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Lanzarote june weather: What’s The Weather Like In June In Lanzarote?

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What’s The Weather Like In June In Lanzarote?



Here’s a summary of the typical June weather in Lanzarote. We’ve been recording the actual weather on the island since 2008 and these observations are based on what’s actually happened here.


The day is almost 14 hours long in June, with the sun rising at about 0655 and setting at around 2100. This is the beginning of the real summer here, and you can expect sunny and hot days with a very good chance of getting sun burnt.

You can expect daytime temperatures ranging from a low of 26 to a high of 35 degrees. Even at night, it rarely falls below 20 degrees.

The ocean is starting to warm up now and expect 23 degrees at the surface. There’s almost no chance of seeing rain in June.

The sunsets and sunrises tend to be lovely in June.


The trade winds are starting to pick up June, so expect most days to have winds of 15 to 20KMH, and there may be some days where it’s gusting to 40KMH.

We do get calimas in June from time to time – this is when dust blows over from The Sahara, so it can ge very hot, and the wind feels like a hairdryer.


June 2022 started off very hot for the time of year, with several days in the low 30’s. By week two, we had quite strong winds, which persisted for much of the months. It continued with typical June weather – cloudy mornings, burning off to blue sky afternoons.

June 2021 was a mixed bag. The month started windy, and there was more cloud than usual. In the middle of the month, we even had an hour’s rain – extremely unusual for June. The final two weeks were typical, with high cloud in the mornings, burning off to hot, clear sunny skies in the afternoons.

June 2020 was very typical of the month – hot, dry and quite windy. The first three weeks were pretty steady, with temperatures in the low 30’s and light winds. Week 4, the wind got up and brought some high cloud with it, dropping temperatures into the high 20’s.

June 2019 was a proper old mixed bag. We started the month with a heatwave and a temperature inversion. It hit 37 degrees inland on 3rd June, and was cooler on the coast. In fact temperatures were quite high all month, and unusually, it was humid. Week three was very weird, with the “wrong” wind, which actually brought a little rain,  but not enough to end the drought. And the final week was again, warm and quite humid, but with a return to blue skies.

June 2018 started cool and cloudy and continued that way for the first half of the month. There was even rain in early June, which is very, very unusual. The second half of the month provided normal June weather – hot sunny days and warm evenings.

Both 2017 and 2016 were superb, with hot sunny days, very occasional white fluffy clouds and light winds. There was no rain at all.

We had a calima in 2015, and temperatures soared into the low 40’s. There was an interesting phenomenon in 2013, when we had a weather system which produced really cloudy weather on the west coast for much of the month, and really sunny weather on the east coast.

What should you wear?

Not a lot! You won’t need any top layers at all, a t shirt or shirt is enough, and you won’t even want any long trousers in June in Lanzarote. In fact beach wear is probably the order of the day. Don’t bother packing a coat or a brolly, as you won’t need either.

If you’re booking a hotel in June, and you feel the heat, you might want to choose one with AC.

Read more about Lanzarote weather.

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Other Months

Want to know the typical weather for your visit month? Just use the search facility on the site and type “Month weather,” replacing the word month with your month.


Lanzarote Weather in June | Thomas Cook

Lanzarote Weather in June | Thomas Cook

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Avg weather in June


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11 Hrsper day


5 mmper month


79 %avg


15 Mphavg

Lanzarote weather June


What’s the weather like in Lanzarote in June?

Lanzarote’s the furthest east of the Canary Islands, just off the west coast of North Africa. This gives it a lovely warm climate all year round, with high temperatures, no rain and long sunny days in June.

Climatic influences

Lanzarote’s so hot because it’s so close to the Sahara Desert, which can send the mercury into overdrive when it blows hot winds over and the occasional dust storm. You’ll usually be kept cool by north easterly trade winds and the Canary Current though, which take the edge off the extreme temperatures. Lanzarote’s quite flat, which means the weather’s fairly similar around the island, although the south generally gets the best of it.


The average high in June’s 26ºC, which means you can spend lots of time soaking up the sun on your Lanzarote holidays. Be careful in the sun as UV levels will be extreme, there’s nine hours of sunshine from the 14 hours of daylight so use lots of sun cream. Cool down with a dip in the sea, which has a temperature of around 21ºC, while humidity’s low and there isn’t usually any rain in June to spoil a day at the beach. The sun doesn’t set until just before 9pm, but things still stay pleasant in the evenings with temperatures of 17ºC, perfect for having dinner outside with a sunset view.


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Best hotels in Lanzarote

Weather in Lanzarote in June. Sea temperature in Lanzarote in june Weather by months.

Monthly weather/Spain/Lanzarote/June

Resorts in Spain

All resorts

Lanzarote on the world map

Other countries

All countries

Temperature at night afternoon January +17°C +20°C February +16°C +19°C March +16°C +20°C April +18°C +21°C May +19°C +24°C June +20°C +25°C July +22°C +27°C August +23°C +28°C September +23°C +27°C October +22°C +27°C November +20°C +24°C December +19°C +22°C

According to our observations, as well as reviews of tourists who visited Spain, we can say that the weather in Kemer in September is expected to be good. The average daily air temperature in June is 24.8 °C, while the sea water temperature will be 20.7 °С.

