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Best place in gran canaria for nightlife: After dark: A guide to nightlife in Gran Canaria

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10 Best Party Destinations in Spain For the All-Nighters

Spaniards are known to be fans of anything wild regarding parties and festivals. These people don’t pass on great opportunities to meet new people, overflowing drinks, and dance non-stop. Everyone knows Ibiza is the party capital, but there are more party destinations in Spain that travelers can visit.

More than the high-end clubs in the metropolitan cities, some party destinations include the beach, plazas, and nightclub districts. All-nighters can enjoy eclectic energy in these destinations, famous for cocktail parties, wine nights, and more dancing. The fantastic weather also contributes to the fun ambiance and serious hits.

From the north, central, and southern Spain, travelers can experience unique partying with different scenes and atmospheres. There’s always something for everybody, as bars spill everywhere, from beaches narrow alleys and prominent party districts.

Experience the best nights in Spain, partying with locals. Here are ten party destinations to visit.

Table of Contents

  • 10 Party Destinations in Spain For the All-Nighters
    • 1. Benidorm
    • 2. Las Ramblas
    • 3. Fuencarral
    • 4. Benalmadena
    • 5. Gran Canaria
    • 6. La Laguna
    • 7. Marbella
    • 8. Valencia
    • 9. Magaluf
    • 10. Ibiza

1. Benidorm

via |cascalheira

Britains will likely spend a holiday in Benidorm for serious partying at the award-winning beaches. It’s a whole neighborhood of pure partying, with over 2,000 bars and clubs within the area. Alicante’s top party district, Benidorm, becomes overflowing with booze, especially during summer.

The Costa Blanca beaches are nothing short of fantastic at night, with a cool breeze, plenty of booze, and fine sands. To get the adrenaline pumping, travelers can go on a bar crawl and try the best local drinks in the area.

The next day, the best cure for the hangover is food, so head to the tapas alley. It’s a bustling beach town in Benidorm, crowded with tapas bars serving red prawns, Iberian ham, and pintxos.

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2. Las Ramblas

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Who says travelers can’t enjoy the boisterous nightlife in Barcelona? Las Ramblas isn’t just a mere shopping street because, at night, it transforms into a giant party district. Many tourists come to Barcelona just to experience the hen nights and stag parties that are pretty famous.

Las Ramblas is among the prime party destinations in Spain for the vast array of clubs specializing in nightlife tours, shows, fiestas, pub crawls, and boat parties. The whole neighborhood is bustling with people, scenes, and entertainment. This is the situation daily, especially in summer, when the coastal city becomes jam-packed.

There’s something for everybody; Jamboree Club for R&B and hip-hop, Latin music, jazz, underground pop, casual clubs, and luxurious partying at Gràcia.

3. Fuencarral

Sjaak Kempe from Groningen, The Netherlands, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If Barcelona has Las Ramblas, Madrid has Fuencarral or the liveliest party district in the capital. Like Las Ramblas, this long stretch of land is home to the trendiest shops and cafes in the city. When the sun sets, people also gather to enjoy the urban nightlife in almost every corner.

Fuencarral has a distinct spark for disco, and people come here for the lively music, eclectic crowd, and unique atmosphere. There are places of interest for different party requirements, from hip-hop electronic music and live concerts. For a more luxurious and relaxed atmosphere, the places to visit include Coctelería José Alfredo and Harvey’s Cocktail Bar.

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4. Benalmadena

via Wikimedia Commons | Tiia Monto, CC BY-SA 3.0

Benalmadena is a fantastic destination for vibrant nightlife in Spain with a cool breeze, cheap booze, and stunning beaches. With prime bars and clubs lining up the beaches, travelers can have many choices for a night party. Even during the day, many people can be seen drinking cocktails, dancing, and enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

A magnet for holidaymakers, Benalmadena has everything to offer. From wild superclubs to intimate beach parties and luxury nightlife, travelers never run out of options. In addition to the prime nightspots, this destination is also famous for the upmarket crowd. The throbbing music is infectious, and there’s no other way to enjoy the night than tasting local beers and tapas.

