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Nice weather march april: Nice March Weather, Average Temperature (France)

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Nice, France weather in March: average temperature & climate

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General weather summary

Cold with a gentle breeze

Feels like


Chance of rain

0.134 in


13.0 mph

Wind speed



11.9 hrs

Daylight length

6:51 AM


6:43 PM



Cloud cover


What to wear

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Table of contents
  • What is the average temperature
  • How much does it rain
  • How cloudy is it
  • When is sunrise and sunset
  • How humid is it
  • How windy is it
  • What to wear

What is the average temperature in March

The average temperature in Nice in March for a typical day ranges from a high of 54°F (12°C) to a low of 43°F (6°C). Some would describe it as cold with a gentle breeze.

For comparison, the hottest month in Nice, August, has days with highs of 80°F (27°C) and lows of 67°F (19°C). The coldest month, February has days with highs of 49°F (9°C) and lows of 39°F (4°C). This graph shows how an average day looks like in Nice in March based on historical data.

Highs and lows in Nice in Mar

How much does it rain or snow in March

In Nice in March, there’s a 22% chance of rain or snow on an average day. And on the average day it rains or snows, we get 0.61 in (15.6 mm) of precipitation. In more common terms of how much that is, some would describe it as flurries.

The wettest month in Nice is November where a typical day has a 32% chance of precipitation and gets 0.16 inches (4.1 mm) of precipitation, while the dryest month in Nice is August where a typical day has a 7% chance of precipitation and gets 0.19 inches (4.9 mm) of precipitation. These graphs show the probability of it raining/snowing in March and the amount of rainfall.

Chance of rain or snow on an average Nice day by month

Average precipitation by hour of day

How cloudy is Nice in March

The average amount of time that the sky is clear or sunny (partly cloudy or less) in Nice during March is 12.6 hours (52% of the day). For comparison, the month with the most clear, sunny days in Nice is July with an average of 17.9 hours per day while November has the shortest amount of cloud-free hours with only 11.7 hours per day. This graph shows the average amount of sunshine in Nice in March based on historical data.

Monthly clear skies percent of time in Nice

When is sunrise and sunset in March

The average day in Nice during March has 11.9 hours of daylight, with sunrise at 6:51 AM and sunset at 6:43 PM.

The day with the longest amount of daylight in Nice is June 19th with 15.4 hours while December 20th has the shortest amount of daylight with only 8.9 hours.

This graph shows the average amount of daylight in Nice in March based on historical data.

Average hours of daylight in Nice by month

How humid is it in March

In March, Nice is moderately humid with an average amount of 69% (relative humidity), which could be described as humid but cool. November has the highest relative humidity at 74% and is the least humid in August at 62%. This graph shows the average amount of humidity in Nice throughout March based on historical data.

Average relative humidity in Nice by month

How windy is it in March

Historically, the wind in Nice during March blows at an average speed of 13.0 mph (20.8 kph). The windiest month is March with an average wind speed of 13.0 mph (20.8 kph), while the calmest month is August with an average wind speed of 8.5 mph (13.7 kph). This graph shows the average wind speed in Nice in March based on historical data.

Average monthly wind speed in Nice

What to wear in March

With an average high of 54°F (12°C) and a low of 43°F (6°C), it generally feels cold with a gentle breeze. With that in mind, most people would dress in something warm like a jacket.

What’s the weather like in Nice the rest of the year

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Where does this data come from

Weather data for Nice was collected from the MERRA-2 project from NASA, which used a climate model combined with historical data from weather stations around the world to estimate what the conditions were like for every point on the Earth.

For all data based on historical data, we’ve averaged the data from the past 11 years (2010-2020). For example, for the hourly temperature at 10am, we’ve looked at the temperature at 10am on every day in March (e.g., March 1, March 2, etc. in 2010, 2011, etc.) and took the arithmetic mean. We did not smooth the data, so for example, our daily temperature line will have some randomness due to the fact that weather is random in the first place.

