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Canary island recipes: Traditional Canarian Food Recipes – Canary Islands Cuisine

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Spanish recipes: Baked Canary Islands bananas

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Metric System UnitsImperial-UK UnitsUS UnitsTime

Over 2 hours.

  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    90 gr brown sugar
    125 gr butter
    50 ml rum or brandy
  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    3.125 oz brown sugar
    4.375 oz butter
    1.875 fl. oz rum or brandy
  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    0.375 cup brown sugar
    0.5 cup butter
    0.125 cup rum or brandy

Federico Oldenburg/©ICEX

A semi-sweet white wine made from Malvasía grapes grown in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), with its delicious contrast between acidity and sweetness, is a perfect match for this recipe for sweet tooth.


Preheat the oven to 200º C / 400º F. Remove the outer skin from the cardamom pods and collect the black seeds. Place the seeds in a small mortar and grind.
Squeeze the oranges and the lemon to get 300 ml /10 ½ fl oz of fresh orange juice and 30ml / 1 ½ fl oz of fresh lemon juice. Mix the juices in a saucepan and add the ground cardamom seeds, sugar, butter, and rum or brandy. Heat the mixture gently until the butter is melted.
Peel the Canary Islands bananas and cut them into quarters. Place them in a baking dish and add the warm buttery juices. Put the baking dish in the hot oven and bake for 20 minutes or until the bananas are soft. Serve at once.

Preparation: Sonia Fuentes/©ICEX




Serve with vanilla ice-cream.


Nutritional Facts

Energy (kcal): 486
Energy (kJ): 2,033
Protein (g): 2. 5
Fat (g): 25.6
Carbohydrates (g): 61.2
Fibre (g): 5.8
Iron (mg): 1.7
Vitamin A (μg): 291.9
Potassium (mg): 717.7


 Information provided by: The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

Metric System UnitsImperial-UK UnitsUS UnitsTime

Over 2 hours.

  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    90 gr brown sugar
    125 gr butter
    50 ml rum or brandy
  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    3.125 oz brown sugar
    4.375 oz butter
    1.875 fl. oz rum or brandy
  • 6 PGI Platano de Canarias – Canary Islands bananas
    5 cardamom pods
    3 oranges
    1 lemon
    0.375 cup brown sugar
    0.5 cup butter
    0.125 cup rum or brandy

Federico Oldenburg/©ICEX

A semi-sweet white wine made from Malvasía grapes grown in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), with its delicious contrast between acidity and sweetness, is a perfect match for this recipe for sweet tooth.

▶ Discover the best canarian desserts ➞ Lopesan

The Canary Islands are a volcanic archipelago known for its beautiful beaches of black and golden sand. It is a gastronomic paradise which exquisite dishes will make you dream, among which we can highlight the wrinkled potatoes and the delicious mojo sauce. However, if you are a big fan of sweets, you have to know that the Canarian desserts are also part of the culinary delights that the island offers. Discover the best desserts you should try during your stay on the island!

  • 1 The best Canarian desserts
    • 1.1 Sweet potato trout
    • 1.2 Sighs of Moya
    • 1.3 Frangollo canario
    • 1.4 Bizcocho de Moya
    • 1.5 Canarian nougat
    • 1.6 Prince Albert
    • 1.7 Marzipan
    • 1.8 Curd cakes
    • 1.9 Machanga
    • 1.10 Bienmesabe
    • 1.11 Canarian Quesillo
    • 1.12 Eggs moles
    • 1.13 Uruguayan powder
  • 2 Why should you try these Canarian desserts?

The best Canarian desserts

The Canary Islands have no rival as hostesses, as they receive tourists with an excellent treatment and spectacular cuisine, in which we can highlight their confectionery. The following list shows which have been classified as the best Canarian desserts:

Sweet potato trout

In the Canary Islands, creativity excels in the best restaurants and also in the most traditional and familiar cuisine. That is the reason why people use ingredients as varied as sweet potatoes to create a dessert. This is mixed with the puff pastry of the trucha (or pasty), which gives it an exquisite flavor. It is one of the most typical Canarian desserts during the Christmas season, although it is prepared all year round.

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Sighs of Moya

It is one of the most typical Canarian desserts. It is made with sugar, egg and lemon. They are very similar to those found in the peninsula. However, these do not contain almonds, but a subtle touch of lemon.

Frangollo canario

The frangollo is considered a delight among the Canarian desserts. It is served mainly on special dates, such as Christmas or the day of the Canary Islands, although it is less common compared to marzipan and biscuits. It is made from crushed legumes, cereals and millet (corn).

