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10 Stunning Beaches Of Portugal’s Algarve

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

I’m of the opinion that every Portugal itinerary should end with the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. This sun-soaked region on Portugal’s southern coast is just a few hours from Lisbon, but feels like a world away. Get tips on the best Algarve beaches for your Portugal trip, with golden sands, a turquoise-green sea, and coves flanked by jaw-dropping cliffs.

First-time visitors to the Algarve beaches should be prepared for an explosion of photo-worthy scenery.   I, myself, am unlikely ever to recover from my first views of the beautiful rust-colored cliffs at Praia da Falesia during golden hour.  And there are so many beautiful Algarve beaches to discover, along with charming villages and fantastic regional cuisine.

It’s easy to get your fill of gorgeous Algarve beaches (praias) on day trips by car.  Choose one as a base to explore from, and spend a few days or a week hopping from one picturesque cove to the next.   From Bordeira and Odeceixe the wild Western Algarve coast, to the rugged central beach cliffs and sandy Eastern shores with barrier islands like Tavira, let’s explore the 10 best Algarve beaches for your Portugal vacation!

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In this Guide to the Most Beautiful Algarve Beaches

Best Algarve Beaches: The 10 Must Stunning Algarve, Portugal Beaches

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Praia da Marinha | Praia da Falesia | Praia de Odeceixe | Praia Dona Ana | Praia do Camilo | Praia da Rocha | Praia de Carvoeiro | Praia de Benagil | Praia de Cabanas | Praia da Bordeira | Algarve Planning Tips

Map of the Best Beaches in Algarve

Praia da Marinha, Lagos | Marinha Beach

Praia da Marinha is the celebrity entry on this list: made famous by Portugal tourism ads, it’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s been longing for an Algarve vacation.   You’ll want to get photos of the dramatic cliffs and sweeping views overlooking its golden beach and blue-green waters. Praia da Marinha is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world.

There is actually a hiking trail here, the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, which stretches 3.5 miles along the cliffs between Praia da Marinha and Carvoeiro.  But you won’t need to go that far for great photos of this spot!  

As with many Algarve beaches, you’ll descend a looong set of steps to get to the beach.  At beach level, you’ll be greeted by soft sand, calm waters, and stunning views of the high cliffs and sea.  Walk down the beach to see the famous “M” rock formation.  Praia da Marinha can get busy during high tourist season (summer), so arrive early for a close parking spot and less-crowded beach.

Praia da Marinha Visit Tips

Activities: snorkeling, hiking, swimming (children should be supervised)

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: In season| Restrooms: In season| Loungers: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia da Marinha

Top hotel pick: Suites Alba Resort & Spa, a gorgeous cliff-top resort with access to the remote Albandeira Beach. It has an infinity pool with Atlantic Ocean views, a peaceful garden and an elegant restaurant.

Search more Lagos hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia da Marinha Tours & Excursions

Praia da Falesia, Albufeira | Falesia Beach

Praia da Falesia is wide and long, making your first glimpses from above even more impressive.  Its cinnamon-colored cliffs are a breathtaking contrast against the green sea below.  I arrived in the late afternoon just in time for golden hour, and it’s one of my favorite memories of the Algarve.  (Along with the goat-crossing we experienced along back roads to get there!)

Falesia Beach is located between Vilamoura and Albufeira, and is easy to reach by car. There are also boutique and luxury resorts within walking distance. From the main parking lot, get to the beach down a moderately steep street, and then a long set of steps.  There are loungers here available to rent and even dance parties some nights on the beach.

The long Praia da Falesia includes several smaller beaches.  It begins at Praia Barranco das Belharucas in Olhos de Agua and extends to the main area known as Acoteias with its iconic red cliffs.  These cliffs slowly descend as you continue past Praia da Rocha Baixinha to Villamoura, which is the calmer end of the beach better for kids. There are beachside restaurants and hotels along the way past Acoteias.

Praia da Falesia Visit Tips

Activities: surfing, hiking, paragliding, SUP, kayaking, swimming (children should be supervised)

Amenities: Parking: yes | Restaurant: In season | Restrooms: In season | Loungers: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia da Falesia

Top hotel pick: Pine Cliffs Hotel or Epic Sana, a luxury resort overlooking Falésia Beach with direct beach access, a spa, an indoor pool, and five outdoor swimming pools.

