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Nestor martin fernandez de la torre: Néstor Martín Fernández de la Torre Torre | 11 Artworks at Auction

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Nestor Martin Fernandez de la Torre – Heavy Music Artwork

Nestor began developing his artistic vocation in Gran Canaria when he was a child, making his first drawings with only seven years of age, while studying at the Colegio San Agustin, where he received drawing lessons from Nicolas Massieu . Before the end of the nineteenth century , in 1899 , received his first artistic guidance of his first teacher, the Spanish landscape and seascape Meifrén Elisha , with the paint getting his first work. At fifteen, Nestor would move to Madrid , where Rafael Hidalgo Caviedes welcomes you as a disciple, to continue his studies and, from 1904 , would come to Europe ( Paris , Brussels , Ghent , Bruges and London ) to perfect his technique. These were the years during which he lived in Paris where the artist finished chiseling, giving it powerful decorative renowned ornamental acquired its intervention in public buildings and in designing theater sets and clothing.

In Barcelona hosts its first exhibition in 1908 at the Equestrian Circle , a collection of portraits of the great influences English portraitists, but endowed with the personal touch of Nestor, with a wealth of detail and elegance that captivates by its palette and its idealized models. The following year, 1909 , presented in the classroom Parès of Barcelona, four decorative panels for the Ballroom of the Tibidabo , inspired by the poems of Verdaguer , L’Atlàntida and Canigó . Of these, include Garden of the Hesperides and Gentil led by the waters . A few years later out in Fayans Català portrait of Enrique Granados and of Berenice , and various pen drawings made in 1911 . Back in London, done etchings, garrotín and the Macarena, for which he received the first prize of the Municipal School of London, which then prepares several exhibitions, so does Paris and Madrid. In these etchings, Nestor often resorted to the representation of writhing bodies covered with shawls and lace.

In its first foray into the performing arts , Nestor would design the sets and costumes for the play El amor brujo by Manuel de Falla , which premiered in Madrid in 1915 . A few years earlier, in 1912 , the artist would be appointed member of the Union Internationale des Beaux Arts et des Lettres in Paris, moving in 1928 study from Madrid to Paris. From here you would attend several exhibitions in Europe and in various capitals of America , first in Buenos Aires in 1918 . In 1924 presented the first part of his life work, the Poem of the Atlantic in the Palace Library and the Municipal Museum of Madrid. That same year he exhibited his work in Venice.

Great colorist and decorator, Nestor, in essence, is a painter of portraits and compositions with great fantasy funds in the fabrics and architectures involved a great finish. The artist also traveled to Africa , by the Spanish colonies and returned to Canary in the thirties . In the islands spent his last years, his study definitively settled in Gran Canaria, where he began his stage treble in 1934 , and made decoration Casino de Tenerife and the Teatro Perez Galdos in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , his hometown, where finished installing the museum of his work years later. Néstor died prematurely when he was about to turn 51. With his death, left unfinished the Poem of Earth and sketches Air Poem and Poem of Fire , which planned to make in addition to his great work. His funeral was a social event at the time, gathering a large crowd of people. On July 18 of 1956 is inaugurated in the Pueblo Canario , architectural conceived in the last years of his life, the Nestor Museum , art gallery which houses much of his work.

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Nestor Martin-Fernández de la Torre.


It is not surprising that many of the tourists who come to the Canary Islands are interested in getting to know the work of this artist. Thanks to his special vision of the world and the importance he attached to nature and the colors of the archipelago, his works are of high artistic value.



Worldwide recognition

Nestor Martín Fernández de la Torre was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1887. His talent showed up from an early age. The artist finds inspiration in Madrid, Brussels, London and, finally, in Paris, where he finds the heyday of Art Nouveau and where he establishes his studio. Here he becomes a world-class artist, his works are exhibited in the best halls of Europe and Latin America and win recognition. nine0003

In the early 1930s, Nestor returned to Gran Canaria, where he set up his studio and returned to his artistic roots. It was during this period that he begins to create his masterpiece, which will remain unfinished: The Poem of the Elements.



