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Aloe vera gel canary islands: Aloe Vera Online Shop – Canary Aloe Vera Farm

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Aloe de Canarias y propiedades

Aloe Canary

The Canary Islands bring together a set of unique conditions for farming high-quality Aloe vera. The Archipelago has become the main European region for farming and producing Aloe vera.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Miller

    Aloe Vera is a succulent plant native to North and East Africa, with more than 400 known varieties.

    Of all these, it has been scientifically proven that the Aloe Barbadensis Miller variety, also known as Sabila, has the most medicinal qualities. This variety, organically grown in the Canary Islands, is the one Atlantia uses to produce the pure gel with which they make the entire range of dermocosmetic products.

    Nature and innovation

    We combine the best of the organic world with the best of the cosmetic world, blending the traditional properties of Aloe vera with innovative active ingredients and excipients.

    Natural raw material from the Canary Islands

    The volcanic soil, trade winds and many hours of sunlight, among other factors, give our Aloe a large amount of active ingredients and minerals that enhance its benefits.

    This gives it certain advantages compared to Aloe grown in other regions. Climatic conditions such as cold and rain deteriorate crops and impede optimum leaf growth.

    Organic farming

    We only use Aloe Vera with the ‘organic farming’ designation awarded by CRAE (Organic Agriculture Regulatory Board) for our products. The pure Aloe juice is extracted straight from its leaves, cold stabilised and does not come from concentrate.

    This ensures that the Aloe’s properties are not altered in the manufacturing process, therefore achieving an effective product with a high content of natural ingredients.

    Our Aloe vera is 100% organic, non-transgenic, free from synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides.

  • Composition and active ingredients

    Science is like cotton: it never deceives

    Atlantia Guarantee

    We control the whole production process

    At Atlantia, we control the whole production process, from growing the raw material to packaging the finished products, in order to carry out strict checks and guarantee the creation of products that truly preserve the properties of Aloe and are of the highest quality.

    Each lot of our products is certified with a high acemannan content (>1700 mg/l) and we guarantee aloin quantities below 10 ppm (part per million).

  • Properties, uses and applications

    Let’s forget about technicalities. What is aloe like?

    • Hydrating

    • Regenerating

    • Nourishing

    • Healing

    • Bactericide

    • Calming

    With this in mind, how can we help you?

Give Aloe

Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas …
Send your loved ones by email a personalized gift card of the amount you prefer and … hit with our Aloe vera products !

The best solution to keep the skin soft and hydrated is to use products that contain moisturizing and calming active ingredients

The best solution to keep the skin soft and hydrated is to use products that contain moisturizing and soothing active ingredients such as aloe vera that regenerates the skin, hydrates it and, due to its saponin content, calms the skin as it promotes healing, relieving inflammation. In addition, its formula contains banana, which with its high content of vitamin A restores the natural glow of the skin, leaving it with a visibly more youthful appearance, chamomile reduces the appearance of pores and marked veins, and reduces spots and scars.


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Aloe Vera Gel Sublime Canarias Aloe Vera Gel Puro – “Soothes and moisturizes the skin after the sun, helps to cope with minor inflammation”

Hello everyone!

In this review I want to talk about Aloe Vera Gel Sublime Canarias Aloe Vera Gel Puro

If you have been (or will be) in the Canary Islands, you probably noticed that there are a lot of products on store shelves based on Aloe Vera. Indeed, on all the islands of the Canary archipelago, Aloe is grown for the production of cosmetic products. These are shower gels, body creams, and face products in different formats, and gels based on pure aloe.

Why is aloe so good for the skin?

Aloe vera is one of the most amazing plants: it has been used in medicine and cosmetology for more than a century. Aloe vera leaves are 99% water, contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein molecules and other substances that care for the skin.

Products based on aloe vera extract moisturize, soothe and protect the skin. In addition, they help accelerate skin regeneration and can be used as an additional after-sun remedy.

I purchased this Sublime Canarias gel for use after sun to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel Puro Sublime Canarias

Aloe Vera Gel Puro Sublime Canarias

Manufacturer : Sublime Canarias, Las Palmas to Gran Canaria

Volume : 50 ml.

Cost : approx. 5 euros

Place of purchase : Gran Canaria supermarket


Aloe Vera Sublime Canarias

Plain plastic tube in a beautiful bright green finish. The tube does not have a dispenser, but the spout is comfortable and the gel comes out well. Behind there is information about the composition and promises of the manufacturer.

Aloe Vera Gel Puro Sublime Canarias

Gel consistency :

Aloe Vera Gel Puro Sublime Canarias

The aroma of the gel is fresh, not cloying, while applying it remains on the skin, gradually disappearing.

