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Warm weather in february europe: 14 Best Places to Go in Europe in February 2021

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Europe Just Had Its Warmest Winter Since at Least 1850, Report Says

December 2019-February 2020 global temperature departures from average (degrees Celsius) highlight the most anomalous winter warmth was in parts of Europe and Russia.

(Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF)

  • It was the warmest December-to-February period on record in Europe, one agency reported.
  • This past winter crushed the previous European record by over 1 degree Celsius.
  • It was also Russia’s warmest winter dating to 1891.

Meteorological winter (December 2019 through February 2020) was Europe’s warmest in at least 170 years, according to a new report.

The average temperature in Europe over winter’s three months was 6.1 degrees Fahrenheit above average, topping the previous record-warm European winter of 2015-16 by about 2.5 degrees, according to a monthly report from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

This was staggering when considering temperature data averaged over an entire continent over a three-month period.

When comparing this C3S dataset dating to 1979 with a number of other datasets dating to the mid-19th century, C3S also said this was the warmest European winter going back to at least 1850.

European winter (December through February) temperature departures from average, in degrees Celsius, from 1850 to 2020. The record-setting winter 2019-20 is shown by the red bar at the far right of the graph.

(Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF)

It was the warmest winter on record in Russia, dating to 1891, according to a report issued Thursday from the Hydrometcenter of Russia.

Parts of western and central Russia were 10 to 14 degrees warmer than average from December through February.

The HoR report said Moscow’s winter temperature, averaged from December through February, was above freezing for the first time on record.


It was also a record-warm winter in Finland, where no measurable snow was recorded from January through February in the capital, Helsinki, for the first time on record.

C3S also found February global temperatures trailed only 2016 as the warmest February in records dating to 1979.

This is impressive considering a record-tying strong El Niño was in place in February 2016, but not in 2020.

February monthly record highs were shattered in at least nine European countries in the last week of the month, as documented by Finnish Meteorological Institute researcher Mika Rantanen.

A prime reason for the warm winter was a persistently strong polar vortex high above the Earth in the stratosphere, keeping colder air fenced in near the pole, rather than plunging it deep into Europe and locking it in place.

Global reports on February and winter temperatures from NASA, NOAA and the Japan Meteorological Agency will be released later this month.

The Weather Company’s primary journalistic mission is to report on breaking weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.

Column: Europe’s gas inventories get respite from warm weather: Kemp

LONDON, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Europe’s gas inventories swelled at the end of December and beginning of January thanks to a combination of mild weather and an influx of liquefied natural gas cargoes.

The unusual seasonal increase has eased fears stocks would drop to critically low levels before the end of winter and reversed the blistering rally in prices and calendar spreads.

Benchmark futures prices based on deliveries on the Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) in February 2022 have fallen to around 93 euros per megawatt-hour from 180 euros on Dec. 21.

The spread between futures prices for deliveries in March and April, at the end of winter, has shrunk to a backwardation of 8 euros per MWh from 38 euros on Dec. 21.

An extended period of unusually warm weather over Christmas and New Year has cut heating demand for both gas and gas-fired electricity, cutting the drawdown of inventories (https://tmsnrt. rs/3JK2CgD).

Temperatures across the main population centres of Northwest Europe were well above the seasonal average for 7-10 days from just before Christmas into the first week of January.

Over the same period, pipeline flows and the arrival of LNG cargoes resulted in the fastest additions to storage for more than three months.

As a result, the storage balance in the European Union plus Britain swung to a net injection of almost 2,500 Gigawatt-hours on Jan. 2 from a net withdrawal of 8,000 GWh on Dec. 22.

In the 10 days ending on Jan. 4, estimated inventories declined by just 3,200 GWh, the smallest drawdown over the same period for a decade.

More than half of the winter heating season still lies ahead but the risk of inventories falling to critically low levels by its end and creating shortages has reduced sharply.

If there is a sustained spell of cold weather later in January or February, prices and spreads are likely to spike higher.

But the combination of mild weather, LNG arrivals and depressed consumption over the Christmas-New Year period has reduced some of the previous extreme pressure on gas stocks and prices.

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where to go and where to relax on the sea?

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Beach holidays in February: where to go and where to relax on the sea?

Let February be the shortest month of the year, but being the last in the winter calendar, it seems endless. During the February frosts, we all miss the warmth and sun very much. Traveling to warmer countries this time of year can provide a welcome respite before the final push for spring. At the same time, a pleasant surprise awaits all those who plan to take a vacation and go to the sea: the idea of ​​​​going on vacation at this time can be very successful! In this article, we will tell you why it is beneficial to relax in the winter, and list best beach destinations in February .

Tour prices

So, let’s see why the last winter month is a good time to plan a vacation at sea. New Year’s turmoil with the search for tours is over, and with it the high prices have disappeared. It is not surprising that during the whole month you can buy vouchers to the most popular resorts quite inexpensively. This turns out to be a very good reason to plan your vacation for February. If we compare the cost of a February beach holiday with the prices for trips in other months of the year, then in most cases the comparison will be clearly in favor of the first option. But there is another reason: by February, we all get tired of the cold winter with short gray weekdays, and a few days spent on the sunny coast near the warm sea can cheer up and add strength in anticipation of spring. But first you need to decide where exactly to go for a beautiful tan and bright positive emotions.

– Egypt
– India
– Thailand
– Canaries


The end of winter can hardly be called the best time for tours in Egypt , however, a beach holiday in Egypt at this time of the year is possible. Daytime air temperature is kept at +20-25˚C, and sea water near the coast warms up to +20˚C. Be sure to take into account that at this time the winds blow on the Red Sea, and it is quite cool to get out of the water after swimming. In the evenings and at night the air temperature can drop to +10-15˚C. Compared to Russian frosts, this, of course, is not so terrible, but when choosing Egypt, you need to remember this. But the prices for tours to the country of the pharaohs at this time of the year can more than outweigh all the shortcomings: trips to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are very cheap.