Precise and luxurious style

Nestor’s works, borrowing the plasticity of symbolism, formed one of the most special styles of their era. The artist takes the local reality as a basis and creates an artistic world that takes us to the legendary origins of the islands. There is no place for stereotypes, regionalisms or banal folklore in his works, he uses exclusively mythology and reinterprets the classics. nine0003



Canary Village

“Canary Village” is the whole world of Nestor Fernandez de la Torre, a place that testifies to the great influence of the Canary Islands on the artist’s work. The objective of the project, developed by Nestor, was to popularize Canarian culture among visitors to the islands. Despite the fact that the author never saw his project brought to life, it was created in strict accordance with his sketches. This is an interesting architectural ensemble where you can walk among the buildings created in the traditional style of Canarian architecture and appreciate the cultural heritage of the islands. nine0003



Museum of Nestor

On the territory of the architectural complex “Canary Village” there is an art museum built in the “neo-Canarian” style in 1956, which houses most of the works of Nestor. Twelve halls house both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Among the paintings on permanent display are Epithalama, Archer Boy and two collections from the Poem of the Elements project. In addition, the museum organizes guided tours, thanks to which you can get to know the work of an outstanding artist in more detail. nine0003



Theatre. Perez Galdos

Visiting this theater is one of the best ways to experience the diversity of Nestor’s work. After a fire in 1918, architect Miguel Fernández de la Torre, the artist’s brother, commissioned him to design the decorations for the new building. Nestor created the design of the curtain, the glass partitions of the benoir box, the stage portal and various frescoes in different parts of the building. The Saint-Saëns room deserves special attention, where, in addition to paintings, the artist’s work is represented by edging, glass doors, lamps and small wooden statues. nine0003


What does Nestor mean – Meanings of words


  • The name of the well-known anarchist father
  • Makhno anarchist
  • nine0057
    The name of the Ukrainian anarchist father

  • Private detective … Burma
  • Reverend Chronicler

  • The name of the main character in the TV movie “Big Break”
  • Old Russian annalist
  • nine0057
    Russian chronicler

  • Old Russian Homer
  • Teacher Petrovich in “Big Break”

  • Name Makhno
  • The name of the teacher in “Big Break”
  • Ancient Chronicler

  • The name of the hero Kononov in the movie “Big Change”
  • The name of the teacher Ganja
  • nine0057
    Chronicler or parrot

  • A parrot
  • The name of the famous anarchist father

  • Monk of the Kiev Caves Monastery who became a chronicler
  • The name of the Russian poet Kukolnik
  • nine0057
    Teacher’s name from “Big Break” (cinematic)

  • Old Russian Homer
  • The name of the school teacher in the movie “Big Break”

  • The name of the hero Kononov in Bolsh. change
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  • nine0057
    An old man famous for his wisdom, a character in Homer’s Iliad

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  • Father’s name Makhno
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    The name of the school teacher in the movie “Big Break”

  • King of Pylos, oldest of the Achaean leaders in the Trojan War
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  • The name of the court chronicler of the Kyiv prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich
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    The name of the Russian prose writer Kukolnik

  • Old Russian writer, chronicler (11th-12th centuries)
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  • An old man famous for his wisdom, a character in Homer’s Iliad
  • Teacher’s name from “Big Break” (cinematic)
  • nine0057
    Male name: (Greek) returning home

  • King of Pylos, a city in the south of the Peloponnese, the oldest leader who took part in the Greek war against Troy (mythical)
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    King of Pylos, son of Neleus and Chloris, father of Aretes and Antilochus

  • Old Man Makhno
  • What is the name of the court chronicler of the Kyiv prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich

  • Makhno

Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1998


in Greek mythology, the king of Pylos, one of the participants in the Trojan War. In the Iliad, he was portrayed as an old man, famous for his wisdom and worldly experience. nine0003


Old Russian writer, chronicler 11 – early. 12th century, monk of the Kiev Caves Monastery. Author of the lives of princes Boris and Gleb, Theodosius of the Caves. Traditionally considered one of the greatest historians of the Middle Ages – the author of the 1st edition of The Tale of Bygone Years.

