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Weather for tenerife in july: Weather on the island of Tenerife in july 2023

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Tenerife in July: summer holidays in the Canary Islands

Tenerife, an island of volcanic origin, is located among the boundless Atlantic Ocean. This place was created for the perfect vacation, because it has everything that tourists can only wish for: a variety of spacious beaches, a lot of interesting sights and simply beautiful places, as well as comfortable hotels with a high level of service.

In summer, the weather here is more like spring, exhausting heat never happens in Tenerife. It is pleasant to relax on the island in June, July, and August, but each summer month has its own characteristics. In this article, Kidpassage will tell you about what awaits you in the Canary Islands in the middle of summer.

Holidays in Tenerife in July: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Excellent conditions for holidays in Tenerife annually attract more than 3 million tourists. The peak of attendance falls on the autumn months, but from the middle of summer, foreign guests begin to flood the island.

Travelers are so overwhelmed with emotions from vacation that many people share them online. Based on the reviews of holidays in Tenerife in July, you can get a complete picture of what awaits visitors to this corner of Spain in the middle of summer.

The main pluses of the July trip to Tenerife are the following factors:

  • Despite the fact that the hot season is in full swing, there is no exhausting heat on the island. The weather is quite comfortable for both beach and sightseeing holidays.
  • The water in the Atlantic Ocean is warm enough. However, for babies, the temperature will become optimal for swimming only by the end of the month.
  • Summer is the season for delicious ripe fruits, a huge assortment of which you can find in local markets and supermarkets.

Tenerife in July also has disadvantages . Here are the minuses called by the guests of the island, who were lucky enough to be here in the middle of summer:

  • July is the windiest month of the year. Breezes blow here around the clock, their manifestation is especially noticeable in the northern part of the island.
  • Since the middle of summer is considered the beginning of the high tourist season, there are a lot of people in Tenerife. In addition, there is a period of vacations and school holidays on the calendar, many people come here to gain strength before the new academic and working year.
  • Holidays on a Spanish island, even in the low season, cannot be called economical, the prices for all tourist services are quite high. In July, tourists will pay more for accommodation than in previous months.

Tenerife weather in July

The weather in Tenerife in July-August is dry and warm, no precipitation is expected throughout the summer. Moreover, quite pleasant conditions for recreation prevail even in the north of the island, where it is usually cooler and more humid.

The weather in early July is quite hot. Warm clothes will not be needed even in the evenings, because the thermometer drops no lower than + 20 . .. 25 ° С. The sea is not bad warmed up for swimming even in the first decade of the month, but it is better for small children to limit their stay in invigorating water.

The temperature in Tenerife in mid-July is increasingly above +30 °C. But, thanks to the level of humidity, the proximity of the sea and the abundance of green spaces, even record high thermometer readings are easily tolerated here.

The weather in Tenerife at the end of July remains stable – cloudless and warm. In the last days of the month, it is the northern coast of the island that is more crowded with vacationers, since it is usually a few degrees cooler here than in the south.

Stock up on sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. The absence of these things can overshadow your vacation with undesirable consequences: sunburn and heat stroke.

Air and water temperature

Due to the local climate, Tenerife is often referred to as “the island of eternal spring”. Indeed, the weather almost all year round resembles spring, there is no sharp change of seasons here, the thermometer moves smoothly up or down, depending on the time of year. In winter, you will not see meter-long snowdrifts, and in summer you will not languish from the heat. In a word, it is quite pleasant to relax in local resorts throughout the year.

Air temperature in Tenerife in July

The average day and night temperatures in Tenerife in July are +24.9°C and +18.2°C, respectively. Usually the mercury column rarely rises above +30 °C. In addition, tourists practically do not see readings below +23 °С on the thermometer for the whole month.

Sea water temperature

The average water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean in July is +22.2 °С. At the beginning of the month, the water is quite invigorating, the thermometer shows +20 °C. However, by the last decade of July, this figure rises to +24 °C.


July is one of the driest months of the year, so rain won’t ruin your holiday. Only one rainy day is expected for the entire month. The average monthly rainfall is 13.6 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Most days of the month (29 days or 94%) are sunny. Cloudy days account for part of the remaining 6%. But cloudy days for the whole month may not be at all.

Beach holidays

In July, the island will delight guests with plenty of sunshine, high temperatures and relatively warm Atlantic Ocean. Even at the beginning of the month, when not everyone dares to swim in the cool ocean waters, the beaches of Tenerife are crowded with vacationers.

First of all, it is impossible to resist the incredible scenery of the coast. Secondly, it’s nice to sunbathe for a long time and stock up on vitamin D. And, thirdly, even without swimming, you can have fun thanks to the huge number of beach activities.