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5. Gran Canaria

Image by Slavik Robtsenkov from Pixabay

Gran Canaria is a party destination for younger crowds with its own appeal for partying. Spending a night in the party district gets loud, lively, fun, and late. Some clubs don’t open until 11 PM, and discos usually close at six in the morning.

Here on the lovely island, the night entertainment is bizarre; one night, people are gathered in the plaza for themed events, including drag shows. The gay scene here is famous worldwide, and there are a lot of places to visit to spend the night.

Gran Canaria never disappoints when it comes to an enormous crowd. That’s why it’s one of the prime party destinations in Spain. The island is also famous for the Irish bars, especially the cabaret e karaoke, and live Irish music.

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6. La Laguna

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The neighboring island of Gran Canaria, La Laguna, is a famous hub of university students. Situated in the university town, the crowd here is younger people, but there are also places to devour a relaxing ambiance while sipping a drink.

La Laguna’s heaving stretch of bars and clubs is phenomenal for its vibrant energy, crowd, and appeal to electronic music. The party hotspot, El Cuadrilátero, consists of 100 bars and restaurants filled with the younger crowd at weekends.

Never miss the bar crawl that takes travelers to a new world of nightlife. Every club is unique, brimming with excellent music, tasty beverages, and glorious tapas.

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7. Marbella

Image by laguilera130713 from Pixabay

Marbella is one of the most luxurious party destinations in Spain, boasting prestigious nightclubs and world-famous bars. Located on the sun-drenched island of Costa del Sol, this quaint resort city hosts impressive parties on beautiful beaches. It’s a one-stop location for drinking, partying, and celebrating at a different levels.

In summer, bars open from dusk and close at dawn. However, all year round, the crowd on the island is consistently huge, but the hot season is busy. To enjoy the night scene, be sure to visit before summer or after the peak season. This gives plenty of room in bars, superclubs, and accommodation.

There are also a lot of lovely family hotels in Marbella you can stay in where kids can also enjoy their holidays that offer fun things to do for the whole family.

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8. Valencia

Imagen de ebroslu en Pixabay

Expect thrilling nightlife in Valencia as the city boasts incredible club scenes, a coastal city vibe, and delectable beverages. Spain’s third-largest city, it’s home to the hottest superclubs and laid-back bars.

Plenty of activities await travelers, from brilliant beach parties to more dancing and bar crawls. The diverse music is also something to enjoy in this city, along with the endless bars in alleys and lively crowds. Neon-lit dance floors also call for a rave night, with people enjoying the heart-pumping beats and acts on stage.

The following day, cure the hangover with sumptuous and flavorful paella, the city’s specialty dish.

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9. Magaluf

Magaluf is notorious for partying severely, which ends in the morning. Famous for the BCM Planet Dance nightclub, this resort town isn’t slowing down for loud, throbbing music, eclectic energy, and awesome beaches.

With over fifty bars in town, travelers can experience the best night, complete with a huge dance floor and fully stocked bars. It’s the ultimate gateway for non-stop partying, with all the bizarre attractions and activities. There’s even a Car Wash Party, wherein people are drenched in foam and water, and a paint party that involves being sprayed with neon paint.

All in all, Magaluf is a wonderland for partygoers who want to have the best night of their lives.

10. Ibiza

via | Ibiza is one of the best party destinations in Spain

The list wouldn’t be complete without the world’s party capital—Ibiza. The island’s reputation doesn’t disappoint, as the clubs and bars are endless. The dance floor gets jam-packed with people who love the loud electronic music played by the famous DJs David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Carl Cox, Erick Morillo, and much more.

Ibiza is among Spain‘s renowned party destinations for its incredible club scene and sapphire-blue waters. The beaches aren’t the only highlight of the trip because everything’s turned up at night, and people go wild.

That said, Ibiza is not only for partygoers but also has excellent places for families! The best option is to rent out child-appropriate villas in Ibiza, where there are excellent amenities for kids also to enjoy.

