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Visit El Golfo and the Spectacular Green Lagoon

El Golfo

El Golfo is a tiny fishing village on Lanzarote’s southwest coast. You won’t find a village anywhere, in a more bizarre or spectacular place. The village sits on a lava field right next to the sea. The black lava only formed relatively recently and provides the perfect contrast for the deep blues of the ocean. It’s not a particularly large place, little more than a handful of houses, some old, some new. Many of the houses are painted in the traditional Lanzarote green, the rest being mostly blue.

The village is perhaps most famous for the Charco de Los Clicos (Green Lagoon) which is nearby.

El Golfo is one of the locations used in the 2009 film Broken Embraces starring Penelope Cruz and directed by Pedro Almodovar.

The Atlantic coastline here is wild and unspoilt, perfect for wave watching. There is nothing between here and America so the coastline receives the full power of the Atlantic. If you visit on a windy day (most days in Lanzarote!) the ocean waves can be quite spectacular. So remember to bring your camera for some amazing coastal photos.

Visiting El Golfo

There are two ways to get to El Golfo by car. Either take the LZ 702 / LZ 703 from Femes or the LZ 704 from Yaiza. It is about a 25-minute drive from Puerto del Carmen and a 20-minute drive from Playa Blanca. There is ample car parking just before you enter the village. This is a better option than trying to park in the village itself which can get quite congested.

There is another car park through the village at the northwestern end which is handy if you are planning to walk along the coast to the Playa del Paso. This car park is next to a children’s playground and a black pebble beach. It’s also where the road stops and the National Park of Timanfaya begins.

There is no scheduled bus service to the village. The only other option would be to book a day excursion from any of the resorts – these usually visit Timanfaya, El Golfo and Los Hervideros.


The village is popular with coach tours and is a very common lunch stop. This is probably because the village has lots of great seafood restaurants. If you want an excellent evening meal complete with a sunset, try the Mar Azul on the seafront. This serves great seafood and also has vegetarian options.

As well as the excellent selection of local restaurants, there is also a small supermarket and an ice cream parlour in the village.

El Golfo is very popular with locals as well, many have holiday homes here. If you want to avoid the crowds visit early in the day or if you like sunsets, towards the evening. The sunsets here are some of the most beautiful in Lanzarote.

Another option for avoiding the daytime crowds is to go for a walk along the coastline.

El Golfo

Walk from El Golfo to Playa del Paso

This is a stunning walk starting from the car park at the northeast end of El Golfo. It enters the Timanfaya National Park and follows part of the Ruta del Litoral along the coast to the secluded black sand beach at Playa del Paso. The route runs across the lava field. Much of it is marked out by small boulders and stones along the edge. This makes it reasonably easy to follow, the odd stretch is less clear, but it is a well-trod path. The route is not exactly busy, but you’ll no doubt pass a few other walkers along the way.

Ruta del Litoral

This is a walking route along the coastline of the Timanfaya National Park. It is an area of great ecological fragility so visitors are asked not to do anything that might have an adverse effect on the conservation of the area. Please take your litter home.

Wear stout walking shoes and be extra careful, lava is very sharp and quite unforgiving if you trip up! The route is quite exposed and there is little shelter from the sun and nowhere to buy any food or drink. So make sure you take suncream, a hat and enough supplies with you.

The walk to the Playa del Paso and back can be done in a morning or an afternoon quite easily. If you decide to return on the circular route this will add about an hour or so to your walk.

It’s important not to leave the path, there are still some lava tubes in the area and in places they have a thin crust that could give way. Also scattered around are “bubbles” in the lava. You might well spot one of these from the path. They can be 3 or 4 metres deep and up to 10 metres wide. The tops of these are often overhung making them impossible to climb out of, assuming you survive the fall.

The footpath runs across the lava field hugging the coast most of the way. If you like watching waves there are many spectacular views from the clifftops along the route. On the other side, the views across the lava field towards the volcanoes of Timanfaya are just as spectacular.

Playa del Paso

Eventually, the path meets a wide dirt road. Turn left onto the road and follow it down to Playa del Paso.

This is a great beach to have a rest, sit and watch the waves for a while. There is a sign on the beach that says “No picnicking” – no doubt to discourage people from leaving litter etc.

Please don’t be tempted to have a swim here, there is a heavy swell off the beach and a strong current.

Return to El Golfo

After you’ve had enough of the beach, return to the spot where you joined the dirt road. Now you have a choice, you can either return the way you came, along the coast or continue along the road. I’ve walked both ways and I prefer the coastal option to be honest, as the coastline is so spectacular (I could watch waves all day long!).

Ignore the path on the left-hand side which goes further up the coast to Playa del Cochino. This is a much longer and less walked path.

If you’ve decided to follow the road, continue straight ahead. The dirt road passes a barrier and a Timanfaya National Park sign. Pass a villa on the left. Shortly after the villa, you come to two white gateposts, pass these and then turn right. Carry on along the dirt road until it joins the LZ 703. Turn right to return to El Golfo now only half a mile away. The road is fairly quiet and it’s possible to walk on the scrubland at the side.

El Golfo coastal walk

Charco de los Clicos

Charco de los Clicos is quite possibly the most amazing lagoon you’ll ever see. It is coloured a vivid green by algae growing in the water. If you’ve been in Lanzarote for a few days, you’ll no doubt have seen a picture of the lagoon on every postcard rack. The shade of green of the lagoon varies depending on the light and conditions.

The 150-meter long lagoon sits behind a black sand beach with a backdrop of impressively eroded red and yellow cliffs.

Charco de los Clicos – The Green Lagoon

Visiting the Green Lagoon

So spectacular is the lagoon that it is on nearly all the tourist bus trips, which means it’s usually very busy. The lagoon is a short walk along a marked walkway. The walkway starts from the first car park above the village. This is on the left as you enter El Golfo. The path is to the left of the gift shop and leads to a viewing platform high above the beach and lagoon. This is well placed and offers the best view of the lagoon. You get great views of the beach, the caldera, the lagoon and the ocean, all from one place.

The lagoon has formed in a collapsed volcanic crater, which has been eroded on one side by the sea. It is now a protected area and sits behind a rope barrier, it’s not permitted to go near the lagoon.

It used to be possible to access the beach from a road leading down to the south end (from the direction of Los Hervideros). However, the road is closed now as the cliffs are unstable and dangerous.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Green Lagoon and El Golfo, if you have the time it’s only a short drive to Los Hervideros, where you can enjoy some spectacular wave watching and Salinas de Janubio, Lanzarote’s only working salt pans.

