The international character of the school requires a complete and wide ranging curriculum, carefully arranged to develop confident, well rounded individuals, prepared for the challenges of today's world. Our curriculum is designed to provide that diversity of challenge and the level of independence which our students will meet and need at university and beyond.

English is the language of instruction throughout the school. Spanish is taught in increasing amounts from Year 1 upwards and from Year 7 on students have the opportunity to learn French. Those students who show a facility for learning languages are given the opportunity to learn German from Year 9 upwards. The school places great emphasis on the fact that all of our students are at least bi-lingual by the time they leave IBYS.

The main aim throughout the school is to maintain a sense of continuity and progression as detailed by the National Curriculum. This is achieved utilizing meticulous planning procedures and frequent inter-departmental meetings.

Primary Department
Children in the Primary Department follow the National Curriculum which is child orientated and encourages children to become self-motivated independent learners. In the early years children concentrate on the basic skills: learning to read, write and use numbers. Following the National Curriculum children will also begin to explore Science, Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Building on the skills and knowledge already acquired during the early years, children continue to follow the National Curriculum with work being undertaken in the following areas: English, Mathematics,Spanish, Science, History, Geography, Information Technology, Design Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Senior Department
As in the Primary section, the Senior Department also follows the National Curriculum as well as compulsory courses in Spanish Language and Sociales. The subjects studied from Years  7-9 are: English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Sociales or French, History, Geography, Information Technology, German, Art and Physical Education.

All courses taken within the Senior Department lead to examinations at IGCSE / GCSE level. The International / General Certificate of Secondary Education is recognised throughout the world as a qualification enabling pupils to progress towards further studies after the age of 16. IGCSE / GCSE certificates are awarded in all major subject areas.

All of the external examinations taken at IBYS are produced, marked and assessed by either the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate or the Northern Examinations Assessment Board.

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