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Best bodyboarding spots in the world: Top 7 Best Bodyboarding Spots in the World

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Top 7 Best Bodyboarding Spots in the World

Just the thought of moving over the waves is enough to make you search for some of the ideal bodyboarding spots. For many people, the best spots are usually known by a combination of swell and wind directions.

Here are the top 7 best bodyboarding spots in the world.

1. Canggu, Bali

Ten years ago, Canggu was a black beach with rice paddies, food shack, and unique reef break for intermediate surfers who wanted to improve their skills.
Although the waves have not changed much, there is now great new spots for bodyboarders and vibrant café scene. There is also the Chillhouse that offers a
board hire and surf lessons for surfers.

2. Rileys, Ireland

Surrounded by a wild Irish atmosphere, Rileys is among the best slabs in the world. Its wave is not only special but also offers the perfect lefthander. Since
there are light winds and low-pressure systems, bringing quality surf and water, autumn is the best time of the year. From Sandy wedges to world class reef
breaks, there are a variety of all types of waves. After the surf, you can enjoy a bottle of your favorite drink.

3. Goldcoast, Queensland

With over 70 kilometers of four great point breaks and sun-drenched beaches, The Gold coast is the ultimate surfing spot. The rainbow bay, Snapper Rocks, and
Duranbah are perhaps some of the most amazing spots for bodyboarding. Although the Rainbow bay is more ideal for starters, the Snapper Rocks waves is only
suitable for advanced surfers. Even when the condition isn’t favorable for big swells, it offers a great surf.

4. Fistral, England

Perhaps the most prestigious and famous surf destination in England, Fistral is famously known as the home of British surfing. Apart from a great mix of calm,
adrenal surging, and tranquil days, there is also an International Surfing Center. It also has Cribbar, Cornwall’s famous wave being ridden by hardcore surfers. If
you are looking for one of the best boarding spots in the world, then this is a good spot to choose.

5. Hoddevik, Norway

Due to the recent advancement in knowledge, bodyboarding in the cold waters of Norway is both enjoyable and very possible. Here, the beaches are rugged and
there are also zero crowds. The cliffs are also there to shield the waves from the wind. Having breaks to march all levels, the swell is very consistent. In
addition, Lapoint Surf camps offer accommodation for 7 nights, some lessons, and board and wetsuit for hire.

6. Shark Island, Cronulla, New South Wales

As one of the most extreme boarding waves, Shark Island is a spot worth trying out. The swell direction is from the east while the wind direction is from the
west, southwest. As compared to other places, it provides a very consistent surf that you will greatly enjoy.

7. Tofo Beach Mozambique

Unlike other spots, Tofo Beach is relatively unexplored although much of its coastline is ideal for surfing. It has small clean waves that are shielded by a reef
and headland hence it’s a very good spot for starters and improvers. Even if you are a more advanced surfer, you don’t need to move far in search of challenging
reef breaks.

World’s Best Bodyboarding Beaches –



World’s Best Bodyboarding Beaches

Just thinking about moving over the waves is more than enough to inspire any bodyboarding fan to search for the perfect beach spots. That being a spot that offers a combination of wind directions. According to the most experienced bodyboarders, the best beaches in the world can be found in Bali, Ireland, Queensland, Norway, England and Mozambique.

More than a decade ago the Canggu was more of a black beach with food shacks, rice paddles and the unique for intermediate surfers wishing to improve their surfing skills. The waves at Canggu never changed much; what did change is that the beach is now a hotspot for bodyboarders. The Chillhouse is part of the vibrant restaurant scene and provides surf lessons as well as board hire.

Ireland’s Rileys Beach

The most beautiful greens surround the Rileys beach, and it is one of the most favoured by bodyboarders. The waves are unique and perfect for lefthander due to the low-pressure systems and light winds, ensuring quality surf. During autumn it is the main bodyboarding beach since it offers a variety of waves that includes from world class reef breaks to sandy wedges.