Other things to do in Lanzarote

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The village of El Golfo and the Laguna Verde in Lanzarote

General presentation
El Golfo is a small fishing village, the southwest coast of the island of Lanzarote, which does not lack charm, with its narrow streets, small houses with traditional architecture and its fishing boats from the black sand beach. Many of these fishermen’s houses have become holiday residences.

This village – about 150 people – is part of the municipality of Yaiza. It is famous for a natural curiosity, the Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde) and for its fish restaurants.

Etymology and toponymy
El Golfo (“Gulf”) is named after the name given by the people to the semi-circular lagoon of Lago de los Clicos or Charco Verde, formed by the collapsed crater of Montaña del Golfo.
The village of El Golfo is located inside the Natural Park of Los Volcanes, south of the National Park Timanfaya; the village is in a desert landscape surrounded by lava and volcanic ash eruptions that occurred between 1730 and 1736.

From Playa Blanca, 18 km (20 minutes), you reach El Golfo via the LZ-701 road and then the scenic route LZ-703, which runs along the west coast between the volcanic peaks of Montaña de la Vieja Gabriela and beaches black sand; First road bypasses the salt marshes of the Laguna de Janubio, then passes near the impressive cliffs of Los Hervideros before reaching the fishing village and its green lagoon. Yaiza is located 8.5 km southeast of El Golfo by the LZ-704 road.

The Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde)
The Laguna Verde is a natural site of rare beauty, the green color contrast with the ochre, red and black tones of the surrounding volcanic rocks, especially just before sunset; it is one of the main natural attractions of the island of Lanzarote.

The vocabulary hesitate to describe this strange body of water: El Charco (“the puddle”), El Lago (“Lake”) or La Laguna (“lagoon”) Verde or Los Clicos. The Laguna Verde (“Green Lagoon”) is a separate body of water from the sea by a sand, but no longer communicating with the sea through a channel as do the lagoons: Green Lagoon is fed by seepage sea ​​water through underground cracks in rocks and volcanic sands.

The greenish color of Charco Verde due to the presence on its surface, a fresh water algae, the sea grass (Ruppia maritima), which is adapted to the high salinity of the lagoon, and the the presence of sulfur in its waters. His other name, Charco de los Clicos, is the fact that there was an abundance of edible shellfish once called “clicos”; this species has now disappeared from the waters of Laguna Verde.
The Lago Verde is also a crater lake: it is located in the crater of Montaña del Golfo whose western part disappeared in the ocean; the last eruption of this volcano took place in the eighteenth century (1730-1736). The Volcán del Golfo is an example of hydrovolcanism, a submarine volcano; This phenomenon is seen especially on the coasts: the meeting of magma and water causes an explosion which forms a porous volcanic tuff ring, which, by the action of time, creates spectacular formations. This tuff ring there is only a half-crater, forming a beautiful semicircular bay, El Golfo, the eastern part of the crater, whose ridged wall rises to 157 meters above the lake.
Connected to the beach by a sand bar, a rock stands in the bay there is a dyke, a hard lava chimney whose softer rocks around him have been eroded by the action of ’ocean. This dyke accentuates the dramatic character of the landscape when the raging ocean waves crash against him.
Green Lagoon about 150 meters long and is about 50 meters from the ocean, behind a cordon of black sand of 320 m long and 30 m wide on average. For unknown reasons, the lake evaporates increasingly and has a fraction of its original size. The lagoon water salinity has exceptional: it is denser and saltier than the Dead Sea.

The sandy beach and volcanic black pebbles contains olivine, semiprecious stones olive green color that come from the earth’s mantle; these stones attract amateur geologists and the region of jewelry manufacturers.

The Laguna Verde is a few hundred meters south of the village of El Golfo; it is separated from the village by a lava flow. Since parking a dirt road off to the left and drove to a lookout with a beautiful view of the lagoon. From the viewpoint a path down to the lagoon and to the beach.

The Charco Verde is surrounded by a fence, and it is not allowed to penetrate, let alone swim in it because it is a nature reserve; swimming is not allowed on the beach because too dangerous due to strong currents.

The site Laguna Verde was the backdrop for the movie “One Million Years BC” (1966), in which Raquel Welch wore a bikini in animal skin.

Weather and forecasts
Hotel El Hotelito de El Golfo
The Hotelito de El Golfo is the only hotel in El Golfo.

Double rooms about 55 €; Some rooms have large balconies.

Telephone: 00 34928173272.

The village of El Golfo is known for its many fresh fish restaurants, popular with islanders and tourists, where you can enjoy the sunsets while sipping wines from Lanzarote.
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Green Lagoon Lanzarote (El Golfo)

Let’s discover the unique volcanic landscape of the Green lagoon Lanzarote at El Golfo.  
Also known as Lago verde or Charco de los Clicos, it is a world of colourful contrasts and strange shapes: a green lake, black and red rocks and the blue sky!
Below is my guide to help you plan your visit with photos, map and tips.

This article contains affiliate links (Disclosure page). If you purchase using my link, I get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Why Visit the Green Lagoon Lanzarote ?

Charco Verde: A unique landscape!

On my way to Charco verde, all I was expecting was  to see a green lagoon. But what remains of the volcano behind is also stunning. There is a mix of red, yellow and black rocks which have been beautifully shaped by erosion. Plus all that is combined with a black beach and a practical viewpoint. A great short stop and one of the great things to do in Lanzarote.
Sadly, I think none of my pictures give justice to this landscape. You will have to see it for yourself.

About the Green Lagoon Lanzarote

  • The volcanic crater was formed during the 1730s eruptions and it was flooded by the ocean. With erosion, only half of the cone remains.
  • Due to the flooding, the green lagoon was formed. It now keeps its water level through underground cracks
  • Why is it green? Lago Verde is green due to the combination of an algae (the sea grass algae) and sulfur
  • The inside of the volcano is quite unique too because of the porous rocks which are very susceptible to erosion. This is typical of hydrovolcanism, where magma has met water
  • The highest point of the volcano is 157m above the lake
  • On the other side of the parking is the small fishing village of El Golfo, which is why the green lagoon is sometimes referred to as El Golfo.

About the name

One of its name is Charco de Los Clicos. It is named after a shellfish that used to be abundant here.  