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Nice Weather in March | Thomas Cook

Nice Weather in March | Thomas Cook

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Avg weather in March


View live forecast


12 Hrsper day


71 mmper month


65 %avg


8 Mphavg

Nice weather March

What’s the weather like in Nice in March?

March is a great time to visit Nice if you want to avoid the Mediterranean heat and prefer a cooler climate on holiday. Nice weather in March is cool and sunny with a few scattered showers throughout the month.

Geographical influences

Nice enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate that brings milder temperatures to the region in March. With summer just around the corner, things start to warm up by the time March arrives. There’s still some frequent rainfall, but there’s also more sunshine so you have more time to explore the area during the day. Winds blow in from the north and are channelled by the surrounding mountains that push them in from the east. These winds can be quite cool, which brings temperatures down but can offer a refreshing relief during the intense heat of the summer.


The average daily temperature is around 12°C, which often increases to 15°C in the afternoon. Towards the end of the month, the average high rises to a pleasant 16°C with an average low of 8°C. March is quite a rainy month despite the increase in temperature. There’s around 70mm of rainfall spread over seven days, which means there’s a good chance it’ll rain on your holiday. However, you’ll still have ten hours of Mediterranean sunshine to enjoy per day.

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Weather in Sri Lanka in April 🌿 along the coasts

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  1. Sri Lanka
  2. About Sri Lanka
  3. Weather
  4. April Weather

The weather in Sri Lanka in April, approximately from the middle of the month, is characterized by particular changeability both on the west coast and on the east. This is primarily due to the fact that in the south-west of the country the beach season ends by the end of the month, while in the east of the island good weather is just set and the swimming season opens, interrupted by the monsoon.

Weather in Sri Lanka in April

Speaking about the weather in a certain month of the year, it should be taken into account that due to the geographical position of the island, as well as the relief features, the climatic zones are not distributed uniformly across the country. Because of this, the same month can be both favorable for visiting one coast, but at the same time exclude the possibility of a beach holiday on the other coast of Sri Lanka. And only April in this sense can be considered an exception – on both coasts, it starts in the north and ends in the south, the beach season.

Southwest coast of Sri Lanka in April

From the beginning of April, the weather usually becomes less stable than during the beach season in January – March, sometimes during the day there are powerful, but not long-lasting showers. By mid-April, in the south of Sri Lanka, an increase in the number of cloudy hours is observed, by the end of the month, the duration and frequency of precipitation begins to increase. By May, precipitation begins to fall in the afternoon.

From the end of March – beginning of April, the waves on the open beaches of the coast begin to intensify; by the end of April, the ocean in the southern part of the island is usually already very stormy. April marks the end of the whale and dolphin watching season in the south. such an excursion requires access to the open ocean, which is unsafe for small craft. The probability of seeing whales decreases the more the closer the month comes to an end.

Northeast coast of Sri Lanka in April

For the northeast side of the island, the beginning of the beach season, lasting all summer until autumn, falls in April. After the monsoon that lasted all winter, the weather begins to settle down. Positive weather changes in the east of Sri Lanka in April are noticeable from the end of March, by mid-April the weather becomes more stable, the closer the onset of May.

By mid-April, the east of Sri Lanka, Nilaveli and Uppuweli in Trincomalee, Kalkuda and Pasikuda in Batticaloa, Arugam Bay, are already beginning to receive the first guests who open the beach season. East Coast whale and dolphin watching tours also start in April.

Central Sri Lanka in April

April is characterized by relatively dry weather in most of the mountainous territory of the island. Approximately from the middle to the end of April in the Kandy region, as well as on the southwest coast, the monsoon season begins, gaining momentum by May, and therefore rapid torrential tropical rains are possible during the day. For excursions, a raincoat and an umbrella will not be superfluous.

In the central highlands (Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Horton, Adam’s Peak), the dry season ends by early-mid May. In particular, the season of climbing Adam Peak ends after Vesak Poya and begins only after Duruthu Poya.

