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25 BEST Places to Visit in January (IN THE WORLD)

So it’s a brand new year, and you are looking for the best places to visit in January. We got you covered! Whether you are seeking warm or cold, skiing in the Alps, or soaking up the beaches in Asia, we are delving into our favorite places to travel in January around the world.

Being a winter snow bunny and a powder chaser, January is one of my favorite times of the year to explore winter destinations. If it involves hot chocolate, mulled wine, and lots of white fluffy snow, it’s a yes for me. Though it’s also a fantastic time to escape dreary weather where you may be from and head for warmer climates.

January is also a great time to travel if you seek fewer crowds and cheaper prices. Families with children are back in school, and summer is nowhere near, meaning more people are planning their summer travel and fewer people actually travel. Below are some of the best places to head for a January vacation.

The Best Places to Visit in January

Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy

Having Lunch While Skiing Near Madonna Di Campiglio

Madonna Di Campiglio is the jewel of the ski and winter scene in the Trentino region. It’s a well-known resort famous for hosting many Italians looking for solid skiing, dining, and relaxation in a very posh environment. It still holds on to its claim to fame as the summer vacation spot of Austrian Royalty and Princess Sissi. The town is a beautiful little gem set at the base of the Dolomites and has all the charm of a classic European mountain town.

Madonna Di Campiglio is nearly car-free, and it’s easy to take an evening stroll after a day on the slopes. We spent our evenings window shopping while checking out 19th-century architecture with a cappuccino in hand.

Charming wooden homes line the streets at the foot of the Dolomites. It is easy to see why the resort town is well cherished in Northern Italy and a great spot to travel to in the winter season if you love skiing, winter hiking, tobogganing, and cozying up around the fire.

30 Important Italy Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald First in January / Best Places to Visit in January

Grindelwald is a little mountain village not far from Interlaken. This small Swiss town provides perfect access to multiple ski areas and numerous hiking trails.

High above Grindelwald lies the Bernese Alps and a famous mountain face. That mountain is Eiger’s notorious North Face, one of the most well-known mountain faces in the world.

Lauterbrunnen in winter

The village has a long main road and plenty of accommodation options to handle the many tourists who journey up the valley from Interlaken.

The village lacks the same charm that the surrounding villages have, such as Gimmelwald, Murren, or Wengen, but it does provide amazing access to the mountains – great for skiers and those after a solid European winter holiday. Grindelwald is especially great if you want to go up Jungfraujoch or plan to enjoy Grindelwald First and the many experiences you can have up there.

If you are traveling all the way to Switzerland in the winter, it’s best to make the effort and see Lauterbrunnen nearby. It’s here you can find one of the most famous waterfalls in switzerland!

18 BEST Places To Visit In Switzerland


Visiting Laos in January means prices are dramatically reduced, the weather is amazing and there’s so much to see and do. These are just some of the reasons why this is the best time of year to travel to this beautiful country.  

Think no crowds, no line-ups and a chill vibe where you can just go about your merry way as slowly as you wish. Explore some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, visit stately temples, browse vibrant night markets, take a cruise on the Mekong or just enjoy the sunny weather on a lounge patio with an exotic cocktail in hand. 

Northern Idaho, USA

Snowboarding at Lookout Pass / Best Places to Visit in January USA

If you’re into skiing or snowboarding and after a good winter vacation, I suggest heading to the potato state instead of Colorado like the rest of the Southern United States population. Idaho has some fantastic ski resorts, many relatively quiet and unheard of but complete with endless epic skiing and snowboarding.

The powder? Oh, it’s sublime and sticks around for quite a while during January. We have been snowboarding in Idaho well into April, so there’s no doubt there will be snow.

Head to Sandpoint for the cutest mountain town by the frozen lake before skiing at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Want something a little less crowded? Opt for Silver Mountain near Kellog or Lookout Pass Ski Area located between Montana and Idaho on the Idaho Panhandle.

The Maldives

One of the best places to visit in January is not a place at all but a group of islands and atolls. Who wouldn’t want to escape dreary winter weather and exchange it for a tropical paradise? The Maldives is truly not a spot in the world to be missed.

January is frequently the coolest month of the year across the islands, which means you won’t have to sweat it out in between ocean dips. Visiting the Maldives in January means less rainfall as it’s their dry season.

In the middle of the dry season, there’s not much rain to worry about, meaning it’s also not that humid. There’s plenty of sunshine to fill your vacation, and any clouds that might be in the sky get blown away by winds from the northeast.

Average daytime temperatures are 30°C, the sea temperature is a balmy 28°C, and it’s pretty dry. Spend your days relaxing on an overwater bungalow, scuba diving in one of the best places in the world, go snorkeling with family, and enjoy spicy Maldivian cuisine under the stars.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Maldives?


Chefchaouen in January / Where to Travel in January

One of the best places to visit in January is Morocco. Thanks to Morocco being mainly desert, January is never what you’d consider properly cold, and it’s far from scorching hot.

The average daytime temperature for Marrakech, for example, is 19°C. There’s also plenty of sunshine and little rainfall, meaning you’ll have great weather that isn’t too sweltering. It’s perfect for exploring some of the city’s top sights, and a good time of year if you don’t like the heat or crowds.

The rest of the country features a nice breeze from the Atlantic ocean, so you feel nice and cool even in the sun. That said, the sun feels nice and warm on the Mediterranean coast and ocean dips by the seaside town of Essouraia are ideal

If you plan on heading into the desert or to the blue city of Morocco, Chefchaouen still bring a jacket as nighttime temperatures might drop to 8 °C and below.