Many photos after the practical tips

How to get to El Golfo Lanzarote – Map

How to get to the Green lagoon Lanzarote by car – Map and Location

  • South West Coast of Lanzarote, not far from Yaiza
  • Puerto del Carmen to El Golfo – 25 min drive
  • Playa Blanca to El GOlfo – 20 min drive
  • North access only. The South access (road/carpark) has been closed.
  • Below  is a map to help you get oriented:

Map – Green Lagoon in Lanzarote – location

El Golfo, with its GPS coordinates, is included in my eBook with complete map to help you plan your trip:

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Excursion options

If you don’t want to rent a car and drive around, you can book a complete day excursion from any of the sea resorts – it covers all the Central West region with Timanfaya, EL Golfo and Los Hervideros – Check out program and book

Visiting Charco de los Clicos

  • Best to visit at low tide to see the nice formations on the beach
  • Best to visit at sunset for the colours to be more intense and the contrasts magnificent
  • Delicious seafood restaurants in El Golfo
  • No facilities outside of the cafés
  • Large carpark by the walk to the viewpoint:

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Staying at El Golfo in Lanzarote

In the photo below, you can see the village of El Golfo in the background.
If you want to enjoy beautiful sunset every evening, El Golfo is a great place to stay – Check out the accommodations in El Golfo

For more ideas of where to stay in Lanzarote, head to my complete guide.

Where to stay in Lanzarote?
My tips:

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  • Main resort town (without car & nightlife) – Puerto del Carmen – see best rated accommodations
  • Best location to be able to explore Lanzarote – Costa Teguise – see best rated accommodations
  • Coastal Charm and Quiet – Punta Mujeres – see best rated accommodations
  • Scenic Views – Famara Beach – see best rated accommodations
  • Original & isolated – La Graciosa – see best rated accommodations

More tips on my article about where to stay in Lanzarote

Access to viewpoint over Charco Verde Lanzarote

To access the viewpoint over the volcano and Lago verde, it is a short 5 min walk on a maintained path.
You can see the path on the side of the volcano in the picture below:

It is an easy access, just be careful with young kids.

At the end is a viewing platform on the red part of the volcano. You get a complete view of the caldera, the lagoon, the beach and the ocean.

Views of the Lanzarote Green Lagoon

Below, are my pictures to give you an idea of the views from that platform.
As I said because the volcano was formed by the water, the rock is porous. So overtime, erosion has created beautiful shapes, like waves of rocks.
At the bottom is the famous green lagoon Lanzarote. It really stands out against darkness of the beach. It creates one of the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote.

The Laguna Verde is roughly 150m long. It used to be bigger. According to this site, it is denser and saltier than the Dead Sea. It is protected and you can’t approach it.

But because my favorite colour is red, I really enjoyed the North side of the volcano, right by the viewpoint. The walls are intense red and there are strange black rocks stuck on the side. It is fascinating.

Between the Lagoon and the ocean is a 30m wide black beach. It is made of volcanic sand, pebbles and it contains olivine a semiprecious stone of olive colour.
And notice the lava chimney at the end of the beach.

About the green color

Depending on the light and conditions, the lagoon can appear more or less green. However picture where you see it completely neon green have been heavily post-processed.

El Golfo beach near Charco de los Clicos

I also really enjoyed the small cove, below the access path to the viewpoint.
Here is a view from that path:

Below is a view from the carpark side. You can see the different types of rocks and colour. It used to be a fishing village, and there are many great seafood restaurant for you to enjoy.

It is easy to get down to the beach and sit to enjoy sunset. I really enjoyed the rock formations and the play with water. It was pretty quiet at this hour.

Other side is closed

Note that there used to be an access to the beach via the South end (when driving from Los Hervideros), but it is now closed because the cliffs are not stable and it has become dangerous.

Los Hervideros nearby

You can combine your excursion with a visit to the cliffs of Los Hervideros. This is one of of my favorite places in Lanzarote.
However if you have time, I recommend coming twice, because the Green Lagoon is better at low tide, while Los Hervideros is better at high tide.
See more photos

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Is it worth visiting El Golfo & El Charco de los Clicos?

Learn all about the green lagoon located beside El Golfo village – you will love the stunning El Charco de los Clicos in Lanzarote!

While many people visit Lanzarote for the resorts, for those looking to experience the island’s more traditional way of life, El Golfo is a great place to visit. This small village sits on the edge of Charco de Los Clicos (otherwise known as the green lagoon).

It is home to only a 150 or so people, who paint their houses the traditional green of Lanzarote, with blue doors.

Just because it is small, however, doesn’t mean it is lacking in atmosphere or that there aren’t plenty of things to do. There are delightful restaurants, black beaches and children’s play areas as well as walks through the breath-taking Timanfaya National Park.

Where is the Green Lagoon in Lanzarote?

The Green Lagoon in Lanzarote is on the edge of the village of El Golfo. As the name suggests, the lagoon is fantastic emerald green. As it is part of the national park, the lagoon is protected. This means visitors can’t get down to the very edge.

However, there are fantastic views from the village car park (just to the left as you enter El Golfo) or visitors can walk along the beach to the edge of the lagoon (accessed from the opposite side of the village).

This provides the opportunity to pick up handfuls of sand dotted with green grains. Remember, however, that these can’t be taken away.

What makes El Golfo lagoon green?

Most visitors want to know what makes the Charco de Los Clicos so green? Seeing just how stunning the water looks against the black sand and the red, orange and yellow craters it sits in, this probably isn’t a surprise.

The answer is the powerfully green Ruppia-Maritima algae, which is present in high concentration levels in the water.

How far is Playa Blanca from El Golfo?

El Golfo is approximately 12 miles from Playa Blanco. In a car, it takes around 20 minutes.

You can also take a taxi there; depending on which taxi firm you use; the cost will be between £25 and £30 from the centre of Playa Blanco.

Visitors can also take a bus from Playa Blanco (currently, it’s the No. 60 bus) which takes about 15 minutes and costs approximately £15.

What to do in El Golfo?

There’s plenty to do in El Golfo for adults and children, making it a fun place to spend the day. There are black beaches and play areas and the Timanfaya National Park with walks and wonderful views.

The park has over 100 volcanos and offers visitors the chance to eat food cooked using geothermal heat at the El Diablo restaurant. As well as these activities, visitors should check out:

El Golfo Lanzarote Walk

The El Golfo Lanzarote Walk offers the perfect opportunity to take in the volcanic landscape and Atlantic views.

The walk starts from the same village car park where visitors can view the Green Lagoon. From there, it is clearly marked, and the path easy to follow. However, it’s not for the faint of heart as it’s 6.5 miles long which, because of the route, can take the whole day to complete.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are no shops or
restaurants on the walk so visitors will need to take their own refreshments
and packed lunch.

Mirador El Golfo

As part of the walk, or as a stop-off during a day of sightseeing, visitors should check out Mirador El Golfo. This offers one of the best views on the island, including of the Green Lagoon.

