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Black Sand Beach List – 20 Black Sand Beaches Around The World

Although there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of beautiful beaches in the world, you may have been lucky enough to travel to the stunning white stretches of sand that grace the islands of the Caribbean, the Maldives or the Mediterranean. Perhaps you’re tired of endless powdery golden sand and searching for something a little different. You can find otherworldly black sand beaches in some of the most beautiful and unique places on earth.

These beaches are common in highly volcanic places, and the sand is caused by lava flow shattering into millions of pieces, creating an amazing spectacle. Areas with high volcanic activity include the rugged islands of Hawaii, New Zealand and Iceland, but you can find black sand beaches (and other colours) across the globe. So, get ready for a day at the beach like no other when you head to any of the incredible spots.


  • Black Sand Beaches
    • 20 Best Beaches With Black Sand Around The World
      • 1- Papeno’o Beach, Tahiti
      • 2- Santo Domingo, Philippines
      • 3- Paiola Beach, Hawaii
      • 4- Playa Cavones, Costa Rica
      • 5- Karekare, New Zealand
      • 6- Perissa, Santorini
      • 7- Playa Negra, Vieques, Puerto Rico
      • 8- Punalu’u, Big Island, Hawaii
      • 9- Reynisfjara, Iceland
      • 10- Monterrico, Guatemala
      • 11- Black Sands Beach, California
      • 12- Saint Pierre, Martinique
      • 13- Miho No Matsubara, Japan
      • 14- Ureki Beach, Georgia
      • 15- Diamond Beach, Iceland
      • 16- Padar Island, Flores, Indonesia
      • 17- El Bollullo Beach, Canary Islands
      • 18- Piha Beach, New Zealand
      • 19- Mosteiros, the Azores
      • 20- Spiazzia Lunga, Stromboli, Italy

20 Best Beaches With Black Sand Around The World

1- Papeno’o Beach, Tahiti

Looking for black sand beaches around the world? Check out our top 20.

Tahiti is well-known for being extremely volcanic, and this is not the only black sand beach in French Polynesia, however, it is certainly one of the best.

This spot has a stunning swathe of jet-black sand, and the water is some of the clearest in the world.

Waves here are also high, making it particularly popular with surfers.

As it’s fairly rugged, it’s worth hiring a 4WD or a driver to get you here.

Once you arrive, enjoy the waves before exploring the surrounding lush jungle, where you can hike and visit waterfalls.

Climb the eastern headlands for panoramic views across the beach and surrounding island at sunset.

2- Santo Domingo, Philippines

Walk barefoot on the volcanic black sand beaches of the world for an experience to remember.

On the remote island of Luzon in the Philippines, you’ll find everything the country is famous for – impossibly blue water filled with coral reefs, beautiful beaches and lush green landscapes.

The only difference at Santo Domingo is the colour of the sand.

Surrounded by palm trees and rugged rocky outcrops just offshore, it makes a great place to spend a day relaxing.

Plus, black sand is known for its minerals and therapeutic properties, which you can try by exfoliating and coating your skin in it in the ocean.

3- Paiola Beach, Hawaii

Waianapanapa Beach is a lovely black sand beach in Hawaii’s Big Island.

Paiola Beach, also known as Waianapanapa Beach, is another of Hawaii’s volcanic beaches, this time in Maui.

The beach is on the island’s eastern coast and has panoramic views of the ocean and offshore rock formations.

This black-sand beach is less crowded than others in Hawaii, as it is mostly a stopping point on the way to other destinations.

This means if you visit, you’ll have it mostly to yourself.

Close to the beach, there are lots of short walks to nearby caves and saltwater pools where you can see various marine life.

4- Playa Cavones, Costa Rica

A black-sand beach in Corcovado National Park, Osa Conservation Area, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Travellers seldom visit the small town of Pavones near the Costa Rica-Panama border, and the village itself is sleepy.

However, if you make the trip, you’ll be rewarded with a brilliant black sand beach and some of Central America’s best surfing.

It is also quiet because it’s tricky to reach, requiring a seven-hour drive from San Jose or a short plane ride.

The area is undeveloped, but you can relax on the miles of deserted beach, swim and explore the surrounding jungle nearby.

At low tide, small pools form among the rocks at the beach, which can be fun to paddle in, and the entire area will make you feel as though you’re in a lost world.

