by Hundertwasser himself, so here you can not only relax, but also look at bizarre buildings – “dwarf high-rise buildings”. In addition to relaxing in the SPA, you will be offered wine tours and excursions to cheese farms.

You can go to all these places directly from Vienna’s main railway station – Hauptbahnhof. Sometimes you have to make a transplant to another composition. To plan a route and book tickets, just go to the ÖBB website and enter the point of departure and arrival in the line.

Photo: @rognerbadblumau

Photo: @andi_steiner

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Collections at sea are not always only pleasant chores. Sometimes this process is accompanied by paperwork. If you want to protect yourself from all these problems, you can contact the travel agency of the retail network PEGAS Touristik WTC LLC, and our managers will take care of preparing your documents.

In addition, our experts will tell you that you can relax at sea without a visa and even without a foreign passport!

Where can I go only with an internal passport?

There are actually more than enough places where Russians can relax at sea without a passport. First of all, it is worth noting our Russian Black Sea and Azov resorts, such as Yeysk, Sochi, Yalta, Tuapse, Feodosia, Evpatoria, Anapa and others.

Both in the Crimea and in the Krasnodar Territory, excellent conditions have been created for tourists to relax, because the resort business has been developing here for many, many years. Holidays on the Caspian Sea will be a little less popular, but these places are also suitable for a beach holiday.

For the comfort of vacationers on the sea, they offer their apartments and luxury hotels, and small private boarding houses, and you can always rent housing from private owners. There is also plenty of entertainment at Russian seaside resorts: water parks, dolphinariums, restaurants, attractions, sports grounds and beach and water activities.

You can have a rest without a passport at sea, not only in your native expanses, but also abroad. Today, there are only three countries where Russians can enter with internal passports. These include Belarus, Abkhazia and Kazakhstan, but only the last two have access to the sea.

In Abkhazia you will be hospitably met in Sukhumi, Gagra, Pitsunda and other resorts. But in Kazakhstan you can relax on both the Caspian and the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea, however, is rarely chosen for a beach holiday.

Where to go with a passport, but without a visa?

The list of countries where citizens of the Russian Federation can have a rest at sea without a visa is much wider than those countries that are allowed to enter simply upon presentation of a Russian passport. Perhaps the most popular resort country where a visa is not needed is Turkey. This country has access to 4 seas at once, and therefore the choice of resorts here is very wide.

You can go to the Mediterranean Sea without a visa to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Morocco and Israel, and to the Black Sea – to Ukraine and Georgia.

Among the countries more distant from Russia, with which an agreement on visa-free regime has been signed, it is necessary to single out such resort destinations as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.