Search more Albufeira hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia da Falesia Tours & Excursions

Praia de Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina | Odeceixe Beach

Praia de Odeceixe spans the border between the Alentejo and Algarve regions, in an area of Portugal’s Western coast known locally as the Costa Vicentina.   The Western Algarve is famed for its dramatic, rugged coastlines and beautiful wild beaches, which are protected as a natural park.  Beaches in this region are more remote, but the payoff is less-crowded shores and an untouched setting.

Odeceixe is a wide sandy beach at the mouth of the River Seixe (Rio de Seixe) near the coastal village of Aljezur. This beach is popular with surfers, due to the surf break formed by the joining river.  On the other side of the beach, the river forms a small, calmer lagoon.  There is also a hike that ends here, The Fishermen’s Trail, which is part of the Rota Vicentina hiking circuit.  Walk a little of the trail for the views and watch the sunset from the restaurant!

Note: on the southern end of Odeceixe is Praia das Adegas, a small cove which is designated as a “naturist” (clothing optional) beach.

Praia de Odeceixe Visit Tips

Activities: surfing, hiking, kayaking, SUP, swimming in the river portion of the beach – children should be supervised, and watch for flags and the change of tide coming in.   Learn to surf and rent boards, wetsuits, SUP and other equipment from the surf schools on the beach.

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y – above the beach | Restrooms: Y | Showers: Y | Loungers: Yes | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia de Odeceixe

Top Stay: Quinta Pero Vicente, picturesque farmstay rooms in a traditional white-washed house in a countryside location. Pet-friendly, with free rental bicycles and included local breakfast.

Check more hotels in Aljezur | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia de Odeceixe Tours & Excursions

Praia Dona Ana, Lagos | Dona Ana Beach

Backed by limestone cliffs, Praia Dona Ana close to Lagos is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. There are stunning views from above of its clear green waters and rugged rock formations.  These rocks block the wind, creating calm waters good for families. They also make it a dramatic place to watch sunset!

There is a long set of steps here to get to the beach, although not as many as some of the others on this list.  The golden sand here is coarser than other Algarve beaches, and there are more shells to discover.  Beach chairs and umbrellas are available, and there is a beachside restaurant. This beach gets busy in summer, so come early (or late for sunset views).

Note: some people might want water shoes due to the shells. Watch for rocks in the water as well.

Praia Dona Ana Visit Tips

Activities: snorkeling, swimming

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: Y | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia Dona Ana

Top Stay: The Salty Lodge which offers bright rooms with a terrace and sea views. Located in the heart of Lagos, a 5-minute walk to beaches.

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Recommended Praia Dona Ana Tours & Excursions

Praia do Camilo, Lagos | Camilo Beach

Praia do Camilo is widely known as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Algarve.   It has the characteristic high cliffs of many beaches in the region, as well as clear green waters and views of Lagos and the Ponta da Piedade rock formations.  Located next to Praia Dona Ana, this beach is smaller, but also good for swimming and snorkeling.

To reach Camilo Beach, it’s a dramatic 200 steps down (and back up) as you zigzag along the limestone rocks.  Praia Camilo has soft sands, and is actually two small beaches connected by a tunnel through the rocks.  Rent a kayak or take a boat excursion to explore the coastline’s rock formations.

Praia do Camilo Visit Tips

Activities: Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: Y | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia do Camilo

Top Stay: The Salty Lodge which offers bright rooms with a terrace and sea views. Located in the heart of Lagos, a 5-minute walk to beaches.

Search more Lagos hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia do Camilo Tours & Excursions

Praia da Rocha, Portimao | Rocha Beach

Praia da Rocha is the main beach in the central Algarve city of Portimao.  Surrounded by dramatic rock formations, Rocha is a large, wide beach which gets busy in the summer.  Still, if you want more access to amenities like beach bars and restaurants as well as room for a stroll, Praia do Rocha is a great Algarve beach for you.  There is even a boardwalk which spans the length of the beach, and many options to book excursions and boat trips.

