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Warmest countries in europe in december: Seven Warmest European Countries: A Winter Sun Guide

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Bosnian ski resorts suffer as Europe sees record warm winter


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (AP) — The new year’s festivities are over in Bosnia, and visitors to the country’s winter resorts are packing to go home. Spring-like temperatures have left little or no snow on the mountains, and it’s unclear when the next visitors will arrive.

The small Balkan country of 3.3 million is among several in Europe facing a ski season slump amid balmy climes that have swept much of the continent as 2023 begins. Along the slopes in Bjelasnica near Sarajevo on Wednesday, snow accumulation amounted to little more than several white patches on an otherwise grassy landscape of brown and green.

Record-high daily temperatures for this time of year have been beaten — at times obliterated — in recent days at hundreds of meteorological reading stations in at least 11 countries: Bosnia, Belarus, Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.


Belarus, Belgium, Czechia, Latvia, Poland and the Netherlands set national record daily highs for a Dec. 31 or Jan. 1.

The U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization has long warned about the ill-effects of climate change, and say the last eight years have been the eight hottest on record. The fallout this winter hasn’t been limited to snowless slopes, where mid-range altitudes have been affected most of all: Weather officials and scientists say flora and fauna are feeling the impact too.


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  • Meteorologist Florian Imbery of Germany’s national weather service, DWD, said the temperature anomaly seen over the new year period could trigger unwanted plant growth — exposing crops to greater risk of frost damage later in the winter.

    Biologist Livio Rey, spokesman for the Swiss Ornithological Institute, said many ducks that would normally migrate to Switzerland this time of year from Nordic countries don’t come anymore, like the tufted duck.

    Up in countries like Finland, “they find food because the lakes aren’t freezing” — meaning they can continue to feast on mussels that they devour in warmer seasons, and would normally be inaccessible because of ice in wintertime, Rey said by phone.

    While the warm spell has been hard on businesses depending on snow sports, higher temperatures have brought some relief in Europe’s struggle with high energy prices. Short term natural gas prices, while still high by historical comparison, are now lower than they were before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


    Russia’s move to cut off most pipeline supplies to Europe sent prices as high as 342 euros per megawatt hour in August. On Wednesday the price was around 69 euros per megawatt hour, down from 88 euros on the eve of the invasion in February.

    The warm spell reduces demand for gas heat and gas-generated electricity, easing fears of government-imposed rationing that would further hurt the European economy.

    But the record recent warmth has meant cold comfort for medium-altitude ski resorts like those in Bosnia, which have been feeling the pinch while the highest-mountain peaks have still seen snow.

    On Vlasic Mountain, near the central town of Zenica, tourists packed up for an early return home amid spring-like temperatures. Hotel owners say bookings are down, and with them both room prices and staffing levels. Tourism officials said vacationers are forced to seek alternatives to skiing, like hiking on grassy mountaintops — or riding ski lifts, just for the views.


    “Right now, when we should be welcoming skiers on our mountain, we have no snow so there is no doubt that our business will falter, that is to be expected,” said Dino Korugic, manager of the Sunce hotel in Vlasic. “Our bookings correlate strongly with (the) weather forecast.

    Germany’s DWD said a low pressure front over Britain and Scandinavia carried a “very lively” current of warm, subtropical air to central Europe. Since ocean temperatures are still very warm, this resulted in unprecedented high temperatures around the New Year — and double-digit Celsius daytime temperatures (at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit) across much of the continent.


    The German weather service recorded more than 300 new station records for January on New Year’s Day. For December as a whole, temperatures in Germany were 1.8 degrees C higher than the 30-year average from 1961-1990.

    David Dehenauw, head of forecasting at Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute, said the country had its warmest New Year’s Eve on record, with a minimum of 13.4 degrees Celsius in south Brussels from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. — 3 degrees higher than the previous record in 2012.

    In Czechia, the eastern city of Javornik tallied a new New Year’s Day record of 19.6 Celsius (67 F) — eclipsing the previous high mark that was set a year ago in northwestern Kopisty by nearly 4 C.

    In Bosnia and elsewhere, man-made solutions to fight the heat and keep slopes open weren’t holding up under what some call the “green winter”: Either it’s too warm to make artificial snow, or it melts soon after being spit out onto the slopes.

    Srdjan Stevanovic, ski competitions consultant for the Jahorina ski resort near Sarajevo, said its managers started churning out artificial snow at the end of November to prepare for the mid-December opening of the ski season, but the warm weather has thwarted their efforts.