Go here at the end of the day to catch amazing sunsets. We were not so lucky 😉

Montana del Golfo

Part of the Montanas del Fuego, the Montana del Golfo is Lanzarote’s western-most volcano. Set right on the coast, half of the crater has worn away over time. The Green Lagoon sits in the other half.

The mountain is part of the Timanfaya National Park, and visitors can walk to the top following easily marked paths. Remember, however, that as part of the national park, it is illegal to remove any rocks or minerals.

Charco de Los Clicos

Probably the most famous of all El Golfo’s tourist attractions, and one already mentioned, Charco de Los Clicos is the Spanish name for the Green Lagoon.

Set into the Montana del Golfo, this bright green body of water is a must-see and definite photo opportunity. Head down to the beach in the evening for glorious sunsets.

El Lago Verde

El Lago Verde is another name for Charco de Los Clicos or the Green Lagoon. It’s mentioned here to avoid confusion, and because people who live locally may ‘mix-and-match’ the terms.

While there may be confusion over just what this gloriously green body of water is called, rest assured it is the same must-visit attraction.

El Golfo Accommodation

For those wanting to stay in El Golfo, there are only a couple of hotels nearby such as El Hotelito del Golfo. Overlooking the ocean, this hotel is located in the centre of the village. This makes it the ideal location to enjoy the local scenery and sights and visit the bars and restaurants.

Another local hotel is Caleton del Golfo; again, it is located in the centre of the village with views of the ocean. In addition, there are villa and apartment rentals available. Finally, there are hotels in the nearby De Yaiza.

Is it worth visiting El Golfo?

El Golfo in Lanzarote is definitely worth visiting. It is one of the most picturesque parts of the island with plenty for people to do, including families. There are beautiful black beaches (which reminds me of the Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland), a children’s play area, great restaurants, and wonderful views of the Atlantic. You should definitely add Charco de Los Clicos to the list of best beaches in Spain!

There is the chance for those who like to get out and about to walk through volcanic craters and those who want something a little different to eat food cooked with geothermal heat. And, finally, there is Charco de Los Clicos (also known as the Green Lagoon or El Lago Verde).

The amazing green waters of this natural lagoon are a once in a lifetime experience, one not to be missed by anyone visiting Lanzarote.  

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Spending holiday in Lanzarote?

The island is known as one of the best winter sun destinations in Europe. Make sure you visit other top attractions in Lanzarote:

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Johnny’s Beach on Baja’s Golfo de Santa Clara

articles Beaches Travel & Destinations

Tony6360Leave a Comment on Johnny’s Beach on Baja’s Golfo de Santa Clara

John Howells

The ubiquitous land crab — about the size of the palm of a hand © Barbara Sands, 2010

“If you’ve ever traveled the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez, just south of the town of El Golfo de Santa Clara, you may have had lunch at a beach restaurant called “Johnny’s Place,” which is located on a long stretch of sand known as “Johnny’s Beach. ” You might have wondered about the name; after all the name Johnny doesn’t sound very Mexican, now does it? Well, it turns out that Johnny’s Beach was named after me! Let me explain.

Back in 1963, I bought a new 4-wheel drive International Scout and got into off-road adventures. Naturally, Baja became my playground, and I managed to squeeze in an extra-long weekend once a month to explore the roadless wastes. Nothing was paved south of Ensenada in those wonderful days.

After many miles exploring the mountains and deserts of Baja, I decided to toodle over to the mainland to see what was happening there. Before long I found myself zipping along a newly paved highway south of San Luis, headed for a place noted on the map as El Golfo. Curiously, the map didn’t show a road here. Suddenly, the pavement came to a halt smack in the middle of the desert. Now I knew why there was no road on the map; it was still under construction. No problem, I dropped into four-wheel-drive and took off, grinding out my own trail over treacherous sand dunes and bouncing through steep canyons.

Several hours later, the little fishing village of El Golfo appeared before my weary eyes. In those days it was just a dozen or so adobe houses and one bar. I pulled up in front of the bar and wondered if they had cold beer. The villagers flocked around, curious as to who I was and how I arrived. “The road washed away a month ago,” they exclaimed, “How did you get here?” This miracle seemed to call for a celebration, so when I went inside to have a beer, almost the entire town squeezed into the bar to join me.

“Why are you here?” they asked. “Why would you drive through the desert to get here?” “What is your name?”

I explained that my name is John, or Juan. Before long they were calling me Juanito, or Johnny. But explaining why I would leave the comfortable, paved highways of Califa to traipse through the Sonoran desert was difficult. People who work ten hours a day, seven days a week, have trouble with the concept of leisure time, or hobby. The closest I could come was adventure. We all had more beer, with the fishermen toasting to las aventuras de Juanito, or “Johnny’s adventures.” This went on for some time into the night, with newcomers being informed of “las aventuras de juanito.” Since I was buying the beer (at a civilized price of 25 cents a bottle), the celebration lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

One of the celebrants was the chief engineer of the road construction project. He bought a round of drinks and told me of his work. In addition to building the road, he confided that he was also surveying some property which he was going to claim as his and build a large resort hotel there. The property included several miles of deserted beach. According to him, this would be the beginning of the next Acapulco. The next day, I bid adios to my friends, declining an offer of more beer and another celebration.

Mexican Beach. ©Marisa Burton 2007

About a year later, I received a letter from my engineer friend. He insisted that I visit him in El Golfo; he had a surprise for me. He not only had a surprise, but he promised to bring a hooker from San Luis as an added enticement to make sure I came to visit. I might have accepted his invitation were it not for my wife’s none too subtle hint that this would not be a good plan. Reluctantly, I declined. He followed up with another urgent letter, saying I had to come, that he would bring six girls if one wasn’t enough. This did surprisingly little to soften my my wife’s opinion of the trip.

About six or seven years later I happened to be in the region, and decided to drop in on El Golfo. The paved road had changed it incredibly. It was no longer a village, but a small town. As I approached the outskirts, I saw a large sign advertising a resort called “Las Aventuras de Juanito.” Throughout the town were signs with arrows pointing toward “Johnny’s Beach” and “Johnny’s Hotel.” I followed the signs to Johnny’s Beach and saw where my friend had indeed started to build a resort, but he obviously ran out of money before getting very far. A few crumbling buildings and foundations indicated where the “new Acapulco” might have been. The only things standing were a restaurant called Johnny’s Place, plus a couple of sad-looking motel units which were already falling apart.

When I last visited El Golfo de Santa Clara a few years ago, I asked local people if anyone knew how Johnny’s Beach got its name. The replies were a shaking of heads. “No, señor. No one knows why the developer picked that name.”

Well my wife knew. And that’s why I didn’t get to attend the grand opening of my namesake resort. She was probably right though, six girls might have been a little much.