At the western end, you can reach the next beach over, Praia dos Tres Castelos, through a tunnel in the rocks. There is also a viewpoint between the two beaches.  Praia da Rocha is a very busy beach, and very built up with resorts, bars, and restaurants – but there is more room to spread out during the peak season, and many things to do.

Praia da Rocha Visit Tips

Activities: Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, walking, beach volleyball

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: Yes | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia da Rocha

Top stays: Apartment with exceptional sea views and 5-star reviews. 2 bedrooms offer space for up to 5 guests; near restaurants, shops, transport, nightlife. For larger groups, don’t miss this stunning 1930’s beach villa which accommodates up to 16 in 7 bedrooms.

Search Praia da Rocha hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia da Rocha Tours & Excursions

Praia de Carvoeiro | Carvoiero Beach

Praia de Carvoeiro is the main beach in the central Algarve town of Carvoeiro.  This small crescent-shaped beach is flanked by sandstone cliffs, with views of the colorful homes and boats of the village.  I think this is one of the prettiest Algarve beaches for views of a seaside town.

There are many shops, bars, and restaurants close to the beach, and you can book excursions to see the nearby Benagil cave or rent kayaks or jet skis.  The sea is usually calm here, but it gets deep quickly, so use caution if swimming. This is another beach where some might want water shoes, since there are more shells in the sand.

A boardwalk takes you along the coast for views of the rock formations as well as sunset.  Follow the boardwalk to a fortress, caves, and rock formations, which include a restaurant built into the rocks.

Praia de Carvoeiro Visit Tips

Activities: Swimming, kayaking, boat trips

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: Y | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

Where to Stay Near Praia de Carvoeiro

Top Stay: Algar Seco Parque, located at the top of hills overlooking the sea, just a 10-minute walk from the center of Carvoeiro and its beautiful beach.

Search more Carvoiero hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia de Carvoeiro Tours & Excursions

Praia de Benagil, Carvoeiro | Benagil Beach & Benagil Cave

The Praia de Benagil is a small beach flanked by golden cliffs. It’s a popular destination for watersports: kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and boat excursions along the coast including to the famous Benagil Cave (Algar de Benagil).   Book excursions in advance if possible to avoid long waits during the busy season.  

Benagil Cave is actually just next to the beach, and is accessible by boat, kayak, or paddleboard. To get the best light for photos, visit early or late in the day.  It’s possible but not recommended to swim to the cave, due to the waves and boats in the area. You can also hike along the top of the cliffs along the sea to view the cave from above.  Adventurous people can be spotted cliff jumping into the water below on the western end of the beach.

Praia de Benagil Visit Tips

Activities: Swimming, hiking, kayaking, SUP, excursions

Amenities: Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: N  | Umbrellas: N | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: N

Where to Stay Near Praia de Benagil

Top Stay: Algar Seco Parque, located at the top of hills overlooking the sea, just a 10-minute walk from the center of Carvoeiro.

Search more Carvoiero hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia de Benagil Tours & Excursions

Praia de Cabanas, Tavira | Cabanas Beach

The beautiful Praia de Cabanas is actually a barrier island that forms part of the Ria Formosa lagoon and natural park.  It’s a 5-minute water taxi ride from the seaside village of Cabanas de Tavira.  The beach is long and narrow, with soft white sand and dunes that are uncommon on Algarve beaches.

A boardwalk takes you from the dock to the beach and a beachfront restaurant and bar.  There are also many restaurants in the village of Cabanas.  Get my best tips for visiting Tavaira and Cabanas – including how to stay in a 17th century star fort!

Praia de Cabanas Visit Tips

Activities: Swimming, walking, sailing, wind surfing

Amenities:* Parking: Y | Restaurant: Y | Restrooms: Y | Loungers: Y  | Umbrellas: Y | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: Y

*All facilities here are seasonal

Where to Stay Near Praia de Cabanas

Top Stay: Casa Viana on the Cabanas boardwalk facing the Ria Formosa, in the peaceful area of Cabanas de Tavira. With a terrace for sea views and sunsets.

Search more Tavira hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia de Cabanas Tours & Excursions

Praia da Bordeira, Costa Vicentina | Bordiera Beach

A haven for surfers and nature lovers, Praia da Bordeira is another stunning Algarve beach located in the Costa Vicentina natural park.  Bordeira is a large, wide beach with rugged cliffs, sand dunes, and deep turquoise waters.  Views from the boardwalks and viewpoint are stunning.