The peculiarity of local beaches lies in their diversity. Here you will find both sandy and pebbly areas, as well as unique areas covered with black volcanic sand. If you want to visit just such an exclusive beach, then do not wear light-colored swimwear – the thing will turn dark. In addition, black sand grains clog tightly into clothes and are quite difficult to wash off. The most popular “black” beach is Los Gigantes .

Tenerife’s north and south coasts are different. The south of the island is more suitable for families with children, as the air and water temperatures are higher here, and the winds are less pronounced. In addition, the southern part of the coast is protected from the wet trade winds by a mountain range, so storms are very rare here. And if Tenerife is covered by a strong heat, then you can move to the northern region.

Not all local beaches are suitable for families. In some places there are strong undercurrents, high waves and rocky bottom. One of these places is the “wild” beach of Benijo . There are incredibly beautiful landscapes, but the level of safety for children is lame. Tourists with kids are suitable for beaches of El Duque , L as Vistas and the famous Las Teresita s, covered with tons of imported sand from the Sahara.

All Tenerife beaches are municipal, entrance to the territory is free. But you will have to pay for the use of the beach infrastructure.

Excursion holiday in Tenerife

Holiday in Tenerife will not be counted if you do not climb the summit of the Teide volcano . This attraction should be the first in the list of places to visit. To make the tour a little easier, you can go up by funicular, and go down on foot.

The volcano is located in the area of the Teide National Park . Here you can see not only the volcano itself, but also many natural sculptures of volcanic origin. Solidified lava takes on bizarre shapes, one of the most famous of these “sculptures” is rock Los Roques de Garcia , or “Finger of God”. In early July, there are warm and fine days, which are perfect for a long walk under the open sky.

    Another unique attraction of the island is the legendary pyramids of Guimar. Of course, in terms of pomposity, they cannot be compared with the Egyptian pyramids, but still Guimar is quite an interesting architectural curiosity. If you have scheduled a visit to the pyramids at the end of July, then do not forget the hats – there is nowhere to hide from the sun.

    Scientists still cannot come to a consensus regarding the origin of the pyramids. Even the famous traveler Thor Heyerdahl worked on this issue at one time, who found out that on the day of the summer solstice, a double sunset can be seen from the highest pyramid. Heyerdahl’s research is dedicated to the exposition of the museum, which is located next to the pyramids.

    Due to its seismic origin, the island is famous for its unique natural attractions. Another popular tourist destination is Wind Cave , Cueva del Viento. It appeared on the territory of the island due to the powerful eruption of Teide. The 17-kilometer underground tunnel consists of several levels with different air pressure, so winds and drafts of various power are constantly walking here. In addition to this unique feature, there are stalactites, underground lakes, and terraces inside.

    Tenerife has many places for families. Here is what you should definitely visit with children:

    • Cactus park
    • Museum of Science and Space
    • Knights Tournament at San Miguel Castle
    • Monkey Park
    • Siam Park and Aqualand
    • Parrot Loro Parque
    • Eagle Park Jungle Park

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Where else to have fun until the morning if not in Spain. There are a lot of holidays in Tenerife in July, the Spaniards like to relax themselves and do not let their guests get bored. However, many events do not take place regularly, so check the poster.

    At the end of July, tourists can visit the music festival Arona , which is held in the city of the same name. Performances by famous headliners from all over the world, art installations, unique light and sound shows – the program of the festival is varied and rich.

    On July 16, a large religious procession takes place in Puerto de la Cruz in honor of the holiday Dia de la Virgen del Carmen . In addition to processions, tables are laid for citizens and visitors and treated with national dishes.

    Holiday prices in July

    The active season on the island starts in September. The closer the beginning of autumn, the higher the cost of rest. Prices in Tenerife in July are not yet the highest of the year, but the July holiday can no longer be called budget.

    Price of tours

    The cost of tours increases every summer month. In July, travel agencies increase prices for services by 5% compared to the June cost. In August, a tour to Tenerife costs another 16% more than a month earlier.

    Cost of flight

    The airlines follow the trend of increasing the cost every summer month. In July, the cost of the flight increases by 22% compared to June prices. In August, passengers pay another 10% more.


    July and August are the most expensive months in terms of staying in local hotels. In the middle of summer, guests pay 20-25% more than at the beginning of the season. The average price per night in June is 133 euros, in July – 160 euros.

    • Family Hotels Tenerife

    Meals and transfers

    It would be a real crime to come to Tenerife and not taste the national dishes. Spanish cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. In addition, almost every restaurant on the island serves seafood dishes. A three-course lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost you about 10 euros, but a similar meal in a restaurant will cost from 70 euros (the cost is per person and without drinks).

