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Playa del ingles nudist beach: shortlists, articles & insider tips

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Gay Gran Canaria – Gay Playa del Ingles tourist information

Maspalomas Sand dunes

The Maspalomas Sand dunes are world famous in gay circles. The dunes are a popular cruising and nude sun bathing area check out the bushes,
tree areas and the tops of larger dunes.


The dunes are patrolled by the police, some on quad bikes or jeeps. The police are there to ensure the safety of the tourists, gay or straight, and are very
broad minded. 

Routes through the dunes

Routes through the dunes are marked by wooden poles with coloured bands near the top of the pole to indicate the route you are on. Many of the poles have
black bin liners for your rubbish.

  • Red route
  • Blue route
  • Yellow route

Gay and nudist beaches

Bar Kiosk 7 Gay


The Gay Beach is Roughly mid way between the south east headland point of Maspalomas Dunes and the Maspalomas lighthouse, where the cafe bar kiosk number 7 is located.


The nudist beach is at Number 6 kiosk and the gay beach is
at number 7 kiosk



Nearer towards Playa del Ingles, beyond the headland point is
the Nude beach


he kiosks sell refreshments and both alcholic and non alcholic drinks.

Sun beds and parasols are available to hire.


How to get there

You can join the mass of tourist who walk along the sea edge  from either Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas until you reach the required kiosk.


Most gays will have obtained accommodation near to either the Yumbo centre or the Cita centre, there fore walk down the main drag Avda. de Tirajana that
runs past both centres to the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas and go through the large arched entrance, along to the end of
a short lane. From this highish vantage point note the direction of the sea, the Maspalomas lighthouse, the Riu Palace now behind you the hills on your
right. You can use these to help you in finding your direction through the dunes. The main track, the blue route, heading toward the dunes also leads towards
the gay beach located at bar 7.  If its your first trip  you might like to head more to the left to the sea then turn right to you reach the bar
/ cafe number 7. 


See also our Maspalomas Sand Dunes page


On your way back from the dunes

Some very popular places to stop for some refreshment

  • Riu Palace Terrace
    Nice spot to watch the the sunset
  • the Cita Centre and the Cafe Wien (In winter) on the upper level

Gay bars, gay pubs and gay nightclubs

The gay nightlife in gay Playa del Ingles starts out much later than in the UK and goes throughout the night to around 5 weekdays and 6am weekends. 


Most gay tourists will either eat in there hotel if on half board, or in one of the gay or straight restaurants if on a self catering holiday
from 8pm onwards.  


The very early drinkers will head to the gay bars and pubs at around 8pm, but most people start around 10.  You will find that each bar,
pub or disco has a time slot when that establishment is popular and busy.  Often this evolves around the “show” time.


The gay bars, gay pubs and gay nightclubs are mainly located in 2 large Commercial Centres and on the main road, Avenida de Tirajana between the
2 shopping centres

  • Yumbo centre
  • Cita centre.

These 2 centres of gay excellence are approximately 10 minute walk apart. Both located to the right side of the main dual carriageway Avda.
de Tirajana
as you walk uphill. You will also find a few gay bars on the left as you walk from Cita to Yumbo


The Yumbo is the more famous of the 2 and has far more gay establishments, but there appeard to be a slow migration of bars etc to the Cita. Rumours
say that this could be due to the rents charged in the Yumbo, and or, that the Yumbo is due for redevelopment, which will mean the closing of sections
of it while this takes place.  This trend now apears to have stopped, probably due to the fact that the Cita centre did not attract the crowds, except
for the late afternoon session at the Wien Cafe


It appears that out of the main winter season the gay scene in the CC Cita is fairly dead.