On the southern side of the beach, it’s bordered by the Bordeira River, which forms a calmer lagoon.  To get to the beach from the boardwalk, you might need to wade through it at high tide.  Praia da Bordeira is a popular beach for water sports, mainly surfing and kitesurfing.  The waves and current here can be very strong, even for experienced surfers, so use caution and watch for warning flags.

Praia da Bordeira Visit Tips

Activities: Surfing, walking, sailing, wind surfing

Amenities: Parking: Y | In season | Restrooms: In season | Loungers: N  | Umbrellas: N | Lifeguards: In season | Blue Flag: N 

Where to Stay Near Praia da Bordeira

Top Stay: Monte Da Vilarinha guesthouse in a spectacular setting of the Vicentine Coast Natural Park. With panoramic views, modern apartments, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Search more Carrapateira hotels | Search top vacation rentals

Recommended Praia da Bordeira Tours & Excursions

More Algarve Vacation Planning Tips

When to Visit the Algarve

This region of Portugal has more than 300 sunny days per year.  Visit in May or September to avoid the summer crowds.  Check averages for your trip dates from

Getting to the Algarve’s Best Beaches

The easiest way to reach the Algarve is to fly into the Faro airport.  There are direct flights to Faro from Lisbon and many other European cities.  From Faro, you can rent a car.

Or from Lisbon, the Algarve is about a 2.5-hour drive.  If you’re coming from Porto, consider a stopover in Evora to see its Roman ruins, Celtic monoliths, and bone chuch on your way to the coast.

For me, driving in Algarve was the easiest place in Portugal, because I wasn’t navigating as many narrow winding streets like in Sintra or Porto!

  • Find information on getting to Tavira from other cities in Portugal or Spain
  • In Lisbon, I rented a car from RentalCars. com – check prices and availability for your dates.

How Long to Stay in the Algarve

If you want to see a few of the beaches, I recommend staying at least 3 days.  For maximum relaxation as well as to see all the sights, 5-7 days is perfect.  Consider splitting a week between two hotels – there are so many charming boutique Algarve stays, and it will be easier to see beaches in different regions.

Where to Stay As a Base in the Algarve


Centrally-located Lagos is one of the easiest places to stay with many beautiful close beaches like Praias Dona Ana and Camilo.  Check Lagos hotels


Portimao is home to Praia da Rocha and is also centrally located.  There are many options for hotels and resorts here, as well as restaurants and things to do.  Check Portimao hotels


If you want to visit both the central and western Algarve beaches, Faro could be a good base.  Check Faro hotels


Carvoiero is another central Algarve destination and a great place to stay if you like quaint villages and Benagil Cave is on your must-see list.   Check Carvoeiro hotels


There are many luxury resorts and great restaurants in Albufeira, as well as beautiful Praia Falesia.  Check Albufeira hotels

Aljezur or Carrapateira

If you want to visit the beaches of the Western Algarve, Aljezur and Carrapateira could be a good central base.  Check Aljezur hotels or Carrapateira stays


If you want to experience more history in the Algarve and also have the unspoiled beaches of the Ria Formosa reserve, consider Tavira as a base.  Check Tavira hotels and don’t miss my guide to Tavira and Cabanas de Tavira plus my stay at Forte de Sao Joao da Barra.

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  • Evora Chapel of Bones & World Nativities
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Beaches in Faro, Algarve, Portugal

Thinking of learning Portuguese in Faro?
If you want to know more about the local beach resorts, have some useful information, to give you a feel of the local area and the wonderful Faro beaches on offer.

“The beaches around the Algarve’s city of Faro are “ilhas” (sandspits) that form the outer edge of the Ria Formosa marshlands and lagoons. “Praia de Faro” (Faro Beach) is the only one that has a roadway connection, the others are reached by ferry boats. The boat trip itself is fun and the ilhas are idyllic.

