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Mallorca official tourist information: Oficina de Turismo de Mallorca (Consell de Mallorca). Majorca

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Welcome to Mallorca (Majorca) |

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Imagine an island with turquoise blue waters, secret coves, soft golden sands, lush green foliage, rugged mountains, picturesque villages and a vibrant capital city. Now drop that island in the sea only a couple of hours flight from most European cities… that’s Mallorca (also known as Majorca) in a nutshell. The island and its capital, Palma, are overflowing with character, while its beaches are famous all around the world, making it one of the most sought-after summer destinations.

Generously furnished with luxury hotels and villas, Mallorca is also one of the world’s sailing hotspots. The locally produced foodie delights and wines, delicious traditional cuisine and first-class restaurants with Michelin stars have only added to its appeal. But that’s not all. An island steeped in history, Mallorca boasts charming villages, historic sights, an artisan and cultural scene and popular events taking place throughout the year.

If relaxing is your thing, grab a sun lounger at a beach club, hop on a boat trip or stroll through the old streets in Palma for some leisurely shopping. Just don’t expect to relax for too long as there are theme and water parks for the whole family to enjoy, as well as watersports, thousands of things to do and all the serious walking and cycling you could care to do on holiday. And, if you’ve not overdone the daytime, there’s always the bustling nightlife to finish you off.


Latest news, reviews & events in Mallorca


Find out all about what is happening in Mallorca and how to make the most of your time here. The latest news, reviews of fun activities, fabulous beaches, current events and the trendiest restaurants, as well as interviews with leading locals, insider’s guides and our top choices for things to do, see, and experience on the island.

News from Mallorca


The island hosts all sorts of events, including agricultural fairs in the spring and autumn, live music and DJs in the summer, religious fiestas and international sporting events. Some of the most popular are the Mallorca 312 cycling race in April, the Copa del Rey sailing regatta in July and the Moors vs Christians mock battle in September.

Events in Mallorca


What to see & do in Mallorca


When it comes to things to do in Mallorca, the possibilities are endless. Blessed with mild temperatures and sunshine throughout the year, the island is the ideal base for outdoor pursuits. Cycling, hiking, sailing, mountain biking, horse riding, climbing, golf, tennis and all the watersports you can imagine are on offer here. More leisurely activities such as sightseeing, shopping, wine tasting, guided tours or birdwatching are also available.


With top-class art galleries, castles, remains of ancient Bronze Age settlements, caves, natural parks through to museums and vineyards, this island has a long list of things to see. Among Mallorca’s most famous sights are the cathedral in Palma, a gorgeous Gothic building that overlooks the sea, the Serra de Tramuntana national park that runs along the island’s west coast, or the vineyards dotted around the town of Binissalem, in the central plains. is a SeeTheWorld destination

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End of party tourism in Mallorca? – DW – 06/27/2022

After quite times, Mallorca’s bars and beaches are once again teeming with touristsImage: Clara Morgais/picture alliance/dpa


Jonas Martiny

June 27, 2022

After the pandemic-related timeout, the Spanish island of Mallorca had hoped to attract holidaymakers who want to do more than just party. But the change is not happening as quickly as hoped.


Certain parts of the Spanish island of Mallorca have long been known for attracting German and British party tourists interested in drinking excessively in the warmer climate. Nowhere else on the island is the past and potential future of the city’s tourism industry as apparent as in the street Pare Bartomeu Salva — also known to German party tourists as “ham street” or “Schinkenstrasse” in German. Even in the morning, in some bars pop music is already blaring and men in soccer jerseys have already guzzled their first beers. Just a few steps further, things are more dignified. Here, guests can sit comfortably on armchairs upholstered in white fabric. Instead of bratwurst and French fries, restaurants serve the finest cuisine. 

Entrepreneur Ferrer wants to see a change in the party tourism reputation of MallorcaImage: Jonas Martiny/DW

No one wants to see the transformation of Playa de Palma, one of the island’s most important tourist zones, more than Juan Miguel Ferrer, chairman of Palma Beach, a group of entrepreneurs. The organization’s goal is to transform the grubby party zone, known as “Ballermann,” into an upscale destination. It might not be easy — the name “Ballermann” is in fact the combination of two German words: “ballern” — slang for drinking excessively, and “Mann,” a man.

After making some progress recently, there’s been another setback,” says Ferrer, pointing across the boardwalk toward the beach where dozens of groups of young men loiter in the sun drinking beers. The smell of vomit, urine and sunscreen hangs in the air. Trash cans are overflowing. “In the past few weeks, Playa de Palma has turned into what it was before the pandemic,” says Ferrer.

Mallorca has a number of German-themed bars geared towards party touristsImage: Augst/Eibner-Pressefoto/picture alliance

Business as usual on the Playa de Palma

Last summer, Ferrer saw signs of positive change that surprised him. Few tourists came to the island during the last two years of the pandemic, and when things did open up again, strict regulations imposed by the Spanish health authority on entertainment venues resulted in a different kind of clientele replacing the usual party tourists. Most came from Germany, says Ferrer. “We had actually set a target of 2026 for this change [in clientele],” Ferrer says. “But the pandemic acted as a catalyst and brought us this new customer base last summer.” This year, however, it’s back to square one. “The efforts were in vain. Rowdy tourists are back, and they scare off everyone else.”

