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Craft beer tenerife: 2022 Tenerife Top Craft Beers

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2022 Tenerife Top Craft Beers

Beer prices

A half-liter of beer in Tenerife costs around 1-2€, which is ideal for people who are on a budget, but still want to drink cold beer on a sunny day without having to worry about money.

Beer brands on the canary islands

On the Canary Islands, you can find a number of fine craft beers. One of the most popular beer brands in Tenerife is Dorada. You will recognize it for the logo with the volcano El Teide on it. In addition, the beer brands Tropical and Reina are also popular on all the Canary Islands. 

Beer is often served using glasses from the freezer

Most restaurants and bars offer these local beer brands as their standard beer. They often serve them in beer glasses that are stored in the freezer to keep the  beer cold for a long time. More detailed information regarding the beer brands Tropical, Dorada and Reina beer can be found on the blog of canaries live.

How to order a beer in Spanish

If you want to order a beer in Spanish, tell the waiter “una cerveza, por favor”. The waiter will then probably ask you what beer size you want and may use one of the following terms:

  • Caña (20-25cl, small beer)
  • Botellin (20-25cl small bottle)
  • Botella (33cl bottle)
  • Jarra (500ml, big beer)

Can you find Belgian beers in Tenerife? 

If you are a lover of Belgian beer, you can visit venues such as Manneke Pis Belgian Beer Bar and Chapo House of Tapas. Belgian beers in Tenerife are delivered by the transport company Transbelga, which specializes in delivering beer from Belgium to Tenerife.

The real beer lovers must visit the beer spa of Tenerife!

In Playa de las Américas, you can find a beer spa. This is a wonderful place to visit with a comfortable sauna, massage possibilities and most importantly a proper beer tub! Although the beer spa only started in the south of Tenerife in 2020, the place has already received a lot of excellent reviews. Find out more on their website: https://beerspain. com/spa/beer-spa-tenerife/

Tenerife’s Oktoberfest

As there are many Germans expats living in Tenerife, their beer festival tradition was soon adopted on the island. The first Tenerife Oktoberfest took place in 1973, when the members of the Center for Initiatives and Tourism of Puerto de la Cruz decided to invite a Bavarian orchestra from the city of Leinach, to give a series of concerts in Puerto de la Cruz. Ever since then, the Oktoberfest experience has been repeated every year, which shows an interesting cultural exchange between the local population and the German colony living in the north of Tenerife.

Oktoberfest in Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife Oktoberfest is found every year in Puerto de la Cruz at the Plaza de Europa. During this Tenerife beer festival, there will be plenty of music, good food and of course lots of beer

More information about the Oktoberfest:

3 craft beers from Tenerife that you have to try

Today we review 3 craft beers from the Island of Tenerife that you must try on your visit to Tenerife.


As we have already seen in some of our previous blogs, the Canary Islands is much more than sun and beaches. Tenerife is also a great place to expand your beer culture. Thanks to the influence of tourism and foreigners who decide to stay and live on our island, an interest in creating craft beers in the Canary Islands began in 2001.


The use of barley, malts and hops grown on the islands provides a particular flavor, linked to the volcanic character of the soil and the mild temperatures of the archipelago. Experimentation in search of memorable flavors, their minimal impact on the environment and support for the growth of the local economy, make them a very interesting gastronomic and social choice.


We offer you a selection of the 3 most important on the Island of Tenerife.



La Jefa is a microbrewery based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


We let them describe its operation and its way of being:


“At La Jefa we are dedicated to making craft beers in the traditional way, taking care of all the processes in a delicate way, selecting the best raw materials, pampering them and treating them with great affection to obtain the best results and offer a rich and unique beer.


But in La Jefa we want to go a little further, our intention is not only to make good beer, we want to take advantage of it to reclaim a space for women that history has silenced and hidden. We want to give them the opportunity to be The Bosses that they should have been. Each of our types of beers will be dedicated to one of those Bosses ”.



Tacoa is a family business that was founded on June 15, 2001 and that has its roots in the exciting story of a Canarian who, due to the hazards of life, one day landed in Berlin, and that we could summarize as follows:


Teresa, a woman almost “addicted” to infusions, arrived in Berlin in September 1989. There she experienced by surprise one of the most important events in history: the fall of the wall and the reunification of the two Germanies. She too there she fell in love doubly, on the one hand with Jochen and on the other with the BEER! And after many years in that incredible city – which she defines as captivating – she decided to embark on the adventure of returning to her island to make the exquisite beer that she met for the first time in the Teutonic country and that changed her palate. Beloved Berlin!


And it is precisely at this point that she begins a journey that began in June 2001, years full of pure brewing history.


The Tacoa brewery offers a wide range of craft beers, brewed in their premises in full view of the public, they also personalize their beers for all kinds of events. If you prefer, they also offer visits to their facilities and tastings with pairing. Do not hesitate to contact them for a visit and try one of the best beers in Tenerife.



Agüita, that popular Canarian expression that is used as a tagline when something especially impresses or attracts attention, either because of its novelty, curiosity, irony, or simply because it is scandalous or shocking, gives the name to this new Canarian craft beer, made entirely in Tenerife.


With a second fermentation in the bottle, naturally carbonated, unfiltered, slightly cloudy, and without additives or preservatives, it comes in five varieties: La Picona! (Indian Pale Ale), La Rubia! (Belgian Blonde), La Morenita! (Irish Dry Stout), Dead Bully (Pale Ale) and Hoppy Pilsen.

Craft beer in the Canary Islands (there is something to drink there!)

