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Benidorm annual weather: Climate Benidorm (Valencia Community), averages

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Benidorm Cd Annual Weather Averages






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Time in Benidorm Cd is Sun 08th Jan 3:03 pm


Benidorm Cd, Spain Weather Averages

Based on annual weather averages for Benidorm Cd, the best month to go for holiday is June and July. The temperature hovers around 23°c.

The table below displays max and min temperature and rain data for the whole year as an average taken from last 12+ years of historical data for Benidorm Cd.

Month Day Night Rain Days
January 14°c 10°c 3
February 15°c 10°c 2
March 16°c 11°c 3
April 17°c 13°c 3
May 21°c 16°c 1
June 24°c 20°c 1
July 27°c 23°c 1
August 28°c 23°c 1
September 26°c 22°c 3
October 23°c 19°c 3
November 18°c 14°c 3
December 16°c 12°c 2

Average Weather in Benidorm Cd in January

The weather averages for the month of January, temperature averages around 14°c and at night it feels like 10°c. In January, Benidorm Cd gets on an average 62.21mm of rain and approximately 3 rainy days in the month. Humidity is close to 66%.

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Rainfall Averages

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Snowfall Averages

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Average Pressure

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UV Averages

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Average Sun Hours and Days

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Apart from annual averages, the data is also available in hourly interval in CSV format. Following weather fields are provided in CSV format.

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  • Wind Speed (km/h, mph, knots or m/s)
  • Wind Gust (km/h, mph, knots or m/s)
  • Snow amount (cm)
  • Rain amount (mm or inches)
  • UV Index
  • Wind direction (degree)
  • Dew point (°C/°F)
  • Sky condition description text

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Time In Benidorm At 7 And 15 Days. How Is The Weather Today?

All the information on “El Tiempo en Benidorm”: forecast of temperature, waves, wind, dawn, dusk and sea water temperature.

The meteorological data are compiled by an AEMET station, located in the municipality, and by the Benidorm City Council’s own stations. More real data than from other municipalities, which usually obtain the results from nearby meteorological stations located at strategic points such as airports.

Forecasts for 7 and 15 days and in real time on the meteorology of Benidorm: clear, cloudy, rainy, showers, thunderstorms …

The best information to plan your vacations in a camping in Benidorm Before going on a trip. Review the information well to make the most of your days in the city. Although the weather in Benidorm is exceptional and we usually have more than 300 days of sunshine a year thanks to the orography that provides us with a unique microclimate in the Mediterranean, don’t let a rainy day spoil your day in the Mediterranean. aqualandia water park , your day at the beach or your day with the children in the campsite animation . From reception we offer you alternatives for any weather, because Benidorm is full of possibilities.

Benidorm is a Mediterranean city, with a unique microclimate. Its orography means that we can have a temperature difference of up to 3º between the time of Benidorm and the time of Altea, a town near Benidorm.

Being surrounded by Sierra Helada, Sierra Cortina and Sierra Bernia, it is protected from certain weather phenomena, which give it more than 300 days a year of sunshine and a pleasant temperature.


Month Average Cº Average Rainfall
January 12 20.3 mm
February 12 27.9 mm
March 14 25.4 mm
April 16 33.0 mm
May 19 33. 0 mm
June 22 22.9 mm
July 25 5.1 mm
August 26 7.6 mm
September 23 40.6 mm
October 19 66.0 mm
November 15 43.2 mm
December 12 33.0 mm
  17.92 (annual)  


We can observe the historical series of weather data for Benidorm.

  • ¿ WHEN IT RAINS LESS IN BENIDORM ? The weather in Benidorm is best , as a general rule, in July
  • ¿ WHEN IT IS HOTTER IN BENIDORM ? The weather in Benidorm is over warm , by average temperature, in August and it’s around 26.5 ° C.
  • ¿ WHEN IT IS COLDER IN BENIDORM ? The weather in Benidorm is over cold , 11.2 ° C average in January .
  • The thermal sensation it may be higher due to humidity in the environment. It usually takes a couple of days for people to acclimate.

La Cala area Benidorm

La Cala (La Cala) – this is the name of the high-rise area with ultra-modern buildings on the first line by the sea, which is located in an ecologically clean green area.
Picturesque landscapes reflect the transition of mountain ranges to the coastal golden sandy coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is an excellent area for tourism and great recreation.

According to legend, one rich old man had three sons, to whom he decided to inherit his lands, and with them his experience and the results of many years of hard work. The eldest and middle son became the owners of flowering gardens, fertile lands, had herds of sheep grazing in green valleys. Only the youngest son inherited the coastal sandy land. But, being a man of a cheerful and easy disposition, a flexible and clear mind, he managed to feel that the coastal sand is golden, and the quiet sound of the surf is a delight and peace for the soul. The gentle sun and sea water heal the body. A mild warm climate, where the average air temperature in winter in the south is 19degrees, in summer 31C – these are excellent conditions for recreation all year round.