5- Karekare, New Zealand

Feel the sand between your toes on one of these black sand beaches around the world.

New Zealand is filled with mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and black-sand beaches are not out of the ordinary.

Karekare is in West Auckland, and although it’s not as popular as its neighbour Piha Beach, it’s a black sand beach that is far quieter and untouched.

Like many in New Zealand, the beach is wild and windswept, so not ideal for sunbathing, but the stunning Karekare Falls are waiting to be explored nearby.

You can also visit the pretty Opal Pool Stream Cascade, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim after a hike.

6- Perissa, Santorini

Perissa black sand beach in Santorini’s Cyclades island on the Aegean sea.

One of Greece’s only black sand beaches, the stunning Perissa beach is at the base of Mesa Vouno Mountain, where the sand originates.

This beach is not in a remote and wild location like many other black-sand beaches worldwide.

Perissa is a busy, bustling beach popular with both tourists and locals.

Hundreds of umbrellas and deck chairs line the sand, and you can go swimming or do water sports.

The black-sand beach is lined with bars, restaurants and clubs, so you can enjoy fresh seafood, a cocktail, and even some live music as the sun goes down.

7- Playa Negra, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famous for having many unique landscapes, including bioluminescent bays, lush jungle and black sand beaches.

Playa Negra isn’t entirely black but is a mix of jet black and warm golden sand.

The beach feels remote and rugged, with lots of driftwood, rock formations, and jungle, which you can explore to your heart’s content.

There is little to do here except kick back and relax, but Puerto Rico is small, and you won’t be too far from a village or town where you can grab some fresh local food or drink.

8- Punalu’u, Big Island, Hawaii

Punalu’u is the most famous of all Hawaii’s black sand beaches, and this isn’t just because of the jet-black sand.

The beach is a nesting ground for both Hawksbill and green turtles, which you can see sitting in the sun all along the coast at the right time of year.

Like the rest of Hawaii, you can enjoy many activities here, including swimming, surfing, diving and kayaking.

Nearby there are also amazing coastal hikes, jungles and waterfalls, and you can even camp here.

This is one of the coolest black-sand beaches in the world but make sure to bring water shoes, as there are often larger chunks of lava that can be sharp in the water.

9- Reynisfjara, Iceland

The dramatic Reynisfjara black sand beach in Iceland.

Reynisfjara is possibly one of the world’s most famous black sand beaches.

Iceland’s landscape could easily be in outer space, with enormous volcanoes, strange terrains, and landscapes, so it’s no surprise it’s home to black sand.

Aside from the sand, the views are spectacular, with rock formations jutting out of the water offshore and the black sand forming winding spits and sandbars.

The rocks are famous as a Game of Thrones filming location and are home to thousands of native bird species.

Although swimming and sunbathing aren’t on the cards here, it’s worth exploring the whole area, which can be reached by tour or in your car.

10- Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico is one of the stunning black sand beaches in Guatemala.

Guatemala is still low on the tourist radar, but anyone who does come here always adds Monterrico to their list.

Another beach formed from volcanic debris, this beach is as close to paradise as you can get with sparkling blue ocean and sky-high palm trees along the coastline.

Monterrico doesn’t have much to do, so this is the perfect palace to get stuck in and enjoy the wonder of such a unique place.

You can lay on the beach, swim, snorkel or surf, and tour nearby mangrove forests.

If you visit in June or December, you might be lucky enough to see the hundreds of sea turtles that hatch here yearly – a common occurrence on black sand beaches.

11- Black Sands Beach, California

You might be surprised to find a black sand beach in California too!

Most people have no idea that you can find black sand beaches on mainland USA; at Black Sands Beach in California, you’ll find one of the best.

The beach is near the Golden Gate National Recreation Area of San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The beach here is a spectacle in itself, and although you can swim and surf, it is highly recommended to check the tide and ocean conditions which can be strong.

It’s a unique and unmissable destination for a quick taste of what a black sand beach is like.

12- Saint Pierre, Martinique

Double rainbow over Saint Pierre in Martinique.

The town of Saint Pierre is one of Martinique’s most historic towns, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Pelée in 1902 that killed thousands of people.

Enjoy the beautiful clear waters Martinique is famous for and go swimming, diving or do water sports.

The beach also has stunning views across the island’s volcano.

In the nearby town, you can visit the original theatre, prison and church, which are mostly still standing and are a fascinating part of the island’s history.