Mythological Dictionary

nine0170 Nestor

(Greek) – King of Pylos, son of Neleus and Chloris, husband of Eurydice, by whom he had seven sons and two daughters. When Hercules killed his brothers, N. was absent and therefore survived. N. fought on the side of the Lapiths against the centaurs, participated in the Calydonian hunt and the campaign of the Argonauts. He lived to a ripe old age, and by the time of the Trojan War he had already reigned over the third generation of his subjects. Together with his sons Antilochus and Thrasymedes, he took part in the war against Troy, equipping 90 warships. Before the campaign, N., together with Odysseus, persuaded Achilles to join the Greeks. On the campaign, he was one of the most experienced and brave Greek warriors, a wise and eloquent old man, whose advice everyone listened to. After the fall of Troy, N. and his son Thrasymedes were among the few Greeks who returned safely to their homeland.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia

nine0168 Wikipedia


Nestor is a male given name.

Nestor (mythology)

Nestor – in ancient Greek mythology – the king of Pylos, the son of Neleus and Chloris.

Saved when Hercules destroyed Pylos, as he was brought up by the Gerenii. According to the version of the Heraclids, Hercules, having taken Pylos, gave the country for temporary use to Nestor. According to another story, Hercules spared him, for he advised Neleus to cleanse Hercules of filth. Those years that Apollo took away from the Chloris brothers – Niobids, he returned to Nestor, who lived three human centuries. nine0003

In his youth, after the death of his brothers, he participated in the war with the Epeians, killed Mulia and 100 other people. After the death of Idas and Linkei, power over all the Messenians passed to Nestor. Wife of Anaxibia, children of Pisidicus, Polycaste, Perseus, Stratich, Aretes, Echephron, Pisistratus, Antilochus, Thrasymedes.

Member of the Calydonian hunt, battle with the centaurs. Argonaut. He participated in the games in Troy over the cenotaph of Paris, in running competitions.

One of the most important participants in the Trojan War. Brought under Troy 90 ships (or 40). According to the Iliad and the Odyssey, despite his extreme old age, Nestor was distinguished by his courage and indefatigability and enjoyed universal love and respect, surpassing everyone in experience and prudence. Many researchers note that the figure of the loquacious Nestor is depicted by Homer not without a certain amount of irony.

The return from Troy was happy. Erected the sanctuary of Athena Nedusia on Keos. The Odyssey tells how Telemachus visits him.

nine0170 Nestor (Anisimov)

Metropolitan Nestor (in the world Nikolai Alexandrovich Anisimov ; November 9, 1885, Vyatka – November 4, 1962, Moscow) – Bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church; later ROCOR, then ROC, Metropolitan of Kirovograd and Nikolaev. Missionary in Kamchatka.

Nestor (artist)

Nestor , present name Nestor Martin-Fernandez de la Torre (; February 7, 1887, Las Palmas, Canary Islands – February 6, 1938, ibid) – Spanish symbolist and modernist painter.

Nestor (Sirotenko)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Evgeny Yurievich Sirotenko ; September 4, 1974, Moscow) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, from December 24, 2010 – Bishop of Korsun Member of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France. nine0003

Nestor (Sapsay)

Bishop Nestor (in the world – Nikolai Sergeevich Sapsay ; May 24, 1931, Ichnya, Chernihiv region, Ukrainian SSR – November 5, 2004, Kamrapavlovsk) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church of Petropavlovsk (1994-1997).

Nestor (Metaniev)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Alexey Sergeyevich Metaniev ; , Novosiltsevo, Volsky district, Saratov province – July 25) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Dmitrovsky, vicar of the Moscow diocese. Spiritual writer, master of the Kazan Theological Academy.

Nestor (Tugai)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Nikita Arsentyevich Tugai ; April 3, 1900, the village of Zhuliany, Kyiv province – February 17, 1969, Kyiv) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church and Nizhinsky. nine0003

Nestor (Zass)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Nikolai Pavlovich Zass ; December 20, – June 30, Bering Sea) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of the Aleutian and Alaska.

Nestor (Sidoruk)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Georgy Martynovich Sidoruk ; January 10, Petrokovskaya province, Kingdom of Poland, Russian Empire -,) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Kursk and Belgorod nine0003

Nestor (Fomin)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Nikolai Dmitrievich Fomin ; August 31, 1849, the town of Yurburg, Kovno province – August 19, 1910) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Chernihiv-Seversky .

Nestor (Savchuk)

Hieromonk Nestor (in the world Nikolay Ivanovich Savchuk ; March 4, 1960, the village of Popovka, Genichesk district, Kherson region – December 31, 1993, the village of Zharki, Yuryevets district, Ivanovo region) – hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the village of Zharki.

