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Nudist gran canaria: Gran Canaria Info – Gran Canaria In Focus: 10 Top Nudist Beaches In Photos

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Nude sunbathing and swimming on Gran Canaria

Naked on Gran Canaria

Naturism in Gran Canaria

The best nude beaches of Gran Canaria

Naked on the Canary Islands is well established. The islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are not only family friendly but also friendly naturism. Beaches for nude sunbathing can be found on Gran Canaria anywhere because there is allowed to walk around naked.

Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura islands where a naturist itself can move as free as a bird. The most beautiful nudist beaches of Gran Canaria are located on the west coast. Most naked beaches are only accessible by car, taxi, bike, mountain bike or on foot. Nudist beaches in the east and north are more accessible, but do not have a sandy beach, but pebbles or rocks.

In this small secluded beaches you usually available on more private as there is little or no tourists. Exceptions are the weekends, then the inhabitants of the island prefer themselves to the secluded beaches with all their families and children to avoid the crowds. Nude sunbathing on the beaches, you can also better plan on working days, out of respect for the local population.

Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas

Gay eye contact is inevitable but it is certainly not challenging. The nudist area begins at stand number 5 and runs through to Playa del Ingles. For everyone there is a pretty place to find. Perhaps add that the locals sometimes not appreciate, so keep this in mind

Maybe even add that walk around naked in public on the street is not permitted. Many apartments and hotels for nudism are not there. There is the decision to a bungalow Campo International that 14 contains numerous bungalows. This park has the beautiful name “Magnolias Natura”. It is about 3 km away from the beach of Maspalomas

Like to point out that topless sunbathing is allowed almost everywhere. Both hotels, bungalows and apartment complexes allow topless to the pool. Topless walking around on the street or outside the pool area’ll then not allowed. definitely check the regulations in your stay.

The most famous beaches where nudism is possible Vargas, Montaña de Arena, Tiritaña, Veneguera and a few others. The best known are so Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés.

Playa de Vargas

This abandoned beach is situated in the southeast of Gran Canaria in the municipality Agüimes. The beach is much loved by surfers but also nudists can find a quiet spot. It consists mainly of pebbles but there is also a sandy beach especially at low tide. Due to the location is here regularly much wind.

Playa de Vargas is fortunately still in its natural state. It is with its 1300 meters a small but quiet beach. If you come by car from the GC-1 motorway, then there is a parking provided. Public transport unfortunately there is not.

Not far from the beach there is for campers Camping Playa de Vargas. This is a simple campsite with restaurant, showers and simple rooms. Do you have a tent or caravan then for this places are provided.

A little like to add that topless sunbathing is allowed almost everywhere. Both hotels, bungalows and apartment complexes allow topless to the swimming pool. Topless walking around on the street or outside the pool area’ll then is not allowed. see especially the regulations in your stay.

Montaña de Arena
One of the most popular nude beaches is definitely that of Montaña de Arena. This nudist beach is not so big, it is about 250 meters long and 38 meters wide. The sand is fine and golden. The name Montaña de Arena has arisen because this secluded beach is protected by a large dune.

This nudist location is quiet and offers lots of privacy because it is far from residential areas located. Still, there have been fairly busy on some days. Especially during the summer months and on weekends. Unfortunately visitors to the beach can sometimes leave a lot of dirt which certainly does not deserve this uniquely beautiful beach of Gran Canaria.

Nearby is hardly anything to eat or drink. A promenade or boardwalk you will not find here. If you are fond of swimming in the sea then it is certainly ok. The water is calm with a few waves.

As the beach is secluded, there is no supervision by lifeguards. For emergencies, there is in the immediate vicinity a hospital which is situated on Avenida Maritima. You can reach the hospital by phone at 928 444000. The nudist beach is easily reached on foot. The car park in the neighborhood is safe. The nearest inhabited place is Pasito Blanco with the beautiful marina.

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Nudism under the sun in Gran Canaria


Nudism during your holiday on Gran Canaria

You are visiting this page probably because you are looking for more information about naturism in Gran Canaria. As you’ve already read on the previous page is naturism in the Canary Islands well established. Along with Fuerteventura is Gran Canaria extremely suitable for naturel sunbathing.

The island of Gran Canaria is a large part of freedom and move freely. Nobody looks at a naked body on the beach. Note that for the respect of other beachgoers on most beaches is a defined area (Zona Nudista).

On Gran Canaria are a 30 many beaches where you can sunbathing and swimming naked . I will just mention the most outstanding follow up to the previous page here.

El Confital

The beach of El Confital or as the locals call it “El Cabezón Negro” is located in the northeast of the island. It is the first nude beach in a capital city like Las Palmas. The beach is located on a peninsula called La Isleta. It is an extension of the famous Playa de las Canteras. There is is a defined area for naturists (Zona Recomendada Naturista). The beach is about 180 meters long. It consists of golden sand and rocks which here and there, large stone slabs are installed.

Moreover, the beach is easily accessible via wooden boardwalks. In 2012, El Confital has from Europe received the Blue Flag for an environmentally friendly and very neat beach. It can sometimes be very busy because by the sea current it here is also suitable for surfers.

Nevertheless El Confital shines a true tranquility. El Confital is easily accessible by car or on foot. By bus (guagua) you can reach the beach of El Confital from Las Palmas (San Telmo) with the numbers 12 or L1. This bus ride every 10 minutes. The travel time by bus and on foot to the beach is about 40 minutes.