Many Algarve beaches are now classified as ‘Accessible Beaches’ meaning that not only do they provide ramps, footpaths and walkways directly to the sand but also meet certain criteria for restaurant tables, bar and counter heights. They also have first aid posts and disabled toilets and should be equipped with wheelchairs, walking aids and other equipment capable of being used in the sea as well as on the beach. We include which beaches have been awarded the ‘Accessible Beach’ flag , although depending on individual abilities you may just want to know that you can park nearby or that there are no steps involved.

We also indicate which beaches have lifeguards during the season (normally April to the end of September) and as a reminder for you: a green flag – swimming permitted; yellow flag – swimming forbidden; red flag – swimming and entering the water forbidden; blue and white chequered flag – beach temporarily unattended.

Faro beach
Faro beach (“Praia de Faro”) is just near to the airport and the turning for the beach is sign posted from the roundabout in front of the airport. The road passes pine forests on one side as it skirts around the airport before arriving at the single lane road bridge to Praia de Faro.

Faro beach is also sometimes called Faro-Mar or Ilha de Faro and is on the Ancão Peninsula – confusing isn’t it?! It is hard to believe that it is an island though, because there is so much squashed on to it; there are shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation all packed on to the narrow island.

Being an island, Praia de Faro obviously has two sides, the lagoon side and the seafaring side. The lagoon side is really attractive, with colourful boats bobbing on the water and moored on the slipways. The water is safe for swimming in the lagoon, but it is also a very popular area for various water sports – jetskis in particular.

The beach on the seaward side is a magnificent long stretch of golden sand. It is flat and easily accessible from the paved promenade that runs behind the beach. There are all sorts of water sports available at Praia de Faro like windsurfing, sailing and jet ski and plenty of room to give it a go!

There is a lot of parking directly behind the beach, but in summer, particularly at weekends when everyone likes to go to the beach it can be difficult to find space.

Praia de Faro is supervised during the ‘beach season’ and is also classed as an ‘Accessible Beach’.

Faro ‘ilhas’ – Island beaches
Ilha da Barreta (also called Ilha Deserta) and Ilha da Culatra are the sandspit island beaches around Faro. They are only accessible by ferry, but there are regular trips departing from the town and they are well worth a visit.

The ferries to Farol (which is the western end of Culatra) and Deserta run from Porta Nova Pier in Faro. The pier is just to the east of the marina, round the corner past the fire station – follow the railway line and you can’t miss it.

Ilha Deserta is an uninhabited ilha with just one very popular restaurant on it (“Restaurante O Estaminé” offering traditional flavours from the Atlantic and Ria Formosa; Tel: 917811856) – if you want to lunch here we would suggest you book a table before or as soon as you arrive on the ilha! The beach on the seaward side is a beautiful sandy bay, just a couple of minutes walk from the quay.

There is a small area of sunbeds for hire, but most people seem to take their own sunshades and their own refreshments to enjoy a quiet few hours on this very peaceful ilha.

The ferry to Ilha Deserta runs daily throughout the year but with less frequent crossings during the quieter months. The trip takes about 30 to 35 minutes and is a very enjoyable journey through the Ria Formosa nature reserve. The cost of a return ticket is around 7€

Ilha da Culatra is the next ilha to the east and the lighthouse at Farol is easily spotted. The ferry from Faro runs to Farol, which has a small, permanent all year round, population which increases to around 3000 in the summer season. It’s a lovely seaside community of mostly single storey houses; with oleanders lining the sandy pathways and bougainvillea climbing over the verandas. There are several restaurants and cafés dotted along the pathways from the quay.

The beach on the seaward side is another beautiful sandy bay and obviously popular both with the residents and people just visiting for a few hours.

The ferry to Farol runs more often than to Deserta and there are also several places on Farol offering 24 hour water taxi services. The trip takes the same time (30 to 35 minutes) as the trip to Ilha Deserta and the return ticket costs around 5€

If you want a very quiet, relaxed day on the beach and nothing else, then Deserta is just the place; if you like to wander around and explore and have a choice of places to eat and drink, as well as having a beautiful beach, then Ilha da Culatra is the place for you.

Something we found rather frustrating was that the ferries don’t go from one ilha to the next! The quays at Farol and Deserta are virtually opposite each other across a narrow stretch of water, but no connecting ferry! We would suggest that if you want to see both in one day, you are probably best to start at Farol and to get a water taxi across to Deserta, then get the ferry back from Deserta to Faro. If you try this, don’t get the return tickets as the ferries are run by two separate companies!