35 Fun and Interesting Facts About Morocco 

Innsbruck, Austria

There aren’t many cities in Europe quite like Innsbruck. It’s coined the title “Capital of Alps,” and easy to understand why once you set foot in the city. The impressive Nordkette Mountain Range towers over the city, and nature never feels far away.

It’s the only city where you can ski, explore a grand palace, window shop, and savor a strudel all in one day making it the perfect place to visit in January if you like winter. There are plenty of things to do in Innsbruck with the Austrian Alps at your hotel doorstep and a city rich in history.

In many ways, everything we love about Austria is packed into a modern and historical city. The fact that you can be in a beautiful medieval old town and then in the heart of the Alps within minutes is not something found everywhere in the world.

30 BEST Things to do in Austria

Hokkaido, Japan

Snowboarding in Furano / Best Places to Visit in January

Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost island that receives polar temperatures that blow over from nearby Siberia. You will not be working on your sun tan here, but it does make for sublime ski conditions in January.

The island is renowned for its legendary dry snow or powder, making it one of the best regions in the world for snowboarding and skiing. If you are after the island’s famous powder for skiing, the best time to visit Hokkaido is between December and March.

Niseko Ski Resort in January

During January, snowfall is abundant away from the island’s coast and blankets much of the countryside and mountains. Many ski resorts, like world famous Niseko Ski Resort, set records for the most snow in a season, despite a shorter season than their North American and European counterparts.

Places like Furano, and local resorts around Sapporo, open their doors to skiers and snowboarders. January is high season at some resorts, but you likely won’t be too bothered unless you’re at Niseko.

Ski conditions are superb, and Hokkaido is culturally fascinating, with an abundance of delicious Japanese food. A typical winter day in January involves plenty of snow, a bowl of hot ramen, and soaking in one of the many Japansese bathhouses.

Cape Town, South Africa

If there is one city in the world I love traveling to, it’s Cape Town, a city too beautiful for its own good. Where one can get easily lost in the depths of nature and still have dinner at any sushi, tapas, or bistro, they want just a short drive away.

There are so many things to do in Cape Town it’s hard to optimize your time there unless you have a full year. We have spent more than three months in South Africa’s hippest city, and felt we barely scratched the surface of what the city has to offer.

Cape Town will easily enchant any visitor with adventure activities like climbing the iconic table mountain, hiking up Lions Head of sunset, or snorkeling with Cape Fur Seals. When you want something a bit more relax head to Constantia to sip delicious Pinotage while overlooking the tip of Africa.

January in South Africa means Summer. Cape Town has barely any rain, blue skies, sunshine, and rising temperatures; the daytime average is 25°C. It’s a good time of year to hit the beach, go surfing, and enjoy a stroll at the V&A Waterfront.

Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Have you logged onto Instagram lately? In case you missed it, Banff, Alberta, has been the hot place to go for the past few years. Imagine vast mountains, beautiful bright blue lakes, and a charming small Canadian town under towering Mount Rundle.

If it sounds and looks like the perfect place to spend Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring – that’s because it is (we should know as we were so tempted we finally moved there).

Banff is surrounded by three large ski areas for powder hounds – Mt. Norquay, Banff /Lake Louise, and Banff Sunshine combine to form SkiBig3. This area becomes a skier or snowboarder’s version of heaven in the winter.

Keep in mind that January in Alberta is anything but warm. The average temperature is about -10°C during the day, and even more frigid as the sun sets. Expect snow, fog, and a few sunny days so bring a warm packable down jacket and bundle up!

If you are looking for bright blue lakes to kayak on and plenty of hiking opportunities it’s best to wait until summer to visit the Canadian Rockies. However, if you like cold weather activities like nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and skiing and snowboarding, Banff is one of the best places to head in January.

The Best Things to do in Banff National Park


January marks the height of the summer in Kenya with high temperatures hovering around 30°C. Meaning it’s a great time to spot wildlife while on safari as the animals congregate toward watering holes.

The landscape is still stunning still with green effects lasting from the previous month’s rains. Because of the nice weather, you may see quite a few other tourists out on safari in the Masai Mara or enjoying the coastal breeze on Diani Beach.

10 Helpful Kenya Travel Tips to Know Before You Go


One of the best places to visit in January is the Middle Eastern country of Oman. In January, the average daily temperature in Oman is comfortable 25°C, which is pretty mild for Oman.

If you think that is hot, don’t step foot here between June and September (when we did) when temperatures reach 40°C with high humidity and you’ll be seeking your air-conditioned room during the day.

Many people haven’t thought to visit Oman, but it’s quickly rising as a top tourism destination. Oman is a wonderful country to explore – when the temperature is right of course.

Oman has stunning deserts, unique wadis, a blissful coastline, and endless mountains to hike around. Oman has you covered if you’re looking for a culturally interesting all-around holiday in January.

35 FUN & Interesting Facts About Oman

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel in January for a bit of beach and a bit of forest with the family or on a honeymoon. January is dry in Costa Rica – dry and hot. The average temperature is 27°C, with highs of something like 33°C throughout the month. Most of the time in January, the days will be filled with sunshine (66% of them to be exact) – perfect for lounging around on the beaches around Santa Teresa.