Queensland’s Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for a variety of reasons, which includes sun-drenched beaches and more than 70 kilometres of significant point breaks. It is the ultimate spot in the world for surfing, while the incredible bodyboarding spots include Snapper Rocks, Duranbah and Rainbow Bay. These are more suited to advanced surfers and could be a bit challenging for beginners.

England’s Fistral

Fistral is the most famous and prestigious destination for surfing in England and most known as the British surfing hotspot. It features Cornwall’s wave famed by hardcore surfers, a perfect blend of adrenalin surging, and calm waves and it is also an international centre for surfing. If you won’t settle for anything but the best boarding spot in the world, then Fistral is where you need to be.

Norway’s Hoddevik

The newest knowledge as well as advancements in bodyboarding, the Norway cold waters are also amongst the most enjoyable. The beaches in Norway have zero crowds and are rugged, while the cliffs are a shield for the wind. The swell is consistent, and the camps offer 7-night accommodation as well as wetsuit hire, other equipment hire and even lessons.

New South Wales Shark Island

When it comes to extreme bodyboarding waves, the spot well worth challenging is Shark Island. The direction of the swell is east while the course of the wind is west and southwest. Compared to any other spot in the world, this is the place where surfing can take place all the time with consistency.

Mozambique’s Tofo Beach

Tofo Beach in Mozambique is unlike any other spot in the world, it is unexplored and the most ideal for surfing. Reefs shield the clean waves, and this fantastic beach is excellent for anyone starting the sport or wishing to improve on their skills. There are also challenging reef breaks for the more advanced surfer!

Which bodybuilders made history?

For the first time, the most important professional bodybuilding competition on the planet, Mr. Olympia, took place in 1965 – we decided to recall the 5 most-most Misters in the entire history of the competition.

Anton Zorkin



Getty Images

These people created the history of bodybuilding today, became legends and made a healthy lifestyle popular among millions of people. nineOl000

  • Height: 170 cm
  • Competitive parameters*: weight – 94 kg / biceps – 50 cm / chest – 128 cm
  • nine0048

    The very first

    A one-year-old child is standing on the floor in shorts. Holds a hefty chair at arm’s length. The first comic book about Superman began with this picture – a guy with unnaturally huge muscles who can move entire planets. In October 1938, four months after Action Comics debuted with a Superman story, another baby, Larry Scott, was born in Blackfoot, USA. For the next ten years, the world around Larry will look like this: the McCarthyists blame the communists for all the troubles, the confrontation in the USSR is gaining momentum, the two superpowers are working hard on atomic bombs. And, at the same time, the golden age of comics: Batman, Captain America, Atomic Thunderbolt and other relief heroes plowed the expanses of millions of children’s bedrooms. It was on the pages of comics that an advertisement for one of the world’s first bodybuilding workouts appeared. nine0003

    “Why be weak when you can become strong?” beefy training course author Charles Atlas asked younger readers, smiling from the picture like Superman. Larry was reading comics with might and main, and at the age of 16 he first showed up in a rocking chair. Then it would never have occurred to anyone to call him either the Legend, or even the Atomic Thunderer – it was a canonical drisch with a 28 cm bicep in diameter. In 1965, when Larry took the first Mr. Olympia in history, a man had already flown into space, well, Larry got prettier – his biceps grew to 50 cm. The superhero of this note died in 2014 at the age of 75, when another the story of Superman – the cartoon “Justice League: War”. nine0003

    Prince Harry’s scandalous memoirs showed that the guy had serious mental problems: that’s why he confessed to the murder of 25 people and made himself and the entire royal family a laughing stock. Read in our Telegram channel!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    • nickname: Arnie
    • Mr. Olympia: 1970–1975
    • Life
    • 198 cm 0025 Competitive parameters: weight – 107 kg / biceps – 55 cm / chest – 140 cm