    The island’s public transport is represented by buses of the company Titsa, which are also called “guagua”. They can get to any resort in Tenerife, to reach even the most remote attractions. Passengers purchase tickets from the driver, the fare depends on the distance and varies between 2–10 euros.

    If you see a white car with a green display on the street, then know that this is what a taxi looks like in Tenerife. Cars are equipped with counters, according to which payment is made. Landing costs about 2–3 euros, each kilometer of the way costs 1 euro.

    How to dress in Tenerife

    In the summer on the island, you can easily get by with a summer wardrobe. In the evenings in Tenerife it is fresh, but not so much that you want to put on a warm sweater. But at the top of Teide, a long-sleeved jacket will really come in handy, since the air temperature is several degrees lower than at the foot. It is worth taking on a trip:

    • T-shirts and T-shirts;
    • breeches and shorts;
    • jeans;
    • one or two sweaters with long sleeves;
    • swimsuit;
    • headdress;
    • beach shoes;
    • urban sandals;
    • comfortable shoes for long hikes and climbing to the top of the volcano.

    Recommendations for holidays with children

    Both those who bet on a beach holiday and those who prefer a rich excursion program will be able to satisfy all their wishes in Tenerife in July. If you want to improve your child’s health before the new school year, replenish his knowledge with new interesting information and just give your child an unforgettable vacation, feel free to go to the Canary Islands in the middle of summer.

    We recommend visiting the island in the last decade of the month, when the Atlantic Ocean is already warming up to a pleasant temperature. However, if the water is invigorating in early July, you can swim in the pool or visit one of the local water parks.

    Share your emotions from the trip with your family and friends by bringing them a small gift from this amazing part of Spain. If you can’t decide on a present, then read the Kid Passage article “What to bring as a gift from Tenerife: 18 souvenirs from the island of eternal spring”.

    • Holidays with children in Tenerife: Kid Passage guide

    Tenerife is a beautiful chocolate tan and salty sea spray on the skin, the giant Teide and unique museums, incredible beauty of nature and diverse wildlife. Traveling here is guaranteed to give you a sea of ​​vivid impressions and a huge baggage of warm memories.


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    Tenerife in July 2019: weather, temperature, tour price

    What is the weather in Tenerife in July, air and water temperature, precipitation. The cost of the tour in July and other information from “Travel The World”.

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    What is the weather in Tenerife in July, air and water temperature, precipitation. The cost of the tour in July and other information from “Travel The World”.

    In July, not only summer is in full swing in Tenerife, but everything related to recreation and entertainment on this resort island. At this time, you can find entertainment for every taste and have a great time on the local beaches.


    • 1 Weather in Tenerife in July
      • 1.1 Air temperature
      • 1.2 Weather map in July
      • 1.3 Water temperature
    • 2
  • 3 Tour in July – the cost of the tour in Tenerife

Tenerife weather in July

Air temperature

The main feature of the July weather is the complete absence of not only rain, but even any hints of their existence. 97% of the days in the sky you will not see a cloud. The average daily temperature in July in Tenerife is +26 C, peak values ​​in the southern part of the island reach +28 C … +29 C. These indicators indicate the temperature in the shade, in the sun the thermometer often rises to +35 C. The average nighttime indicators are at +21 C, which is very comfortable for both evening walks and unbridled fun at discos.

Weather map for July

Water temperature

The average sea water temperature in Tenerife in July is +22 C, but it can be either a degree lower or higher. In the southern part of the island, the water is very little, but warmer than in its northern part. This is only one degree higher than in June.

Tenerife in July

How to pass the time?

Excellent weather conditions bring to the fore the beach holiday. Indeed, how not to spend the whole day on the wonderful beaches with white and even black sand, swimming in amazingly clear ocean water.

However, Tenerife is famous not only for its beaches, but also for a number of natural attractions, the main of which is the Teide volcano. This is not just the highest point of the island, it is the real heart of Tenerife. Volcano climbing tour is one of the most popular. From the observation deck at its top, a breathtaking view opens up. It should be noted that it is quite cool at the top, so you should take a sweater with you.

Find out more about what to see in Tenerife.

Another component of recreation in Tenerife is its active part. It includes windsurfing, diving, parasailing and fishing, which can be practiced both from the shore and from a rented boat.

Tour in July – the cost of the tour in Tenerife

You shouldn’t even think that in July you can have a cheap holiday in Tenerife, because the middle of summer is the beginning of the “high season”. On average, the cost of a week-long vacation starts at $ 3,000, and this is with accommodation in a 3 * hotel.