Published or Updated on: June 1, 1997 by John Howells © 1997

Tagged Baja California beaches exploring-tourism John Howells perspectives

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Lorenzo, the best sunset on the island from the Terrace (El Golfo)

El Golfo apartment

1 bedroom / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 2

Price per night from


Andrea studio, with marine charm, best sunset (El Golfo)

El Golfo studio

Studio / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Price per night from


Grandparents, Sea View with the best sunsets on the island (El Golfo)

El Golfo apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Price per night from


Eufemia, Wonderful terrace with spectacular views (El Golfo)

El Golfo apartment

1 bedroom / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 2

Price per night from


House 500 m away from the beach for 5 ppl.

at El Golfo, Lanzarote

El Golfo house

3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 5

Responds fast! avg. 1 hour 43 minutes

Price per night from


Volcano View

El Golfo apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 6

Price per night from


Top Sunset el Golfo with Terrace By PVL

El Golfo apartment

3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 7

Responds fast! avg. 12 minutes

Price per night from


Top Sunset el Golfo with Terrace By PVL

El Golfo apartment

3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 7

Price per night from


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Las Dunas Residencial

Corralejo apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Price per night from


Oasis Royal Corralejo

Corralejo apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Price per night from


the Fans

Corralejo villa

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Price per night from


Loma Verde Apartment

Puerto Del Carmen apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 2 hours 45 minutes

Price per night from


Lago Verde Suite 22

Puerto Del Carmen apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 5

Responds fast! avg. 1 hour 54 minutes

Price per night from


Villa Victoria

Playa Blanca villa

4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / sleeps 8

Responds fast! avg. 2 hours 18 minutes

Price per night from


Villa Gecko

Majanicho villa

2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 4

Price per night from


Caleton Blanco

Puerto Del Carmen apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 1 hour 3 minutes

Price per night from


Casa Papagayo Rocas – private pool, 200 meter to nearest beach and sea views

Playa Blanca villa

3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 6

Price per night from


Alhambra Apartments – Calle Burgao, 12

Puerto Del Carmen apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 11 minutes

Price per night from



Puerto Del Carmen apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 11 minutes

Price per night from


Casa Rosulida

Playa Blanca villa

3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 8

Responds fast! avg. 1 hour 43 minutes

Price per night from


CREATIVE FINCA “Casa Hibiscus” Uga, Lanzarote

Uga finca

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Price per night from



Playa Blanca villa

4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / sleeps 10

Price per night from


Villa with private pool in town centre, near beach

Corralejo house

4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 8

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 46 minutes

Price per night from


SPECIAL PRICE Matagorda first line with pools – aircon – independent WiFi

Puerto Del Carmen bungalow

1 bedroom / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 20 minutes

Price per night from


Superb stylish and comfortable Villa Chiara.

Corralejo bungalow

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 5

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 23 minutes

Price per night from


First line in Matagorda with pools – aircon – independent WiFi – safe – terrace

Puerto Del Carmen bungalow

1 bedroom / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 20 minutes

Price per night from


Apartment 11

Puerto Del Carmen apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 2

Responds fast! avg. 12 minutes

Price per night from


Villas Blancas

Playa Blanca villa

4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / sleeps 10

Price per night from


Mi Casa Su Casa

Corralejo villa

3 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms / sleeps 6

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 54 minutes

Price per night from


Las Caletas Village

Costa Teguise villa

3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / sleeps 6

Price per night from


Casa Rural Hero

Tias apartment

5 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms / sleeps 10

Responds fast! avg. 2 hours 52 minutes

Price per night from



Corralejo apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Price per night from



Puerto Del Carmen apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 0 minutes

Price per night from



Puerto Del Carmen apartment

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 0 minutes

Price per night from


Faro Park

Playa Blanca villa

2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / sleeps 6

Responds fast! avg. 36 minutes

Price per night from



Puerto Del Carmen apartment

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / sleeps 4

Price per night from


Award Winning & Totally Private Villa With Amazing Views

Playa Blanca villa

3 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms / sleeps 6

Responds fast! avg. 3 hours 11 minutes

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VILLA JOLE, PURE LUXURY 4 Bedroom 5 Bathroom Villa with HOT TUB and HEATED POOL

Puerto Calero villa

4 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms / sleeps 8

Responds fast! avg. 33 minutes

Price per night from



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El Golfo to Orzola.

They also thought about going to the Volcanic Island of Lanzarote with tents, but they decided not to do it.
For 10 days lived in all parts of the island. On this day, we were waiting for the longest transfer – from El Golfo to Orzola. It all happened on October 2nd, 2013. We chose the least touristy places to live and perhaps this is not the best strategy in the Canaries, but it allows you to see not ordinary places.

1) We wake up at a quarter past nine. Eugene goes to the pool to temper himself, and I go to the shower.

2) Here is a “view of the mountains” from our veranda) In the right corner is a cactus tree with edible fruits. A day ago they tried to try them, hundreds of small needles turned out to be in the peel, which leave splinters even with a gentle touch. And the fruit had a strange smell, so we threw it away. And then I read that they had to be frozen and then they are better.

3) We have breakfast. I have a bun, muffin, nutella, caramel cream and they will bring coffee with milk (in general, you don’t need to have breakfast like that). Yevgeny has an omelet with bacon and something else normal.

4) After breakfast, we are going to the beach, a five-minute walk here.

5) View of our beach from the observation deck. The green lake formed as a result of the volcanic eruption is a popular local attraction (it is so bright green thanks to special algae, and you can’t climb into it). The rocks here are very beautiful and unusual. Usually tourists do not go further than the observation deck. And now we are most interested in the sea. On most beaches near El Golfo and on this one there are signs “Swimming is not recommended”

6) Fine black sand is generated by a volcano. During the night, the waves dragged a bunch of these burgundy stinky algae, there weren’t so many before.

7) Me and the waves

8) After swimming, we packed up and started our journey. We moved in a rented car (I highly recommend renting them here, it’s not expensive and allows you to see the area). Passing by a local vineyard in La Geria, the stone holes are supposed to create a special condensation and protect the plants. There is very little vegetation on Lanzarote, almost nothing grows, here even palm trees are fed from straws.

9) Those same palm trees.

10) We stopped near the winemaking museum, where you can taste local wine and walk around and see everything for free. We did not buy local wine, for our taste in ordinary stores on the island there is very tasty and cheap Spanish wine.

11) Transparent floor in the meeting room (didn’t dare to stand up completely).

12) Wine bottle chandeliers.

13) And this is already in a souvenir shop nearby. If it were a corkscrew, and not a bottle opener, I would buy it.