Weather in the United Arab Emirates in February may well be suitable for sunbathing. Swimming in the sea at this time of the year can be cool – the water temperature is kept at + 17-20˚C, but many hotels have heated pools in winter. But for sunbathing there will be no problems at all. Usually in February in UAE there are clear days, and the air warms up to +25˚C. Occasional showers are possible, but they usually only bring freshness. Beach holidays are best combined with sightseeing or shopping. Prices for city hotels in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the shortest month of the year can surprise even the most economical traveler.


Weather conditions in India in February make holidays on the beaches Goa as comfortable as possible for travelers. The average air temperature is +30˚C, while the sea water temperature near the coast is kept at +26˚C. Thanks to the beautiful weather and low prices for tours to India, vacationers from all over the world gather at local resorts in winter. At the same time, North Goa is more suitable for young people who prefer parties and vibrant nightlife, and South Goa offers its guests a more respectable and relaxing holiday on the coast.


Among the places to go in winter, Thailand is considered one of the best destinations in terms of price-quality ratio. The weather in February on the beaches of Pattaya and Phuket is wonderful. During the day, the air warms up to + 30-32˚C, and the temperature of sea water does not fall below + 27-28˚C. At the same time, the prices for charter flights and accommodation are relatively low.

At the same time, a little more expensive you can relax at sea in other countries of Southeast Asia – in Vietnam or Cambodia.


Canary Islands are able to offer vacationers comfortable conditions all year round. So in the last month of winter, the weather at Tenerife will not present unpleasant surprises to tourists. Warm sunny days will delight you with an average daily temperature (+20-25˚C), and sea water near the coast warms up to +20-22˚C. A pleasant addition to the good weather conditions this month will be the carnival, which is held annually on Tenerife . It is believed that this is the second largest carnival after the Brazilian one. Although it is precisely because of this event that prices for accommodation in February may be slightly higher than usual.

Even at the end of winter, Caribbean countries ( Dominican Republic , Mexico and Cuba ) can be considered as beach destinations, as well as Maldives .

In general, February is a very good month for planning a vacation at sea. Even the most expensive beach holidays are discounted at this time. And thanks to the visa-free regime with many warm countries, just a few days before departure, you can find great options at an attractive price (hot tours).

Useful tips for travelers:

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Is the Baltics suitable for holidays in February: the weather and where to go

Despite the fact that the Baltics are in the north of Europe, the climate here is quite mild in winter, which means that you can have a great holiday for those who love fun winter fun. The cold season is also suitable for healing and treatment, since in the Baltic countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – there are a lot of spa hotels and treatment centers. Such a pastime can be diversified by visiting interesting events. And you can also spend Valentine’s Day truly romantic.


Air temperature

  • Ventspils: -4˚С.. +1˚С
  • Liepaja: 0˚С.. +4˚С
  • Riga: -6˚С.. +2˚С
  • Jurmala: -4C.. +4C
  • Vilnius: -9C.. +2C
  • Druskininkai: -8C.. +2C
  • Klaipeda: -11C N.. +4˚С
  • Palanga: -5˚С.. +4˚С
  • Siauliai: -5˚С.. +1˚С
  • Juodkrante: -2˚С.. +4˚С
  • Värska: -11˚C.. +1˚C
  • Kuressaare: -5˚C.. +2˚C
  • Narva: -9˚С.. +3˚С
  • Otepaa: -11˚С.. +2˚С
  • Pärnu -12˚С.. +1˚С
  • Toila: -9˚С. +2˚С
  • Tallinn: -7˚С .. +3˚С

February, as it should be for a winter month, is one of the coldest months of the year. According to temperature indicators, we can say that the winter in the Baltics is quite mild. But you shouldn’t flatter yourself too much: sometimes the thermometer drops much lower – up to 15-22 degrees below zero. This is typical at the beginning of the month. In the last ten days of February, as a rule, the temperature is set with a “+” sign, but it is still too early to talk about spring. The maximum to which the air warms up is +5.

Water temperature

Of course, people don’t go swimming in the Baltic Sea in winter, as the temperature stays around 0 degrees. Lakes in Estonia are completely frozen. But you can enjoy winter fishing.

Weather features

Let February be one of the coldest months of the year, but it’s good that strong winds are behind us. It becomes easier to endure low temperatures, even if the mercury column of the thermometer drops to -15..-20. The sun does not indulge in its appearance, for the most part the February days are cloudy. Warm clothes come in handy in this weather.

Airline prices

A flight to the Baltic States is not too expensive if you choose flights to one of the capitals without transfers or, in extreme cases, with one transfer. Flights to other airports are much more costly and time consuming.

The most budget accommodation option can be found in Riga: the capital of Latvia offers accommodation in a double room of a three-star hotel from 105 euros for 7 nights. Most of all, you will have to leave for accommodation for 7 nights also in Riga – in Ventspils – from 315 euros. Other cities and resorts fit in the range from 126 to 250 euros for 7 nights.

What countries have to offer

The winter entertainment season continues in the Baltic States. Skiing, alpine skiing, sledding and ice skating can be found in any of the three states. However, there are a number of activities that may well become the highlight of your holiday.

Among them are Tartu Marathon (February 8, 2015) and Rybfest (February 13-15, 2015). The first of the competitions is one of the oldest skiing competitions not only in Europe but also in the world. Passes through the territory of the open-air park – the Park of Earthly Deities, which is the largest among its kind in Estonia.