At other times, it’ll be cloudy. However, little to no rain is expected, so January is the perfect month to get out into nature and enjoy places like the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve and Arenal. Even the evenings are beautifully balmy, so you won’t need to pack sweaters – just the travel camera for some epic sunsets.

Summer clothes only, people; the as minimum temperature in January is 21°C. This is the Central American vacation you’ll love.

It’s also nice because there’s less humidity in January, a serious issue in Costa Rica. Overall, it’s comfortable and a fantastic place to visit in January and one should not hesitate to book a trip at one of the best resorts in the country!

24 Costa Rica Travel Tips To Know


Visiting the Pyramids / Where to Travel in January

Egypt is a fantastic country to visit in January. Even though it’s winter, the average temperature of 22°C is pleasant and great for exploring ancient sites.

Conversely, the temperature can drop to around 9°C at night so always best to pack a travel jacket. Northern Egypt is colder, in general, and there’s more rainfall.

Cairo, for example, is pretty cloudy. In the South, destinations like Siwa receive little to no rain in January and the temperature hovers around 25°C. Coastal areas, such as Marsa Matruh, see changeable weather at this time of year.

It’s a great time to visit Egypt without being too hot and bothered, not having to cover up from the sun the whole time. There’s something nice about going on vacation and not having to wake up before sunrise to beat the sun, or to not always be craving your air conditioned room. Trust us when we say, if you can walk around all the ancient sites mid day without wanting to run into the AC the whole time, then your Egypt trip will be one ot remember.

One of the best things to do in Egypt? Cruise the Nile on the historic Steam Ship Sudan, though make sure to book well in advance as it’s a bucket list trip for many.


Tropical rainforests, virtually untouched beaches, stunning scenery and incredible weather… what more could anyone want out of an escape from winter in North America? How about incredible natural attractions including lakes and active volcanoes? How does embarking on outdoor adventures sound? 

I’m talking about visiting incredible natural wonders including Ometepe Island, Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve, Cerro Negro Volcano, San Juan del Sur, Somoto Canyon National Monument and Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, which is one of the biggest rainforests in the Americas.

If you like warm weather with an average temperature of 25°C and little rain, Nicaragua might just be the place for you to travel to in January.


Ninh Binh / Best Places to Visit in January

If you’re seeking an exotic destination with nice, dry weather that’s not too cold nor too hot, stunning scenery, fewer crowds and an abundance of world-class attractions, Vietnam is the perfect choice for a vacation in January. 

Whether you wish to sail in renowned Halong Bay, go hiking on Cat Ba Island or visit one of the largest caves on earth at Hang Son Doong, you’ll never be without something to see and do in Vietnam.

Bali, Indonesia

Although January is considered the rainy season in Bali, that doesn’t mean it rains every second of every day. Sure, it rains but when it does, the showers come in fast-moving tropical downpours that clear up quickly to reveal sunny skies and temperatures hovering around 27°C. Stick around the beaches to enjoy pink and orange cotton candy skies in January.

The best part about traveling to Bali in January is the fact that it’s the height of the low season, which means the tourist crowds are virtually gone. You won’t have to deal with crowded beaches and attractions which is a probelm in Bali. You’ll also score pretty good deals on flights and accommodations around the island.

Bali is full of incredible attractions including Tanah Lot, Mount Batur Volcano, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and the giant Bali Swing. As you travel around the island, you’ll see some of the best scenery in the world, consisting of towering mountain peaks, terraced rice fields in Ubud and stunning coastline in Uluwatu.

Want to extend your vacation? Take the ferry to the Nusa Islands, a more rugged and timeless version of Bali.

14 Amazing Bali Waterfalls You Need to Check Out

Bruges, Belgium

Located in Belgium, Bruges is said to be one of the most scenic cities in Europe and it’s also one of the best places to visit in January. While the canals, fairytale scenes and classic architecture are top draws to the city, in January, it’s the lack of crowds, low prices and festive atmosphere that draw tourists who don’t mind a bit of cold, damp weather. 

Some of the top things to do in the city include canal cruises, pub-hopping and visiting attractions such as the Lake of Love, Belfry Tower, Groeninge Museum, Church of Our Lady Bruges, Burg Square and Minnewater Lake.


When it comes to Central American countries during the winter months, Belize has been a go-to for many snowbirds for years and a delightful budget honeymoon destination. In January, daytime temperatures average 25°C which means it’s nice enough to spend your days at the beach or exploring the fascinating natural wonders that the country has in abundance. 

The country is also known for being home to one of the biggest barrier reefs on earth and it and many other underwater wonders can be explored with scuba diving and snorkeling excursions.   

The Great Blue Hole, Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, Xunantunich Mayan Ruins and ATM Cave Belize are some of the notable attractions around the country. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is awe-inspiring at any time of year but with mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine and little rain, the month of January wins for being one of the best times to visit the country. 

Drive around the countryside admiring the stunning landscapes, immerse in Maori culture, watch incredible sunsets and explore the many beaches, lakes, mountain trails and forests. Care to do some surfing, skydiving, ziplining, or bungee jumping? Ultimate adventures await!  

Dubai, UAE

It’s quite hot in Dubai most of the year but in January, you’ll find that the temperatures are just high enough to make it comfortable.

Daily temperatures average between 15°C and 25°C with the sun shining for over 10 hours each day, so getting rained out isn’t much of a worry! By now, I’m sure you’re aware of the opulence that this flashy city is known for.   Expect extravagance around every corner.  