Weather in June

Day average temperature
Night average temperature
+24.8 °C
+20.1 °C
Sea water temperature +20.7 °C
Number of sunny days
Length of daylight hours
16 days
13 hours 58 minutes
Rainy days
0 days
3 mm
Average wind speed 24.1 m/s

Should I go to Lanzarote for a vacation in June?


70. 7%

Taking into account all the available data on the weather in Lanzarote in June (air and water temperature, amount and intensity of rains, cloudiness, day length and wind strength), we calculated the comfort level at this resort, which amounted to 70.7 %. Please also note that the comfort level in July will be higher and will be 74.7 %

Comfort level by months

On the graph below you can see the comfort level in Lanzarote calculated by us for each month. The most comfortable months for a holiday in Lanzarote are September, October and August. Months with the minimum level of comfort are March, January and February.

Monthly comparison of weather in Lanzarote

Select the month you are interested in from the list below if you want to receive detailed information about the weather in Lanzarote at other times.





Air temperature in Lanzarote in June

Daytime air temperature in June ranges from 23. 5°C to 26.5°C, at night from 19.3°C to 19.3°C respectively. At the same time, the average air temperature is 24.8 °C during the day, and 20.1 °C at night. The difference between day and night air temperature reaches 4.7°C on average per month.

Water temperature in Lanzarote in June

In June, the water in Lanzarote is suitable for swimming. The water temperature in the sea does not fall below 19.9°C, while the maximum figure can reach 21.3°C. The average water temperature in June is 20.7 °C, which is 1.1°C higher than in May and 1.1°C lower than in July.

Rainy days and precipitation in June

The average rainfall in Lanzarote in June is 3 mm. This amount of precipitation is insignificant, and you will not notice rainy days. June is one of the driest months in terms of rainfall. According to our observations and hysmeteo data, the probability of rainy weather is 0.0 %.

Sunny, cloudy and cloudy days

In Lanzarote in June there are usually about 16 sunny, 9 cloudy and 5 cloudy days. The day length (from dawn to dusk) is 13 hours and 58 minutes. The number of hours of sunshine when the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface, taking into account the average cloud cover for the month, is 9 hours and 44 minutes per day. Lanzarote is one of the sunniest months of the year.

Wind in Lanzarote on June

The graph below shows the probability of winds of different strengths during the month. The average wind speed in Lanzarote in June is 24.1 m/s.

Weather in June in other resorts in Spain

We bring to your attention a summary of the weather in other popular resorts in Spain in June. Select the resort you are interested in to get more detailed information.

Name Temperature
afternoon air
Air temperature
at night
Rainy days
Water temperature
Tenerife 23. 0°C 15.9°C 0 days (7 mm) 21.5°C
Barcelona 26.4°C 19.6°C 3 days (42 mm) 21.5°C
Mallorca 29.6°C 19.7°C 1 day (18 mm) 23.0°C
Malaga 30.0°C 18.6°C 0 days (3 mm) 20.5°C
Palma de Mallorca 30.1°C 19.1°C 1 day (14 mm) 23.1°C
Valencia 29.4°C 20.3°C 0 days (5 mm) 22.9°C
Costa Brava 27.3°C 18. 4°C 1 day (19 mm) 20.2°C
Salou 27.5°C 19.0°C 3 days (35 mm) 22.2°C
Alicante 29.1°C 20.4°C 0 days (10 mm) 23.0°C
Ibiza 27.5°C 22.1°C 1 day (7 mm) 22.9°C
Gran Canaria 27.3°C 20.6°C 0 days (0 mm) 21.1°C
Marbella 29.0°C 17.6°C 1 day (8 mm) 19.5°C
– January – February – March – April – May – June
– July – August – September – October – November – December

Weather in Lanzarote in June.

Average sea water temperature and air temperature. Detailed data for 2021-2022.

Weather in LanzaroteJune

Average temperature during the day: 21.8°C
Average temperature at night: 19.2°C
Sea water temperature: 21.1°C
Number of sunny days: 17 days
Day length: 13.8 – 13.9 hours
Number of rainy days: 0 days
Rainfall: 4.7 mm

Above are the average weather data for Lanzarote in June. You can find information about air temperature, water temperature, precipitation, cloudiness and daylight hours, which were calculated based on observations over the past three years.

weather now

Sea water temperature

Monthly weather in Lanzarote


January April July October
February May August November
March June September December

Air temperature in June, °C

The highest daily temperature in June 2022 was 25 °C. While the minimum temperature at night dropped to 17 °C. The average day and night temperatures during June are 22.7 °С and 18.6 °С, respectively.

Water temperature in Lanzarote in June, °C

The average sea surface temperature in June 2022 for Lanzarote was 21.4°C . While the minimum and maximum sea water temperatures reached 21.