Playa Tiritaña

The secluded beach Tiritaña is situated between Tauro (literally Taurus) and Puerto de Mogan. The beach located in a narrow canyon is still in its natural state. With a length of 80 meters is the beach not so great.

There is a lot of space for nudism or naturism. Note that there may be sometimes families with children are present. It is not only intended as nudist beach. Will you regular walking in the nude on the volcanic beach, then it is best to rent a hotel or apartment in Mogan, Taurito and Puerto Rico.

The beach is a quiet area provides for nudism, but despite that it has been isolated it can get very busy. It consists mainly of black sand. Despite the fact that the beach has not blue flag it is still clean and the water crystal clear. It is also be cleansed daily. Trash cans are present. The nudist beach is not accessible for wheelchair users. Do not forget umbrella or a beachchair because you can not hire this locally.

The beach is easily accessible by public transport (guaguas Global) via the No. 33 Playa del Ingles – Puerto de Mogan, (stop at Barranco de Tiritaña) this bus ride only on Saturday and Sunday. During the weekdays bus No. 91 to Playa del Cura. From there you will still need a lot on foot towards Taurito. Do you prefer to drive by car that can be done via the GC-500. There is no parking provided. Through a path you can easily reach the small beach on foot. Map

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Gran Canaria. Walk to the Playa de Guayedra beach: diman7777 — LiveJournal



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Playa de Guayedra is located in the north of Gran Canaria, not far from the village of Agaete and its port. Numerous palm trees and other plants, impressive cliffs and a black beach with huge rocks make an attractive picture to visit this popular nude beach.
All the details with photos under the cut.

01. We lived near the airport and the beach “Playa de Guayedra” was 60 km, about an hour on the good roads of Gran Canaria.


03. We are approaching the village of Agaete.

04. On the outskirts of the village of Agaete, we leave our car along the road, and then on foot.

05. At first, a pretty good path towards the beach.


07. View of the village of Agaete. It is notable for its green areas – the Huerto de las Flores garden and the Tamadaba park.

08. And we are moving on…


10. We were in Gran Canaria in mid-August, so everything looks dry, but in spring it is beautiful! Everything blooms and enjoys life!


12. Below you can see the beach, that’s where we have to go down.



15. An oasis in the desert. Perhaps a private villa of a person who wants to live away from civilization.


17. And here is the beach “Playa de Guayedra”

18. Here is black volcanic sand.





23. Big stones make this beach beautiful.


25. High rock wall… Impressive!



28. We made a small picnic on the beach and are returning back.


30. We went back along a different path.

31. Port of the village of Agaete “Puerto de las Nieves”

32. The ferry sailed to the neighboring island of Tenerife.



35. View of Agaete village.




39. The beach “Plai de Las Nweves”


41. The walk around the village of Agaet was left the next time.

42. In the center of the roundabout is the silhouette of the island of Gran Canaria.

43. Today the walk is over, it’s time to go home…

Summing up, I can say that I liked Playa de Guayedra very much, I would like to return there in spring and at sunset.
Thank you all for your attention!

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  • Gran Canaria’s official tourism website

    Ten reasons to come back

    Maspalomas lighthouse is located in the south of Gran Canaria, in the heart of one of the most visited coasts in Europe.

    Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and Meloneras offer a wide range of hotels and apartments, great daytime activities and an exciting nightlife in the beach area.

    But Maspalomas is known not only for its wide-spread dunes and its good climate, but also for its ancient lighthouse, which saw the arrival of the first tourists and the transformation of this area into a holiday destination. Because ever since the first traveler realized that good weather was the norm for this five-kilometer beach, Maspalomas Lighthouse has witnessed thousands of days of sunshine, honeymoons and walks by the sea.

    The decision to build it was made in 1861. The work continued for 28 long years. Until then, this place was uninhabited, with no connection to the rest of the island. For the construction of a 55-meter lighthouse, a pier was built to unload building materials that could only be delivered by sea.

    The light on the lighthouse was lit in 1890. It showed the way to ships that sailed along the routes between Europe and America. It was the only building on a long line of sand that began where Playa del Inglés is now located and ended near the Oasis of Maspalomas.

    Everything has changed today. Now a crowded pedestrian zone begins here, a great place to shop, stop for dinner or just sit in a bar, admiring the long line of the beach and the sea.

    Not far from the boulevard on the sand are vacationers, here begins the Natural Reserve, which includes the dunes of Maspalomas. It consists of three ecosystems: the Palm Grove (el Palmeral), the Lake (la Charca) and the Dunes (las Dunas), which are located a few meters from the sea. All this space is a huge natural area of ​​exceptional value.

    Three steps from the Palm Grove of Maspalomas, there is a protected area around the Lake, where the sea and sand do not fit, and which is a resting place for birds migrating to Africa. Near the Lake, dunes begin, constantly changing their shape under the influence of wind from the ocean.

    If you walk from the Lighthouse towards the dunes along the sea, you will reach the end of Maspalomas, which connects to the beach of Playa del Inglés. In fact, this is still the same beach, which, starting from this place, changes its name. Walking along it from end to end very soon becomes a daily wellness exercise for vacationers.

    The beach has deserted isolated areas where nudism is practiced. If you go from Maspalomas Lighthouse to Playa del Inglés, the nudist area is between the third and fourth beach bars. From Playa del Inglés to Maspalomas Lighthouse, between fifth and sixth.

    Surfers, in turn, have their own meeting point in the bend that separates Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés.