Student Welfare

Pastoral Care

IBYS has a comprehensive pastoral care system whereby each pupil's individual needs and concerns are carefully monitored by the class tutor. In the Senior Department it is normal practice for the class to keep the same tutor for two or more years in order to build on and reinforce the trust and confidence that develops between tutor and student.

A female member of staff is responsible for the senior girls' welfare and problems at this level can be dealt with without difficulty.

We believe that a happy student will be a successful student, therefore we place great importance on pastoral care as a way of ensuring that all our students realize their full potential.

Communication with Parents

Parent / Teacher Consultations
During the course of the year two sessions are made available for Parent / Teacher consultations. These occasions provide an opportunity to discuss each child's development and progress and the suggested next steps in his / her learning programme.

Reports are issued twice a year in order to keep parents informed of their child's progress and development throughout each Key Stage.

Newsletters / Focus Point
Newsletters keeping parents informed of dates, visits and future events are regularly sent home with each student. In addition the information bulletin of the Association, "Focus Point", is published once every term.

Visits from Parents
The school operates an "Open Door" policy which welcomes parents who wish to visit the school during the course of a normal working day.

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