14) Then we arrived in the city of Teguise, which was once the capital of the island. We are trying to navigate the city according to the book about the hiking trails of the island, we bought it when we thought about walking here with tents and did not use it much.

15) We went into the church on the square, a beautiful old door.

16) Hi-tech in the church, drop 20 cents and light an electronic candle:

17) There are many interesting details on the streets of the city. For example, a green cross near the facade:

18) Let’s go to a diner for lunch. In paella, I came across an octopus foot.

19) We went to see the fortress of Santa Barbara standing on the mountain.

20) It’s windy at the top and the view is beautiful.

21) Not a lot of sight and me

22) There are no historical finds in the museum. The sad story of the island is told in multimedia. It turned out that since the 14th century it has been constantly subjected to pirate attacks (only the islanders will rebuild everything – pirates come and burn everything and take local crowds into slavery for sale). I collect pop-up books and now I want to find one for myself:

23) We left the museum and went to the city where, in our opinion, there should be a large store. It was necessary to go along such twisted mountain roads, and if it weren’t for the store, it would have been possible along the highway.

24) But they saw such beauty.

25) And like this.

26) The store was closed, eh (Spanish people love siesta). Near the shop there grew a tree with the following fruits:

27) Then we arrived in Orzola, where a habitat was waiting for us. It turned out that this is not a hotel, but an apartment in an ordinary house, and the owner hardly speaks English. But everyone understood each other. The apartment is decorated with photographs of ballerinas and copies of paintings by Caesar Manrique. Caesar is the most famous person on the island, created most of the tourist spots, forbade advertising (this is very cool, there really are no ads on the streets anywhere!) and convinced people to build identical white houses that fit well into the island and save from the heat. And for sure he would have done a lot of interesting things, but, alas, he died.

28) Here is our way. Right start, left end.

29) We cooked dinner and drank a glass of white local wine given to us by the owner of the apartment.

30) These are not bananas, these are plane trees. I read that they are not eaten raw, but fried. Well, in general, I didn’t understand anything, it’s delicious for me both raw and fried. APD means bananas)

31) We didn’t lie around a lot and went to look for the beach. There was an ocean near the housing, but this is not a dream beach. We went to look for a certain beach marked on the map.

32) In Estonia, I saw exactly the same “simulators”.

33) A strange path leads to the beach…

34) With dangers in the form of thorns.

35) Looks like a chicken foot, doesn’t it?

36) But the beach! There were only surfers besides us.

37) The wave ran to the place where things were left. I saved Zhenya’s slippers at the last second.

38) We had a great swim. The beach was the best we have ever been on the island. Big waves, no stones and algae .. But only on the way back we saw an announcement that swimming on the beach is prohibited and deadly. And next to it was a photo of the deceased guy, plump and wearing glasses. And I became very sad and depressed. Therefore, we never returned to this beach (but then we found other good beaches in the nearest cities).

Then we came across a small boat graveyard.


40) And here is the living water transport.

41) Arriving home, we tried such an animal and ate sandwiches.

42) Then I read One Thousand and One Nights (already a vacation ..), and Zhenya articles on physics.

43) And we went to bed under the light of an ominous green lantern

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diman7777 — 04/26/2021

Today I’ll tell you about the southern part of the Canary island of Lanzarote, where
is the fishing village of El Golfo and a beautiful lagoon with green
El Golfo – a bay or lagoon formed by an eruption
volcanoes in 1730. This lagoon is the crater of a volcano which
filled with ocean water. A rock rises to the left of the lake,
on the right – a few meters away, a black small-pebble beach and
the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean contrasts greatly with
greenery of the lagoon. The sight is indescribable! More photos
lagoon and fishing village under the cut.

01. On excellent and picturesque roads we drive to the south of the island.

02. We leave the car in a large free parking lot and go for a walk along

03. We go straight to the lake.

04. The green lake “Charko Klikos” was formed after a powerful
volcanic eruption. Then, not far from the village, a crater arose
volcano Montaña de Golfo. Over time, as a result of the winds, this
rock formation has taken the form of a natural amphitheater, due to
different volcanic rocks the walls of the natural amphitheater are painted in
brown, yellow, graphite and reddish shades. Over time, at
the foot of this crater and a green lake appeared with a depth of 8–10
meters in the shape of a crescent. The characteristic green color of the lake is created
unicellular algae, actively growing in warm water under
rays of the sun.

05. We have been to this lake twice. This photo was taken in

06. And this photo was taken during the second trip in 2019. How
we see that in five years the lake has changed its shape, after an artificial
human intervention.

07. Like on Mars 🙂


09. Solidified lava.

10. Let’s go down to the lagoon.


12. Black beach.


14. In the black lava sand, among the pebbles, you can find a transparent
light green olivine is a mineral from the earth’s mantle, which is
semi-precious stone. Souvenirs from this stone can be bought at
different parts of the island. We found only very small stones 🙂


16. Well, we move on.


18. The fishing village of El Golfo, let’s walk through it.

19. Restaurants in this village on every corner.


21. Although the village is small and not rich, it is near many houses
everything is neat and tidy.



24. The whole island is like a desert, but almost every owner near his
makes a small garden at home 🙂





29. We passed the whole village in fifteen minutes. And then it goes
path through the frozen lava field.



32. Also, here, along the coast from El Golfo, there are
called “Boilers”. These are narrow caves with high rocky
edges, where water from the ocean enters with furious force and boils with white
foam, hence the name.

33. We walked a little along the lava field and return back to
fishing village to our car and go further to explore the island. But,
This is the topic of a new post.

There is such an unusual green lake in the village of El Golfo on
Canary Island of Lanzarote.
Thank you all for your attention!



