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Canary Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster




: a Canary Islands usually sweet wine similar to Madeira


: a lively 16th century court dance


: a small finch (Serinus canarius synonym S. canaria) of the Canary Islands that is usually greenish to yellow and is kept as a cage bird and singer



: informer sense 2


  • betrayer
  • deep throat
  • fink
  • informant
  • informer
  • nark [British]
  • rat
  • rat fink
  • snitch
  • snitcher
  • squealer
  • stool pigeon
  • stoolie
  • talebearer
  • tattler
  • tattletale
  • telltale
  • whistle-blower

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Example Sentences

a canary who was singing and giving up the names of some of the city’s most notorious drug lords

Recent Examples on the Web

Snap has served as something of a canary in the coal mine for tech companies this year, after warning in May that the macroeconomic environment was worsening.

Alex Weprin, The Hollywood Reporter, 20 Oct. 2022

In fact, loss of smell was so prevalent at the beginning of the pandemic it was considered the canary in the coal mine – an early sign of Covid-19 infection even in the absence of other symptoms.

Sandee Lamotte, CNN, 1 Oct. 2022

As nurses fare, so fare patients, because nurses are the canary in the coal mine for patient health.

CNN, 18 Oct. 2022

Internationally, the polar bear may be the climate-change canary in a coal mine.

Michael Smolens, San Diego Union-Tribune, 9 Oct. 2022

The United Kingdom, another coal-mine canary, is seeing the start of its winter Covid wave.

Melody Schreiber, The New Republic, 4 Oct. 2022

Such migration, as their analysis shows, is the canary in the coal mine that often tips off the beginning of a structural bull market.

Dan Runkevicius, Forbes, 18 Aug. 2022

Harsin has been gasping for air in the SEC ever since he was hired, and Greene is the canary in the coal mine.

Joseph Goodman | [email protected], al, 26 Aug. 2022

The industry has served as a sort of canary in the coal mine for slowing growth, with executives such as Tesla’s Elon Musk and Google’s Sundar Pichai among early voices of recession fears.

Taylor Telford, Washington Post, 11 Aug. 2022

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Word History


Middle French canarie, from Old Spanish canario, from Islas Canarias Canary Islands

First Known Use

1592, in the meaning defined at sense 2

Time Traveler

The first known use of canary was
in 1592

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: a small usually yellow or greenish finch native to the Canary Islands that is often kept in a cage

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Strong small budget fun

Strong little indie movie
Admittedly I didnt know the budget was so tiny until looking at some other reviews.
Story is something a bit different if unfortunately not able to be fully realised.
Acting from all on board was solid, script was surprisingly entertaining and direction / score etc largely worked well.
Worth a look in to see what can be done with small backing or even just for a bit of fun, though dont approach with expectations of blockbuster effects as it would be foolish.
Also serious thumbs up for the use of Le Casette’s – Left to our own device in the soundtrack!
Fingers crossed for a cheeky sequel..



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  • Aug 21, 2018


  • Release date
    • March 5, 2019 (United States)
    • United Kingdom
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    • English
  • Also known as
    • Alien Party Crashers
  • Filming locations
    • Lower Cwmtwrch, Wales, UK
  • Production company
    • Maple Dragon Films
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  • 1 hour 24 minutes

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How to distinguish a kenar from a canary?



Why is it important to know the gender of your pet?


Ways to determine sex in canaries


Other ways to determine gender

2 minutes

estimated reading time

When choosing a bird, like any other pet, the issue of sex determination plays a significant role. It is especially difficult to distinguish between a kenar and a canary. Sex differences in this species of birds are not very pronounced and often make it difficult to choose a pet. But we will help you figure it out. Let’s take a closer look at these charming pets and figure out how to distinguish a kenar from a canary.

Why is it important to know the gender of your pet?

Canaries differ from kenars in their temperament. Usually females are much calmer and quieter. Therefore, lovers of peace and tranquility are more suitable for a female canary. But people who value energy will definitely make friends with a male kenar.

The choice of the sex of a pet plays a big role in breeding. Agree, if you want to raise chicks, it will not be very pleasant to know that two females live in your house. We’ll have to get a male or even two.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made family of canaries, but it is important for a breeder to be able to understand the gender of their pets.

Due to their spectacular singing abilities, kenars have a higher price.

Moreover, the price of a male depends not only on his ability to sing. An extra ruble will be taken for longevity. And this is due to the fact that in the process of laying eggs, females spend their strength and quickly age.

The ability to get along with their fellows also depends on gender.

Males are aggressive: their life passes in an eternal struggle for territory and females. If you put two kenars in one cell, then friendship between them is unlikely to develop. But several females are able to keep the peace among themselves.

Methods for determining sex in canaries

You can determine the sex of a future pet by appearance or behavior. Turn on all the mindfulness that you have and go!

  • How to determine gender by appearance?

Females and males of canaries have a very bright color, and body sizes are approximately the same. Determining gender “by eye” will be difficult. But with proper skill, you will learn this.