Benidorm La Cala area. La Cala in the spring

The La Cala area belongs administratively to the city of Villajoyosa , although it lives as an independent resort oasis of Benidorm, in a modern frame of hotels, bars, Internet cafes, restaurants, recreation areas, pharmacies, modern shopping centers, shops on any taste (even there is Russian store “Baltika” ). nine0003

But, surprisingly, each complex is very quiet and calm, there are practically no tourists and noisy establishments, because the territory is closed from uninvited guests.
La Cala smoothly turns into Benidorm , and you can get to the city by walking on foot, in about half an hour, by car you will reach in just 5 minutes, public transport, bus, runs from 7:00 to 22:00, which also very convenient. The distance to Finestrat is only 6 kilometers.

Huge plus – La Cala bay ( La Cala ) with an amazing sandy beach. In 10 minutes, if you walk on foot, there is the most beautiful and cleanest five-kilometer sandy beach Poniente (Poniente), which all the inhabitants of the Costa Blanca are in love with. The International Commission annually confirms its right to the “Blue Flag” – an annual award, a certificate of ecological cleanliness of water and coastal territory.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the embankment turns into a bright southern market, with tangerine-orange pyramids on the market stalls, piles of pomegranates, sunny persimmons, a variety of oriental spices. Different varieties of tomatoes, herbs, peppers … like a rainbow, create a colorful positive mood, inviting you to visit this amazing land. Particularly surprising is the variety of meat and sausage products, which is unique to Spain, Iberian pork (cerdo iberico) will amaze gourmets. A variety of exotic fruits and vegetables will bring special pleasure to everyone who is in love with the sun!!! nine0003

Not so long ago this area was equipped as a resort, with a well-thought-out infrastructure, where there are ideal conditions for living and recreation. You can buy an apartment on La Cala only in modern high-rise buildings, which differ in Art Nouveau architecture and the color of stained-glass windows from blue, azure and green, there are a lot of metal finishes on the facades, balconies of various shapes with a mandatory attribute: armchairs for relaxing and a coffee table .

Each skyscraper is a whole complex with a wide range of amenities: from a swimming pool in the yard for both adults and children, a lawn for sunbathing. Individual landscape design is typical for each house, paths paved with stone, parking or a garage is a must. Palm trees flaunt, as if on a podium, creating a feeling of sophistication, fullness of strength, saturation of color, thereby driving away the mood of melancholy, suppressing sadness, driving away spleen. You feel how your eyes are trying to catch the light, beauty, and only blooming agaves – aloe vera – give a feeling of continuing life. The playground is fully integrated into this complex. The territory is closed from onlookers and protected from bad intentions. nine0003

But, with all its merits, La Cala district changes every hour: the territory is being improved, roads are expanding, new landscape masterpieces are being created.

There is something to surprise and brag about, or O-pa, the whole of Europe is jealous

A special achievement of modern construction in the La Cala area is the Gran Hotel Bali – the highest hotel in all of Europe. It is divided into two main buildings, one of which has a height of 186 meters (52 floors). The building has 18 elevators, 2 of them with panoramic views. An external elevator through a glass cabin demonstrates the endless expanse of the azure sea and the modern architecture of the city. Tourists from all over the world reserve rooms here, especially the British, Belgians, Scandinavians, and also Russians. Although, recently they (Russians) have become active buyers of real estate in this area, where you can often hear Russian speech. nine0003

An island of comfort, or intimate atmosphere

The La Cala hotel on the seashore is especially popular. Small, cozy, which creates a homely chamber quiet atmosphere, where the sound of the surf “enters” every room. The doors of bars and pubs are wide open, inviting you to have a snack, drink a pint of beer, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee. We recommend “getting acquainted” with tapas, delicious “folk” snacks that are eaten standing up and washed down with rioja (cost from 3 to 5 euros).

The pride of La Cala is the beach, which sparkles with cleanliness, sifted sand. It is fully equipped with everything you need: a rescue tower, a medical aid station, a playground for children, a volleyball court. Vacationers are offered a trestle bed and an umbrella, the cost is 4 euros, you can rent any necessary equipment for water sports.

Beach volleyball is the most popular sport among vacationers, there are competitions.
On the beach itself, there is the restaurant “Mariscos”, which beckons with mouth-watering aromas of Mediterranean cuisine, offering seafood dishes (from 30 to 60 euros), or traditional Spanish paella. nine0003

Away with pomposity and brilliance, or Will for body and soul

This is a truly resort and democratic area where pomposity, brilliance, luxury, pretentiousness are replaced by beach suits, flip flops, pareos … Incredible grace and peace, bliss and burst of energy fill body and soul. For, here is a clean and ecological zone. There are no industrial enterprises within a radius of 100 km. Everything breathes with ease and tranquility.

The decorousness or mischief of “maturity” (?)