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    AVDA Marítima, 6EL-Holphogogo Houses


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    This hotel is located on the Tim of the National Parisa of the National Parisa. It offers rooms with volcano and sea views. El Hotelito Del Golfo has a salt water swimming pool. This hotel is located on the west coast of the fishing town of El Golfo, close to…


    48 EUR


    Top Sea Views in El Golfo Prime location by PVL


    9000 9000 9000 9000 Top Sea Views in El Golfo Prime offers accommodation in El Golfo, 600 meters from Playa de los Cichlos and 19 km from Timanfaya National Park. It offers free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace. Apartments


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    3 bedrooms house at El Golfo Lanzarote 500 m away from the beach with terrace and wifi

    Av. Marítima 6 – Calle trinqueta 3El GolfoHoliday homes



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    El Golfo

    beach is located 600 meters from Playa de los Ciclos and 19km from Timanfaya National Park. Guests are free Wi-Fi and accessories …


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    Volcano View

    DCHA D 17 Calle La Margallaeal-Holpho-Apartments


    9000. Located in El Golfo in the Canary Islands region, Casa Oliver – Volcano View features a balcony and garden views. A patio is at guests’ disposal. Popular activities in the area include hiking, cycling…


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    Avenida Maritima Del Golfo, 3el-Holpho-Apartments/Apartment 9000 9,000

    9000, 9000

    164141 El. Located in El Golfo, on the edge of the Timanfaya National Park, Casa Rural Caleton del Golfo offers a private beach area, outdoor pool, apartments with free WiFi and free private parking. All apartments have a…


    55 EUR


    Lanzarote- El Golfo

    Calle Mesana, 5, El Golfo (Lanzarote) El-Golfodoma for the vacation

    ,000 9.4


    9000 30 Reviews 9000 Golfo

    Holiday Home Lanzarote – El Golfo is located in El Golfo, just 600 meters from Playa de los Silos. It features a shared lounge, a terrace and free WiFi. The windows offer sea views. The holiday home has 2 bedrooms, a TV…


    16 EUR


    Front Beach House for Relax

    Avenida Marítimael-Holphodoma for a vacation


    9000 9000 9000 $ 9000

    El-g. Featuring garden views, Beach House For Relax is located 600 meters from Playa de los Chilos. It features a balcony and a kettle. It offers a patio and free private parking. The holiday home has 4 bedrooms, a TV…


    Esencia Lanzarote

    60 Avenida Marítimael-Golfolators type “Bed and breakfast”


    50 Reviews

    set JUST JUST JUST JUST JUST JUS los Ciclos, Esencia Lanzarote offers accommodation in El Golfo with access to a garden, a terrace, as well as a 24-hour front desk. The air-conditioned accommodation is 1.8 km from Playa del Paso. The bed and b…


    Canaries: Lanzarote Island – AL-31F

    After visiting the lava fields and the lifeless desert, we decided to go around this infernal island in a circle, admire the local beauties and, of course, swim in the ocean. I was very pleased with the beaches in the northeastern part of Lanzarote. There, among the endless black lava, there are coves with white sand. But there is one caveat – to lie on the beach under the gentle Canarian sun, you need to build yourself a fortress, well, or capture the one built earlier by the former vacationers, otherwise it will be blown away by the wind 🙂

    We will bathe later, but for now – beauty. And let’s start with the village of El Golfo, standing on the edge of a volcanic crater. The crater rose a little above sea level, but over the years the wind and waves have half destroyed it, and tourists who come here usually do not even realize that, walking along the cape protruding into the stormy ocean, they are walking along the crater of the volcano. So, on one side of the crater there is a small fishing village, where of the sights there are only a few restaurants on the shore that serve delicious fish, and on the other side of the crater (and according to some data from the Internet, in the crater itself) there is a bay with black beach and green lake.

    The name of the lake is El Lago Verde, which means “Green Lake”. The water in it is salty due to the underground connection with the ocean, and green due to the microorganisms inhabiting it. Swimming in the lake, of course, is prohibited so as not to disturb the ecosystem. But you can admire the riot of colors of the layer cake of the walls surrounding the bay, and the contrast of the blue ocean and the green lake, separated by a black beach and white surf.

    And now we will move to the very north of the island, where we will admire the river. Yes, the River (El Rio) is what the locals call the strait between Lanzarote and the small island of Graciosa.

    In this picturesque place, enterprising entrepreneurs have built an observation deck and a restaurant right in the mountain at a steep cliff overlooking the shore. And they began to collect money for entry. In our homeless tour, we decided not to spend money on this entertainment, but simply walked around the neighborhood, where the views are no worse.

    Graciosa, like all the local islands, is also volcanic. There, one of the craters is visible on the edge.

    The local Martian scenery is often used for filming. True, they try not to show water in the frame 🙂

    Well, the road is waiting for us. It’s time to hit the beaches.

    Speaking of roads. The roads are also picturesque. In previous publications, I have already shown roads among lava fields and across the desert. Today it is time for the road along the ocean. The highway receding into the distance is reminiscent of freeways in the Americas.

    Both North and South.

    But back to the beach. Most of the coastline of Lanzarote is stones and rocks, against which waves break with noise and foam, but in some places, as here, natural breakwaters have formed from the same volcanic lava that dampen the wave, which makes it quite safe to swim.

    And in the foreground, in my opinion, a man-made object. All the beaches in this part of the island are dotted with such rings (it’s strange that it’s under water. Maybe it’s high tide now?).

    A “fortress” is usually erected no more than half a meter high, so that when you lie in it, a shadow does not form that blocks the sunlight, but at the same time so that the crazy wind does not freeze. If you lie in a shelter, it even gets hot, but as soon as you get out into the open space, you immediately want to put on all the things that you have at hand.

    And this is the rich vegetation of our paradise island. Almost a forest. Here, it’s funny to you, but the beds of local farmers resemble just leveled gravel. And in order to grow grapes, you also have to build funnel-fortresses in which the vine shelters from the wind, and in the morning a little moisture can condense in them.

    It seems that in my stories about Lanzarote, not a single photograph of any settlement has ever appeared. Therefore, it is worth adding at least a picture from the town of Punta Mujeres. Harsh ocean, harsh black coast and white houses. On the streets of this town we did not meet a soul. Obviously not in season.

    The most popular among tourists is the city of Puerto del Carmen and its surroundings. The thing is that classic beach beaches with palm trees, sand and many hotels are concentrated here, providing a full range of services from food to the pool on site.

    We came here to swim at sunset.

    But, according to my feelings, Lanzarote is not made for beach tourism, but for various near-sport activities (biking, surfing, kite, trekking, etc. ), as well as for exploring the incredible nature of our planet. Well, for swimming and sunbathing, it’s better to go to neighboring Gran Canaria or Tenerife 🙂

    My other trips:

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    Tags: Spain, Lanzarote, Photos, Sea

    Looking for the best beaches in Spain to celebrate your wedding?

    Do you need to go to the Caribbean to celebrate your wedding in heavenly waters? Nothing like this! If you have the opportunity to do it on beaches in Spain .

    Because indeed, there are idyllic places in our country where you can have your wedding , as well as many luxurious places near the beach so that you can organize a cocktail , a treat and a party .

    And that is why, in this article, we want to show you that we have no shortage of beautiful beaches on any of the coasts of Spain, whether they are secluded beaches located in picturesque bays, or those beaches that are natural area with golden sand, turquoise water, all this is ideal for celebrating your wedding.

    So… don’t miss this event and celebrate your dream wedding on the beach in Spain ! In addition, we give you a series of tips for organizing a wedding on the beach.