To visit the area’s easier attractions, the periods of least rainfall in January-April and August-September are quite suitable.

It is worth noting that in mid-April, Sinhalese and Tamil New Years are celebrated in Sri Lanka. This time is a weekend period for the local population, whose favorite vacation spot is the cool areas of Ella, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy.

Sri Lanka in April

Southwest Coast North East Coast Central Highlands
swimming possible bathing possible dry weather
season ends season starts season is coming
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  4. Weather in April

Weather in Vietnam in April / Water temperature in the sea / Weather map

Vietnam in April on the weather map


at sea














This weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months, as well as zoom and move the visible area of ​​the map to view other resorts.

April is considered the most favorable month for holidays in Vietnam. The swimming season begins, the weather is good everywhere, warm, and more often hot, the temperature in the south, for example, reaches plus 37 degrees. There is little rainfall and the sun is shining brightly. You can lie on the beach, take boat trips, travel around the country. Humidity is very low – it is comfortable for the body, and things brought from the beach dry quickly in the air, unlike the wet months.

In Hanoi, the air warms up to +30 degrees, warm summer rain can very rarely fall, and in general, April is the most successful month for a trip to the capital.

Halong with its grottoes and caves welcomes tourists with clear skies and an air temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius. There are no rainy days in April, but there is haze over the bay until noon.

In Sapa 26.9 during the day and 20 degrees at night.

Only a few of the northernmost provinces that border China have a wet season in mid-April. The average air temperature here is 23 degrees Celsius and it often rains.

In central Vietnam, March is a popular time for outdoor enthusiasts. There are numerous entertainments on the coast: surfing, yacht racing, parachuting, diving.

Nha Trang pleases tourists with dry weather, bright sun and calm sea, the water temperature in which is above 27 degrees Celsius.

In Da Nang and Hoi An, the daytime air temperature is plus 29, at night 22 degrees of heat. It can rain 7 days a month, but the combination of humidity and heat is comfortable.

The south of the country is dominated by the dry season, windless and partly cloudy.

April in Ho Chi Minh City is hot and stuffy. During the day, the air temperature can rise above 34 degrees and only at night the heat recedes. There are about 8 rainy days in a month, but warm, most often evening and night rains, bring only a very short-term freshness. Asphalt instantly dries up, and the heat falls again on the city.

The island of Phu Quoc, whose nature fascinates with virgin rainforests, coconut trees, waterfalls and gorgeous beaches, is in the middle tourist season. A ten-hour sunny day, infrequent rains and daily air temperature of 31.4 degrees above zero. There is no wind at all, the sea is calmer, but there are quite a lot of jellyfish.

In a word, April is the time when you can have a great rest in Vietnam along the entire length of the sea coast.

Where is the best place to relax in Vietnam in April?

This table will help you determine which resorts in Vietnam are warmest in April, find out where there is less rain and more clear days.
Do you want to know where is the warmest sea? We also provide information about the water temperature in seaside resorts.

Resort name Air temperature
day / night
Cloudy Rainy days /
Sea water temperature Solar clock
Winperl 30. 6°C 24.1°C 22.7%

1 day (28.0 mm.)

27.5°C 10 a.m. 35m.
Vung Tau 35.1°C 25.7°C 32.3%

7 days (95.8 mm.)

28.9°C 09h. 21m.
Dalat 26.0°C 18.5°C 38.9%

17 days (249.4 mm.)

08h. 34m.
Danang 29.9°C 23.3°C 34.3%

6 days (83.7 mm.)

25.3°C 09h. 12m.
doclet 30.7°C 24.4°C 23.2%

1 day (29.3 mm.)

27.7°C 10 a.m. 31m.
Cam Ranh 30.1°C 25.4°C 25.0%

2 days (32.6 mm.)

27.8°C 10 a.m. 17m.
cat ba 26.2°C 23. 2°C 53.7%

3 days (49.6 mm.)