    “Despite the most modern snowmaking system, installation of new ski-lifts and gondolas, God and nature proved stronger than us and made it impossible to make snow for our guests,” he said.


    Keaten reported from Geneva. Vojislav Stjepanovic in Jahorina, Bosnia; Almir Alic in Vlasic, Bosnia; David McHugh in Frankfurt, Germany; Frank Jordans in Berlin, Samuel Petrequin in Brussels and AP reporters across Europe contributed to this report.

    Where you can fly from Ukraine in January 2021

    Where to go for the New Year holidays in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    In January 2021 there will be a number of days off. This is a great time to take a break abroad. For winter holidays, ski resorts are usually a good option, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alps and resorts in Georgia are closed to Ukrainians. However, Bulgaria and Turkey remain open.

    At the same time, for tourists who love warm countries, there are a number of offers to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, Cuba or the Maldives. It is worth noting that before the holidays you will have to pass a test for coronavirus. nine0003

    figured out where and at what price you can go in January 2021.

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    Tours to Egypt in January

    Holidays in Egypt in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    Egypt remains the most popular tourist destination in winter. The season lasts all year round, but the weather is somewhat cooler in winter than in summer.

    The cheapest tour to Egypt in a four-star hotel will cost at least 12-13 thousand UAH for two, of course, with an all-inclusive food system. A weekly tour to a five-star hotel will cost approximately UAH 21-23 thousand. As always, everything will depend on the city and the hotel. nine0003

    For holidays in Egypt, you must provide a negative test for coronavirus, which is not more than 72 hours.

    Tours in the UAE in January 2021

    Holidays in the UAE in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    The United Arab Emirates is also a popular winter destination. A seven-day tour to a four-star hotel for two will cost approximately UAH 25,000. However, hotels only offer breakfast, so you will have to provide for additional expenses for food during your holiday. nine0003

    Holidays in Abu Dhabi will cost at least 30 thousand UAH for two. To visit the UAE, a PCR test is required, made no later than 96 hours before departure. You will also have to re-test at the UAE airport.

    Tours to Tanzania in January 2021

    Holidays in Tanzania in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    Tanzania also remains open to Ukrainians, which is ready to receive tourists even during the coronavirus pandemic. The main tourist destination in Tanzania is Zanzibar. The country is located in Africa, so it is always warm there in winter. nine0003

    Hotels do not offer all-inclusive service, so you will need to provide additional funds for meals. A tour in a four-star hotel for seven days will cost about 51-57 thousand UAH for two.

    It is worth noting that in order to enter Tanzania, you will have to provide a negative test result for coronavirus, but quarantine is not required.

    Tours to the Dominican Republic in January 2021

    Holidays in the Dominican Republic in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    If you have been dreaming of the Caribbean islands, then even during the coronavirus pandemic, there is an opportunity to relax in the Dominican Republic.

    A seven-day tour in a four-star hotel will cost approximately UAH 84,000-90,000 for two, but everything will depend on the city and the hotel.

    It is worth noting that at the Dominican airport you will have to present a negative test for coronavirus.

    Tours to the Maldives in January

    Holidays in the Maldives in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    The Maldives is also a popular destination for winter tourism. This is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is famous for its beaches, and the average temperature during the year is at the level of 27-28 degrees.

    Rest in a four-star hotel in the Maldives will cost approximately UAH 75-80 thousand for two. However, it is worth noting that the price will depend on what type of food the hotel offers and on the room. Usually hotels only offer breakfast or breakfast and dinner, so additional charges should be considered. nine0003

    For holidays in the Maldives, you will have to show a negative test result for coronavirus, which is not more than three days old.

    Tours to Thailand in January 2021

    Holidays in Thailand in January 2021. Photo: pixabay

    At the same time, the borders were opened for Ukrainians and the Thai authorities. The government returned the visa-free regime – from now on, citizens of Ukraine will be able to stay in the country for up to 30 days.

    However, to visit Thailand, tourists need to obtain a special certificate, book a certified hotel and return flights. In addition, you must have a negative PCR test for coronavirus, which was done no later than 72 hours before crossing the border, and undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival at your own expense. nine0003

    In addition, you need to make a Fit-to-Fly certificate (medical certificate of airworthiness) and an insurance policy that will cover the costs of treatment and hospitalization in case of COVID-19.