    The most famous

    Oh, how much coal little Arnold had in his childhood! Imagine: the Austrian village of Thal, not far from Graz. Another autumn. Soaked with coal, Arnie stands on a hillock and stares thoughtlessly at the ruins of an ancient castle, which is located right here, in front of the dusty house of the future bodybuilder. “Let’s go to carry coal to the basement, there will be nothing to heat in winter!” his father yells at him and thumps his heavy police boot on an old wheelbarrow. They drag him until lunch, and then, sitting at the table, the father talks about his everyday life – the work of a law enforcement officer. “On a harsh black night, this bastard rushes at us with a knife,” the head of the family shouts something like this with fervor and, most likely, spills the soup on the tablecloth. nine0003

    What would Arnold do after dinner? There is an idea – to carry coal. What would you do if you were dirty in something black all week? Shower, bath? Schwarzenegger wholeheartedly dreamed of washing more often, but this procedure was difficult for him. First, it was necessary to drag water from the well, which stood two kilometers from the house. When the bath was full (by that time Arnold had time to sweat and out of breath), the father washed first, then the mother, and then the future bodybuilding magazine cover star cleaned her body in exactly the same muddy water. Well, thank coal and water for the fact that Schwartz grew up resilient and accustomed to difficulties: he won all kinds of competitions, became a movie star, then a politician (Governor of California in 2003-2011), then again a movie star …

    But Arnold Gustavovich does not feel any gratitude to the main tormentor of his childhood – fossil fuel formed from the remains of ancient plants. Having become a politician, Schwartz took up the support of the Kyoto Protocol with all his huge hands. Countries that have acceded to this international agreement undertake to reduce harmful environmental emissions into the atmosphere. And how would you do it? Well, for example, to reduce coal consumption is what is written in this important document. nine0003

    Lee Hayni

    • nickname: no
    • Mr. Olympia: 1984–1991
    • years of life: 11.11.1959 – present
    • RIGHT: 180 cm 90 cm. Competent Businesses : weight – 112 kg / biceps – 52 cm / chest – 137 cm

    The most titled

    A passenger plane is flying over the Atlantic Ocean, the destination is Spain. It’s dim in the cabin, and a huge passenger, a mobile Mount Elbrus, a grizzly bear in an official suit — American Lee Haney, an eight-time Mr. Olympia champion, could barely fit in the chair. Now he, as a member of the World Bodybuilding Federation, routinely flies to the Madrid headquarters of the IFBB. Haney is no stranger to bureaucratic work, because even under Bill Clinton, he was chairman of the US Presidential Council on Physical Education and Sports for several years. nine0003

    What else do giants do when they no longer go out oiled under the spotlights? Lee Haney has written two books (of course, on bodybuilding) and is currently working on another one, starred in several documentaries, broadcasts on Christian radio, owns a chain of fitness clubs, and also built and maintains at his own expense an orphanage-village (with zoo, by the way).

    What do mountain ranges think about when they retire? 61-year-old Haney looks out the window, cirrus clouds fly by, and you can clearly see the deltoid muscles of rivals in his first Mr. Olympia at 1981 year. Here, at an altitude of 10,000 kilometers, the silhouettes of the Egyptian Mohammed Makkawi and the German Yusup Wilkosh, who took second and third places, are clearly visible: Haney then beat them with ease, and later for another 7 years (the last – in 1991) became the winner of Olympia. This is a record that no other athlete has ever broken. Roni Coleman would only repeat the same result in 2005, 14 years after Haney.

    Oiled up

    Professional competition Mr. Olympia runs from 1965 years old, its organizer is the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Now the main site of Mr. Olympia is Las Vegas (USA). The judges evaluate not only the size of the athlete, but also the development of each muscle and the overall harmony of the body of the contestant.

    To become a member of Mr. Olympia, you will need to win several significant amateur competitions (here you will be issued a professional certificate – IFBB Pro Card), and then win professional shows (for example, Arnold Classic or New York Pro). Participants of the previous Mr. Olympia, who took places from 1st to 5th, are also allowed to participate. nine0003

    But there is a shorter way. The Amateur Mr. Olympia – amateur tournaments, but from special ones. They are distinguished by softer requirements for the development of muscles and the size of athletes. The Amateur takes place several times a year, each time in a new location. The absolute winner immediately receives a cash prize, an IFBB Pro Card, and a ticket to the professional Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

