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Costa teguise lanzarote nightlife: Teguise Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

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Teguise Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

On the scenic Atlantic shores of eastern Lanzarote is Costa Teguise, a popular resort with easy access to the island’s international airport, just 15km away. Compared to nearby Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise nightlife is more laid-back and low key, which is why this resort is so popular with people seeking a quieter atmosphere for their Lanzarote holiday.

Thanks to its warm climate, Costa Teguise is a popular holiday destination all year round, although it’s a good idea to bring some extra jumpers in the winter and early spring, when the nights can be quite cool. Fortunately, like the rest of Lanzarote, this resort enjoys very high sunshine hours, even in the winter, and has very little rainfall.  

Clubs and bars in Costa Teguise

The main nightlife in Costa Teguise is around Avenida de las Islas Canarias and between Calla las Olas and Calla le Goleta, where you’ll find some of Lanzarote’s best cocktail bars. Costa Teguise nightlife is much more limited than the likes of Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca, which appeal more to clubbers and groups of friends.

Many bars and restaurants here also play live music such as jazz, although it’s not nearly as frantic as Lanzarote’s bigger resorts. This means the atmosphere in Puerto del Carmen is more family oriented, so it will appeal to couples with young children. If you’re staying at an all inclusive hotel, you may benefit from a nightly entertainment programme with live music, shows or comedy as part of your all inclusive package.  

Nightlife further afield

If you’re looking for a more clubbing themed atmosphere than Costa Teguise nightlife, head to Puerto del Carmen, about 25 minutes away by taxi, where you’ll find some of the best clubs in the Canary Islands. This energetic resort has a wide choice of venues around Avenida de las Playas, ranging from cocktail bars to dance clubs, where you can party well into the early hours. Fancy something a little more authentic? Arrecife is a great choice for bars where you can mingle with the locals and listen to some live music.

Nightlife tips

When you’re planning a big night out, bear in mind that clubs in Lanzarote don’t normally open until 11pm, and dance floors don’t often get busy until around midnight. So, if you’re keen to make the most of your holiday and dance all night, consider taking an afternoon nap, as clubs here don’t usually close until 6am.  


Taxis operate throughout the night from Costa Teguise nightlife venues, although prices will be higher than what you’d pay during the day. Always agree your fare in advance, especially if you’re booking a taxi from Puerto del Carmen to Costa Teguise, or from further afield. Make sure you have enough Euros with you beforehand, too.

Other things to do in Costa Teguise

Relax on the resort’s sandy beaches, go for a swim, or take the family to the fantastic Aquapark waterpark. Costa Teguise is also famous for its 18-hole golf course, elegant boutiques and designer shops, and superb restaurants serving fresh seafood and other delicious local and international dishes. See the amazing aquatic life of the Lanzarote Aquarium on the outskirts of Costa Teguise, or head to the Jameos del Agua, an awe-inspiring lava cave system and evening entertainment venue, just a 25-minute drive away.

At Playa Jabillo, you can also go snorkelling and see the aquatic life that thrives just below the surface below. Or, if you’re up for an adrenaline rush, try windsurfing on the big Atlantic waves. If you wake up very early, or stay awake late enough after making the most of Costa Teguise nightlife, you can also witness a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic.        

More Things To Do ideas

Find more Things To Do in Costa Teguise: Aquapark Costa Teguise | Fundacion Cesar Manrique | Lanzarote Aquarium | Pueblo Marinero Craft Market | Submarin Diving 


Club, Pub & Bar Guide w/ Map

Lanzarote →

The resort town of Costa Teguise, has many beach bars and pubs. Our nightlife map has the best places to watch live music, shows or sports. In addition, we’ve marked out the best cocktail bars, wine bars, as well as places to karaoke or to have drinks by the pool.


All drinking venues in Costa Teguise tend to stay open during the day, so you’ll also find a lot bar and grills around town. While there are a couple of small dj lounges, if you’re looking for a clubbing experience, you’ll need to taxi over to Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen.