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Must-visits for an unforgettable night!

Puerto Rico is a great place to travel, especially if you want a quick and easy place to go from the United States. While there are many amazing things to do in Puerto Rico during the day, many people tend to forget to plan for itineraries when the sun sets. While many choose to sleep early, anticipating another full day of fun adventures, you should definitely schedule to enjoy at least a night out in Puerto Rico.

The island has a diverse landscape depending on where you go, but you can always count on great nightlife when you visit. Whether you’re in San Juan or elsewhere in Puerto Rico, there are a lot of fun bars and cocktail lounges to hang out at. 

But before that, which general area has the best nightlife in Puerto Rico?

Where in Puerto Rico has the best nightlife?

There is amazing nightlife all over the island of Puerto Rico. Since San Juan is the largest city on the island, it has a lot of great nightlife. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun nightlife in other places on the island. 

Best Nightlife in San Juan, Puerto Rico

A lot of the best nightlife in Puerto Rico is in San Juan. It’s the capital of the country, and it’s where a lot of people spend most of their time there during a visit. If this is true for you, you’ll never run out of fun bars to enjoy in the city. 

Let us take a look at which bars and pubs are the best in San Juan, Puerto Rico, now!

La Factoria

La Factoria is a chic bar in San Juan with lots of fun cocktails. Along with the amazing atmosphere at La Factoria, there are a few different rooms within you can hop between depending on what you are looking for. There’s a more lowkey area, a dancing area, and other more upbeat areas. They also open a little before lunchtime, so you don’t have to wait till night to enjoy this great place!

La Cubanita

La Cubanita is also in San Juan. It has the opposite vibe, but it’s still a great place for nightlife in Puerto Rico. The bar is super cozy, and they serve traditional cocktails, beer, and shots. It’s also one of the late-night bars that stays open until 4 AM six days a week. 

VC Lounge

If you want a traditional bar and lounge with a beautiful beach view, you need to visit VC Lounge. They have a wide variety of drinks, like wine and cocktails. 

The bartenders are very knowledgeable, so they can help you find something new to try or put a twist on any of your favorite drinks. It’s also a great place to go when you want to get dressed up and spend a fun night with friends. 

Photo Credits: VC Lounge

El Boricua

El Boricua is the best place for night owls looking to find the best nightlife in Puerto Rico. This bar is rocking all day and night with live music and dancing. The outdoor patio is great for a louder crowd, but the inside is more laid back with the bar, a pool table, and a jukebox. 

La Placita

La Placita isn’t a bar but a market in the center of San Juan. During the day, you can eat and shop at the shops and restaurants. But, at night, the market becomes a fantastic place to drink, dance, and have a fantastic night. There are tons of drink and food vendors that stay open late, and it’s an excellent place to meet the locals who spend their weekends here.

Photo Credits: La Placita

Other Fun Nightlife attractions in Puerto Rico

Don’t worry if you’re not spending all your time in San Juan. There’s plenty of other great nightlife in Puerto Rico all over the island. No matter where you are in Puerto Rico, you’ll find a place to spend a fun night.

Birriola – Ponce

Birriola is a popular, low-key indoor and outdoor bar in Ponce, a large city on the south coast of Puerto Rico. They serve a large variety of beers, plus other fun drinks like sangria. They stay open late, so you can enjoy the patio after the sun goes down and order some delicious tapas.

Asturias Lounge Bar – Ponce

Asturias is another low-key, late-night bar in Ponce. They stay open till the very early morning, and they are a tapas bar. But, they also have a lot of wine to pair with the tapas and specialty cocktails. 

Photo of Asturias Lounge from Discover Puerto Rico

Aura Club – Mayagüez

Aura Club is a hookah bar in Mayagüez. They have many different flavors and flavor combinations of hookah. If you want a break from the hookah, or you want something fun to pair with your hookah, they have a lot of specialty cocktails.

And, they stay open super late, sometimes as late as 6 AM on weekends. 