Tuesday, a lot of work, and even more ahead, before the holidays there are 3 more months of hard work, and at this time there are comrades who are basking in the Canaries and have the audacity to post photos from there to facebook! This is exactly what one comrade does these days, another did something similar in the fall, but, as compensation, he brought a dozen and a half Canarian-Spanish craft (well, almost, some copies mimic it)! There will be a record about them today:
Agüita! La Rubia , 7.2% Agüita! Cerveza Artesanal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, hazy, golden, white foam, fruity, malt, esters, pear, apple, slightly winey, malty taste, sweetish, pear, lollipops, apples, similar to Belgian blonde, which is indicated in slipper, 3.1
Basqueland / Wendlandt Hermey’s Dilemma , 8%, Basqueland Brewing Project, Hernani, Basque tripel, light golden, hazy, white foam, smells slightly sour, malt, higher alcohols, apple, powerful. Taste is sweetish, malt, vinous, strong, a little bit of apple seeds, bitterness, alcoholized, but brewable, 3.3
Caraperro Yakima Red Ale , 5.7%, Compañia Cervecera de Canarias (AB InBev), Islas Canarias, dark gold, white head, slightly oily, caramel, malt, slightly fruity, apple, pear flavor slightly, malt, oil, canvas, some bitterness, slightly resinous, medium, 2.7
Chutney Albert Spaggiari , 6.5%, Cerveza Chutney, La Laguna, Tenerife, dark brown, yellowish foam, smells of coffee, caramel, a little dried fruit, malt, chocolate. Taste malt, caramel, slightly burnt, slightly sweet, slightly milky, normal sweet stout, 3.3
Drago IPA , 7%, Drago Cerveza Artisanal, Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria, golden, hazy, white head, smells a bit dirty, yeasty, fruity, well. Taste tart, yeast, malt, hops, astringent, sad enough for an IPA, 2.8

Gara Princesa del Agua , 5.2%, Los Llanos de Aridane, golden, hazy, white head, smells like malt, fruity, slightly citrus, malty taste, slightly fruity, mild, drinkable, slightly bitter, brewable golden ale, 3. 0
Jaira Buchito , 5%, Agüimes, Las Palmas, billed as American Wheat, hazy, golden, white foam, smells good, citrus, tropical fruit, sweet, fun. Taste bitter, fruity, citrus, grapefruit, slightly earthy bitterness, not bad, 3.2
Jeito Oatmeal Stout , 6%, Los Realejos, dark brown, yellowish foam, smells vague, steamed peas, a little yeast, wild, caramel , a little stingy. Sweetish taste, caramel, dried fruits, slightly wild, fresh must, 2.3
La Quince / Galotia Canary Island , 4.9%, Vecindario, almost transparent, light golden, yellowish foam, smells sweet and sour, fruity, strawberry, berries, peach, tastes slightly sweet, but also slightly sour, berries , peach, good sour, 3.2

Larrancadilla Pale Ale , 4.7%, Larrancadilla Cerveza Artesanal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, light golden, white foam, smells slightly dusty, sweet, fruity, jam. Tart taste, yeast, fruity, slightly bitter, aspirin, expected more, 2.7
NAO Mucho , 6. 5%, NAO Cerveza de Lanzarote, Arrecife de Lanzarote, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, hazy, yellow, whitish foam, fruity smell, citrus, slight sweetness, mango. Malt, citrus, apple, hops, astringent, bitter, not bright enough for an IPA, 3.2
Sagra Suxinsu , 9.1%, Cervezas La Sagra (Molson Coors), Numancia de la Sagra (Toledo), sort of Tripel, dark gold, hazy, white foam, smells of malt, wine, yellow plum, flowers, jam, seeds. Malt taste, pear, apples, alcoholized, seeds, slightly strange, 3.0

Tierra de Perros / Beancurdturtle Saison , 5.2%, dark gold, yellowish foam, smells spicy, malt, fruity, cumin, coriander, apples, a little wild, the taste is also spicy, malt, coriander, a little bit of bitterness, well, 2.8
Tierra de Perros La Boheme , 6%, Cervezas Guaberze – Tierra de Perros, Los Realejos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Belgian Pale Ale, hazy, golden, white foam, smells sweet, fruity, slightly pears. Malty taste, slightly spicy, light fruitiness, pear seeds and all, 2. 9
Vagamundo Irish Red , 5.4%, Vagamundo Cervezas, Canarias, reddish-amber, cloudy, yellowish foam, smells sweet, yeast, caramel, fruity, slightly dried fruit. Taste of caramel, dried fruits, yeast, malt, slightly burnt, coffee, astringent, slightly bitter, 2.9

The best craft beer in Tenerife!


  • Things to consider when crafting beer
    • 1. Natural ingredients
    • 2. Using local and quality products

      Aspects to consider when crafting beer

      When the term “craft beer” comes to mind, we think of beer with better taste and quality than industrial beer. And this is an idea that is not so far from reality. So, what is the difference between industrial and craft beer?

      1. Natural Ingredients

      Forget the additives and other chemicals found in industrial beer. Since it is a craft product, preservatives are avoided, using only the main ingredients that make up the beer. And this, as we noted another time, is: brewer’s yeast, malt, hops. nine0051

      2. Use of local and quality products

      Being typical of a certain place, it is almost mandatory to use local products to make craft beer. Therefore, they will always be made from fresh ingredients, so the taste will be more natural, and you will support the local trade.

      3. A more natural preparation

      Being a local beer, its creators most of all value quality taste and good aroma. All of this can be lost when brewing beer in larger machines where the filtration is more chemical. Thus, the beer loses its taste, aroma and even properties. nine0051

      The best craft beer in Tenerife

      Now we go to the local product of Tenerife. He has many varieties, and, no doubt, all of them are of high quality. Let’s find them:

      Tacoa Craft Beer

      Tacoa is a beer produced by small and independent producers with great attention to product quality. Made from 100% natural products, with a unique taste and aroma.