Nestor (Krystev)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Nikolay Stefanov Krystev , ; May 29, 1925, Kostenets, Sofia region – March 14, 2013, Lopushansky monastery, Bishop of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of Montana) , vicar of the Lovchansky diocese . nine0003

Nestor (Bishop of Rostov)

Bishop Nestor – Bishop of the Russian Church, Bishop of Rostov and Suzdal.

Nestor (Lyuberansky)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Andrei Ivanovich Luberansky ; August 16, 1975, Shchelkovo, Moscow Region) – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Kuznetsk and Nikolsky. nine0003

Nestor (Jovanovic)

Bishop Nestor (in the world Nikola Jovanovich ,; February 1, 1833, the village of Shumam – March 19, 1884) – Bishop of the Belgrade Metropolis, Bishop of Nish.

Nestor (Kiselenkov)

Hegumen Nestor (, in the world Yakov Grigorievich Kiselenkov ; October 17, 1887, Voronino village, Mosalsky district, Kaluga province, Russian Empire – September 1467, Joensuu, Finland) – clergyman of the Finnish Archdiocese of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, archimandrite; from 1952 to 1967 – rector of the only Orthodox male New Valaam Monastery in Finland.

Examples of the use of the word nestor in the literature.

Novosibirsk University, interrupting Marchuk, put in Ilya Nestorovich Vekua, is destined to become one of the main centers of personnel training. nine0003

A real Abkhazian keeps up like a falcon even in prison,” said Nestor Apollonovich, looking at him.

The men were also copies of don Juan’s warriors: Nestor was a copy of Vicente, Pablito was Genaro, Benigno was Silvio Manuel, and Eligio was like Juan Tuma.

We will let Nestor go to Vytegra to take a closer look at how the peasants are trying there in Ankhimovo, to learn not badly from their fellow countrymen.

I started with Tatishchev, because strict historical science has long proved and to this day is proved by fresh research that this Nestor of modern times, a man of exceptional efficiency and conscientiousness, who collected historical works and ancient manuscripts all his life, including in the most deaf Old Believer Ural sketes, he had at least a few chronicles, which later became a victim of fire along with all the priceless ancient storage of the owner. nine0003

Although the latest Chroniclers say that the Slavs soon became indignant at slavery and some Vadim, called the Brave, fell at the hands of a strong Rurik, along with many of his like-minded people in Novgorod – a probable case: people accustomed to liberty, from the horrors of anarchy could wish The rulers, but they could repent, if the Varangians, fellow-zemstvo and friends of the Ruriks, oppressed them – however, this news, not being based on the ancient legends of Nestor, seems to be one conjecture and fiction.

Nestor is also silent about Rurik’s further undertakings in Novgorod, due to a lack of modern news, and not so that this brave Prince, sacrificing his fatherland to love of power, spend the rest of his life in inaction: to act then meant to fight, and the Scandinavian sovereigns, Rurik’s united earthmen, accepting power from the people, they usually swore by the name of Odin to be conquerors.

My first benefactors were Nestor Ibarra and Roger Cahua, when in the fifties they decided to translate me into French. nine0003

Instead of helping Reshidlin get out of the water, Karakurt snatched the purse with my jewelry from Feodot Nestorovich and kicked him right in the face.

A week later, Kasymov had a long conversation with the head of the laboratory, Nestor Varatkanov, watching with curiosity how his full, good-natured face was changing before his eyes.

The name of Nestor, the chief builder of the Kizhi temple, was used in oral legends, and nothing more.

The marvelous Kizhi Church was still in the idea of ​​the chief master Nestor, but it was already composed, like a popular song, collected by a word, and who completed it is unknown. nine0003

That night, too, old Nestor Zhmailo put thousands of dead and hacked to death under the Kurukovskie lakes.

It turns out that for the first time Uncle Sandro moved to the city at the invitation of Nestor Apollonovich Lakoba himself back in the early thirties.

Uncle Sandro lived a good life after Nestor Apollonovich Lakoba took him to the city, made him the commandant of Tsik and assigned him to the famous Abkhaz song and dance ensemble under the direction of Platon Pantsulai.