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Hot weather countries in december: Where’s hot in December? | Thomas Cook

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10 Best Places to Visit in December 2019

If you live in Europe or North America, December is probably one of the most popular months to travel abroad.

Ironically, this is also the start of the winter season, so usually you can expect quite low temperatures, cold wind and sometimes even a deep snow cover.

In most of Europe and North America, December comes with long, cold nights and short, dark and grey days.

If you into winter sports and skiing – great! This is the perfect time for you.

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However, if you prefer summers, sea sports, long walks, warm weather, swimming and sunbathing, then you need an alternative.

1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Ted Murphy

There is nothing more bright, blue and cloudless than winter in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Visiting Punta Cana in December, you will find typical summer weather with temperatures of around 28 – 29°C.

The average sea water temperature is about 27°C and is just perfect for swimming and diving.

When it comes to swimming and sunbathing, the great beaches of Punta Cana do not need advertising, because they are considered to be among the best in the world.

More or less crowded, they are all snow white and dotted with coconut palm groves. There are many things to do, but it all starts and ends on the beach.

2. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt by Qasim Massey

The colorful Egyptian resort city on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula is a very good choice if you are looking for a warm place to visit in December.

After the sweltering heat of summer, December brings very nice and pleasant weather with temperature of about 23°C.

The chance to encounter clear sunny weather conditions is almost 100%, and the average seawater temperature is about 24°C.

December is a great time to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, horseback riding and wonderful adventures outside.

Because of the proximity to Europe, Sharm el-Sheikh is a great choice for many tourists who do not want to spend a whole day flying.

The main disadvantage is that the nights are sometimes relatively cool, and the sun sets between 4:45 and 5:00 pm, so if you are used to wake up late, you have to change your schedule, at least for a while.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by Pat Strosahl

Over the last years, Puerto Vallarta has become the best vacation destination on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The city is famous for its fragrant cuisine, music, architecture and wonderful weather.

The average temperature during the day in December in the colorful Mexican resort is about 30°C, which is the same as in July in Southern Europe.

Nights are warm with temperatures of around 18°C, and rainfalls are quite scarce with only about 2 rainy days on average.

Since winter is the busiest tourist season in Puerto Vallarta, in December you can expect to see every single restaurant or bar opened as well as most of the hotels full of visitors.

The main disadvantage, however, is that prices in December are slightly higher compared to July or August for example.

4. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida by Michael Ostendorp

Miami is one of the most colorful and interesting to visit cities in the world, especially in winter.

After the long heavy summer and with the beginning of the winter season, Miami becomes even more attractive for visitors from the northern countries and states.

The average daytime temperature in December is about 26°C, and the white fabulous beaches are crowded with tourists who enjoy the combination of warm ocean and bright sun. There are always thousands of things to do in Miami.

Museums, amusement parks, casinos, restaurants, bars, gardens and a bunch of places to walk.

And if you have some luck, you will be able to see a number of celebrities who live here or just spend the winter in this incredible city.

5. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia by jipe7

Cartagena is a true rainbow of thousands and thousands of colors. This is perhaps the city with the most saturated and bright culture in Latin America.

Located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena combines successfully colonial heritage and local traditions with the typical diversity of a large and modern American city.

In close proximity to Cartagena, just a few miles away from the noise of the big city, there are many places to enjoy the white sand, warm sea and unspoiled nature in the atmosphere of a Caribbean-style resorts.

In December the temperature in Cartagena is very high – about 31 – 32°C, which makes the city one of the warmest winter tourist destinations in the world.

6. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand by Nicolas Vollmer

The most attractive tourist island of Southeast Asia enjoys a growing interest among tourists from around the world.

In searching for warm weather and intense sun shining, many visitors come here to spend their winter holidays.

Today Phuket is a world top destination and attract visitors with its incredible people, delicious cuisine, rich culture, music, traditions, architectural monuments and magnificent scenery.