    Dorian Yates

    • Nickname: Shadow
    • Mr. Olympia: 1992–1997
    • years of life: 04/19/1962 – Present
    • Height: 178 cm
    • Competitive parameters: Weight – 121 kg / biceps – 54 cm / chest cell – 148 cm

    The most addicted

    Look, someone is being beaten in a narrow street! Who is the most zealous? Yes, this is our Dorian, here he is guarding the poor fellow with his feet. Hey, passerby, you screwed up your eyes in a strange way – get punched in the nose. Woman, wait, I need to call you names. nineteen76, the first skinheads proudly walk the streets of England, they listen to reggae and ska and carry knives in their pockets. When Dorian moved with his mother to live in Birmingham, he was 14 years old – he immediately fit into the local skinhead company. While the other kids were sweating over their homework, Dorian was hanging around the clubs with his friends and getting into fights. In April 1981, there were mass riots in England. Oh yes, this is a real holiday for a young and aggressive person.

    Black residents loudly protest against the actions of the police: cars flash colorfully, shop windows shatter into multi-colored fragments, law enforcement officials use tear gas for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom. Somewhere in the midst of all this mess, a contented Dorian rushes around – he also beats and sets fire. Then the riots will end (about 60 police cars were destroyed in London alone, two hundred buildings were damaged) and about 500 people will go to prison, including 19year old Yeats. He will spend six months in prison and in the local stuffy gym he will begin to pull the barbell, which will then lead him to the Olympus for bodybuilders. And now our hero is showing off in the photographs and smiling kindly from the advertisement of nutritional supplements. And that ferocious period of youth on the champion’s website is now briefly described: “Dorian got into trouble and decided not to do bad things anymore.” Well, it seems like yes, it doesn’t.

    Phil Heath

    • Nickname: Dar
    • Mr. Olympia: 2011-2017
    • years of life: 12/18/1979 – present
    • Growth: 175 cm
    • Competitive parameters: weight – 111 kg / biceps – 56 cm / coal cage – 138 cm

    Most recent

    Phil, the last Mr. Olympia today, actually wanted to become a basketball player. At first, he did not even think about growing his neck like a bull and swinging his hips to the thickness of a lamppost. 15-year-old Phil, having put his short body from birth into bed, drew in his imagination: he is Michael Jordan, he throws the winning basketball into the ring . .. Heath looked enviously at the long television towers, looked at the endless trunks of pines with wet eyes, could not break away from three-meter fishing rods. Heath asked the higher powers to give him the best future in the world – to grow up a little and play in one of the NBA teams. But Phil only managed to get into the student team of the University of Denver. nine0003

    Here our hero is 23 years old, his studies are over, and the measuring bar is frozen at 175 centimeters. And instead of growing in length, Phil decides to grow in breadth. He suddenly has a great talent for this. He leans on dumbbells and barbells, grows by leaps and bounds (this is where Phil is given the nickname The Gift), begins to win at all bodybuilding competitions in a row. And look: today the Heat is still not the most brilliant basketball player, but his neck is 47 centimeters in girth (another question is who needs it and why, but we will take the discussion of this issue out of this article). In September 2017, at the huge Las Vegas Convention Center (in Las Vegas), Phil was hung on his chest for the seventh time with the Mr. Olympia medal. Descending from the pedestal, he told reporters: “I am still growing. You haven’t seen my real muscles yet – look closely next year.” nine0003

    Four facts about bodybuilding

    • 1959 – The first athlete in the world starts taking anabolic steroids. His name is Bill March and he is a member of the American weightlifting team. The drug was given to him by the team’s sports doctor, John Ziegler. Massively, these substances were banned only in 2005, when representatives of 191 countries signed the World Anti-Doping Convention. Now, for example, in Russia, anabolic steroids are under special state control (their sale falls under Article 234 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, “Illicit trafficking in potent or toxic substances”). nine0028
    • 74 years old was the Japanese Tsutomu Tohsaka when he was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest bodybuilder. Now Tsutomu is 86 years old, and he still appears at least once a week in the hall.
    • 204 cm – this is the height of the world’s tallest professional bodybuilder, American Noah Steer (his weight is 160 kg).
    • 1948 is one of the first bodybuilding competitions in the USSR. The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow is hosting a physique beauty contest. Circus acrobat Alexander Shirai wins. nine0028

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    Can a vegetarian build muscle and become a bodybuilder?