    Get comfortable, we’re starting!

    Balearic Islands

    Atlantic Beach (Ibiza)

    Photo via blogdeibiza

    This beach is not the most famous on the island, but it is here that one of the most beautiful landscapes can be found: the natural park Cala d’Hort Cala d’Hort, as well as hippie atmosphere, carved rocks, natural pools, monoliths… The Atlantic is considered a place of power, a place of special energy. D For the most mystical wedding!

    Beach Ca high-grade ( Mallorca )

    Photo by Morfheos

    after curved turns and winding seligenes, we find this bay, which consists 200 meters. It contains the mouth of Torrent de Pareis, a stream that crosses the Sierra de Tramontana in Mallorca, here, among the high cliffs, the most magnificent views of the beach with snow-white pebbles and fine sand, crystal clear and absolutely transparent turquoise water.

    A magical place to make a wedding photo session.

    Beach ( Formentera )

    Photo via vegetation. At this natural pier, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of the mud baths on S’Alga Beach.

    Formentera can be called the most bohemian of the Balearic Islands. And here your wedding can be!

    There is nothing more original!

    Canary Islands

    Sotavento Beach (Fuerteventura)

    Photo via hotels.net1020 becomes one of the most attractive beaches where you can hold a wedding ceremony.

    Sotavento beach was awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and high environmental performance.

    Dunes Maspalomas ( Gran Canaria National )

    And it’s possible! And the fact is that this beach is characterized by its most unique dune system in the world.

    Nature itself has created this unique beach, covered with pure sea sand, where you can also see beautiful oases, and, of course, camel rides are possible here. The Dunes of Maspalomas are over three kilometers long and are home to a number of species that you will not see anywhere else.

    We are sure that extraordinary photos will appear in your wedding photo album !

    Pozo de las Calcosas

    Photo via

    Pozo de Las Calcosas is a secluded coastal museum village in the north of the island, in the El Mocanal area municipality of Valverde. This is an ancient island settlement of ethnographic value. The houses here are built of volcanic rock, huddled on a small piece of land, steps built of raw rough rock and decorated with shells – this is a typical example of the ancient island architecture of El Hierro.

    You will see a beautiful natural pool and a small backwater sheltered from the stormy ocean and nestled in volcanic lava, which is a real open-air museum . Usually it is visited only by the nearest locals, as few people know it, so tourists are few here.

    The perfect occasion for a private wedding!

    Charco de los Clicos or Charco Verde (Lanzarote)

    Photo via Drone by Drone

    East coast of Lanzarote , near the village of Yaiza, you can see an unusual landscape. In the crater of an ancient volcano overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, there is lake , known as Charco de los Clicos , which is part of the Natural Reserve. Its green color, which comes from the algae on the bottom, contrasts with the black sand of the so-called El Golfo beach, located just 100 meters from the lake, as well as with the blue of the sky and the ocean.

    How could you not want to have a wedding ceremony in this unique place?


    Beach Zahora ( Cadiz )

    beach weddings. This beach is a beautiful expanse of fine white sand on which is located the Trafalgar Lighthouse which can serve as a decor and the Atlantic waves as a background tune dunes , which have become a local landmark and the neighborhood of a pine grove that protects the coast from cold winds.

    For those who want to have a ceremony on the beach, this is just a wonderful place!


    Orellana Beach (Badajoz)

    Photo via Sapos y Princesas, El Mundo/ Turismo Extremadura

    Extremadura is washed by the three great Spanish rivers, the Tegu, Guadiana and Guadalquivir. Therefore, there is a freshwater Orellana beach where you can enjoy the sun, sand or water sports.

    Orellana Beach boasts that it is the first freshwater beach which holds the blue flag in Spain. The beach is equipped with everything you need to spend a fantastic day of your life on the beach in the heart of Extremadura.

    In addition, you can practice numerous water sports, like canoeing, sailing or water skiing.


    Beach Cathedrals ( Lugo )

    Photo via Civitatis

    Named fourth most beautiful in the world by , this rocky beach attracts tourists from all over the world. The rocks, under the influence of the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean and strong winds, took on such a shape that they really began to resemble Gothic cathedrals. These are masterpieces, stunning in beauty and grandeur, created by nature itself. To walk along its shore, you even have to stand in line! You can only come here at a certain time, before noon, because then is one of the beaches with the best sunsets. How to refuse this breathtaking scenery?


    Sitges Beach (Barcelona)

    Photo via Vacaciones-España

    What is there in Sitges that attracts so much? This is the most popular youth resort in the world, where all kinds of cultural events and festivals are held all year round.

    The best beach in Sitges is San Sebastian, the best European beach. There are a lot of festivals here, so the city is often visited by celebrities.

    At the same time, you can retire here to hold a ceremony on the beach sand on the Mediterranean coast, and also be a step away from the city of .


    Gulpiyuri Beach

    Photo via Turismo de Asturias/Manuel S. Calvo

    We head north to introduce you to this natural monument, a very small and special beach. You know that sea water from the bay passes through a tunnel that is between rocky walls and lush vegetation ? Gulpiyuri beach is included in the list of specially protected natural areas in Spain.

    Here you can organize a unique ceremony, among the rocky stones, under which water flows, splashing on the stones, in the middle of flat landscapes, a hundred meters from the shores of the Bay of Biscay.

    Basque Country

    Barrica Beach (Biscay)

    Photo via TurismoVasco

    Among 600 meters of rolling coastline, beautiful cliffs, rocky outcroppings resembling a frozen backbone of a dragon and the fact that the entire beach disappears completely with the tide of , this beach is one of the favorite places for the bride and groom who want to get married on the coast of Biscay.

    Think about it!

    Saconeta Beach (Gipuzkoa)

    Photo via Mi viaje

    Another amazing beach is Saconeta Beach, near Deva, which is a rare and truly amazing landscape . This is the so-called Basque Coast Geopark (Geoparque de la Costa Vasca). Geoparks are very special spaces. In such places, you begin to understand that even ordinary stones have great aesthetic value. Sea waves rolled onto the shore for so long that they turned it into the open mouth of a giant shark. Of course, keep in mind that the tide is very high here, so the best time for a wedding ceremony in Saconet is in the morning.

    And yet, what is the best time to have a wedding ceremony on the beach?

    Well, we have already determined the months for you – these are April, May and June, as well as October and November . Why? Because during the summer months the beaches are crowded with tourists and we don’t want hundreds of people we don’t know looking at you dumbfounded!

    Another option, if you don’t want to during these months, you can celebrate the wedding early in the morning or late in the evening, even after 21:00.

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