While enjoying the superb white beaches and coral reefs, the temperature of about 31 – 32°C will make you forget about the fact that winter is just beginning.

7. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia by Alan Lam

Over the last years, Sydney has acquired the fame of one of the most beautiful, expensive and interesting cities in the world to live, work and visit.

In many different ways, Sydney is even more expensive than London, Tokyo, New York, Oslo or Moscow.

The best time to see this vibrant metropolis in December, because this is the first summer month in Sydney.

The beaches and the city’s streets are full of visitors, and the average temperature is about 26°C during the day. A short visit to sunny Australia will make you forget about the winter.

And if you have the great luck to visit the city during New Year’s Eve at the end of December, you will be able to see and experience the most exciting New Year’s Eve fireworks show you have ever imagined.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina by Liam Quinn

Buenos Aires is located in the southern hemisphere, and for this reason summers here start in early December.

So if you are in the right mood to spend a great holiday in Paris, but if you are interested in something more unknown and exciting, you can head to one of the most beautiful and sophisticated cities in the world – Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

December brings perfect weather conditions, temperatures of about 28 – 29°C, plenty of sunshine and cloudless blue skies.

The main disadvantage here is the lack of beaches, although the city is located on the Atlantic coast.

On the other hand, there are so many things to do and to see that you may not even think of the beach.

9. Dubai, UAE

Dubai Desert Safari by Flickr/ashraful kadir

December is the best time to visit this ultra modern city on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

While summers bring extremely hot weather, December offers pleasant temperatures of around 26°C, which is very comfortable for tourists who come from the temperate latitudes.

But why to choose Dubai?

There are many reasons to visit the most dynamic city in Southwest Asia. Here you will be able to find incredible hotel other cities can only dream about.

Furthermore, the weather is lovely in winter, and the beaches are quite attractive. In addition, there is always something interesting to do, because the city is very rich in attractions.

Sometimes they even call it the “Arabian Las Vegas”.

10. Maspalomas, Canary Islands

Maspalomas, Spain by El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video

If you have already booked a December holiday in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, you can expect plenty of sunshine and spring-like temperatures of about 22°C during the day and pleasant temperatures of around 16°C during the night.

Seawater temperatures are comfortable too – usually about 21°C. Maspalomas attracts many visitors in December.

This is because the weather is neither cold nor hot and reminds of California.

Also, the average daytime temperature in December will be just perfect for you if you want to explore the majestic sand dunes on the outskirts of the city.

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Where is the best beach holiday in December? Snow and cold wind, frost and a sky covered with gray clouds … Who did not dream at this time of the warm sea, the gentle sun and the cries of seagulls? Who has not dreamed of leaving the cold city, exhausting work, problems and stresses for at least a week and not going there? Where there is no rush and fuss, where people smile at each other when they meet, where they speak with a juicy southern accent, but warmly and joyfully welcome guests … Each of us at least once, but thought about this possibility.

If your vacation falls at the beginning of winter, then you should think about where to find the best beach holiday in December. If there is no passport, and finances do not allow a long trip abroad, is it worth despairing? Of course, you can run around a dozen travel agencies, pay twice as much money and get the desired ticket to Egypt or Turkey, but you can not do this. The word “south” is a flexible concept. You can go to the real subtropics without having a passport. It is enough to know the geography of the USSR well enough. On the map of the former Soviet Union there is a country that gladly accepts Russian citizens according to internal documents – this is Abkhazia.

A winter fairy tale on the Black Sea coast

In winter, Abkhazia is charming in its own way. The flow of Russian tourists in the winter season has noticeably increased here. And there are all the prerequisites for this:

  • mild climate;
  • wonderful nature;
  • healing mineral springs;
  • a huge selection of fresh fruits and herbs;
  • quiet and inexpensive holiday at this time of the year.