13- Miho No Matsubara, Japan

Japan has a few black sand beaches, such as Shonan Beach in Chigasaki City (pictured here) and Miho No Matsubara.

Japan has its fair share of unique and unusual landscapes, and Miho No Matsubara is just one of them.

The area earned World Heritage status in 2013 due to the 30,000 pine trees that grow in the area, the black volcanic sand on the beach and the close-up views of Mount Fuji from the shoreline.

Although the beach is quite rocky, it’s worth visiting for the spectacular mountain views in one of the most remote places on earth.

14- Ureki Beach, Georgia

Ureki Beach is a black sand beach in Georgia.

Ureki beach is possibly one of the most unique black sand beaches in the world, as the sand here is believed to be magnetic, attaching to anything made of metal left on the beach.

The sand also has deep healing properties, so you’ll find many people visiting to try and relieve joint and bone pain and local shops selling remedies containing the sand.

You can enjoy all the normal activities on the beach here too, including swimming and water sports such as kayaking and jet skiing.

There are plenty of cafes, bars and even resorts lining the beach for when you need a snack break or if you plan to stay overnight.

15- Diamond Beach, Iceland

Iceland’s famous black sand beach has icebergs. Diamond beach is by the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in Vatnajokull National Park.

Diamond Beach is arguably one of the world’s most famous beaches, mainly due to the presence of ‘diamonds’, which are huge crystal-clear blocks of ice that scatter the beach and sparkle in the sun.

However, this beach also has black sand, making the spectacle even more unique and creating a stunning contrast with the diamonds.

It’s a popular spot for photographers and occasionally weddings, which you can reach on tour or in a 4WD.

If you’re lucky, you can also spot orcas playing in the waves just offshore, making it one of the country’s most diverse places to see.

16- Padar Island, Flores, Indonesia

Panoramic scenic view of Padar Island at sunset with dramatic sky. Palau Padar in Komodo National Park is home to Indonesia’s famous black sand beach.

Padar Island is famous not just for its stunning white sand beaches, or even its black sand beach, but because it has three different coloured beaches – including a pink one.

The island is in the wild and remote Komodo National Park, home of the famous dragons, and although many people visit just for that pink beach shot, the black beach here is just as amazing.

Aside from relaxing on the beach, the waters here are teeming with life, and you can see turtles, sharks, manta rays, dolphins and whales, as well as all the wildlife onshore.

You can only reach the islands on a boat trip, so plan for at least a day or two to fully explore everything on offer here.

17- El Bollullo Beach, Canary Islands

Playa de el Bollullo black volcanic sand beach in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Although most people head for Tenerife in search of a classic beach holiday in a resort with white sandy beaches and a pool, there is a black sand beach here too.

El Bollullo is a perfect crescent of black sand surrounded by sheer rugged cliffs.

The beach here is particularly popular with locals who come here for a relaxed day out at the beach and to enjoy some fresh local food at one of the little seafood shacks nearby.

Come on a weekday to avoid local crowds, and you’ll have it to yourself.

18- Piha Beach, New Zealand

Piha Beach on Auckland’s west coast is one of New Zealand’s popular black sand beaches with families and surfers.  

Piha Beach is within walking distance from the previously mentioned Karekare beach but is far more well-known and touristy.

This beach is only half an hour from Auckland, so it can easily be done on a day trip.

In the middle of the beach is the famous Lion Rock, and behind sits a huge rainforest with lots of walking and hiking trails.

Besides its black sand, Piha beach is extremely popular with surfers, hosting competitions throughout the year, so this is where you should be if you love to catch a wave.

19- Mosteiros, the Azores

The Azores are Portugal’s lesser known but more stunning neighbour, filled with rainforests, volcanoes and lakes you would not expect to see in Europe.

Mosteiros is a fairly rocky black sand beach, although there are patches of soft sand where you can relax on one side, and it doesn’t get too busy if you visit during the week.

The beach is next to the village of Mosteiros, which has lots of restaurants, cafes and hotels so that you can enjoy this beach for as long as you like while having local food and accommodation nearby.

20- Spiazzia Lunga, Stromboli, Italy

Stromboli is an active volcano that is part of the Aeolian Islands Archipelago, and the island is home to a black sand beach that has grown over thousands of years.

