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Is the water in spain safe to drink: Drinking water – Spain Forum

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Can I drink the tap water in Spain? | by TAPP Water | TAPP Water Blog

Yes, at least for 99.5% of all public tap water is safe to drink and complies with strict international water quality standards.

However it didn’t use to be this way and therefore a lot of Spaniards switched from tap water to bottled water as soon as they could afford it. A lot of myths have been built about tap water causing health issues and diseases. Few if any of these are true today.

Basically, if there’s no warning or restriction made public from the local water company then the water is safe to drink (or at least as safe as bottled water). And if you don’t like the taste get a high quality water filter such as TAPP 1, saving you money, effort and plastic waste.

Tap water in Spain

Before Spain joined the EU in 1986, the country was torn by the after effects of the civil war, dictatorship and subsequent lack of investments in infrastructure including tap water. Some cities like Madrid had excellent tap water but others had limited regulation and sub standard filtration and quality testing.

In the coastal areas such as Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga and Cadiz you will therefore hear a lot of people tell you that they don’t recommend drinking the tap water. One of the reasons is that tourists in the 60s to 80s did not drink the tap water and as Spaniards got wealthier they also switched to bottled water.

Between 1986 and 2008 Spain received 21 billion euro in EU funding for water infrastructure. Today they have some of the most advanced public water filtration and waste water management solutions in the world.

The Spanish water providers use chlorine to sterilize tap water (this is common in the rest of Europe and the US, too). For this reason, there can be a certain chemical taste to the water. It is not dangerous, and you usually get used to it after a while. If not, then get a high quality water filter such as TAPP 1 and the problem is solved.

If you live near the coast, you may have higher levels of sediment like fine sand in your tap water. Again, this is not dangerous, just annoying.

The water companies are obliged to provide frequent water quality reports and alert customers if there is any non-compliance. Therefore there is no risk of getting sick from bacteria in water from the tap, from public drinking fountains, at restaurants, etc.

Read a more specific analysis of the tap water in other cities of Spain here: Alicante, Barcelona, Ibiza, Malaga.

Bottled water in Spain

Bottled water consumption in Spain grew from 74m litres in 1965 to over 5,000m in 2016. That’s from about 74m glass bottles to around 6–8 billion plastic bottles in 2016. This has caused big issues in terms of plastic pollution as only about 20% gets recycled and the rest ends up on landfills and incineration plants.

The average Spanish household that buys bottled water spends about €320 per year. With a water filter like TAPP 1 you can save €260.

To date there is no scientific evidence that bottled water (referred to as mineral water by the industry) is healthier or safer to drink than tap water. Therefore the only reason to drink bottled water is taste preference.


You can safely drink the tap water in Spain unless the local water company states otherwise.

If you don’t like the taste of the water or you’re worried about contamination from the pipes then get a high quality water filter such as TAPP 1.

Avoid plastic bottled water if you can, as it’s bad for the planet and generally a waste of money.


Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad – Profesionales – Salud ambiental y laboral …

Salud ambiental y laboral – Calidad de las aguas – Agua de consumo humano, Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e…

Water Quality in Rota

Newcomers to Spain are often concerned about water quality here on base and in the surrounding area.

Yes, Spain is a…

It’s safe to drink the water in Spain



Today is World Water Day and while we reflect on the issues millions in developing countries face, people in Spain are blessed with a highly contrasting fact: 99.5 percent of the tap water is perfectly good to drink.

Spain’s Health Ministry confirmed the figure and said that the remaining 0.5 percent is not so safe to drink and this is due to “specific issues to do with non-compliance of regulations and norms in smaller towns and communities, which lack the proper infrastructure.”

President of the Water Supply and Sanitation Association Fernando Morcillo explained that it’s not that the water isn’t safe to consume straight out of the faucet but that there are some “parameters that don’t meet the national standards which is why we prefer to recommend to avoid drinking this water.

Spain’s water supply sector employs close to 25,000 workers dedicated to maintain and repair the 224,000 kilometers (5.5 times around the world) of tubes and pipes across the country and 165,000 kilometers of sewer disposal plumbing.

Mr Morcillo said the country gets their water from 17,389 subterranean, superficial and rainfall-collecting sources.

He also said the water systems are under strict scrutiny and that samples are being analyzed daily in order to have absolute control over the water people in the country drink.

El Pais noted this Wednesday that while in Spain water isn’t an issue of concern, in other countries people have problems with proper supply.

About 842,000 people die a year due to contaminated water and close to 700 million don’t have access to this human right, recognized by the United Nations’ 28 July 2010 Resolution 64/292.

According to international experts, by the year 2080, half of the world’s population will not have access to sanitized water supplies.