I’m talking about huge luxury malls, stunning manicured beaches, elaborate amusement parks and ultra-modern architecture like none you’ve seen anywhere else.

Some of the top attractions include Burj Khalifa, Adventure Waterpark, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Fountain and Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski resort.  

Harbin, China

Not everyone wants to travel somewhere warm and tropical during the winter months to escape cool weather. Some people like to go where it’s snowy and cold. If you’re one of those people, one of the best places to go to experience an ultimate winter wonderland is Harbin, China. 

The city’s nickname is Ice City and its claim to fame is hosting the International Ice and Snow Festival each January. 

While the festival, which features incredible snow and ice sculptures, is the biggest draw to the city in January, there are many other reasons to visit!

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Bingxue Big World, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street and Sun Island are just some of the top attractions. If you love skiing, Yabuli ski resort is the place to head to.

Phuket, Thailand

The Big Buddha, Phuket / Best Places to Visit in January

Phuket is a tropical paradise, and one of those dream destinations many people have on their bucket list. Temperatures average a warm 28°C and there’s the least chance of rain, making Phuket one of the best places to visit in January in April.

The golden, sandy beaches are the top draw to this region but there’s so much more to see and do including embarking on jungle safaris, snorkeling in some of the clearest waters around, participating in a wide range of water sports, browsing bustling night markets and enjoying one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Thailand. 

Some of the must-see attractions in Phuket include Monkey Hill Viewpoint and The Big Buddha which is a large sculpture on top of a mountain that almost all visitors make sure to have on their Thailand itinerary.


While the summer is not the best time to visit many areas of India due to the heat and humidity, January presents almost-perfect weather conditions. Believe it or not, it’s possible to enjoy both winter and summer activities during a trip to India in January. 

Some higher-elevation areas are colder and see enough snow for downhill skiing. That being said, most of the country averages a daytime temperature of around 55°F which is just right for attending festivals and visiting world-class attractions.

The Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace, Red Fort and Ellora Caves are just some of the must-see attractions in the country. 

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10 Places Around The World That Are Beautiful During January

Traveling around the world to see all the stunning sights, sparkling beaches, gorgeous snow-covered mountain peaks, breathtaking ancient ruins, and lively metropolises should be on everyone’s January or New Year’s resolution travel list. Of course, it might be a tad difficult to visit all the locations that likely have come to mind.

But the good news is that there are actually a handful of destinations that are absolutely next level at the start of the year and are, simply put, a feast for the eyes. In fact, here are the top ten places around the world that are beautiful during January.

10 Phuket, Thailand

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First up, beach lovers who are ready to add a shimmery ocean side paradise to their lives needn’t look any further than Phuket. This place is truly one of the best destinations to visit in January.

With its golden sandy beaches, incredible resorts, lovely little beach shacks, water sports galore, and fantastic nightlife, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the surrounding beauty.

As an added bonus, Phuket is a reasonably affordable place to kick back and relax. Plus, this slice of paradise is an amazing honeymoon destination and girls’ getaway spot.

9 Bali, Indonesia

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No matter the time of year, Bali is definitely a sight to behold. This is yet another peaceful paradise that offers visitors a beautiful experience from start to finish. Known as the Island of Gods, Bali promises its visitors a serene and gorgeous holiday.

This is also an ideal spot for January wanderlusters looking to enjoy all the sights front and center. Like many other incredible travel destinations around this time of year, the touristy crowds have lessened, allowing off-season visitors a chance to experience a quieter and more budget-friendly, picturesque beach vacation.

8 The Maldives

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When making a list of the most beautiful places on earth, The Maldives is a shoo-in. This superb destination is the stuff that travel dreams are made of. So it is not too surprising that a January getaway here is a must.

Visitors can fall in love with breathtaking views from their above-water bungalows, lounge on pristine beaches, and enjoy a relaxing swim in crystal-clear waters.

But that’s not all; with an abundance of water sports, awe-inspiring reefs, and a collection of impressive islands to explore when visiting, heading to The Maldives is a great way to start off the new year.

7 Switzerland

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For jet-setters who prefer winter wonderlands and ample cold weather recreation, a visit to pretty much anywhere in Switzerland is a must in January.

Here visitors can marvel at the snow-covered terrain and the Alps, head to the slopes, check out vibrant Christmas markets, plus explore quintessential mountain villages.

With hearty eats, legendary chocolates, warm drinks, an overall welcoming vibe, and cozy nights by a roaring fire, Switzerland is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to extend the wintry bliss and joyousness of the holiday season.

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6 Sydney, Australia

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Of course, for travelers looking to escape the winter cold, what better way than by heading out to Sydney, Australia? January happens to be the middle of summer in the land down under. So, beach lovers and warm weather seekers can pack their favorite summertime gear for this one.

This lovely destination is full of fun activities like parasailing, boating, scuba diving, and surfing that showcase its overall beauty.

Plus, there’s plenty of land-based adventuring, including hiking, wildlife watching, Hunter Valley Wine Country exploring, and so much more.

5 Los Angeles, California

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For travelers looking to keep it domestic, Los Angeles, California, is also spectacular in January. Whether it’s the beach, the tallest redwoods, rugged mountains, or the glitz and glam of Hollywood, LA in January is an excellent stateside adventure.

Here, visitors can marvel at the impressive views, million-dollar mansions, lavish gardens, and ample historical sites.