La Central Bar and Music Venue – Isabela

La Central is an awesome bar in Isabela. As the name suggests, they have live music, which is great to enjoy over a drink. They have specialty cocktails, plus beer specials and food, which you can order at the venue or get to go. 

Timber & Blues – Aguadilla Pueblo

Timber & Blues is a hidden gem in Aguadilla Pueblo. The cocktail bar is tucked away, but it’s worth finding if you want to have a fun night. The bar has an extensive cocktail menu, including lots of specialty drinks. 

They also have some great food like pizzas and sandwiches, which taste great late at night. In the outdoor seating area, you can enjoy live music and great ambiance until the early hours of the morning. 

Photo from Timber and Blues

El Varadero’s Pub – Aguadilla Pueblo

El Varadero’s Pub in Aguadilla Pueblo is a small but energetic bar. They stay open late, and they have delicious pub food that pairs great with the drinks. The pub is enjoyable when the weather is nice, and you can enjoy your drinks outside. 

Barrita La Playita – Islote

Barrita La Playita is an excellent late-night bar right on the beach. If you are looking for some local nightlife in Puerto Rico, this is where to go. It’s a simple place, but you can’t beat drinking on the beach, and the food and drinks are pretty cheap compared to other fancier cocktail bars. 

Puerto Rico Highlights

Before you go, here’s my Top-5 picks in Puerto Rico from my trips!

Top-5 Picks in Puerto Rico

  • 🤿 Discover the beauty of Puerto Rico from the sea and swim with sea turtles and other marine life on this snorkeling activity!
  • ⛰️ If you’re here, don’t miss beautiful rainforest trails and waterfalls!
  • 🍸 Get Ron del Barrilito Distillery Tour and discover the history of San Juan’s oldest rum!
  • 😋 Enjoy a broad range of tastings, focusing on the must-try flavors of Puerto Rico with this guided tour.
  • 🚢 Kick back, relax and get a little sunshine on your face on a cruise around Old San Juan.

Have Fun in Puerto Rico!

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A continent in miniature – Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria – an island where you want to stay! It is very easy to feel tender feelings for the island, falling in love happens immediately after stunning volcanic views, tropical tanning on luxurious beaches or fun dancing to the Spanish salsa.

What is Gran Canaria like?


Gran Canaria is the third largest and second most populous island in the Canary archipelago. nine0011

The capital is Las Palmas. The island is volcanic, rounded, area – 1560 square kilometers. Gran Canaria is located 200 km from Morocco, next to other Canary Islands – Tenerife and Fuerteventura.


Trade winds constantly blow on the island, which provide precipitation in the mountains, bringing the vegetation the necessary moisture.

Canarians are comfortable all year round, there is no sweltering heat, thanks to the cool current washing the archipelago from the Gulf of Mexico. The temperature of the water in the ocean is warm, so sunbathing under the palm trees and jumping on the waves is possible at any time of the year. nine0003


The symbol of the island is the Canary bell.

Delicate flower that can be found in the north. Pines, eucalyptus, laurel trees – form forests. There is good news for mushroom pickers, boletus and chanterelles grow in laurel forests. The area of ​​forests, unfortunately, with the development of infrastructure and the popularity of the island, is decreasing.

What to see?

  • The unique nature of the island is the main attraction. 40% of the island are national parks. nine0030
  • Volcanic Reserve – Bandama Peak
  • Space views of the Bandama crater, from the observation deck – an unusual and majestic sight.
  • Masapalom wonders

The Dunes of Masapalomas – a popular national park – a white sand beach, like in the Sahara desert, a fresh lake with a palm grove. You can only move on foot or on camels.

Ancient cave

Fans of the history of ancient tribes will be pleased if they visit the archaeological museum and park – Cueva Pintada, where you can get acquainted with the writings and drawings left over from the time of the first inhabitants of the island – the Guanches. nine0003

Evidence of Columbus

House of Columbus – will open the door to all curious people who want to know the details of the journey to America and about the navigator’s stopover on the Canary Islands.

Nightlife Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is famous for its nightlife.