The island of Stromboli is home to an active volcano, so unsurprisingly, a black sand beach has formed here over thousands of years.

The sand is as jet black as it gets, but the beach is extremely popular with lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas which you can rent to spend the day relaxing here.

You can take some beautiful walks in the surrounding countryside, or for a different view of the island, go out on the water on a boat tour before returning to enjoy some classic Italian cooking.

Review of Playa Jardin (black sand beach in Tenerife)

A feature of the Canary Islands are the black volcanic beaches. Residents of Europe, accustomed to the golden shores of the Mediterranean, will be surprised to see at least one beach with black sand in Tenerife. But there are several such unusual places on the island of eternal spring. They can be found in the west and north of Tenerife. Playa Jardin is considered a popular tourist attraction in the northern town Puerto de la Cruz and the largest beach with a natural black cover. The peculiarities of this place, its infrastructure and interesting places nearby will be discussed in this article. In the end you will find a small video about the beach, shot in late May 2018.

Playa Jardin was once the usual shore of the Atlantic Ocean, wild and deserted. It was not suitabled for bathing, because in the water and partly on land layed stones and fragments of rocks. But people liked this place, and they began to come here to look at the terrible waves and take a sun bath. The proximity to Puerto de la Cruz contributed of popularity of Jardin beach. In the early 90s of the 20th century local authorities decided to equip a decent city beach here. They invited a well-known Canarian sculptor and artist Cesar Manrique to Puerto de la Cruz to design a future recreation site. Lanzarot designer did everything perfectly . And already in 1993 the townspeople were drawn to the beach, and then the visitors did it too. The place was called Playa Jardin (beach-garden), because along it coconut palms were planted, and in the western part a garden with banana trees and lush palm trees was planted. A beautiful beach, framed by green trees from the side of the city, has become a favorite vacation spot for Puerto de la Cruz people, who spent their weekends here.

Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz

Today people of different countries know about Jardin beach (Tenerife). Many of them come here from their hotels on foot, because the place is in the city, not far from its historical part. Others come to the beach by car, which can be left in a parking lot designed for 100 seats. If you plan to visit Playa Jardin and stay in the city of Puerto de la Cruz for a few days or weeks, then there is a public transport or taxi from Tenerife North Airport. In the city there are signs, pointing the distance to the beach and arrows, pointing the way to it.

Fortress of San Felipe near Jardin Beach

Come here better in the morning to take the best place, because in the hot season there are many tourists. But, thanks to the size of the beach (240 m in length and 40 in width), you can find a free piece of black sand for yourself and your friends, even in July and August. The first thing you notice on the way to the beach is a small square structure, made of stone. History lovers will find it useful to know that this is the fortress of St. Felipe, which was built in the Spanish colonial style in the 17th century to protect the city from pirate raids. Its name was given in honor of the founder of Puerto, King Felipe VI. In front of the fortress is a compact square with a cannon, that has been preserved since that time. Today the fortress is intended for peaceful purposes. In its walls there are exhibitions of paintings, and on the square hold concerts.

Entrance in Jardin Beach from pears

Near San Felipe you can see an iron installation, a sample of modern art. Behind her, the pier begins, from which a long wavebreaker leaves in the sea. When the latter was built, 230 cubic meters of volcanic stones were used, which were raised from the ocean floor. Now tourists like to walk on it and build from smaller smooth stones of the pyramid. A powerful concrete pier is built of 4000 blocks. From it a beautiful view opens up to Jardin Beach, situated just below.

Behind the stone promontory of Playa Jardin begins a zone for fans of surfing

The beach area is divided into several parts. The one, that adjoins the pier, is not only for tanning, but also for bathing. In the middle of Playa Jardin, Cesar Manrique has built a fountain, but now there is no water in it. The second part of the beach is more restless, because there are more stone ledges and stronger waves. Here lovers of surfing like to spend time. Then begins the beach area of ​​Punta Brava, and there are the garden with exotic trees. Along the beaches there is a convenient promenade, where you can make a morning run or just walk, enjoying the greenery of plants and the view of the ocean. From the waterfront there are several additional entrances to Playa Jardin.