    Tours to Thailand for a week can be found for 45 thousand UAH. Tours to Sri Lanka in January 2021 nine0003

    To travel, you will need to apply for an online visa in advance on the website of the Sri Lanka Migration Service. The cost of the visa is $35, the visa for children under 12 is free. A tour to a four-star hotel will cost UAH 48,000-70,000.

    You can stay in the country for at least 14 days, visas can also be issued for a long stay – up to six months. You will also have to show a negative PCR test for coronavirus, made no later than 72 hours before arrival.

    Additional testing for coronavirus will be required upon arrival and check-in at the hotel. The cost of the test is $45. nine0003

    In case of illness, vacationers will be separated from others for quarantine at the same hotel booked for vacation. The minimum stay in one hotel is 7 days, in case of a change of hotel, testing will have to be repeated. Cuba travel in January 2021 The island, despite the long communist regime, is also known for its excellent hotels and white sand beaches. nine0003

    A week’s vacation on the island will cost 85-90 thousand UAH for two.

    From January 1, tourists will also have to present a negative coronavirus test. Another test must be passed upon arrival in Cuba.

    Also from December 1, for everyone arriving in Cuba, a $ 30 sanitary fee has been introduced to cover the cost of a coronavirus test – it is included in the airfare.

    In addition, travelers must have travel insurance covering COVID-19 treatment. If it is not available, you will have to buy Cuban medical insurance for $30 upon entering the country. nine0003

    Context. As of December 1, Ukrainians can visit 73 countries. You can travel to the countries of the European Union only if you have documents that give you the right to reside in the territory of a certain state.

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    The five warmest countries in Europe for a holiday in December –

    November 23, 2021

    Experts from one of the Portuguese travel agencies conducted a study and identified the best destinations for a holiday in December

    Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal Reviews, Useful tips

    One of the Portuguese travel agencies conducted a study and identified the best holiday destinations in December. Any of these places would be perfect for a short winter getaway, maybe even a Christmas trip.

    5. Tirana, Albania

    The capital of Albania, Tirana, is famous for its colorful architecture, including monuments from the Ottoman and Soviet eras. It also boasts an incredible vertical forest by architect Stefano Boeri. Thus, there are many reasons to visit besides the mild climate. It should be noted that the average air temperature in Tirana reaches +17 during November and +15 in December. nine0003

    Here, you are pretty much guaranteed a place in the sun.

    Average maximum air temperature in November and December: +15° Celsius.

    Average maximum sea water temperature: +15° Celsius.

    Best beach nearby: Durres Beach, Durresit.

    4. Rome, Italy

    A trip to Rome, like Paris, is always a good idea. Although this city is more often associated with sightseeing tourism, you can get to the coast from the Italian capital in less than an hour. nine0003

    There are many beautiful local beaches to choose from and you will be happy to swim in the water with an average temperature of +21°C even in December.

    In fact, the sea temperature is expected to be higher than the outside temperature, so if you want to relax in the city and swim, Rome is a great option.

    Average maximum outside temperature in November and December: +15° Celsius.

    Average maximum sea water temperature: +21° Celsius. nine0003

    Best beach nearby: Tibidabo Beach, Roma.

    3. Athens, Greece

    Athens is another proud winter trip.

    While most travelers think of historical sights and Greek ruins when they consider Athens, there are a number of public beaches outside the city that are the perfect complement to sightseeing tourism.

    In 2020, 268 sunny days were recorded in Athens (almost 75%). nine0003

    Average maximum air temperature in November and December: +17° Celsius.

    Average maximum sea water temperature: + 20° Celsius.

    Best beach nearby: Glyfada Beach, Glifada.

    2. Lisbon (and Cascais), Portugal

    Portugal’s capital Lisbon and the surrounding region of Cascais bask in the sun year-round with an average temperature of +17° Celsius until the end of the year.

    Bernardo Barros, president of Visit Cascais, says: “With 226 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of around 20 degrees at the end of the year, Portugal is the perfect place for people who want to escape the dreary weather and swim in the rest of the day.” nine0003

    He describes Cascais as Portugal’s hidden treasure with sunshine, great food, pristine beaches and rich culture.

    Average maximum air temperature in November and December: +17° Celsius.

    Average maximum sea water temperature: +19° Celsius.

    Best beach nearby: Praia do Tamaris, Cascais.

    1. Valletta, Malta

    But if the sun really is your number one priority, then Malta’s tiny capital, Valletta, is your best bet.