This is a wonderful respite for wanderlusters who happen to live in the colder parts of the US or for anyone who’s on their way to other incredible yet further away parts of the world like Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand.

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4 Morocco” data-instgrm-version=”14″>

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If picturesque and historical destinations are on the bucket list, then a trip to Morocco in January should more than suffice. During the start of the year, Morocco’s climate is ideal—not too hot and never cold.

Thus, visitors can soak up the sunshine, immerse themselves in this desert oasis’s culture, and appreciate all the vibrant architectural wonders without the peak season crowds.

With little rainfall, clear skies, a refreshing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, and picture-perfect views of the Atlas Mountains, January is definitely the perfect time to visit.

3 Cape Town

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For world explorers in search of a place that has it all and then some, Cape Town in South Africa should be the next stop. This is another location that offers January visitors summer weather and stunning landscapes around every corner.

Brimming with some of nature’s best handy work, iconic mountain ranges, sparkling beaches, breathtaking underwater scenery, lavish resorts, and more, Cape Town is definitely worth the trip.

In fact, this phenomenal hippie haven should be on everyone’s travel bucket list no matter the season.

2 Austria

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Winter recreation lovers looking to add some old-world traditions to their January getaway should definitely check out Austria.

Besides having access to the fantastic Austrian mountains, which offer prime snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and more, Austria kicks off the start of a new year with some fun traditions like the Perchten run and the Glöckler run.

What’s more, after spending ample time enjoying this destination’s lovely winter scape, weary travelers can also head to some of Europe’s most remarkable thermal baths and sauna villages for a little R&R.

1 Turks And Caicos

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Finally, one of the best places to visit in January is none other than Turks and Caicos. Here, visitors can get on island time, lounge on white sandy beaches, and play in the endless turquoise waters.

For those who manage to tear themselves away from the gorgeous beaches, smaller islands, and all the fun in the sun, a trip into town (on the main island of Providenciales) to check out the magnificent historical sites is definitely in order. That said, it is perfectly okay if the itinerary ends up being beach-only.

Extreme weather awaits the world in 2023

December 31, 2022

Pavel Toropov

Scientists believe that the weather in 2023 will be more extreme than ever, and the consequences for the climate could be catastrophic.

The atmosphere is already sending out alarms. Probably the most “loud” of them – a historic snow storm in the United States. nine0003

Recall that a “cyclone bomb” hit the Midwest: in just a couple of hours, more than 120 centimeters of snow fell in Buffalo, because of which giant snowdrifts grew on the streets, traffic completely stopped and the light went out. While looters robbed supermarkets, law-abiding residents froze in their cars.

The latest video from New York nurse Endel Taylor’s phone shows a girl trapped on a swept road asking for help, but she never came. After 18 hours, she was found stiff at the wheel of a car, from which she did not dare to leave. In total, more than fifty people died from the elements. Because of the cyclone, someone did not receive medical assistance in time, and someone simply did not make it to shelter in the very blizzard. nine0003

It is interesting that at the same time a snowfall of comparable strength covered the east of Primorye. Local residents are not afraid of harsh weather. Nevertheless, it took the rescuers several days to remove the snow blockade. Mi-8 helicopters had to be used to deliver food and fuel to individual villages. Just for understanding, 6.5 monthly rainfall fell on the village of Olga, as a result of which one-story houses fell asleep almost to the roof.

The Earth’s climate has entered a stage of rapid change, which means that the number and frequency of natural disasters remains extremely high. nine0003

The planet is in a fever. The thermometers inexorably crawled up until 2019, but then the warming suddenly stopped.

The reason is the giant tropical swing swinging over the waters of the Pacific Ocean – the very phases of the El Niño and La Niña Southern Oscillations that we have talked about more than once. The warm phase is replaced by a cold one approximately every 5-10 years. El Niño occurs when the trade winds weaken off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, as a result of which the waters of the cold Peruvian current are replaced by warm ones from the central or western part of the water area. nine0003

During La Niña, the situation is reversed: the trade winds drive water away from the coast of South America more strongly, upwelling intensifies, and we are dealing with a negative anomaly in ocean surface temperature.

It was La Niña, apparently, that slowed down global warming. But here’s what worries: the cooling effect has not become comprehensive – in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially in the Arctic, it was still abnormally warm.

The melting ice of Greenland and the Arctic archipelagos also puts spokes in the wheels of global warming. They desalinate the waters of the North Atlantic, preventing the warm North Atlantic Current from sinking into the depths of the sea. As a result, the flow of oceanic heat to the north decreases. By the way, all this provokes local collapses of cold in North America and Europe. nine0003

But the effects described above do not cope well with the increase in planetary temperature. Climatologists suggest that in the new year, La Niña will hand over the reins to El Niño, which means that the flywheel of warming will unwind in full. Hence the alarming forecasts for 2023: an increase in the number of extreme droughts, wildfires, floods and tropical hurricanes. Global overheating leads to an increase in the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, and water vapor is much worse than carbon dioxide, because it is he who, in general, creates the greenhouse effect. nine0003

In Russia, the greatest concern is caused by warming in the Arctic zone. Overheating of the Arctic breaks the usual western transport of air masses, which is why giant anticyclones are increasingly appearing in the atmosphere, blocking the path of cyclones. How it all ends, we know very well: in summer it is unbearable and prolonged heat waves, forest fires in some regions, in others – floods, severe thunderstorms and hurricanes, in winter – snowstorms, freezing rains or, conversely, prolonged and severe frosts. nine0003