View from Playa Jardin at Atlantic Ocean

From the pier you can see not only the ocean and the beach. In clear weather Teide volcano rises above the city. But more often it is hidden from the eyes by a lush stripe of clouds. On the territory of Playa Jardin you will find sun loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms, toilets, shower cabins. People with disabilities can come here. To dine after a pleasant stay on the beach you can in a cafe, located nearby. And if you want to live near Jardin, you can use the Hotellook service and book an apartment or hotel. It is convenient to look for housing on the side-bar of my site. Good offers for you will be the Hotel Diamante Suites, RF San Borondon, Trianflor. For lovers of a cheaper night’s lodging, the Noarth Coast apartments and studio apartments will be enjoyed.

By 11 o’clock on Jardin beach comes more people

On the Jardin deach a very relaxing atmosphere. Black grains first stick to the wet body, but then easily fall from it. Magnificent surrounding landscapes will not let you get bored. If you want to swim, keep in mind that closer to the water appears a large pebble. The entrance to the ocean will not be easy for you, because of the stones lying on the bottom and the stormy surf, that falls on every daredevil who wants to conquer the beach water area. Although you will be driven back by the waves, leaving lacy foam on the tanned bodies, boldly go ahead. Having plunged, you will get unforgettable impressions. Swim here is easy, and closer to the pier the waves are slightly quieter. Do not swim far into the ocean, you still have to fight with the waves at the exit. Personally, I like the raging ocean, but it’s better to stay close to the shore. In the western part of the beach there is a site for children, where there is a convenient entrance to the ocean. When you are tired of swimming, sunbathing and catch the wave on the board, you can have a good time in Loro Park. It is located across the street from the beach. Here you can not only see the bright parrots, but also watch the killer whale show. Especially your children will be pleasant to spend time in the park.

Playa Jardin – an amazing corner of Puerto de la Cruz and the north of Tenerife. Come here, and then you will remember the beautiful scenery of this place for a long time, pleasant sun baths on its black sand, a game with surf and bathing in the waves of Atlantic Ocean.

TOP 10 black sand beaches in the world

Black sand beaches are unique and there are not many of them on the planet. They attract us with mysticism, beauty and originality.

From the author’s experience: black sand is heavier than usual, so if you decide to “bury” your friend in it, then he is unlikely to be able to get out on his own. In addition, this sand likes to “climb” into all the cracks. If you plan to sunbathe on a black sand beach, then take a swimsuit that is not the most expensive – there is a high probability that it will be damaged. nine0005

Vik, Iceland

Not far from the village of Vik (South Iceland) is the most beautiful black sand beach, according to Islands Magazine. This is not surprising, given that its gravel-black sand is adjacent to basalt rocks, black boulders and many cozy bays.

True, there is no desire to sunbathe. It rains 340 days a year in Vik, it is cool and a cold wind blows constantly. And high waves are quite dangerous.

Perissa, Santorini

If you come to Santorini for more than one day, you will want to go to the beach. In the village of Perissa there is a beach of coarse dark gray sand. It’s nice to relax here, but you need to take into account the frozen lava near the coast, on which it is easy to slip. The beach is not snow-white, but perfectly groomed: there are awnings, sun loungers, cafes.

Sabbie Nere, Sicily

There are many black sand beaches on the island of Vulcano, but one of the most beautiful is Sabbie Nere. It is always crowded here, people come here not only to sunbathe on the warm sand, but also to lie in the natural giant jacuzzi, which was formed as a result of the confluence of thermal springs into the sea. nine0005

Playa de San Marcos, Tenerife

Tenerife has many black sand beaches. Here you can soak up Playa Socorro, Playa Jardín, Playa de las Arenas, Playa de los Guíos, but beach lovers call Playa de San Marcos the most beautiful. The main advantage of relaxing in this place is the absence of crowds of tourists and the rich gray color of the sand.

Ureki, Batumi

Few people know that near the small village of Ureki, which is located between Poti and Kobuleti, 50 km from Batumi, there is a black beach with magnetic (70%) sand. This sand has healing properties. In Ureki, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, musculoskeletal, nervous system, respiratory organs, rickets are treated. Sand improves well-being, strengthens the immune system and normalizes biological processes. nine0005

Black Sand Beach, CA

On the California coast near Shelter Cove is a beautiful black pebble beach. True, it is not so easy to get here. First you need to drive a winding road, and then go down to a secluded place. If you are not too lazy, then all the power of the Pacific Ocean will open before you.