When looking for a place where it is better to relax in December, a beach holiday and a calm atmosphere, Abkhazia will be chosen by its mild subtropical climate. Closed by the high ridges of the Caucasus Mountains, the country literally bathes in the heat accumulated by the sea during the hot summer months. From December to February, here for weeks the air temperature can exceed 18 degrees Celsius. Based on this, the best outerwear in the daytime will be a sweater or windbreaker. Walking on a deserted beach in a fresh breeze may require you to dress warmly, but the pleasure is worth it.

Even in the coldest winter periods, the thermometer does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius, and snow in the Black Sea Abkhazian resorts is an outstanding event. Local plants endure the hardships of the cold season: short-term snowfalls very picturesquely adorn palm trees, flowering roses and tangerine trees. Winter is the most suitable time for visiting the main attractions of the country, undergoing treatment in hot springs, taking air and sunbathing on the seashore. It’s all about the absence of a huge crowd of tourists from all over the CIS. Not a season. Winter Abkhazia is ideal for people seeking solitude, striving to find peace of mind, to find new strength in themselves for further life in crowded and noisy cities. Calm thousand-year majesty of the mountains, wise and all-knowing whisper of the waves, fresh, driving away all bad thoughts, the wind – having been here in winter, a person is born again.

The beaches of Abkhazia are not crowded in winter, and the cost of rest in a fully equipped room is quite affordable for any resident of Russia with an average income. There are enough places where to relax in December (beach holidays) and enjoy nature. Of particular interest is the flora of this subtropical country: eucalyptus, palm trees, mimosa, cypress, laurel, magnolia. The names of the plants themselves are set in a poetic mood, and the appearance is admirable.

Citrus fruits occupy a special place in the country’s economy. The local climate is perfect for growing oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons. Local markets in December are literally littered with citrus fruits. In addition to them, the northerner will be surprised to find local persimmon and kiwi, dates and feijoa, late pears and apples on the shelves. The underwater riches of the Black Sea are abundant in fish rows: flounder, mullet, sea bass… Fresh fish, caught by the strong hands of local fishermen, just asks for a pot or a frying pan. The third main product of Abkhazia, which every guest should try, of course, is wine. Caution is needed here: young wine, combined with fresh sea air, makes the blood run faster in the veins, an inexperienced traveler can easily fall under his spell.

The beach season in Abkhazia traditionally ends in late October or early November. It all depends on the duration of the velvet season. After the New Year, the weather is the most unpredictable, and it is almost impossible to predict it even a couple of days ahead. Unlike January, December is characterized by warm and stable weather with daytime temperatures at 13-15 degrees Celsius. Quite often, even on New Year’s holidays, young people bathe, because the sun can be up to 19 degrees Celsius. Closed by mountains, Abkhazia boasts the warmest winter among all the countries of the Caucasus region. The local average temperature in autumn and winter exceeds even the famous French Riviera, where severe winter Mediterranean storms blow out all the summer heat in a matter of days.

Fans of a more fun pastime will be slightly disappointed. Most summer cafes and restaurants close from mid-November. Working establishments offer dishes of national cuisine, which, however, can even be considered a plus. The delights of local chefs amaze with the novelty of taste and the richness of unusual ingredients. Catering establishments in Pitsunda are mainly located at hotels and boarding houses. If the hotel is open, then the restaurant will also be open. In Gagra, almost all summer establishments are closed for the winter. The well-known restaurant “Gagripsh” and the cafe “Zhoekvara” remain open in the old town. New Athos boasts a slightly larger number of drinking establishments open in winter, but the city in which there is practically no difference in seasons is Sukhum. Metropolitan restaurants and cafes continue their work without looking back at the winter. Even many open verandas work.

The mode of operation of public transport also changes somewhat in winter: buses and fixed-route taxis run less often, because there are much fewer tourists. Resort guests can always use the services of taxis and private drivers. Stone hotels located on the seashore will become the place where a beach holiday in December will be as comfortable as in summer. On the contrary, in wooden buildings standing on the seashore, dampness is possible due to periodically flying strong storms, accompanied by wind and rain. Rooms in stone hotels in winter are equipped with additional heaters – December nights on the seashore are cold. Many hotels are equipped with their own autonomous heating systems, which promises additional convenience to their guests. Many experienced travelers do not recommend settling in December far from the center of the resort without your own car – transport may run less frequently.