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Bizcocho de Moya

The chocolate biscuits are not the only ones that reign in the Canary Islands — you will find the Moya sponge cake too. The Moya cake is a crispy and dry sweet that is prepared by baking it twice with egg, sugar and lemon, covering it after icing sugar.

It was originated by mistake, since the baking time of some sponge cake was exceeded and these were burned slightly. To cover up the error, the white egg and sugar cover were added, and that’s how these sponge cakes were born.

Canarian nougat

The traditional time for this dessert is surprisingly during the summer, when many festivals are celebrated. They begin to be elaborated in the month of May and it is one of the easiest Canarian desserts to prepare. They are sold in the streets in small stalls. Moreover, they are easy to locate since each stall that sells them carries an umbrella as a distinctive, leaving the nougat in full view in wooden boxes.

Prince Albert

Every tourist is fascinated by Prince Albert, which is one of the island’s favorite Canarian desserts. It is a chocolate mousse whose interior is full of almonds and hazelnuts. It is sometimes combined with cream. The preparation of this sweet is very simple and its name is due to the fact that Prince Albert visited the island when the chocolate was being made. In addition, consumers stated that the dessert was as pleasant as the prince.

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The appearance of the Canarian marzipan is very particular, since it has no resemblance to the marzipan we all know, as it is larger than the marzipan. Apparently it is the same as a round cake with almonds covering the top of this sweet.

Its taste is exquisite due to the combination of almonds, lemon and cinnamon. It was created by Dulcería Nublo in Tejeda. However, this bakery distributes this marzipan by manifold Canarian dessert shops.

Curd cakes

Curd cakes are often confused with Herreñan quesadillas. However, the preparation of this dessert is different, although its taste is just as delicious. The main ingredient for these cakes is the curd or the tender white cheese with palm honey, but it does not contain lemon or cinnamon powder like quesadillas.

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Also called “leche machanga”, it is prepared with milk, lemon, vanilla powder, cinnamon and sugar, and it is decorated with chocolate to grate. All the inhabitants of the Canary Islands know this dessert, as it is a kind of custard that drives anyone who tries it crazy. Originally, it was a luxury candy in the Canarian kitchens and was taken only during the holidays, so today it is still prepared only on special dates and at Christmas.


As for the origin of this Canarian dessert, it is said to be many years old. It is a recipe that was found on the island in the fifteenth century when the Spaniards conquered the islands. It is made with almonds that are obtained in the Ariadne Valley and other places in the Canary Islands, which are the perfect complement to several desserts, such as ice cream or custards. In addition, it has a touch of lemon and palm honey.

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Canarian Quesillo

The Canarian quesillo is a typical dessert of the islands and its preparation is very simple, quite similar to the flan. It takes many ingredients to sweeten the palate of visitors. Its ingredients are: condensed milk, a touch of cinnamon, eggs, lemon zest and liquid caramel. Its appearance is almost the same as that of flan, and it is one of the Canarian desserts that you should try if you visit the island.

Eggs moles

A few years ago, moles eggs were not very well known. However, they have spread all over the islands because of their delicious taste. Their texture is the same as that of chocolate mousse, but they are made with egg yolk, cinnamon, water and a mixture of sugar. Its fame has grown so much that it has become a popular dessert in places like Latin America.

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Uruguayan powder

It is an exquisite dessert that is characterized for being accompanied with cookies, sighs of Moya and cream. Its name comes from the Uruguayan families that were dedicated to the restoration of the islands. They made a mixture of Canarian desserts with recipes from Uruguay, and today it is a typical sweet from the area.

Why should you try these Canarian desserts?

If you visit these islands, you should not miss the opportunity to try these delicious desserts from the Canary Islands. Most of these sweets are served only locally. In addition, many of them have been called the best desserts in the world.

Enjoy to the maximum the Canarian desserts in the exceptional restaurants of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. In addition, in Lopesan we offer you to enjoy the best vacations, because our hotels have the perfect combination: dream lodging, varied gastronomy and first class attention. We are much more than just hotels — we are manufacturers of happy memories. Contact us!

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    Barakito recipes – airrynna — LJ

    Barakito coffee came to us from the Canary Islands

    The Canaries is a place where everyone will find something for themselves something interesting. The Canary Islands can offer their tourists not only a beautiful tan.

    In local bars, restaurants and cafes you can try baraquito, a local Tenerife coffee served in small transparent cups. The composition of such a drink includes coffee, condensed milk, lemon peel, milk and other components.

