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World temps in december: December 2021 Global Climate Report

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Texas Weather in December | Thomas Cook

Texas Weather in December | Thomas Cook

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Avg weather in December



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    11 Hrsper day


    40 mmper month


    56 %avg


    10 Mphavg

    Texas weather December

    What’s the weather like in Texas in December?

    Texas weather in December is very mild with short days and longer nights. It’s a great time to visit the region if you’re not a fan of intense heat and still want to enjoy Texas’ warm sunshine with not much chance of rain.

    Geographical influences

    You’ll find the Lone Star State of Texas in the south of the USA. The region has a beautiful climate for most of the year with cool, short winters. Explore the desert and hike through the lush pine forests like a true explorer. If you’re a fan of art, head to Houston to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Here, you’ll view masterpieces created by Renaissance painters before enjoying a cup of tea at the local café. If you have kids that dream of meeting a real-life astronaut, take them to the Space Center Houston for an experience they’ll never forget.


    Temperatures climb to highs of 16°C during the day, which is nice and mild for the winter months. You’ll enjoy ten hours of bright sunshine each day with an average humidity of 67%. 10mph winds bring cooling breezes at night, lowering temperatures to below 10°C in the evening. There isn’t much rain in December, with an average rainfall of just 29mm.

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    Best hotels in Texas

    Madagascar Weather in December – Natural World Safaris

    December is the start of the wet season in Madagascar, and the weather is the hottest time of the year – with temperatures averaging at 28°C across the country. In the north and east, trees in the rainforests hang heavy under the deluge of rain from tropical storms, and swelter under 30°C heat. However further south and west the temperatures are cooler and drier, bringing the average temperature down to 25°C.

    Travelling in rainy season does increase your chances of being caught in rainfall, and even cyclones, but it does not equal heavy rain all the time, everywhere. Travelling early in the month can be a good time to visit some of Madagascar’s beaches, and is especially good for those interested in wildlife such as chameleons, snakes and lizards as they are getting more active with the higher rainfall.

    December is a shoulder month, making it a quieter time of year to travel. The further into the month you go, the more likely you are to have very heavy rain, so we recommend early travel at this time of year. 

    December can still be a wonderful time to visit; with lively wildlife and warm beaches.

    december climatic averages

    As always, the temperatures in the highlands are much cooler and bring the average temperature down, but December does warm them up. The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, is located in the highlands and is where most international flights fly in to. It is a beautiful city to visit with breathtaking vistas and is worth spending time in.

    December definitely has its perks, and it is well worth visiting Madagascar at this time. Although we’d advise you speak with our specialists to find out whether it is the right time for you, or look into alternative destinations if you are really concerned about the weather.

    Over the 17 years that Natural World Safaris has been established, we’ve sent clients all over the globe, to some of the most remote and least travelled parts of the planet. Our relationships provide us exclusive access to experiences you simply can’t get through anyone else. All our trips operate non-obtrusively and with respect to the wildlife and the natural environment.

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    Weather in Kemerovo today, weather forecast Kemerovo today, Kemerovo urban district, Kemerovo region, Russia

    GISMETEO: Weather in Kemerovo today, weather forecast Kemerovo today, Kemerovo urban district, Kemerovo region, Russia

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    −6 22

    Sens about −6 22

    Sun, 1 Jan




    Mon, 2 Jan





    1 00

    4 00

    7 00 2 10 00

    00 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

    22 00









    Wind speed, m/s

    88888888888888888 2-4 7-14

    3-7 11-25

    3-7 11-25

    4-8 14-29

    4-8 14-29

    precipitation, mm

    print . ..


    Sun, 1 Jan, today

    Mon, 2

    1 00 3

    4 00

    7 00

    10 00

    13 00

    16 00

    19000 9000


    Snowfall, cm

    Snow depth, cm








    9000 34.4


    , M/h

    Suns, 1 Jan, today

    Mon, 2

    1 00

    4 00 9000

    7 00 2 10 00 9000

    13 00 9000 9000 9000

    0 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

    19 00

    22 00



    Pressure mmHg Art. GPA

    Sun, 1 Jan, today

    Mon, 2

    1 00

    4 00 3

    7 00 9000 9000

    10 00

    13 00 9000

    16 00


    22 00





    758101010 93



    Sun and Moon

    Sun, 1 Jan, today

    Mon, 2

    Longness of the day: 7 h 12 min

    Sunrise – 9:42

    Council – 16:55

    Today is 1 minute longer than yesterday

    The moon is growing, 72%

    Rise – 13:23 (December 31)