23.8°C 06h. 50m.
Ke Ga 33.0°C 24.7°C 20.2%

1 day (26.8 mm.)

28.5°C 10 a.m. 52m.
Condao 30.0°C 28.1°C 37.5%

3 days (45.7 mm.)

28.7°C 08h. 41m.
Mui Ne 33.0°C 24.6°C 19.9% ​​

1 day (26.3 mm.)

28.4°C 10 a.m. 54m.
Nha Trang 30.6°C 24.1°C 22.5%

1 day (26.8 mm.)

27.6°C 10 a.m. 36m.
Sapa 26.1°C 19.4°C 34.6%

9 days (171.4 mm.)

09h. 16m.
Tuanchau 26.1°C 23.2°C 53. 5%

2 days (39.8 mm.)

23.8°C 06h. 52m.
Thanh Hoa 29.4°C 23.1°C 44.6%

2 days (40.5 mm.)

24.4°C 07h. 58m.
fanrang 30.2°C 25.3°C 24.6%

2 days (30.1 mm.)

27.8°C 10 a.m. 20m.
Phan Thiet 33.0°C 24.6°C 19.9% ​​

1 day (26.3 mm.)

28.5°C 10 a.m. 54m.
Phu Quoc 31.9°C 28.0°C 35.7%

8 days (122.8 mm.)

30.4°C 08h. 56m.
Hanoi 30.4°C 22.9°C 55.7%

2 days (42.3 mm.)

06h. 35m.
haiphong 27.9°C 22.7°C 54. 0%

2 days (39.6 mm.)

24.2°C 06h. 48m.
halong 26.1°C 23.2°C 53.6%

2 days (40.4 mm.)

23.7°C 06h. 51m.
Hoi An 29.9°C 23.3°C 34.3%

6 days (82.6 mm.)

25.2°C 09h. 12m.
Ho Chi Minh City 35.4°C 27.5°C 34.4%

5 days (84.1 mm.)

29.1°C 09h. 06m.
hue 31.6°C 23.8°C 30.1%

3 days (59.5 mm.)

25.3°C 09h. 44m.

* Sundial – an indicator that displays the average number of hours per day during which direct sunlight reaches the earth’s surface. This indicator is influenced by both the length of daylight hours and cloud cover in the daytime.

Tourist reviews of the weather in Vietnam in April

Good afternoon, dear tourists! I want to share with you information about the weather on the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam. We rested with my wife from April 17, 2014 to April 29, 2014. We were attracted by the fact that the average annual temperature on the island is +36 degrees. But there is one thing – the main thing is not to fall into the rainy season. We were lucky, only on the day of arrival we were met with a little rain, and all other days were just gorgeous. The temperature during the day was about 40 degrees, every day was sunny. I strongly recommend everyone to take a sunscreen, even those who are reluctant to use it. The sun is pleasant during the day, but by the evening you begin to understand that you have burned out and very decently. The sea was like fresh milk. At lunchtime, I don’t really want to swim, because. The water is too warm and almost not refreshing. An evening on the island is bliss. The temperature is quite comfortable to sit outside, on the balcony, bungalow or somewhere else). You definitely won’t need warm sweaters. Thank you all for your attention! I will be glad if someone finds my information useful.

We got out last year to have a rest, now we are going to Vietnam to the resort town of Hoi An. We went for 14 days. Arrived there, and it’s hot there. During the holiday, the daytime air temperature did not fall below 30 degrees, only at night it dropped to 23-26 degrees. The water temperature in Hoi An in April of that year was not lower than 25 ° C, I remember it was very warm. During the entire vacation, continuous sunny days were observed, only on one day on an excursion to the Marble Mountains we were caught by tropical rain, which lasted all day.

Last year my work colleagues and I went on holiday to Vietnam in Nha Trang. We were greeted by sunny and hot weather. Daytime air temperature was +31 degrees, in the evening there was a slight drop in temperature to +24. Sea water was very warm +27 and comfortable. There was no rain during our week of vacation.