    Work on errors: what do not need to do bodybuilders, according to the participants of the Mr. Olympia contest

    10 The best gyms in the world for bodybuilding

    Article 153

    in our gym you walk in a nervous, trembling young man and walk out a hefty macho man with trapezius muscles so huge that even plump cats can comfortably sit on them. Let us know in the comments your opinion on which of these gyms you agree with, and what other rocking chairs you would like to include in this list. nine0003


    • 1 Bev Francis’s Power house Gym – Syosset, NY
    • 2 Metro flex Gym – Arlington
    • 3 Original Temple Gym – 4 Birmingham Gym
    • UK
    • Gold’s – Venice, CA
    • 5 Firehouse Fitness – Abiline, TX
    • 6 Titan Fitness – Sydney, Australia
    • 7 Quads Gym – Chicago, IL
    • 8 Big Tex Gym – Austin, TX
    • 9 Axioma Gym – Boise, ID
    • 10 – Facebook – Twitter
    • 11 Oxygen Gym – Kuwait
    • Bev Francis’s Powerhouse – Syosset, NY

      Enter BevFrancis’s Powerhouse: TheEastCoastMecca Gym, owned by Beth Francis herself, the first woman to bench press 300 pounds. Impressive, isn’t it? A bodybuilder needs this gym the same way a teenage girl needs a selfie photo, that is, absolutely and absolutely. nine0003

      The abundance of equipment is simply amazing: from beginner to advanced, there are even training areas for boxing, kickboxing and martial arts. Having witnessed the training of iconic figures such as Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Kai Greene regularly attending this gym, it has been repeatedly named a cult destination for bodybuilders who live in New York or come here. Last but not least, memberships to the Beth Francis hall range from short-term to long-term with unlimited access to the hall, which is open 365 days a year and is a 100% heaven for ladies and gentlemen. nine0003

      Metro flex Gym – Arlington

      The Metroflex Gym takes a respectable second place, driven by a timeless, full-throttle workout atmosphere that helped eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman outperform all competitors for quite some time. Founded in 1987 by Brian Dobson due to the lack of “hard” gyms and the limitations of commercial gyms, Metroflex has earned a reputation for training intensity at all levels. nine0003

      The sound of falling 100-pound or more dumbbells, chalk dust settling in the already dense air, and stifled shouts of hard-fought victory paint a rough picture of what is going on in these merciless halls. A big factor that makes this gym even more attractive is that there is no membership agreement required at all, and if you decide you want to leave (which I personally highly doubt as the gym is AMAZING), then You can terminate your membership at any time without further payment or loss of money. nine0003

      Original Temple Gym – Birmingham, UK

      In 1962, the Temple Gym was first established in Birmingham so that, 20 years later, a promising young talent named Dorian Yates (who is currently owner of TempleGym) entered those doors, forever transforming his legacy. The Temple Gym is a serious strength training facility located in the basement and as far as I know it is spreading the message that people of all walks of life will be accepted within its walls, whatever positive change they are looking for, any change that everyone we are ready to support. nine0003

      “Old school” workout with state of the art equipment is the perfect description of this establishment, which makes it feel like you’re training your whole life in a dungeon that adds to the hardcore vibe. Did I mention that this room contains original Nautilus equipment? Hold your emotions, people! All in all, if this gym was good enough to help six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates create a body that even Superman secretly envy, then it will be more than enough for you. nine0003

      Gold’s Gym – Venice, CA

      Does the movie Pumping Iron make you think? Well, it must have been, because in that memorable documentary, the Gold’s Hall repeatedly served as the backdrop for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian Oak in sunny Venice, California. Nicknamed “The Mecca of Bodybuilding”, Gold’s Gym was created by sports legend Joe Gold, who gained wisdom and experience from training at the world famous Muscle Beach bodybuilding) and directed him to his own creation. With over 3 million members in 38 states and 28 countries worldwide, Gold’s is currently the most recognized brand in the sports industry. nine0003