What the manufacturer promises:

  • moisturizes
  • Cells
  • Calms sunburn, insect bites and I. D.

My Impression of Use Gels :

1. Moisturizing

Gel I used both at sea and in everyday life. After sunbathing and tanning, the gel works perfectly! It really moisturizes the skin, softens it, nourishes it. In conditions of strong sun, I felt the effect of this gel to the maximum.

2. Cell regeneration

I don’t know how you can feel and see cell regeneration, but after home manipulations like facial cleansing, I used this gel, and the face stopped being red after application and quickly recovered. I think that cell regeneration as a promise is quite working.

3. Soothing sunburn, insect bites

Same working effect. After tanning, the use of the gel soothes the skin, saturates it with moisture, protects against redness, relieves mild burns. After a good sun exposure, the skin feels a surge of moisture, the gel can also be used as a mask, applying it for 30 minutes and then washing off. I did not check the gel for insect bites, but I think that the gel can remove skin redness.

As a bonus, I can highlight one more effect – this is moisturizing very dry skin with psioriasis. I don’t know how this gel works on this problem, but the effect is visible after the first application.

As for problem skin and acne, I didn’t notice much effect. I tried many times to get rid of pimples using this gel, but the maximum that I managed to get was a decrease in inflammation. The gel does not cope with subcutaneous acne (It is a pity, but for some reason, aloe gel does not work on this problem, although they write on the Internet that it can clear problem skin.

I am satisfied that the gel fulfills all the stated promises of the manufacturer.

I don’t use it on a regular basis as a skin care cream, but I use it either as a moisturizing mask or on irritated skin. Also on vacation at sea, when the skin needs special care.

? The advantages of this gel for me are:

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Restoration of the skin after the sun, with various kinds of irritations, after mechanical cleanings
  • Nice texture and low consumption

? disadvantages:

  • Gel can only be bought on the Canary Islands, it is not sold in online and off-line stores
  • does not help with problematic skin

9000 Speech: if you are you If you find yourself on such islands as Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, be sure to purchase this gel. Is it suitable for personal use or as a gift for loved ones?

Sublime Canarias Gel Puro Aloe Vera I recommend to buy!!!

Thank you all for your attention!


5 aloe products you need

Just a short quote from Wikipedia on why aloe is called that way. The generic name of aloe comes from the Greek. ἀλόη, which is derived from Arabic (ألوة / alva) or Hebrew (אהל / akhal). From Greek, the word is borrowed into Latin in the form aloë. By the way, the name is translated from Arabic as “bitter”.

And in Russia, our grandmothers often called him “agave”.


By the way, aloe blooms quite rarely in apartments, so to look at its red panicles, you have to go to the Canary Islands or North Africa. But the juice, which is used in cosmetics, is obtained from the leaves.

1. Aloe Superfood Hair Mask, Garnier

The latest addition to our superfood hair line, Aloe Vera Mask softens and hydrates hair without weighing it down. Like all other products of this line, aloe can be used as a balm, as a mask, and as a leave-in SOS care for dry ends.

In addition to aloe, it contains soybean oil and coconut oil, which makes the jar really cool. Yes, and it has a gigantic volume – 390 ml.

2. Aloe Face Mask Facemed\+, Eveline

Cream-gel mask promises three effects at once – moisturize, relieve irritation and restore the skin in 10 minutes. Pros – the mask is indelible and has a cooling effect. What does it mean? That’s right, a great savior after a day at the beach. And the volume allows you to throw it even in hand luggage.

3. Lotion for face Aloe 97% Soothing, Holika Holika

This Korean brand on aloe products ate the dog. Remember the famous jars in the form of a sheet that were on every second Instagram? This one is no exception. It contains 21 organic ingredients, and the aloe itself is especially eco-friendly, from the Korean island of Jeju.

The lotion is recommended for very dry and sensitive skin (salvation for elbows and knees), and you can also spread it on your face if you don’t have a profile cream at hand. A nice detail – there is no fragrance. At all.

4. Aloe Vera Moisture Gel for Face & Body, Himalaya Herbals

The package contains 300 milliliters of the same transparent gel with a grassy smell. The washer can be used in any way: smear the whole body, face, nails and even hair to make it easier to comb. In a word, an ideal vacation partner for those who do not like to carry a suitcase of cosmetics.

5. Aloe Vera Mint Gel Gel d’ Aloes, St Barth

The heavy luxury brand also did not do without an aloe remedy, adding a handful of mint to it and mixing it all in purified Caribbean water. It turned out cool, but in the end it smells not like a cocktail on the coast, but fragrant tea at my grandmother’s in the country. And this is a plus.

The gel itself is intended for body care after sunbathing. It softens and moisturizes tanned skin, and, by the way, it can be used after shaving and waxing.

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