Where to go in Abkhazia in December?

The richest infrastructure for winter recreation is offered to guests by the capital of the country – the city of Sukhum. Comfortable hotels, cafes and restaurants, markets, a botanical garden, a famous monkey nursery, a promenade and a wonderful sea coast. The main coastal resorts of Abkhazia are also ready to receive guests: Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Gudauta and Ochamchir. Among the natural attractions, the lakes Ritsa and Goluboe stand out. We should not forget about the famous New Athos Monastery and the Pitsunda Church. Unique waterfalls and the New Athos Cave will amaze the tourist’s imagination. The cave is open all year round, but in winter tourists are allowed inside on weekends and on Wednesdays. If the purpose of the trip is medical procedures, then the country’s balneological clinics are also open all year round. You can visit the hot thermal springs located near New Athos.

Abkhazia is worth seeing! This amazing and hospitable country gladly welcomes every Russian. Organizing a trip is easy. It is enough to choose on the site the resort, boarding house or hotel you like from our catalog and tell us about your decision. We will provide full information about the location of the hotel, its distance from the sea and the city center, tell you about the surrounding infrastructure, cost and equipment of the rooms. December Abkhazia can become a wonderful fairy tale in the life of every person! Call and write, it’s worth it!

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Crimea in December 20230002

It is no secret that the most popular period for visiting Crimea is summer and early autumn. And in winter, when the sea is cold and the resorts are drowsy, few people come to the peninsula. It’s a pity, because it is beautiful almost at any time of the year. Find out on the Tour-Calendar what kind of rest the Crimea promises in December.


December weather in Crimea is comparable to late autumn in central Russia, the New Year here is rarely celebrated with snow

When is the best time to relax in Crimea? | January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

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Weather in Crimea in December and New Year

If you do not want to spend the outgoing year in burning frosts and snowfalls, but at the same time you do not have the opportunity to get out to hot countries, then consider Crimea. Due to its location on the geographic latitude of southern France, the local winters are mild and with little snow. For residents of central Russia, December is comparable to mid-late autumn. Nevertheless, it is impossible to talk about the uniformity of weather conditions in all parts of the peninsula, since they are subject to the influence of completely different types of climate. So it turns out that because of such fragmentation on New Year’s Eve, almost all months of the year converge here (with the exception, of course, of summer), as in the fairy tale of Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak. Perhaps, only here the south wind in a couple of hours can melt the snow that fell the day before and give on January 1 the sun that came out of nowhere and real spring warmth. This is why the December vacation is interesting because here you will see snowdrops blooming, fragrant roses and jasmine at the same time, pick mushrooms still growing in the forests and enjoy the vociferous trills of birds. As for the climatic norm, on the South Coast and in such western cities as Sevastopol and Evpatoria, during the day the air warms up to an average of +8..+10 °C.

Temperature during the day

+8 °

Temperature at night

+1 °

Water temperature

+10 °

Forecast for 14 days →

The weather archive for 2020, 2021 and 2022 year →

The east is usually a few degrees cooler. So, in Sudak and Feodosia – around +5..+6 °C. Almost the same meteorological forecast is inherent in the capital of the peninsula – Simferopol. It is noteworthy that if snow falls here, then it lasts much longer than in many other cities. However, precipitation in December is represented mainly by rain, which accounts for 8 to 10 days. The only exceptions are mountainous areas. Closer to the 15th, the slopes of Ai-Petri, Chatyr-Dag and the Angarsk pass are dressed in white outfits. But it also happens that the thermometer has long dropped to negative values, and snow covers a little less than half of the soil surface. Usually the ski season starts no earlier than the second decade of January. When packing your suitcases for the trip, you should take care of a sufficient amount of clothing suitable for walking in the fresh air. In addition to rain, wind does not add comfort. They are especially intense on the coast, where, in addition to everything, there is strong humidity. We recommend that you bring a hat, scarf and gloves just in case. Shoes should be not only warm, but also waterproof.