Bottled or Tap

According to official statistics, 30 years ago in Spain, the only people consuming bottled water were tourists.

But today, this has changed dramatically as figures show that Spain has become the number fifth consumer of bottled water in the world and the third in Europe after Italy and Germany.

The consumption of bottled water, however, is unnecessary and even ecologically unfriendly.

Scientists and environmental activists agree that in Spain water from the sink is as good and far cheaper than bottled water, which by the way, is a hazard to the environmental due to the plastics used for bottling and labeling.

In 2015, tap water was priced at about 1,60 euros per thousand liters, far lower than any other European country.

Experts say there are currently no discernible differences between bottled and tap water. In fact, they added, water bottlers have to sanitize their water to bring up to standards with the public potable water.

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all bottled water is equally harmless, and here is why

ABC: not all bottled water is equally harmless, and this is why

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Water is indeed the source of life. You don’t need to advertise it. However, people traditionally think little about the most important point – the quality of water. The author of the Spanish edition talks about the types of bottled water: how each of them differs and what you should pay attention to before buying a bottle of water.

Elisa Escorihuelael

Water is a fundamental component of our diet. Our body is approximately 60% water, so it is important to remember that drinking water is essential to maintaining our health. nine0003

So, if you are a fan of bottled water, in any supermarket you can find miles of shelves with different types of water, and all of them are strikingly different from each other.

There are three types of bottled water on the Spanish market, which, despite their external similarity, are very different from each other:

1. Spring water

comes to the surface of the earth, or is mined by methods that protect its composition and prevent its pollution. nine0003

The composition of spring water is not always the same and is analyzed once before sale.

2. Natural mineral water

It is also of underground origin, it is pure, but unlike spring water, its composition is constant, and this requires continuous analysis. There are the following types of mineral water:

Water of weak mineralization , which has from 51 to 500 mg of solids per liter. This type of water can be helpful for people with kidney disease (kidney stones) and high blood pressure, and it also increases urination. nine0003

Water very low salinity with a solids content of less than 50 mg. It is widely used in baby food, as well as in the presence of the aforementioned diseases.

Water highly mineralized containing more than 500 mg solids per liter. It usually has a slightly richer taste because it contains more minerals.

3. Prepared drinking water

Such water undergoes the physical and chemical treatment necessary to make it suitable for drinking, whether it is spring water or mineral water. nine0003

Thus, if spring or mineral water is treated, it will be called treated drinking water.

Therefore, not all bottled water is the same. When buying water from a supermarket, it is recommended that you read the label carefully, because the quality of the water can vary greatly.

Is tap water healthy?

You can’t call it good or bad. It comes from fresh water sources and rivers, which must comply with certain sanitary standards. Thus, such water is suitable for drinking and does not harm health. nine0003

Depending on where we live, the level of water mineralization can vary greatly, which affects its taste.

Environmental education

Brussels is asking Europeans to drink more tap water to reduce plastic waste from bottled water. What water will you choose?

Drinking water in Marbella from the tap.

Drinking water in Marbella from the tap. Can I drink it myself or give it to a small child. (Tap Water Marbella)

Author: MarbellaFamilyFun

Drinking water in Marbella from the tap. This morning in English version
of our site received an interesting question – Is it possible to drink tap water in
Marbella and is it safe to use for blending
to kid? –

Yes indeed, you must boil the water
from the tap when preparing mixtures for your baby and it doesn’t matter
what age is he. This kills bacteria and makes the mixture more

Although after your baby is 6 months old or
older, you can use tap water. We kindly request to
In this case, use the tap water in the kitchen with running water. Tap
in the bathroom can be connected to a tank where water is stored
for a long time and should not be given to children! nine0003

We also recommend
use special water filters that you can purchase
in local stores. If you store filtered water in
refrigerator, this will additionally help filter out chlorine, which
will fall into decay.

You can also buy bottled water. We
we recommend buying water with the least amount of soda and sulfates. (SO
And SO4 on the bottle). A large number of manufacturers offer water with
a high amount of sulfates, which is not recommended for babies. Bezoya
is one of the most suitable brands of water for children. nine0003

If you find it comfortable to boil all drinking water for your baby up to 1 year old, then you can continue to do so.

you have your own well in the territory where you live,
be sure to ask experts to check the water quality in it before
than drink it yourself or especially give it to your baby.

Detailed response to
English can be found on this page –

In order to find the answer to any question,
dedicated to Marbella, just visit any page of our website and
enter a search term in the field “What interests you in Marbella”.

You will receive a complete list of pages on our website where you can find the information you are interested in.

Let us know if you need more information.

Best regards.


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