      The cherished dream of every bodybuilder or just a muscular guy is the dream to get one day to train in the muscle halls of fame within the walls of this club. However, if this is still far away, then in the Gold’s gym there are not only bodybuilding classes, but also yoga classes, zumba, cycling and martial arts classes, which adds to its attractiveness. – Facebook – Twitter

      Firehouse Fitness Gym – Abiline, TX

      Right in the middle of our list, taking over 5,000 square feet and one cool idea – it’s all FirehouseFitness. It was originally an empty fire station until owners Timothy and Pam Smith saw a great opportunity and rushed to renovate it. This room is way above average. For starters, the complex includes 2,000 square feet of open space overlooking the creek for crossfit, weightlifting, yoga and zumba. If you don’t find it damn cool, then you don’t live, my friend. nine0003

      Oh, and also know that FirehouseFitness offers healthy, pre-made frozen meals that you can buy in bulk from their kitchen along with your healthy lunch. This is the most creative gym you will ever come across in your life and deserves a place of honor on our list for this reason.

      Titan Fitness Gym – Sydney, Australia

      Quality is at the heart of TitanFitness, and it has remained true to its guiding principle over the 26 years of its existence, helping to strengthen the position of this elite halls in Australia and New Zealand. Equipped with the latest technology, which was literally chosen by the owners of the hall Murat and MetsEnelin, this place is like a breath of fresh air for sports fans who are tired of mediocrity. nine0003

      You’ll work out in a great 11,000 square feet, with many bonuses and perks such as a children’s playroom and healthy eating program, all at no extra cost. TitanFitness also has personal training and group fitness classes where customer service is a top priority. A good gym with great employees is a real benefit in my opinion. – Facebook – Twitter

      Quads Gym – Chicago, IL

      The Quads Gym is no stranger to national recognition, having already been named a Top 10 Gym in America by Muscle & Fitness magazine in 2005 and then a Top 10 Most Haunted Gym by Muscular Development magazine in 2007, so obviously many would agree that it’s real cool establishment.

      Powerlifting legend Ed Cohen’s official page says that this gym will provide you with all the facilities for your toughest workouts. 40,000 square feet with 15 trainers can accommodate over a thousand club members – it’s a testament to the greatness of the Quads, as well as the fact that they have so many machines that you just won’t know what to do with them. An added bonus is a membership to this room, which can be purchased for a variety of terms, from 1 day to 1 year – that’s what I call flexible approach. – Facebook – Twitter

      Big Tex Gym – Austin, TX

      Once again, Texas appears on our list, this time the city of Austin. The Greater Texas Gym is a special place for several reasons. Let’s start with the fact that this club has a separate hall for powerlifters, that is, the athlete has the opportunity to mentally focus and throw all his strength into training, not paying attention to many distractions. Another attractive feature is the presence of an area for everyone who would like to practice posing, where you are also provided with privacy and comfort. nine0003

      The club has an outdoor area dedicated to tire flips, where you can switch the music to your taste – fitness freedom at its finest. Finally, visitors describe the Greater Texas staff as incredibly friendly and very helpful professionals. Developing such a reputation among the members of the club is very beneficial for both financial success and publicity of the hall, as evidenced by the example of “Greater Texas”. Want to get pumped up? Come to Greater Texas! — Facebook — Twitter

      Axioma Gym – Boise, Idaho

      Axioma Gym is packed to capacity with machines and equipment up to the CEILING, plus a luxurious basketball court, swimming pool and even tanning beds. Opened 13 years ago under a different name and thanks in part to a great rebrand, Axiom has become one of the coolest gyms in America.

      Along with the Axiom Performance Center, which helps young athletes improve their performance in weightlifting, this gym offers an Ax-Fit Metabolic Course available to anyone who wants to take their sport to the next level.

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