Examine the color in good light. Often females have duller green or greyish plumage.

On closer examination, you can see that the kenars have a longer tail. If you take the bird in your arms and turn it over on its back, the tail of the male will go down, and the tail of the female will rise.

Do not forget to pay attention to the throat of the chosen ones. During the chirping, the canary’s throat increases, while the canary remains the same.

And of course, your faithful ally when choosing a pet is a cloaca. The lower part of the abdomen of females is flat, with downy feathers. And males have a bulge ending in a tube.

  • How to determine gender by behavior?

As we have already said, kenars are more noisy. This distinguishing feature can be used when buying a pet. Watch the birds, consult a breeder. Most likely, the noisiest comrades are the males.

But the following tips begin to work only with time.

  • At the age of about six months, the kenars will give themselves away with beautiful flooding singing. Females can’t sing like that. Therefore, those wishing to breed canaries, it is better to purchase 3-4 birds and watch them.
  • During the mating season (and this is 10-12 months), you will see that the canary is trying by any means to catch up with the canary and treat it to some kind of treat. But the female will not be up to it. Her thoughts are occupied with the improvement of the nest. If you put unnecessary rags, napkins, pieces of paper or twigs into the cage, all this will go to the construction of the future nest. Do not worry, the male will not leave his chosen one and will help her with this. During this period, the canary is already able to lay eggs. But without the participation of the kenar, they will not be fertilized, that is, “empty”.

Other sex determination methods

  • If you already have a clutch, pay attention to the shape of the eggs. An egg with identical poles (only round or pointed) will hatch into a female. The presence of different poles on the same egg, as a rule, indicates development within the male.
  • Another “grandfather” way. In an adult, the tummy will help to recognize the sex. If you draw on it, the male will break out, and the female will freeze in place and tighten her paws.

When asked how to distinguish a kenar or canary, it is better to rely on the appearance of the pet: on its tail and cloaca. Perhaps this is the most accurate way to determine the gender of birds. To help you and the behavior of the baby. You will notice that some birds behave calmly, while others are more defiant. We wish you good luck!

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Canaries are amazing birds. Previously, they were curiosities, they were brought as a gift to high-ranking persons, as something unusual and fabulous. Then these birds were highly valued. Nowadays, buying a canary is not a problem. Meanwhile, the canary, with its appearance in the house, brings a piece of nature, from which modern man has become very distant.


The canary is very unpretentious, but you need to know the basic rules of keeping. This will help you not to make mistakes and not get problems instead of joy.

First you need to choose a bird cage. It should be with a pull-out tray, since the canary is not a parrot, you can’t even try to catch it, and certainly you can’t pull it out of the cage. The bird can become frightened and even die from the resulting stress. Therefore, it is much more convenient to clean the cage with a pull-out tray. Bathing and drinking water containers must be washed daily. In the home of a bird, there should always be close to perfect cleanliness so that the canary does not get sick. Plain paper can be laid at the bottom of the canary’s housing – it must be replaced with a clean one every 2-3 days. The food in the feeder also needs to be changed daily, and changed completely, and not just topped up with a new one. In the complex grain mixture fed to these birds, canaries choose only what suits them.

Canaries are afraid of drafts and cannot stand the heat. A draft can lead to illness – the bird will catch a cold, and the hot sun will cause sunstroke. It is better to put a cage with a bird in a room. The kitchen is not suitable for canaries. As a rule, there are a lot of harmful fumes, which harms the health of birds. After buying a canary, for the first couple of weeks, put the cage in the quietest place in the apartment so that the bird can get used to it.

What to feed

The main food of canaries is grain mixture. You can buy it at a regular pet store. Every day, a canary needs about a teaspoon with a slide of such food. When the bird begins to molt, the amount of feed should be increased. The food in the canary feeder should be constantly, because even a couple of hours without food can lead to sad consequences. This is due to the high bioenergy metabolism in the bird’s body.

Canaries also need green and soft food – it is a good source of minerals and vitamins. If the canaries do not currently have a nesting period, then you need to feed soft food once a week – you should not do this too often. A hard-boiled yolk can act as a soft top dressing – it is rubbed on a grater, 1 tsp of ground crackers, a pinch of poppy seeds and a little semolina are added. The yolk needs only half.

In order for the bird to get enough vitamins, it must be fed fruits and vegetables. Fruit slices can simply be inserted between the bars near the perch. Great for green food: bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, dandelion leaves, spinach, parsley, pears, apples, strawberries. Need a canary and mineral feed. These include: chalk, eggshells, coarse sand, charcoal. This food should also be in the feeder all the time, but in a separate container.

If you want to change food, switch your canary to a new grain mix, or introduce something new to his diet, you need to do this very carefully and gradually. A sharp change in the usual menu can lead to quite serious health problems for the bird. In addition to all of the above, birds also need sunflower seeds and crushed nuts.


Birds clean their feathers themselves. Your help here, of course, is not required. But besides this, canaries also love to swim. To do this, they need small dishes.