Costa Teguise Nightlife Map

Most of the nightlife is focused around Avenida de Jabillo and Avenida de Las Canaries with a decent cluster centered around Plaza Pueblo Marina.

Most of the beach bars and pubs are located on the western edge of Playa Las Cucharas. A few decent options can also be found near Playa de Los Charcos and Playa Bastian.

Beach Bars

If you’re anywhere near Playa Las Cucharas, pretty much every bar nearby would qualify. The aptly named Beach Bar is the most popular, but maybe only because of its simple name. In general, most of these like Surfwings and The Waterfront would also be considered a top bar & grill, and ones like Hennessy’s, The Dolphin Inn or The Cutty Sark, are decent pub options.

Flintstone’s, Robinson’s and Number One and all great options within walking distance of Playa de Los Charcos and the Las Cucharas Shopping Center.

Bar La Gabarra is a few streets back on Avenida de Las Canaries beside the show bar.

Cocktail Bars

Dickens Bar near Vulcano Apartments/Playa Bastian along with Vali and the Four Seasons Rock Cafe on Avenida de Jabillo are the most popular.

Hook is also good and a little closer to Playa Las Cucharas while Soleil Bar is right next to Playa del Los Charcos. Most of the top beach bars and pubs, also serve great cocktails.


The aforementioned Hennessy’s has a prime location next to Playa Las Cucharas which makes for one of the best terraces in Costa Teguise.

Bluebells and The Snug along with a few others are just one street back at the Plaza Pueblo Marina. The Highlander a few streets over on Calle de Crucero is also quite popular while the Swan Inn is the closest to Playa del Los Charcos.

Live Music Venues

Most of the bars with live music can be found west of Playa Las Cucharas, with The Venue, Decades and the Abbey Road Bar being most popular.

If staying nearing Playa Bastian then the Cavern Bar and Crown Bar are right next door to Santa Rosa Apartments/Las Coronas.

Karaoke Bars

If you’re looking to sing the night away, then Jesters and Dream Bar can be found along Avenida del Jabillo and are within walking distance of Playa Las Cucharas and the Hotel Grand Teguise at Playa Jabillo.

Show Bars

Decades (formerly Lively Ladies Showbar) is a multifaceted venue which has a drag queen comedy show on Mondays and Fridays, live music on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as doubling as a sports bar during the week.

DJ Lounges

While there are no real nightclubs in Costa Teguise, you can find decent local DJs playing in small lounges like the newly opened Lava Bar on Avenida de Jabillo beside Dream Karaoke Bar.

Sports Bars

Most of the sports bars are located off the western end of Playa Las Cucharas with Champs and Paradise Sports being the most popular.

The Santa Rosa Sports Bar is part of their apartment complex near Playa Bastian. Popeye’s is beside Melinas Selinas and along with Ferraris are the closest options to Playas de Los Charcos.

Wine Bars

The Eatalian Wine & Food is a small but, wonderful wine bar with a decent selection of vino, cocktails, and tapas.

Pool Bars

Most resorts have their own poolside bars, but the Mai Tai Pool Bar at Playa de Los Charcos is open to everyone and well worth a visit.

Bar & Grills

If you’re feeling a little peckish, most of the top beach bars and pubs also have great grills, but these selections can be more family-friendly.

Saxos is a good option and found right behind Playa Jabillo beside Dream Bar. Tekker’s is also pretty popular and found a couple of streets back on Avenida de Las Canaries near Plaza Pueblo Marinero.

If you’re staying near Playa Encala or Hotel BlueSea, then The Midlander is the closest option and has some TVs for live sports as well.