Mallorca’s politicians, hoteliers and restaurateurs have been trying for a while to put an end to party tourism on Mallorca and to promote the Playa de Palma as a quality tourism destination, not just one for cheap booze and never-ending parties. While the city of Palma has passed various regulations to prevent binge drinking in public — the Balearic government has tightened the law by restricting the sale of alcohol in supermarkets, for example — but that has not proved to be a resounding success. “The police would have to monitor holidaymakers’ compliance,” says Ferrer. “And collect fines immediately in cases of violations.”

Tourist numbers for the summer are expected to exceed those of the pre-pandemic yearImage: Jonas Martiny/DW

Police merely look on

But that’s easier said than done, because the legal situation only allows fines of up to €750 ($788) to be collected on the spot in exceptional cases, a police spokesman explains. After all, few vacationers would carry such a large amount of cash with them. As a result, police on Playa de Palma are essentially limited to watching the goings-on of party-hungry tourists from afar, intervening only in the most extreme circumstances.

In fact, Mallorca is gearing up for a record-breaking tourism season. Whether looking at hotel occupancy, airport arrivals or rental car bookings, the numbers are projected to surpass those of summer 2019. “After two very complicated years, we can now reap the rewards and are at the forefront of international demand,” says Maria Frontera, president of the Mallorcan Hoteliers Association. Andreu Serra, Tourism Director of the island’s council, also expresses his satisfaction: “The start of the season has been very good. The number of tourists is increasing, as well as the amount of money they spend on the island.”

Now, no more than three cruise ships can moor at the port of La Palma at the same timeImage: Jonas Martiny/DW

Total number of beds to be decreased

Quantity alone, however, should no longer be the only criteria when it comes to tourism on Mallorca. Many on the island hope for higher quality tourism and visitors who stay longer. Recently, a law was introduced that limits the number of beds in tourist accommodation. “We firmly believe that the economy can grow despite the reduced number of beds by creating greater added value,” says Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela. For example, incentives are already in place for hotels to upgrade and add stars. Slowly but surely, it’s working. There are now more than 400 four- and five-star hotels on the island. Ten years ago, there were half as many.

Yet another decision made in recent weeks is intended to ensure greater sustainability on the island. Mallorca’s capital Palma has become the first Spanish city to limit the number of cruise ships allowed to moor at the same time at its ports, thanks to a deal reached by the Balearic Island’s government and the international cruise line association (CLIA). Previously, there were up to six vessels moored at the same time on certain days. This meant more than 10,000 cruise ship passengers poured into the old town at once, which resulted in a growing number of protests from residents.

Space is filling up at the beach of Playa de Palma, expected to see high tourist numbers this summerImage: Jonas Martiny/DW

Hope rests on the US

Industry experts are also focusing on another group of tourists whom they hope to attract in the near future: Americans. For this reason, the island’s decision-makers are pleased that United Airlines is now offering a direct connection between Palma and New York City. They hope the new connection will attract culturally aware and affluent visitors, who will be less interested in getting belligerently drunk in public, as is still the case on the Playa de Palma.

There’s another potential change taking place too. A group of restaurants on the island banned clothes related to what they described as “drunken tourism.” Beachgoers will have to stop for a change of clothes at their hotel before being allowed into such establishments. Anyone baring their torso or wearing a bathing suit will not be served, nor will anyone wearing a soccer jersey.

This article has been translated from German. 

Mallorca: Beloved by German tourists

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Mallorca. All about Mallorca. Help for Russian-speaking tourists


Mallorca (Mallorca) (esp.-Mallorca) is the largest island of the Balearic Islands, as well as the most developed in terms of tourism opportunities. Due to its mild Mediterranean climate, Mallorca is one of the year-round resorts. More than 12 million tourists visit the island every year, mainly from Germany, England, France, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Even at the height of summer, there is no excessively sweltering heat, and the winter is exceptionally mild, and the relative humidity fluctuates around 70% throughout the year. nine0003

The tourist season in Mallorca starts on April 1st and ends at the end of October

mallorca beach

, the weather in September is as sunny and warm as in summer, but less exhausting.