Here 80-year-old, wise people play croquet lightly, dance in pubs and bars in the evenings, entertain with interest and watch the “Show de noche”, which is included in the hotel room. a complex of services, or they walk decorously, and in the morning they take a walk with a quick step and do physical education. This is an amazing land that welcomes smart, businesslike and well-mannered, and just kind people, creating comfort for them, sharing a healing climate and conditions. nine0003

Shopaholic’s dream

Centro Comercial – combines the huge retail space of the supermarkets Carefur, Mercadona, Lidl and others. On the contrary, there is a whole shopping town “La Marina” with a large number of shops, boutiques, salons, attractions, restaurants, bars, cafes, snack bars, banks and everything else that the “lord of a bank card” wishes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of an ecologically clean oasis, modern technologies, modern construction, the realm of relaxation and peace, an entertainment and shopping center called La Cala

real estate Benidorm

Weather in March in Paris —

With the onset of spring, Paris seems to wake up after hibernation. Cold and dull in winter, Paris is transformed in March – the first timid greenery appears, the sun peeps out more and more often, and in the air one can feel the “joie de vivre”, characteristic of the French, “joy of life”. In March, Paris comes to life, every day painting in bright and sunny colors. Great time to travel. nine0003

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Weather in Paris in March
March in Paris is quite warm and cozy, the sun shines quite brightly, warming the air well. In the second half of the month, you can even meet Parisians sunbathing on green lawns. But you shouldn’t say goodbye to warm clothes at all – the weather in Paris in March is changeable: the nights are still cold, and cool winds often blow during the day. Therefore, going for a walk in Paris during the day, you should not leave your coat at the hotel – it will definitely get colder in the evening. A prudently grabbed umbrella will not hurt at all: rains in March in Paris are not uncommon, and they begin quite unexpectedly. nine0003

Paris in March, photo, Paris, France
In March, it is quite warm in Paris and Parisians, who miss the summer warmth, take sunbaths right on the green lawns

The weather in France in March favors walks in parks and gardens, where you can admire the first green leaves on the trees, and if spring comes especially warm – even on magnolia, just blooming.

The average daily temperature in Paris in March is +12C
The average night temperature in Paris in March is +3С
Number of rainy days – 7
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Cheap flights to Paris in March
Find the cheapest flights to Paris quickly and easily. Fill out the short form below and the flight search engine will select the best flights to Paris in March among hundreds of airline offers.

Holidays in Paris in March
The brightest and most cheerful holiday in Paris in March is St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th. Despite the fact that the holiday is Irish, Parisians, along with the Irish living in Paris, go to pubs to drink a mug of traditional green beer. From the bars, people are gradually moving to the streets, where festive processions are organized, accompanied by incendiary Irish melodies and dances. nine0003

Holidays in France in March – this is the sweetest and most touching holiday – Grandmother’s Day. On the first Sunday of March, stylish and elegant French grandmothers receive congratulations from their relatives and friends. On this day, restaurants offer a special menu for grandmothers, shops give them discounts, and travel agencies offer free trips. By the way, on Grandmother’s Day, congratulations are addressed not only to real grandmothers, but also to those ladies whose age has exceeded 55 years. But March 8 – International Women’s Day – passes almost imperceptibly in Paris, in France it is a regular working day. nine0003

Haute Couture Week photo, Paris, France
In March Paris hosts Haute Couture Week: famous fashion designers and fashion houses present new spring-summer collections

On March 20, Paris celebrates International Francophonie Day. On this day, not only in France, but also in other French-speaking countries, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, concerts dedicated to the French language are held.

Paris in March is rich in all sorts of exhibitions and festivals, so the question of what to do in Paris in March should not arise among tourists. nine0003

In March, Paris hosts the annual International Book Fair, which gathers lovers of literature and everything connected with it. For 4 days, meetings with writers, artists, publishers, seminars and conferences are held in the city exhibition center, book publishers from all over the world present their products.

March in Paris is two significant events for film lovers: the Paris Film Festival, held at the Gaumont cinema, and the Women’s Film Festival, which shows films made by women. The latter takes place in Creteil, a suburb of Paris. nine0003

Music connoisseurs, and just music lovers, are waiting for the Jazz and Blues Festival, which takes place annually in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.

Shopping in March, photo, Paris, France
For shopping in Paris in March, you should go to elite boutiques and shops – it is at the beginning of spring that the new spring-summer seasons appear here

The beginning of March in Paris is also marked by Haute Couture Week: famous fashion designers and fashion houses present new collections of the spring-summer season . The Haute Couture Festival in Paris is a real treat for all shopping lovers. nine0003

When shopping in Paris in March, it is worth going to elite boutiques and stores – it is at the beginning of spring that new items of the spring-summer season appear here. Winter sales in Paris have already ended, summer sales are still far away, so it’s unlikely that you will be able to buy cheap things. For inexpensive purchases, it is better to go to outlets located in the suburbs of Paris, not far from Disneyland.

March in Paris. Resume
March in Paris is a month when you can save a lot on your trip: the tourist season has not yet arrived, and prices in Paris in March for hotels are quite sparing. The same can be said about air tickets – a flight to France in March, as a rule, is much cheaper than in summer. nine0003

The weather in Paris in March is still cool and can surprise you with unpleasant surprises. It is too early to refuse warm clothes and shoes, because it is rather cool in the morning and evening hours.

In March, you can have a wonderful time in Paris, walking along the elegant French streets, visiting the sights, looking into the numerous shops and watching how magnificent Paris comes to life after a dull gray winter.