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Top 20 Best Beaches in the World – Hotel Reviews

Are you tired of the routine and want to relax and enjoy your holiday in the best place on the planet? Then it’s time to start organizing summer holidays. In this difficult matter, the leading hotel booking site Hotels. com comes to your aid, which has selected for you the 20 best beaches in the world, where there is no place for problems and worries. All these beaches are united by fine sand, clear water and quality certificates of the highest international level. Using our tips, you can have a great rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
20 of the best beaches in the world

1. Playa Miramar, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Hotel – Camino Real Manzanillo (****)
This beach is the best on the Gulf Coast, which is confirmed by a certificate of quality indicating the purity and quality of water. This stretch of coastline is a real paradise, with magnificent sand underfoot and amazingly beautiful sea. Here it is easy to forget about all everyday problems and experience life in a way that you have not been able to before. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at the fantastic Camino Real Manzanillo, close to the beach and other attractions.

2. Ornos, Mykonos, Greece

Hotel – Yiannaki Hotel. (****)
This Greek island is incredibly popular as a holiday destination for gossip heroes thanks to its magnificent beaches, certified to all European quality standards. Mykonos has a rich nightlife, and the nearby island of Delos will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the treasures of antiquity. The hotel is located close to the island’s attractions, such as the Aegean Maritime Museum and the windmills of Mykonos.

3. International Jurerê, Florianopolis, Brazil

Hotel – Sofitel Florianopolis (****)
International Jureré was the first beach in Latin America to be awarded the Blue Flag for the quality and purity of the water. Undoubtedly, this place is truly unique. Here you can relax and touch nature. You can stay at the Sofitel Hotel, the perfect location of which will help you feel all the charm of the city. The hotel has a beautiful beach covered with fine sand. And the temperature is perfect for relaxing.

4. Glicorisa Beach, Samos, Greece

Hotel – Proteas Blu Resort. (*****)
The soft sand and azure waters of Glicorisa Beach will blow your mind. This beach, awarded all European quality certificates, is located on the picturesque island of Samos, filled with an atmosphere of harmony and serenity. Proteas Blu Resort is located close to the beach in one of the most prestigious areas of Samos. You will have the opportunity to visit the temple of the Greek goddess Hera, located in the city near the hotel.

5. Playa de Las Cucharas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Hotel – Gran Meliá Salinas & The Garden Villas (*****)
This golden sandy beach stretches over 600 meters, located in the second most popular tourist area of ​​the Costa Teguise of Lanzarote. You will quickly find your way to this beach, which is popular with tourists and surfers. The beach meets European standards for cleanliness. When you stay at the Meliá Salinas & The Garden Villas Hotel, you will be transported to another world filled with new sensations. You will love this place, located a few steps from the beach and providing its guests with all kinds of services.

6. Beach of Arbus, Sardinia, Italy

Hotel – Tarthes Hotel (****)
The coast of Arbus, located 60 kilometers northwest of Cagliari, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. In addition to the Blue Flag, confirming the quality and cleanliness, the beach has also been awarded for the beauty of nature, the preservation of history and culture. Only 10 cities in Italy have received this award. You can enjoy your holiday on this beach by booking a room at the Tarthes Hotel, which combines quality and low prices.

7. Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Hotel – The Donato House Hotel (**)
Wasaga Beach is one of Canada’s most popular beaches and is renowned for its natural beauty, affordability and certified quality. More and more travelers come here to unwind and forget about everyday problems on the finest sand, enjoying the magnificent weather. Staying at The Donato House Hotel, you will live near the most popular and beautiful beach in Canada, without leaving a lot of money there.

8. Praia de Sao Rafael, Algarve, Portugal

Hotel – CS Sao Rafael Suite Hotel (*****) From 285 euros per night
Sao Rafael beach is relatively small in size, but it is considered one of the most beautiful in Portugal, thanks to the texture and color of the sand. There are many shops and malls on the beach, which are easy to reach on foot, leaving the car in the parking lot of the beach. The rooms at CS São Rafael Suite Hotel offer breathtaking sea views and unique interiors. Featuring amazing gardens, this hotel is located 500 meters from the beach and 2 kilometers from the center of Albufeira.

9. Cala Jondal, Ibiza, Spain

Hotel – Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort. (****)
Cala Jondal is famous for its luxurious yachts, many restaurants and bars, which are visited by world celebrities, and curious tourists. This beach is one of the most amazing places in Spain and has all the necessary certificates for the quality and purity of the water. Thanks to this, nothing can overshadow your vacation with family or friends. Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort is located on Den Bossa Beach, close to the sea and Ibiza Castle. Come to the beach this summer and you will feel the love in your heart again.