    Sunset – 3:41

    Full moon – January 7, in 6 days

    9000 , Kp-index

    Sun, 1 Jan, today

    Mon, 2

    1 00

    4 00

    7 00

    10 00 3

    13 00 00

    16 00 9000 9000 9000 9000 22 22 00







    Metal Plot




    • Matt McGrath
    • BBC

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    Photo copyright Steve Parsons

    Image caption

    Heavy rainfall flooded parts of England in February

    Meteorologists around the world agree that 2020 was one of the hottest years on record, but did it absolute temperature record? Experts differ on this point. We talk about why the world’s temperature is rising and how to explain the discrepancies in the estimates of meteorological agencies in different countries. nine0452

    NASA and the European Copernicus Climate Change Service believe that 2020 was almost as hot as 2016 – and these two years should be considered the “hottest” in history. The British Weather Service and some others are convinced that 2020 is the second hottest year since records began in the 19th century. The Japan Meteorological Agency is confident that the past year was the third hottest.

    But absolutely all the experts who released their reports on Thursday say that the last ten years on Earth have been the hottest on record, and the past year has continued this trend. nine0003

    The author of the photo, Wales News Service

    Photo caption,

    Forest fires raged in many regions of the planet


    Temperature in 2020

    • The average temperature in the world for the year was about +14.9 degrees Celsius. This is 1.2 degrees above the average from 1850 to 19year 00;
    • Ten years from 2011 to 2020 were the hottest on record;
    • The last six years (since 2015) have been the hottest on record;
    • The difference between the hottest three years (2020, 2019 and 2016) is negligible

    1850-1900 years, which are sometimes called pre-industrial.

    Why is the temperature on the planet rising? Experts agree that the main cause of warming has been carbon dioxide emissions associated with human activities. Although greenhouse gas emissions fell by 7% last year due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, this was not enough to affect temperature indicators.

    • What threatens us with global warming: in 100 and 500 words
    • There have been warmings on Earth before. But they were not global
    • The virus gave a chance to stop global warming. Inexpensive: $3 trillion “So if we do not reduce emissions, which is a very difficult task, the planet will heat up at the same rate or even faster.” nine0003

      Analysis: how to explain the difference in findings?

      Skip the Podcast and continue reading.


      What was that?

      We quickly, simply and clearly explain what happened, why it’s important and what’s next.


      The End of History Podcast

      Jonathan Amos, BBC

      In January of each year, we receive a report on the temperature on Earth for the past year. More precisely, we receive several reports at once, since various meteorological centers around the world conduct their own analyzes. Ignore clumsy names like the British Meteorological Service’s HadCRUT5 or the Japan Meteorological Agency’s JRA-55: there’s a lot of statistical research behind those letters and numbers. nine0003

      All temperature curves are based on roughly the same scientific information. These are millions of temperature indicators recorded by instruments on earth and in the oceans (some of them are installed on ships, some on the surface of the sea).

      What distinguishes the analyzes is how individual agencies deal with deviations and inconsistencies in the data. For example, what about the Arctic, where relatively few measurements are made, but which, as we know, is warming faster than many other places on Earth? Each of the agencies in its own way interprets the data of its meteorological stations in this region in order to form an overall picture of what is happening. nine0003

      But don’t think too much about these differences. It is better to look at the main conclusion that everyone makes in exactly the same way. The temperature on Earth continues to rise.

      In the data for 2020, the main concern of scientists is the fact that human-induced warming more than covers natural phenomena that lead to a decrease in temperature. These include the natural phenomenon of La Niña, during which cold water from the deep sea rises to the surface in the South Pacific Ocean, and cooling sets in in the region. The reverse phenomenon, when the water and air temperature rises off the coast of South America, is called El Niño (“Baby”). nine0003

      • La Niña has cooled the Pacific Ocean. How will this affect the weather in the world?

      “2020 has been an unusually hot year, even though La Niño has been an unusually hot year,” said WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas. one of the largest El Niño warmings on record, demonstrating that human-induced climate change has a footprint as deep as the forces of nature. ” nine0003

      Particularly troubling is the finding that in 2020 global temperatures were 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The countries that signed the Paris Agreement have promised to prevent warming by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius this century. The fulfillment of this promise, according to scientists, depends on whether our planet will be habitable in principle.

      Less pollution – higher temperature?

      In fact, if we talk about the temperature indicators on land, in 2020 the “Paris limit” was exceeded. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, last year the Earth’s surface was 1.59degrees Celsius hotter than the 20th century average. This is the highest figure in the organization’s 141 years of observations and is 0.05 degrees Celsius higher than the previous temperature record set in 2016.

      Image copyright, Reuters

      Image caption,

      The North Atlantic experienced a record hurricane season last year.

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