Click for Gay Yumbo nightlife   and Gay Cita nightlife


These 2 centres are only 10 minute walk apart, but if you need an inbetween watering hole then try the:


  • Detox Retox is a beautiful gay bar, modern yet comfortable, where the “in” crowd come to meet friends, nicely
    situated between the Yumbo and Cita centres in the Tenesor apartment block on the main Avenida de Tirajana

Gay friendly hotels and apartments

Playa del Ingles


Barbados apartments I & II

Iguazu apartments

Hotel Neptuno

Hotel Eugenia Victoria

Hotel Buenaventura

Hotel Catarina





Hotel Gran Costa
Gran Hotel Villa
Del Conde


The following are available from respect holidays

Respect Los Almendros  

Las Walkirias apartments

Tenesor apartments

Villas Blancas  Campo de Golf 

Gay Saunas


Heros Sauna

A gay sauna in the heart of the gay scene in the infamous Yumbo shopping centre

  • Air Conditioning
  • Bar and Cafe
  • Broadndband Internet
  • Chill Out Lounge
  • Huge Whirlpool
  • LCD Screens
  • Masseur
  • Private Cabins – Free in Heros
  • Sauna
  • Shower Wall – Cruisy or Private Showers
  • Turkish Steam Bath

Level 4 Yumbo Centre

Construction Gay Steam Sauna

Sauna, whirlpool, videos, darkroom, drinks, snacks. 4pm – 4am??

Cita Centre Underground level

Sauna Nilo

Largest sauna in Gran Canaria, popular with the locals. Note that Private rest rooms are at an extra charge  8on the .00pm – 2.00am ?  The Nilo centre is located at the back of the resort on the opposite side of the Autopista main road to the gay friendly Hotel Eugenia Victoria

Nilo Centre

Gay Magazine

GAYumbo a free monthly colour magazine in English and German. Mainly has information about the Yumbo centre but also covers the Gran Canaria gay scene. 
Obtainable in many of the gay venues.

Gay Restaurants

See also:  Yumbo centre   and  Cita centre

Amigos, Respect Almendros apartments, Opposite Cita Centre

Cabo Mayor

El Senador




10 Things to Know about Beach in Gran Canaria – Trip-N-Travel

Source: Peter Visser

Located in Atlantic Ocean, Gran Canaria is a part of Canary Islands. It is a beautiful island with plenty of beaches and wildlife even though it is the second most populated island in this archipelago. The beaches are particularly beautiful due to the fact that they are usually very long and sandy with plenty of sand dunes. The green pastures are right behind the beaches and they create a unique contrast.

1. Maspalomas is the most famous beach

Source: Marcus Meissner

Maspalomas is well known among the tourists as the most famous beach on Gran Canaria. It is very long, sandy, and the water is perfect for swimming. Even though there are plenty of visitors here, you will be able to find a secluded spot just for you. Also, there are many lifeguard towers on this beach so you will be able to swim freely.

2. Maspalomas is also a nudist beach

Source: Carlos Suárez Pazos

Due to the fact that Maspalomas is so large, there is also a nudist section right behind the tallest sand dunes that is completely separated from the rest of the beach. So if you are interested in nudism and want to sunbathe without your swimming suit, head out to this part of Maspalomas.

3. Playa del Ingles is right next to Maspalomas

Source: Marco Verch

The second busiest beach on the island is right next to Maspalomas. Playa del Ingles has a water sports section right at the end of the stretch and it also has its own little nudist beach. However, you will still be able to find a spot to place your towel because it is really large and it simply cannot get too crowded.

4. Patalavaca – the southern gem

Source: El Coleccionista de Instantes

Located on the southern part of Gran Canaria, Patalavaca is very popular among Europeans. It is located right next to a promenade so you will have a wide selection of different foods nearby. The beach is very clean and the water is crystal clear. It is perfect for taking photos and relaxing.

5. Gui Gui is remote and gorgeous

Gui Gui might be a bit out of the way but it is surely worth the visit. It is a natural beach and if you want to arrive there by land, you have to hike. However, you can always take a boat from Puerto Rico and sail there. Gui Gui is breathtaking and the nature is absolutely gorgeous.

6. Aguadulce’s sand is one of a kind

The majority of sand on Gran Canaria is volcanic, but Aguadulce’s is quite special. It is very fine and almost golden. Combined with crystal clear water, this beach is mesmerizing. Not to forget that it doesn’t have many visitors on a daily basis so if you are looking for a private spot on the island, Aguadulce is the perfect place for you.