10. Casablanca Beach, Morocco

Hotel – Gite Nadia (****)
The beaches in Morocco are ideal for swimming due to the unique temperature. The waters of the sea in northwest Africa maintain a temperature of 18 degrees in winter, and 23 degrees in summer. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety. recommends that you stay at the Gite Nadia, minutes from the city center and tourist attractions such as Mohammed V Square and the Hassan II Mosque.

11. Dolphin Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Hotel – Protea Hotel Dolphin Beach (****)
This beach is considered one of the best on the continent due to its warm waters and soft fine sand. It has been awarded international quality certificates. When traveling to this beach, recommends staying at the Dolphin Beach Hotel, where you can enjoy swimming in privacy at the best prices.

12. White Beach, Santorini, Greece

Hotel – Astarte Suites (****)
Santorini is a small island paradise in the Cyclades archipelago, famous for its pristine beaches and clear waters. Every 10 minutes you can take a boat from Santorini to the amazing White Beach, where you can relax and feel the breath of ancient Greece. The Astarte Suites hotel is located near White Beach and pleasantly surprises its guests. gives you the best value for your money.

13. Cromer Beach, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hotel – Cromer Country Club (****)
Cromer Beach is one of those places that you can’t forget once you see it. Small houses and the horizon before your eyes – in such an atmosphere it is easy to forget about worries. This Norfolk hotel is located near the beach. Relax and enjoy using

14. La Grande Plage, Brittany, France

Hotel – Novotel Thalassa Oleron St Trojan. (***)
This amazing beach with clear water and fine sand is located in the French province of Brittany. The quality, cleanliness and safety of the beach is confirmed by the Blue Flag issued to it. Experience a natural paradise by booking Novotel Thalassa Oleron through It might be the best vacation of your life.

15. Alvor Beach, Portimão Algarve, Portugal

Hotel – Pestana Delfim Hotel (****)
From May to September in Portugal the temperature is ideal for swimming. Unlike other Portuguese beaches, Alvor Beach has a Blue Flag, which officially confirms the excellent quality of the beach. The Pestana Delfim Hotel has a unique health club and special services to help make your stay unforgettable. makes it easy for you to organize your trip.

16. Playa de Rodas, Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

Hotel – Vigo Tryp Galleons. (****)
This beach is considered one of the best in the world. Boat tours depart from the city of Vigo, in which tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the coast, getting into a completely different world. The quality of the beach is confirmed by the European Blue Flag. Staying at the Vigo Tryp Galleons will put you in the center of city life and still have the opportunity to explore the islands.

17. El portet, Teulada, Alicante, Spain

Hotel – Swiss Moraira Hotel (****)
This beach, famous for its golden sands and clear waters, is located in Marina Alta, the most picturesque part of the Costa Blanca. Here in the summer you can enjoy swimming around the rocks, watching the seabed. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this Blue Flag beach. recommends you stay at the Swiss Hotel Moraira for the best guaranteed rates.

18. Beach Paceville, San Julian, Malta

Hotel – The Westin Dragonara Resort (****)
This is a beach with a very interesting history. It was created for the city of San Julian, but subsequently turned into one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Malta, awarded the Blue Flag. The hotel is located on the beach, close to attractions such as the National Archaeological Museum and Fort San Elmo. Visit and discover Malta.

19. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Hotel – Barcelo Puerto Plata All Inclusive (****)
This tropical natural wonder is located 15 minutes from Puerto Plata. The quality of the beach is confirmed by the Blue Flag. In the restaurants and nightclubs located on it, you can have a good time, and for your convenience, there are many banks and souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for relatives and friends. You can stay at the Barcelo Puerto All Inclusive Hotel, located near the Fun Water Park, Fort San Felipe and Pico Isabel de Torres.