    All of these ingredients are added in layers so that they do not mix. Sometimes a layer of liqueur or brandy is added to coffee, which makes it even more invigorating. The taste of such barakito coffee is sweet, but at the same time with a slight sourness, since it contains lemon zest.

    There are many secrets in the Canary Islands, one of which is baraquito coffee. The islands themselves are a special place where it is very calm, beautiful and light. Nature itself contributes to the perfect atmosphere, and the service is the perfect complement for a perfect holiday. A cup of fragrant barakito coffee will come in handy even on such paradise islands.

    Cinnamon coffee
    Brandy coffee
    Liqueur coffee
    Kalua liqueur coffee
    Orange peel coffee
    Canarian coffee
    Coffee with condensed milk
    Coffee with condensed milk and liqueur

    Coffee with cinnamon


    Condensed milk – 2 tbsp.
    Brandy alcoholic drink – 2 tbsp.
    natural brewed coffee – 50 ml
    cinnamon – on the tip of a knife
    lemon peel
    As for the amount of ingredients, they can be adjusted depending on taste. The most important thing is to correctly, in the right sequence, carefully add them to the glass.

    Pour condensed milk into the bottom of a transparent glass, and then add brandy. Next, you need to pour in small portions of hot brewed coffee. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top and garnish with slices of lemon zest.

    The drink turns out to be very beautiful, because due to the different consistency, the products do not mix, but remain in layers.

    Brandy coffee


    natural brewed coffee – 100 ml
    milk – 30 ml
    condensed milk – 1 tbsp.
    alcoholic drink “Brandy” – 1 tbsp.
    cinnamon – a pinch
    lemon zest – to taste
    First you need to grind fresh coffee beans and pour them into a cezve or coffee maker. After that, pour water and brew strong coffee.

    The milk must be frothed using a coffee machine or other special tool.

    Prepare a thin transparent glass and put the condensed milk on the bottom. Then add brandy and pour hot brewed coffee on top in a thin stream. You need to try to make sure that the layers do not mix. Put milk foam on coffee and sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Grate the lemon zest and also pour over coffee.

    Coffee liqueur


    condensed milk – 2 tsp.
    strong brewed coffee – 60 ml
    coffee liqueur – 1 tbsp.
    lemon peel
    First, pour condensed milk into a transparent glass. Then add strong brewed coffee in a thin stream and cover it with coffee liqueur. Garnish with one lemon peel. Before use, mix everything carefully and drink, enjoying the unique taste.

    Kahlua coffee


    condensed milk – 1 tbsp.
    natural coffee – 70 ml
    Kalua coffee liqueur – 1 tbsp.
    lemon zest – 5 g

    As for the liqueur, for this drink you can add banana Canarian liqueur instead of coffee. At the bottom of the glass you need to put condensed milk, and then in small portions, slowly add hot natural coffee. Pour liquor on top of the coffee, which should color the coffee a little, that is, mix, but some of it will remain on the surface. The top layer of liquor will be the darkest. After that, you need to cut off a piece of zest from a lemon, or you can take orange zest and grate it. Add zest to a glass and you can drink a unique aromatic drink.

    Orange peel coffee


    condensed milk – 2 tsp.
    espresso coffee – 50 ml
    Kalua liqueur – 2 tsp.
    orange peel
    Condensed milk should be placed in the bottom of a small glass. Next, you need to brew a strong espresso. To do this, it is best to use a special coffee machine, where the espresso is really strong. Pour the finished coffee in a thin stream into a glass with condensed milk, only so that the layers do not mix. Liquor should be added after coffee, only part of it will mix with coffee, which will lighten it, and part will remain dark on the surface. Cut the zest of an orange or other citrus, finely chop and pour into a glass of coffee.

    Canarian coffee


    condensed milk – 2 tbsp.
    hot espresso – 100 ml
    lemon zest – 10 g
    Condensed milk should be placed in the bottom of a small transparent glass. Then brew coffee, only strong and pour it in small portions into a glass, only so that the coffee does not mix with condensed milk. Cut the lemon zest from the lemon, grate it and add it to the glass with the drink.

    Condensed milk coffee


    condensed milk – 2 tsp.
    hot black coffee – 1 small cup
    coffee liqueur – 1 tbsp.
    fresh lemon peel – 1 pc.
    Put condensed milk on the bottom of a glass. Its amount can be changed depending on how sweet drinks you like. Next, you need to brew strong coffee and slowly pour one small cup into a glass of condensed milk. After that, add coffee liqueur and throw in one small piece of lemon zest. All this mixture must be mixed and drunk in small sips.

    Coffee with condensed milk and liqueur


    condensed milk – 2 tsp.