7. Sardina del Norte is for diving

Source: Canary Islands Photos

If you want to dive during your holidays on Gran Canaria, Sardina del Norte should be your choice. The water is beautiful and you will be able to meet other diving enthusiasts. Also, this remote fishing village is fairly unknown so if you want to recharge your batteries in a very relaxed environment, head out to the north side of the island.

8. Puerto Rico beach is among the favorites

Puerto Rico beach gets a lot of traffic on a yearly basis. It is very picturesque and many tourists love spending their days here. The sand is clean and the beach in general is really well kept. Not to forget that the promenade is just a couple of meters away so you will be able to get your snacks and food pretty fast.

9. Taurito resort is worth a visit

Source: David Huang

Taurito beach is located within a resort and therefore it is very private. It is close to the water resort and the beach itself is very enjoyable due to plenty of natural shade it provides to the visitors. Even though it is a part of a resort, it still feels very wild and you will have a feeling that you are somewhere far away from the civilization.

10. Pasito Blanco is for yachts

Source: El Coleccionista de Instantes

Pasito Blanco beach is right next to a marina that is very popular among yacht owners. Those who love sailing around these islands usually stop here. This beach is very accessible and you don’t have to own a yacht to get there. You can simply board a bus and be there in no time. The nature is stunning and the beach is not particularly crowded.

Gran Canaria has so many beautiful beaches so whichever you end up choosing, you will be satisfied. Almost all of them are sandy and there are so many activities you can do out there. All you need to do is head out to Gran Canaria and see the gorgeous nature for yourself.

Have a good trip and travel!

TOURISTGUIDE.RU | Mallorca guide

Welcome to Mallorca!

If you are planning to spend a few days in Mallorca, we are sure that you will have an unforgettable experience. Mallorca will enchant you with its natural beauty, symbolic places, culture and traditions. In this Mallorca guide, we offer you the tools to easily organize your visits.

And if you already live on the island, there are surely more places for you to discover. Perhaps you want to enjoy new experiences like visiting that paradise beach that you have only seen in a photograph. Maybe you want to find new places to go hiking or learn more about culture and traditions. In this Mallorca guide you will find countless offers. We encourage you to browse this site, you will enjoy it. nine0005

What is Mallorca like?

Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean, the main tourist center in Europe and one of the most important in the world, with over 10 million visitors a year.

Mallorca has always been a landmark for holidays. During the Roman Empire, Mallorca was the resting place of important personalities. Many years have passed, and Mallorca continues to be a favorite destination for many travelers. Apart from the beauty of the island, the weather is excellent throughout the year. With over 300 days of sunshine and temperatures above 25º for more than half of the year, you can enjoy the island at any time. nine0005

Mallorca is the perfect balance between sea and mountains, coast and inland. With 550 km of coastline, there are countless beaches and coves where you can enjoy unforgettable moments. Its mountain landscapes with more than 10 peaks over 1000m offer breathtaking views.

In the interior and mountainous area we find small villages where you can hardly see the passage of time, real gems surrounded by beautiful scenery. On the coast, the old fishing villages have been transformed into tourist resorts, offering visitors all sorts of recreational options. About Palma, the capital, you will need a few days to see its many iconic sites. nine0005

The delicious Mallorca dishes are also worth mentioning. Based on local products from the countryside and the sea, it has many traditional recipes. And accompanying any Mallorca dish is best done with local wine. Did you know that Mallorca has about 40 wine cellars? Climatic conditions are exceptional for wine production.

Culture is present in every locality of the island throughout the year with beautiful popular celebrations. Music and traditional dances play an important role in them. During the summer, most coastal cities celebrate their holidays with a fishing theme, while inland cities celebrate with agriculture, animal husbandry, and handicrafts. And common to all are “verbenas” with music and dances in which all people participate. nine0005

We have visited every corner of Mallorca, where we take pictures and collect information to show you how beautiful it is. During our visits, even knowing the island from childhood, we often lack words to describe such beautiful places.

As you can see in the Mallorca guide, every day of the week we offer a visit and if you go to the main menu you can easily find the information you need. It will be very helpful to accept “share location” to see the nearest points. nine0005

“What to visit in Mallorca; beaches, towns, markets, excursions… ”

In the first part of the Mallorca guide menu, we will show you tourist information about Mallorca. Here you will find details of all places and beaches. For each place you open on the website, in addition to its information, we show you other nearby visits so that you don’t miss any points of particular interest.