Of course, now it is impossible to make a forecast where and when exactly the elements will strike – computer models cannot yet make calculations with such a lead time. But scientists believe that global warming in 2023 will create all the conditions for extreme weather.

global warming

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rest and weather in Egypt

Winter with frosts, snow, Christmas tree and festive Russian olives – how many times has it already happened? This is probably why many people prefer to go in winter to where it is warm, where there are palm trees, beaches and hotels with all inclusive. Flight to Egypt from many countries takes 3-4 hours. Imagine: in the morning you were in a hurry to get to the plane, sliding your boots on the ice, and now you are walking barefoot on warm sand, and ahead is a vacation full of pleasure. About who will like winter Egypt and how to organize a family vacation in January, read the Kid Passage review. nine0003


  1. Holidays in Egypt in January: pros and cons
  2. Weather in Egypt in January
  3. Air and water temperature
  4. Is it possible to swim
  5. Beach holidays in January
    – Hurghada
    – Safaga
    – Sharm El Sheikh
    – Dahab
  6. Excursion rest
  7. Family Fun
  8. Holidays, events and festivals of the month
  9. Vacation prices
  10. nine0037 Shopping

  11. Tips for traveling with children

Holidays in Egypt in January: pros and cons

Strictly speaking, Egypt is not the warmest country in winter. In Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico is much warmer. But there are reasons to choose Egypt in January:

  • fast transfer – the road from home to the resort takes several hours;
  • soft warmth – those who do not tolerate heat and high humidity will like the African winter; nine0040
  • a relatively small number of tourists – hotels and beaches are not empty, but there are fewer people than in the high season;
  • a wide range of entertainment – there are no queues for slides in water parks;
  • good weather for excursions – in winter it is easier to transfer a trip to the desert than in summer;
  • inexpensive vacation – the price of tours in the low season drops noticeably.

In reviews of holidays in Egypt in January, of course, also mention the minuses. First, not everyone likes the weather. For those who love the heat, the hot sea and are afraid of the wind, it is better to come to this country in late spring or autumn. Secondly, the temperature difference at home and at the resort can affect your well-being. It is advisable to allocate several days for the acclimatization of the child. nine0003

Third, winter days in Egypt are relatively short. Darkness comes early: it’s good if hotels offer an evening program. Fourthly, on New Year’s Eve, the number of tourists increases, and prices rise. If the pros have convinced you, it’s time to think about where to relax in Egypt in January. What does the weather forecast promise at the resorts?

Weather in Egypt in January

Winter in Egypt is very conditional, but the weather in January-February can be called cold – the difference with the summer temperature is about 20-25°C, and tourists either put on T-shirts or wrap themselves in warm clothes. The weather in early January is definitely better than in temperate latitudes. No wonder many people come to the resorts to celebrate the New Year and Christmas here. nine0003

The weather in Egypt at the end of January is no different – sunny, no rain, sometimes warm, sometimes a little cool. If you have long dreamed of seeing the pyramid of Cheops, but were afraid of the heat, then it’s time to go on an excursion. It is reasonable to go to Egypt in January with a child: there is no excessive heat, the sun is not as hot as in summer. The sea, unfortunately, is cooler, as we would like, but you can swim in it.

Air and water temperature

Due to the hot climate, Egypt welcomes tourists all year round. But if in summer thermometers here can show + 40-50 ° С, then in winter the heat is very moderate. Here are the data on the January weather in the most popular cities of the country:

nine0156 +16.0°С

Resort Daily Night t water
Hurghada +20.4°C +15.4°C +23.0°C
Safaga +20.5°C +15.1°С +23.2°С
Sharm El Sheikh +20. 7°C +23.3°С
Dahab +20.3°C +14.4°C +22.7°C
Cairo +18.3°C +11.3°C
Luxor +19.4°C +9.1°С

Daytime air temperature in Egypt in January averages about +20°C, during the month the figures can vary from +16°C to +24°C. The nights are quite cold, from +10°С to +18°С. The water temperature in Egypt in January rarely exceeds +23-24°C. As a rule, in a month the water cools down by 1-2°C. nine0003

Is it possible to swim

Swimming in Egypt in January is not as pleasant as in November and the first half of December. By the middle of winter, the sea has time to cool down to + 22-24 ° С – you can take a dip, but there is no desire to swim for a long time. Discomfort brings and a strong wind.

As a rule, in Sharm el-Sheikh the sea is a little warmer than in Hurghada, and the wind there is not so annoying. In order not to puzzle over where to swim in January, it is advisable to choose a hotel with adult and children’s pools. nine0003

Beach holidays

African winter appeals to those who do not like the heat and do not want to roast for hours on the beach. January in Egypt is even so cool that you have to wear windbreakers instead of bathing suits. And if you dream of basking in the sun and swimming in the warm sea, then at this time it is better to go to the resorts of Thailand or Vietnam.