One of the main factors that make Mallorca so attractive is its amazingly rich and varied nature. Despite the small size of the island, Mallorca is literally dotted with natural national parks (there are more than 40 reserves). nine0003

Tourists are pleasantly surprised by the contrasting combination of the sea, mountain cliffs, oak and pine groves, fertile valleys and numerous bays with clear water…

Mallorca offers to spend holidays only in high-level establishments – palaces converted into hotels, hotels in the mountains, hotels near the beaches or rural tourism in village houses or small family pensions. Hotels (there are more than two thousand) are located mainly along the coast. For a family holiday in Mallorca, villas are very convenient. They have from one to six rooms, equipped with all amenities, almost each has a swimming pool. nine0003

Mallorca has more than a thousand hotels that fully correspond to its tourist significance. They cater to every taste and offer different prices. There are both luxurious five- and four-star hotels, as well as very cozy three-, two- and one-star hotels located mainly in the capital and coastal settlements. During peak season it is recommended to book the hotel in advance. At the airport tourist office you can get information about hotels, their location and category. Hotel search. nine0003

Another type of accommodation in Mallorca: agritourism – homesteads that meet all the needs of lovers of rural tourism. It is offered to everyone who wants to experience close proximity to nature in a family and friendly atmosphere.

The island is especially famous for the fact that it is here, in the castle Marivent , every August the royal family rests in full force. At this time, sailing regatta with their participation in the King’s Cup is held, and in s

golf mallorca

amke Almudaina are the official receptions of the kings of Spain.

Mallorca, due to its climate and geographical position, is considered an ideal place to practice many sports, especially water sports. Sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, swimming, scuba diving, sport fishing, etc. are especially popular. This is facilitated by a wide network of sports ports and yacht clubs.
Particular attention is paid to the island of golf . Its players have at their disposal excellent fields equipped with the latest technology. And also: swimming pools, water parks, dolphinarium, boat trips, discos and a number of other attractions.

mallorca mills

Despite the large number of tourists who visit the island, Mallorca has managed to maintain a calm and measured way of life, as well as a balance between old traditions and modern influences. In Mallorca, you can admire the fields with many pretty windmills which are the official symbol of the island. Some of them are in a dilapidated state, but most of them have been restored and painted in different colors. Currently, more than 2,000 pumping mills have been preserved, of which about 300 are operating. In addition to water pumps, there are many flour mills on the flat part.

The capital of the island, as well as the archipelago, Palma (Palma) is a large, modern, cosmopolitan city where the government of the autonomous region is located. nine0043 Its 396.570 inhabitants (01/01/2008) make up more than 50% of Mallorca’s population.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma has important gothic historical monuments such as Palma Cathedral, Bellver Castle and Almudaina Palace . Plaza Weyler is home to buildings that are works of modern architecture, of which Grand Hotel should be noted, the first hotel built in the city (in 1908), which currently houses La Caixa Foundation .

Of all the regions in Spain, Mallorca has the highest standard of living.


Hotels in Mallorca | Spain

Mallorca is undoubtedly a true paradise. Its natural beauty has been reflected in art, literature and music throughout history. The enchanting Serra de Tramuntana and the wild coastline inspired artists such as Pablo Picasso, Robert Graves and Frederic Chopin, who fell in love with the place and left their mark on posterity. Today, the scenery of this corner of the Mediterranean Sea is recognized throughout the world and attracts a wide variety of visitors. Known The fame of Mallorca hotels and the variety of leisure activities are two key factors that will make your stay unforgettable.

The mild climate with pleasant winters and warm summers allows you to enjoy the largest island of the Balearic archipelago at any time of the year. During the cold seasons, the ideal holiday option is to admire the beautiful hiking trails scattered over the mountains, which pass through the peaks and valleys, discovering lush landscapes with natural springs and streams. Even with over 300 days of sunshine a year, summer is a spectacle of refreshing sunsets and fiery sunsets. Along the entire northeast coast, from San Telmo, through Soller and the incomparable Cabo de Formentor to Puerto Pollens, the small coves present a unique contrast between steep cliffs and crystal clear waters. nine0003

Swimming in idyllic places like Banyalbufar, Cala Deia, Cala Tuent or Torrent de Pareis is a luxury you will never forget. The rest of the coast is protected by mountains from the strong Mediterranean winds, its vast white sand beaches fill the horizon with shades of turquoise blue. Among the most coveted beaches, such as Can Picafort, Calas de Mallorca, Es Trenc or Sa Rapita, there are hidden little dream ports that exemplify the true island spirit. nine0003

What to see in Palma de Mallorca?

Voted “the best place to live in the world” by The Times, Palma is undoubtedly the heart of Mallorca . Its streets, full of life, invite you to stroll and seem to lead to popular squares and charming shopping areas. While the alleys of the old town hide small businesses such as bookstores, bakeries or shops selling handicrafts, the center’s main avenues are full of color and display great fashion brands in their windows. Culturally, Palma has a range of theaters and galleries whose performances and exhibitions will fill your evenings with music and art. nine0003

Mallorca Cathedral, La Seu, dating back to the 13th century, is one of the most emblematic monuments of Mallorcan Gothic architecture and boasts one of the largest rose windows in the world, known as the Gothic eye. The port of Palma extends to the foot of the cathedral, adorning with many sailboats and yachts the beautiful promenade that runs along the entire bay, where we can find the most exclusive hotels overlooking the sea. In short, is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Mallorca. nine0080

Gastronomy in Mallorca

If you come to Mallorca, don’t miss the local delicacies, the popular cuisine has been restored over the years and today it is a real treasure for taste.