What is interesting in Crimea in December?

The first three weeks of December, Crimea is immersed in hibernation, and here it may seem frankly boring. Almost nothing reminds that this is one of the most popular resort regions in Russia. And only from the beginning of the last week of the month it becomes much busier. The active preparation for the New Year has an effect: squares and streets are decorated with beautiful illumination, Christmas trees are set up everywhere, counters of shops and stalls abound with souvenirs and bright tinsel. Many tourists and those who once bought real estate on the peninsula come to the sea (even if it is winter) to celebrate the most important holiday of the year at sea.

Beach holiday

The maximum that you can count on in December is for leisurely walks on the seashore, and if you are lucky with the weather, then for picnics in nature with friends. But when squally winds rise, storms play out, such an idea loses its appeal. The water temperature this month drops to +8..+12 °C, and in some cities (for example, in Evpatoria) to +6..+7 °C.

The sea does not freeze, so tens of thousands of feathered guests traditionally flock to closed bays for the winter. Among them are swans and ducks. Feeding waterfowl has long been a favorite pastime for many Crimeans who go to the sea on weekends with their whole families. I would like to add that rare years (the last time in 2011) were still marked by abnormally cold winters, when Arctic air invaded here, lowering the ambient temperature to -15 °C. The blue expanse of the sea was shackled with ice and presented a bewitching sight.

Entertainment and excursions

So, what to do in Crimea in December? It all depends on what specific period of the month the trip is planned for. If we are talking about the first two weeks, which are always relatively calm and quiet, you can go on a guided tour. The main thing is to stock up on a map and make the right route. If you have a driving license, it is better to rent a car. If there are none, or you don’t want to take responsibility, you will have to carefully study the public transport schedule. Most of the palace and park complexes, castles, museums and galleries operate on a year-round basis. At this time of the year they are a real blessing. Count on the fingers of visitors, the cost of entrance tickets is reduced. The pearl of Crimea is the Vorontsov Palace of Alupka, a wonderful masterpiece of architecture, which miraculously preserved the image of an old landowner’s estate. Fine connoisseurs of wine are still happy to see in the tasting rooms of “Massandra”, “Magarach” and “New World”. In the New Year’s week, there will be no issues with the organization of leisure. This time is rich in fairs, festivals, theme parties and other entertainment events. Those wishing to celebrate the New Year with snow (for the Crimea, to be honest, this is a luxury), as a rule, go to Ai-Petri.

Sledding, snowmobiling, “buns”, snowboarding – a fun vacation is guaranteed. True, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to book houses for rent at least 2 months in advance, since the demand is high.

New Year in Crimea and other holidays

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas in December, a lot of interesting events take place in Crimea, among them: handmade exhibitions and fairs, various master classes, photo exhibitions, competitive festivals, as well as charity events in support of orphans. In the middle of the month, Evpatoria hosts the festival-competition “Santa Claus is resting, Santa Claus is in the arena” with a round dance of fairy-tale characters, a magnificent carnival procession and funny relay races.

In turn, Yalta, according to tradition, arranges the “Moroz-Parade”, “diluted” with dance and acrobatic numbers.

What are the prices for holidays in Crimea in December?

Until about 20 numbers, rental prices remain at the same level. Tariffs in sanatorium-resort complexes do not increase either. But after that date, they skyrocket upwards. On New Year’s days, the rent of apartments and hotel rooms increases by 2-2.5 times.

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Reviews of tourists – Crimea in December About the weather and more.

Decided to go to the Crimea in December for the New Year, or rather to Yalta, and were fascinated by our trip! A sea of ​​impressions, we saw and learned so much, the weather, unfortunately, did not please us, but sometimes the sun still came out.0012

December 2017