The beaches at Ilha Deserta and Praia do Farol are supervised during the ‘beach season’.”

Best blue flag beaches in Portugal in 2022

The Algarve received 86 Blue Flag awards in 2022, more than any other region in Portugal. The blue flag was awarded to 82 beaches and four marinas – in Lagos, Portimao, Albufeira and Vilamoura.

The Algarve is an almost continuous strip of beaches that stretches from east to west from Monte Gordo to Lagos. The main resorts are located in Albufeira, Portimão, Vilamoura, Quarteira, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Monte Gordo, Lagos and Tavira. nine0016 Lagos Luz, Porto de Mós, Meia Praia Portimão Alvor Poente, Alvor Nascente, Vau, Três Castelos, Rocha and Marina Lagoa Ferragudo, Caneiros, Carvoeiro, Vale Centeanes, Senhora da Rocha and Vale do Olival Silves Armação de Pêra and Praia Grande Poente Albufeira Salgados, Galé-Oeste, Galé-Este, Manuel Lourenço, Evaristo, Castelo, Coelha, São Rafael, Arrifes, Peneco, Pescadores, Alemães, Inatel, Aveiros, Oura, Oura-Leste, Santa Eulália, Maria Luísa, Olhos D’Água, Belharucas, Falésia Açoteias, Falésia Alfamar, Rocha Baixinha Poente, Rocha Baixinha and Rocha Baixinha Nascente. nine0016 Loulé Vilamoura, Quarteira, Forte Novo, Almargem, Loulé Velho, Vale do Lobo, Garrão-Poente, Garrão-Nascente, Ancão and Quinta do Lago Faro Faro-Mar, Barreta, Ilha do Farol-Mar and Culatra-Mar Olhão Armona-Mar, Armona-Ria, Fuseta-Mar and Fuseta-Ria Tavira Barril, Caban Estreita, Ilha Mar Castro Marim Praia Verde, Cabeço and Alagoa-Altura Vila Real de Santo António Manta Rota, Lota, Monte Gordo and Santo António

Ranked as one of the most sought after countries for European Resident 900 . From January to March 2022, more than 1.7 million tourists visited Portugal.

If an investor invests in Algarve tourist real estate, he will be able to receive income from renting the object – up to 5% per annum. The region has a warm climate, tourists rest in the Algarve even in the off-season, so real estate is in demand all year round. nine0003

When buying real estate in the amount of 250,000 €, the investor can obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

Real estate prices depend on the object: in non-tourist cities, you can buy apartments two or three times cheaper than in Porto and Lisbon.

Property in Portugal

Apartments in a hotel complex

Area – from 66 m²

Cost – from 534,000 €

Yield – 4% per annum

Location – Faro

Faro is the southernmost Portuguese city and the administrative center of the Algarve. Faro is home to one of the three international airports in Portugal. It accepts flights from European countries and local cities.

An investor can buy an apartment in a hotel complex in Quinta do Lago. The hotel consists of 130 private suites ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, a spacious balcony or terrace, a fully equipped kitchen and dedicated parking spaces.

The investor will be able to spend up to 12 weeks a year in the apartment, even during the high season from June to September. The rest of the time, the apartments will be rented out. nine0003

The owner of the apartment gets the right to live in the resort for up to three months a year and use all the infrastructure – restaurants, swimming pools, SPA services -services

The owner of the apartment gets the right to live in the resort for up to three months a year and use the entire infrastructure – restaurants, swimming pools, SPA services

Share in a hotel complex on the ocean

Cost — €280,000

Location — Lagos

Investors can purchase a share in a new hotel complex located in the city of Lagos, 50 meters from the ocean. Next to the complex there is a marina with a “Blue Flag”.

The complex consists of 4-star and 3-star hotels managed by an international hotel group. Hotels are designed for 270 rooms.

Investors can apply to participate in the project until July 2022. nine0003

Investor will be able to buy a share in the hotel after 6 years

The investor will be able to buy a share in the hotel after 6 years

The investor will be able to buy a share in the hotel after 6 years

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Individual selection of real estate for the program

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  • We will offer objects from trusted developers

  • We will check and execute all documents for the transaction

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