Punalyuu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

photo mrgorobec. Instagram

Between the towns of Pahala and Naalehu (Hawaii) there is a famous black sand beach – Punalu’u Beach. Here, in addition to tourists, turtles come to soak up the sand. nine0005

This beach has its own peculiarity, there are many springs with fresh water, so the visibility in the water is poor, and the water itself is colder than in other places. There are many stones on the beach. And the color of the sand in this place is quite unusual – tarry with sparkles.

Lovina, Bali

In the northwest of Bali is the quiet town of Lovina, famous for its volcanic sand. Here you can watch dolphins, go snorkeling or dive into the Banjar hot springs. By the way, they have a very comfortable temperature, and you quickly get used to the smell of sulfur. nine0005

Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca (Costa Rica) is known for its Black Beach. Its length is 10 km. The coast perfectly combines the delights of a Costa Rican beach and Caribbean waters. This place has not yet been filled with crowds of tourists.

Murivai Beach, New Zealand

Photo: russellstreet,

45 km from Auckland on the coast of the Tasman Sea is a 60 km black beach strip. It attracts surfers from all over the world. Even if you are not a fan of surfing or fishing, it is worth coming here just for the species and colonies of Australian gannets (gannets), which, ignoring people, go about their business in nests. But it is not recommended to swim far here. Sharks attacked director Adam Strange in 2013. The director is dead. nine0005

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Black sand beaches – where to find them?

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Black sand – amazing and beautiful. Where are the black sand beaches? Where do you need to fly in order to relax on the sea on a black beach? we have a whole list for you. Have you ever seen black sand on a beach? No? It is, for example, in Tenerife and Bali, popular seaside resorts. Where else – we will tell in detail in the article. nine0005

Nature sometimes creates such miracles that the spirit freezes and for a moment you do not feel your own body: horizons, landscapes, reservoirs and incredible phenomena.

Surely beach lovers are in constant search of a paradise beach or just an unusual landscape of the beach and the sea. We found information for sophisticated tourists where to see the black beaches.

Black sand itself was formed from lava that fell into the sea and turned, due to flow and pressure, into small particles. nine0088 Black sand is found in Hawaii, Iceland, Bali and Tenerife, as well as in Syria.

Black beach in Hawaii

You can find a black sand beach on the island of Hawaii. You need to go to the beach called Punaluu. The beach is beautiful enough, but people are not allowed to swim in it.

Sometimes turtles come to the coast to lay their eggs. Surely tourists will want to touch amazing animals, but this should not be done either. They say that they can get sick from contact with a person. The water at Punaluu Beach is almost always cold due to cold currents. nine0005


If you have been wanting to go to see Iceland for a long time, then we will give you one more reason to do it as soon as possible: there is Black beach in Iceland In general, it is not surprising that in the country of volcanoes and geysers there is a beach with volcanic sand.

Black beach in Iceland was named Vik and it is located two hours drive from the capital. Every tourist who got lost there confessed his love to this place, threw stones into the sea and promised to return one day. The beauty of the beach is given by unusual stones, boulders, hills and a beautiful view into the distance. nine0005

New Zealand

The country also has a black sand beach. It heats up in summer, it is just as pleasant to walk on it as on regular sand. Surfers often operate on Piha beach, but you can just swim there. We do not advise you to swim far – a strong current does not make it easy to return to the shore.


One has only to apply for an American visa and see another Black beach on the planet. A black sand beach in Alaska is called Prince William Bay. Alaska is amazing and you can see glaciers, hills and waterfalls on the beach. nine0005


Paradise Bali boasts the best black sand beach on the planet, where you can even swim. You need to find Lovina Beach on the map and move on a bike using the navigator. The sand is very soft and pleasant. By the way, dolphins love to swim to the beach in the morning.

Canary Islands

The black sand beach is within easy reach – there are several black sand beaches on the island of Tenerife in Spain. The beaches are also well equipped, like any other: there are sun loungers, you can drink a cocktail at the bar. Intrigued? nine0005

Head to the island of La Palma to the beaches of Puerto Naos and Los Cancajos.

In Tenerife, Black beach is located near the Teide volcano, thanks to which the beach was formed. Many people even think that lava sand cures diseases. We strongly recommend not to use sand for medicinal purposes, but for the sake of adventure, you can try. In any case, it’s definitely not harmful.

Black sand beaches are always quiet and peaceful, because people come here only to be surprised, take pictures and return to the usual white sand beach.