The main disadvantage of winter weather is the wind, which is especially felt in Hurghada, Safaga and other neighboring resorts. Many hotels specifically install windscreens on the beach. nine0003

The second minus is not too warm sea. In the reviews, tourists note that swimming can be comfortable, but after leaving the water, you want to dress warmer. Plus winter holidays in Egypt – half-empty beaches. At the same time, there are sun loungers, umbrellas and everything else you need for a carefree holiday on the beach. Where to go in Egypt in January to relax by the sea? Each resort has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The air temperature in Hurghada is +16-24°C during the day and +10-20°C at night. The probability of rain is extremely small, but the sun is occasionally hidden behind the clouds. The wind speed in January is about 5 m/s, which is quite a noticeable wind. In early January, the sea temperature in the resort reaches +23-24°C, and then gradually drops to +22-23°C. nine0003

The sandy beaches of Hurghada are suitable for families with children. Corals grow close to the shore only in the northern part of the resort, almost everywhere you can enter the water without protective shoes, the bottom is flat and clean.

Even on a warm day, long sleeves are worth taking to the beach, because the wind can make it cold after swimming. The diving sites in Hurghada are not as beautiful as those in Sharm El Sheikh. Nevertheless, there are dozens of diving centers where they organize courses for beginners and advanced divers. Many centers have Russian-speaking instructors. nine0003

Hurghada is most liked by those tourists who are not very attached to the beach and love a varied holiday. There are several large water parks, two aquariums, a dolphinarium at the resort and not far from it. Travelers with children try to go to Makadi Bay, where the Mini Egypt Park and the complex of sand sculptures are located.

It is more convenient to get to Luxor and Aswan from Hurghada than from Sharm. You can also go to Cairo, the road to which takes about 5 hours. Often you can find complaints that the hotels of the resort do not meet expectations and are in need of repair for a long time. Indeed, some of the hotels were built a long time ago and are inferior to modern complexes. However, there are many good “fours” and “fives” of international chains in Hurghada. Many hotels are focused on families with children. nine0003

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The town is located 60 km north of Hurghada, but the weather in both resorts is the same. The air temperature in January fluctuates from +16°С to +24°С during the day and from +10°С to +20°С at night, the days are mostly clear, it is rare to catch a little rain. The wind speed is about 3.8 m/s, so Safaga is a little more comfortable in winter than Hurghada. nine0003

The water temperature during the New Year and Christmas days is +23-24°C, but by the end of January it drops to +22°C. The beaches of the resort are covered with sand, which has healing properties. That is why tourists often ignore sunbeds and sunbathe right on the sand. One of the hotels offers a wellness program that includes psammotherapy.

In Safaga, it is important to clarify which beach the selected hotel is located next to. In some places, corals come close to the shore, you can enter the water only in protective shoes or go down from the pontoon. nine0003

At the same time, the resort has many beaches with a clean and gentle bottom. The coral reef next to the resort is a reason to take a diving course. The resort has training centers designed for divers of different levels.

There is practically no entertainment in Safaga, except for animation in hotels. However, in a good hotel there will be a children’s room, a mini-club, and a swimming pool with a mini-aqua park. The advantage of the resort is that housing here is cheaper than in Hurghada, El Gouna or Makadi Bay.

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Sharm El Sheikh

The main resort of the Egyptian part of Sinai is often recommended for winter holidays because it is slightly warmer than in Hurghada and there is no such strong wind. In fact, the weather in Sharm is almost the same as in Hurghada: the air temperature is from +16°С to +24°С during the day and from +10°С to +20°С at night, the sun mostly shines, there is no rain. nine0003

But the wind here is really weaker, about 3 m/s. But there are nuances: for example, in Nabq Bay in winter, a strong wind often blows and waves rise, and a red flag is hung on the beach every now and then, forbidding swimming.

The average water temperature is about +23°C and almost does not change during the month. It happens that during the holiday week the water is quite warm, but from mid-January the temperature drops to normal.

The beach in Sharm should be chosen especially carefully if you are going to the sea with kids. Corals mainly start near the shore, you have to go down into the water from pontoons. nine0103 There are clear-bottomed beaches in Sharm El Maya and Nabq Bay.

The resort has all the standard entertainment: water parks, dolphinarium, glass-bottomed boats, motor safari. The nearest attractions to Sharm, which are most interesting to visit with older children, are the Ras Mohammed National Park, the Colored Canyon in Nuweiba, Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine. Also from Sharm you can go on an excursion to Israel and Jordan. The choice of accommodation in the city is wide, there are many family hotels with entertainment and a variety of services for children. nine0003

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A small town on the Sinai Peninsula is considered not so much a beach resort as a good place for wintering. It is very warm here, but there is no heat, the sun is safe, children can spend a lot of time outdoors. nine0003

Daytime air temperature in Dahab ranges from +16°С to +24°С, at night it stays at +12-16°С. Sunny days prevail, with great luck you can catch a short rain. The sea temperature in the resort for a month drops from +24°C to +22°C.

The beaches of Dahab are not the most well-groomed, and you won’t go into the water without water shoes. But for divers, the coral reef near the resort is a heavenly place, especially considering the affordable prices in diving centers. The main reasons to choose the Dahab resort for a family vacation are peace, a huge selection of inexpensive housing and an almost guaranteed company for a preschooler. If you wish, you can go on an excursion to the Colored and White Canyons, to the Ras Abu Galum National Reserve. nine0003

Excursion rest

Cool January is the perfect month for excursions. Tourists do not have to explore the pyramids or the Valley of the Kings on the run in order to quickly hide in an air-conditioned bus. That is why in winter many travelers go on an excursion to Cairo or Luxor.

