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Best holiday destination for you in Fuerteventura? + guide

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Playa Esquizo is one of the prettiest white sandy beaches in Fuerteventura that is located close to the hotels. So if you are looking for a beach holiday in Fuerteventura, this might be one of the best options. However, this beach is left pretty much untouched except for some sunbeds and a beach bar. If you are looking for bars, restaurants or shops next to the beach, this beach has none. However, if you want to do some windsurfing or want to learn, you can do this on the beach.

Best hotels in Esquinzo

Esquizo is all about size. Huge hotels with everything you want to do and experience offered inside the hotel. Most offer multiple pools, sports fields, all-day entertainment, many restaurants and much more.

Of all the hotels I have visited in this area, these I can advise:

  • Fuerteventura Princess: Great for families
  • Aluavillage Fuerteventura: One of the more budget-friendly options in this area.

Things to do in Esquinzo

Esquinzo is mainly about the beach and hotels, so there is not much to do in the resort itself. There are some watersports you can learn or enjoy on the beach, but that is about it. However, from the hotels, there are also many organised excursions all over the island. These include visits to Betancuria, Ajuy caves and museums all over the island.

Here is my complete list of things to do in Fuerteventura.

Restaurants, bars and nightlife

Esquinzo is all about the hotels. There are very few bars or restaurants here except for the few on the beach. Also, nightlife mostly takes place within the all-inclusive hotels with entertainment for the entire family; some even have small nightclubs.

Fuerteventura airport to Esquinzo

Esquinzo is not located close to the airport of Fuerteventura. It is 78 km or over 1 hour of driving away. Because of this, it is best to arrive at the airport well prepared and preferably with pre-booked transportation.

  • Public transport to Esquinzo is possible, but many buses take many stops (sometimes over 30) and can take a long time to get there. If you want to do so, the price is 8.50 € per person.
  • A shuttle bus will get you there faster but needs to be booked before arriving, costing 19.43 €. It also has a lot of other benefits like a guaranteed place to sit on the bus.
  • Reserving a taxi online before arriving has a fixed price of 106.50 €. Taking a taxi from the airport has a starting price of 90 € and will be more expensive when in bad traffic, at the weekend or evening.

This is the company I used and advise for booking a taxi or shuttle online. For more information about public transport, you can have a look here.

Weather in Esquinzo & when to go

Esquinzo is a great place to visit any month of the year. The weather here is warm all year round, and since it is located in the South of the island, it gets less rain and cloudy days compared to the North. However, December might be a month you want to avoid if possible because of prices and that this is the rainiest month on the island. Yet, even so, rain is minimal in December, with only 3 rainy days.

Is Esquinzo the best holiday destination for you?

Esquinzo is all about the hotels and the beach. If you are most of the time in the hotel or on the beach during your holiday and don’t care about having a town nearby, this is great. Not only is the beach beautiful, but it is also close to the hotels. On top of that, the hotels here are massive and therefore offer many different restaurants, great entertainment, sports field and much more. If that sounds like what you would enjoy, then Esquinzo is the best holiday destination for you in Fuerteventura.

This resort in Fuerteventura is at least 1 hour away from the airport in Fuerteventura by taxi and much longer by bus or airport shuttle. So consider this before booking if you quickly get car sick or are travelling with small children and babies.

Not sure Esquinzo is right for you? Here is my complete guide to where to stay in Fuerteventura.

Aparthotel Esquinzo Y Monte Del Mar

Complex of apartments and rooms with interior gardens, located in the south of Fuerteventura, just a 3 minutes walk from the beach of Esquinzo, 7 km from the beach of Jandia and 80 km from the airport. It has a buffet restaurant, two swimming pools, bar, mini-market, souvenir shop and laundry.



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Located in the quiet area of Esquinzo, just 3 minutes walk from the beach.

Swimming Pool

Recharge your batteries and relax while enjoying the sun in our 2 outdoor pools.


Enjoy a varied gastronomic offer in our buffet restaurant, El Marinero.


Exquisite cocktails and a wide selection of drinks in the cozy Safari bar.

Mini market

Mini market and souvenir shop inside the complex.


Do your own laundry in a shorter time with self- service laundry.

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Esquinso / Butiondo

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It was fair value for money

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This was left at the time of booking, it was a 90 minute transfer when I actually did it was actually 2 hours. For the trip, it would be helpful to call the hotel where he is staying – the names can be hard to see and read late at night



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Guillaume Aubert

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The bus was a bit old, but in general it was good. We will use the service again if necessary.


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    Hotels in Eskinso – book cheap hotels in Eskinso

    Eskinso, Spain

    06 Jan.

    Jan 08

    1 room for 2 guests

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    The most popular hotel deals Eskinso

    Hotels in Eskinso welcome guests all year round. All hotels are located in cozy picturesque places. Their exteriors are successfully combined with local aesthetic landscapes. Nearby are parking lots for vehicles. The site contains information on how to get guests. For the convenience of the client, a transfer is sent to the airport or train station. Holidays in Eskinso start from the moment you arrive. nine0006

    Description of rooms

    Eskinso hotels offer several options for accommodating guests. Individual travelers, couples, families with children and large noisy companies can comfortably settle down here. Each guest is provided with a package of services, comfortable conditions for relaxation and a high level of service.

    Standard double rooms become single rooms at the request of the guest. Clients can rent a room only for themselves and relax in complete silence. Hotels provide comfort in every detail: comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, air conditioning, modern bathrooms with towels and cosmetics. Some of the deluxe rooms have a Jacuzzi. nine0006

    Refrigerate drinks and snacks. All hotel rooms have TV and internet connection. The price of accommodation depends on the season and the day of arrival.

    You can book a room on the hotel website, through the search services of hotels or tour operators.


    Hotels in Eskinso offer a menu tailored to the preferences of different categories of customers. Guests are served almost from the doorstep. Upon arrival, they offer to satisfy their hunger with a nutritious snack in cafes or restaurants at the hotel. nine0006

    Guests can order a menu for the entire stay or dine in hotel establishments if desired. The menu always has national dishes of different nations, fresh fruits, fresh juices. Herbal teas and juices are available at any time of the day. As a rule, flour products are served in hotels for an afternoon snack. For dinner, a menu of 5-6 courses is prepared.


    Various opportunities for a pleasant stay are provided in Eskinso hotels. Guests can swim in the pools, where the water temperature is +22… +36°C, relax well in the Russian bathhouse, the famous Roman herbal baths or Turkish hamams. The hotels have spas. You can start your day at the fitness center before heading out for a bike ride. nine0006

    You can play badminton or football on the sports fields.

    Vacationers with children can visit children’s entertainment centers located on the territory of the hotels. Outdoor games are held here, which, of course, will benefit children and improve their health.

    Animators and nannies work at the playgrounds. While mom and dad will relax in the spa or bath, an experienced teacher will look after the child.

    Entertainment in hotels can be supplemented with entertaining excursions and walks. Finding a guide is easy. The hotels have tour desks with the best offers for walks in the resort area. nine0006

    How to get to the hotel?

    The website of each hotel has a detailed description of the routes. Public transport options and taxi service numbers are indicated. Thanks to the recommendations, it will be easy to get from the airport or train station.