Local markets allow us to discover local products and traditional crafts. On this page you will also find information about Mallorca’s main markets, you can see which ones are the most popular and which ones are mainly aimed at residents. nine0005

Throughout the geography of Mallorca we find iconic places, you can see them in the “Where to visit” section. And if you like to enjoy nature and sports, in the excursions section you will find options in all areas of Mallorca.

“What to do in Mallorca; Where to stay, restaurants, shops, leisure… ”

During your visit to the island, you may need to rent a car, find accommodation, go shopping or choose a few restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious Mallorca cuisine . And the sea? Do you feel like sailing along the beautiful coast of Mallorca? In the main menu and in the recommendations we show you at the bottom of every page, you will find all the information you need to complete your visits. nine0005


Hotel “Epsylon-Ramos” – Almuñécar




15 photo

15 photo

15 photo

15 photo


“PASEO COTOBRO 5, PLAYA de San Cristobal”,

Show map


Epsylon-Ramos is a 2-star hotel in close proximity to the San Cristobal Rocks.


The Cueva de Siete Palacios Archaeological Museum and Peñon del Santo are 2.2 km and 1.9 km respectively. The center of Almuñécar is 3 km away. This hotel is located a short distance from several noted attractions including Playa El Muerto.

Nearest bus stop “Rincón de la China” 9 walks50 meters.


Restaurant “El Balcon de Cotobro” is 150 meters away.

Leisure and business

Guests can relax by the pool.

Former name: epsylon-ramos

– Hide


Most Popular Amenities



Luggage storage

24 hour service


Outdoor pool




Pets allowed

  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Kitchenware
  • Pets allowed


  • Outdoor swimming pool


  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave


  • Cable/Satellite TV

show all the convenients of the amenities list

Important information

Registration of Zazdas 14: 00-23: 59 Best registration of departure 12: 00 paying

+ still hide


“Paseo Cotobro 5, Playa de San Cristobal”

  • Famous places of the city
  • Nearby
  • Restaurants

Paseo de Cotobro

620 m

Marina del Este Avenue

1. 3


Botanical Archeolojico Park El Majuelo


Yacht Club

Marina del Este


Av Almanzora Park at the end of the avenue

Almunecar Aqueduct


Plaza San Cristobal

Peñon del Santo


Calle el Molino

Puente Romano de Cotobro

910 m

Plaza Castillo del Mar s\u002Fn

Castillo de San Miguel



Lighthouse Punta de la Mona



Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios


Puerto Deportivo harbor





Calle Real de Almunecar

fountain Calle Real



Almunecar Aquarium


Plaza San Cristóbal

Rocks of San Cristobal



Finca San Ramon

1. 5

Calle Necrópolis

Necropolis Bridge Noah


Avenida Andalucia 10

Bonsai Garden Museum



Faro De La Herradura


Calle la Testa

Playa Marina del Este



Ensenada de los Berengeles


Amusement park

Aqua Tropic Waterpark


Calle el Tablazo

Punta de la Mona


Av. Marina del Este

Playa De La Herradura


Calle la Testa

Marina Playa


Calle Nueva

Factoria de Salazones de pescado El Majuelo



Playa Puerta del Mar



Playa El Muerto

530 m

Calle del Sol

Nudist beach



+ More- Hide

Need a transfer?

You can book your transfer after you have completed your booking at the hotel. nine0005


Stayed here?

Share your experience with us. Write a review

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport is Epsylon-Ramos located near?

Hotel Epsylon-Ramos is located 90 km from Malaga Airport.

How far is Epsylon-Ramos Almuñécar from the city center?

The Epsylon-Ramos Almuñécar can be reached from the city center in 25 minutes on foot. nine0005

Are there any attractions near Hotel Epsylon-Ramos?

Very close to the Epsylon-Ramos Hotel is Paseo de Cotobro.

Is it possible to park a car on the premises of Epsylon-Ramos Hotel?

Yes, Epsylon-Ramos Hotel has parking.

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