Mandatory program in Cairo – Cheops pyramid and other tombs of Giza, Sphinx, Cairo or the Great Egyptian Museum. With children, you can visit the Solar Boat Museum, where a ship is exhibited, on which Pharaoh Cheops was supposed to sail across the sky to the halls of the god Ra, and the Children’s Museum. Also, tourists speak positively about the Village of the Pharaohs, where knowledge and entertainment are reasonably combined. nine0003

If you are planning to spend a couple of days in Cairo, add to your list of excursions Museum of Islamic Art and the Guyer-Anderson Museum , which has a fine collection of oriental art. Those interested in military history may be interested in National Military Museum and October 6 panorama dedicated to the 1973 war. Several good museums operate in the Abdin Palace, the official residence of the President of Egypt.

A trip to Luxor makes a strong impression. The main attractions of this city are widely known: the necropolises in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, the temples of ancient Thebes – Luxor and Karnak, the alley of sphinxes. nine0003

Like the Pyramids of Giza, the monuments of Luxor are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

All these buildings are located in the open air, and since in January the temperature in the desert is +16-24°C, you can wander among the ruins without fear of getting a heat stroke.

The south of Egypt is also not too hot: we recommend taking advantage of this to go to Aswan. The most famous construction of the city is the dam, after the construction of which the Nile ceased to overflow uncontrollably. Also in Aswan you can visit the Nubian Museum with a very rich exposition, the ancient ruins on the island of Elephantine, the tombs of the nobility. nine0003

Entertainment for children

Cold, by Egyptian standards, winter is no reason to curtail entertainment at the resort. Between breakfast and lunch, you can have fun in the water park, before dinner – go on a sea excursion or visit a mini open-air museum.

There are good water parks on both sides of the Red Sea. In Makadi Bay, not far from Hurghada, is the largest water park in Egypt Makadi Water World. The best water parks in Hurghada are called Jungle Aqua Park, Titanic, Sindbad, Sharm el-Sheikh – Aqua Park City, Cleo Park. Many hotels have small water entertainment complexes. The water in the children’s pools of water parks is usually heated. nine0003

Glass bottom boat trips are very popular in the resorts. If you are not eager to learn diving, then you can look into the underwater world of the Red Sea without any diving. Boats sail over coral reefs, and bright harmless fish, poisonous lionfish and dangerous moray eels are visible through the transparent bottom.

Two interesting sites between Hurghada and Makadi Bay are the Sand City sand sculpture complex and the Mini Egypt miniature park. The theme of sand sculptures changes every year, and in the miniature park you can see copies of the pyramids and other architectural monuments of Egypt. nine0003

Good entertainment in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh for older children is motor safari. Usually the tour program includes a trip to the desert at dawn or sunset, a stop in a stylized Bedouin village and a photo shoot. Also at both main resorts, guests are invited to the 1001 Nights show. It revives the pages of Egyptian history, demonstrates various traditions, including belly dance.

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  • nine0061

    Holidays, events and festivals

    The list of holidays in Egypt in January is surprisingly familiar: January 1 – New Year , January 7 – Christmas (part of the country’s population professes Orthodoxy). The Egyptians do not celebrate the New Year, the festivities are arranged mainly by hotels. But still it is a day off, which should be taken into account when planning excursions.

    Important Muslim holidays may also fall in January. Since their date changes every year, we recommend that you check before the trip if there will be an influx of residents of the country to the resorts on the occasion of the end of the month of Ramadan. nine0003

    Vacation prices

    Prices in Egypt in January correspond to the low season. From December to April, you can relax at resorts much cheaper than in summer or autumn. Recreation becomes more expensive only during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

    Air tickets

    The price of air tickets in January is one of the lowest in the year. The flight becomes more expensive at the end of December, on the eve of the holidays, and from the third week of January it becomes cheaper again. In February, prices remain at the January level. nine0003


    The dynamics of housing prices in January is the same as for air tickets: rise in the pre-holiday period and then fall. To rent a room in January-February will cost 20-25% cheaper than in November-December or March.

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    Package holidays from the end of December to mid-January soar in price, as there are quite a lot of people who want to spend holidays on the seashore. Later, the cost decreases and stays at the same level until about the beginning of April. nine0003


    Tourists with children usually eat in hotels, and the all-inclusive concept is especially convenient in Egypt. The buffet always has dishes that are suitable for the children’s table, and some hotels offer a specialized children’s menu. It is advisable to clarify how varied and high-quality food is in a particular hotel.

    If you are going to rent an apartment and cook on your own, you can go shopping in shops and markets. The assortment, prices and quality of products in supermarkets are quite satisfactory, European chain stores have a good selection of food for babies. nine0003

    There are a lot of fruits in Egypt in winter, there are both exotic and familiar ones. Approximate price per 1 kg: oranges – 10 pounds, tangerines, kumquats – 16-20 pounds, strawberries – 12 pounds, mangoes – 15-25 pounds, guava – 25 pounds, pomegranates – 15 pounds, bananas – from 5 pounds.

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    Brand and luxury items are not something to look for in Egypt. If you want to buy something practical, we advise you to pay attention to Egyptian cotton clothes and home textiles, camel wool items, essential oils, spices, hibiscus tea. Egyptian gold and silver jewelry that is offered in the markets is not of high quality. Useful goods and souvenir trinkets are sold in markets and private shops. There are no January sales, as in Europe, in Egypt, but skillful bargaining helps to reduce the price. nine0003

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    Tips for traveling with children

    Judging by the reviews, different categories of tourists come to Egypt in winter.