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How to Visit San Agustin Huatulco and the Huatulco National Park With a Van

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Huatulco is one of Mexico’s national parks located along the coast of Oaxaca. Only declared a national park in 1998, it is new on the scene. There is not much to see inside the park, known primarily for its low growth vegetation, but the beauty is in the bays. With over ten different bays to choose from each with their own little private (and not so private) beach, it is the perfect place to relax unconnected from the world.

How to Get to San Agustin Huatulco

Where to Stay in San Agustin Huatulco

Where to Eat in San AGustin Huatulco

What to Bring with You to Playa San Agustin Huatulco

What to Do in San Agustin Huatulco

Connectivity in San Agustin Huatulco

Looking For More Things to do in Oaxaca?

How to Get to San Agustin Huatulco

There are two main roads from Oaxaca City to the central coastline. One leads towards Puerto Escondido and the other to Puerto Angel. To get to San Agustin Huatulco take the 175D towards Puerto Angel. The road splits about an hour south of San Jose del Pacifico. Make sure you stay on 175D towards Puerto Angel. The other road while appearing to be shorter in time is a mistake. The road conditions are so poor that it takes forever. Skip the potholes and the beating on your car and opt for the longer route.

Dodging the potholes earlier doesn’t mean forever. Once you arrive at the turnoff to Playa San Agustin Huatulco, it is a long stretch of dirt road filled with washboarding and potholes. But don’t be deterred by the slow going because the reward at the end is worth it.

Where to Stay in San Agustin Huatulco

It is not recommended to stay in the park, but you can visit the small city just in the first bay and from here you can explore the beauty of Huatulco.

For overlanders, the best place to stay is Camping Don Taco in Playa San Agustin Huatulco. It does not get much better than beachfront, and that is just what you get here. Enough space for four to five medium-sized vans, Don Taco is the perfect base for a night or two. Don Taco offers two large palapas for shade, an outdoor kitchen (no cooking essentials included), two toilets and a shower. Everything you need for an enjoyable beachside night.

Pro-tip: Do not climb the large stump on the beach outside of Don Taco. As the sunset, Eddie and I snagged the opportunity to take some great photos on this iconic stump. Little did we know, it was sacred. If we had known, we would not have climbed the stump, but there are no warning signs. Now that you know, be respectful and keep off the stump.

The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful

Where to Eat in San AGustin Huatulco

Most of the food in Huatulco is the same. Each restaurant serves overpriced fish, shrimp, and octopus. The best restaurant in town is by far El Capi. Located at the far end of the bay, the prices here are slightly higher than other restaurants in town, but the quality far superior.

What to Bring with You to Playa San Agustin Huatulco

Playa San Agustin Hualtulco offers very little in terms of amenities. It is unlike the neighboring beaches of Zipolate, Mazunte or Zicatela catering primarily to Western tourists. With that being said, the shops in town sell only the basics. Beer, water and ice. Very few fruit and veg are available, and we didn’t see any real place to shop outside of the basic junk. Bring everything you need if you want to cook, otherwise, it’s a long journey back for groceries.

What to Do in San Agustin Huatulco

The beaches of Huatulco are beautiful

We know Oaxaca for its amazing beaches. So it is without saying that the best thing to do in San Agustin is to visit the various beaches protected by the Huatulco National Park. At Don Taco, hire a boat, skipper included, for the day at $500 pesos per hour. Or be dropped off Bahia Riscalillo or Playa La India or any one of the many Hualtulco beaches and bays in between for $1,000 pesos round trip, drop off and return time depends on your preference.

The earlier you go the better. Tours from various neighboring beach towns arrive starting around 11:00 so it is best to get all of your photos and alone time out of the way before then. Large tourist boats can quickly spoil the untainted, long white beaches, the clear blue waters, and active marine life.

Connectivity in San Agustin Huatulco

Huatulco is a place to disconnect from social media and emails. Enjoy being surrounded by nature, the ocean sea breeze, and friends and family. Cell signal in San Agustin Huatulco is patchy at best and wifi is spotty. Relax and soak up the sun. Your social media and emails will be there when you get back.

Looking For More Things to do in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca was absolutely our favorite state in Mexico to explore. We spent months exploring all Oaxaca had to offer and were still a little sad when we decided to go. From the vibrant city of Oaxaca to the stunning Oaxaca beaches to the beautiful mountain towns, there are so many places to visit in Oaxaca. Find out our favorite Oaxaca destinations in one of our Oaxaca blog posts below for a little Mexico travel inspiration!

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Explore Huatulco – Bahía San Agustín

Like the rest of Oaxaca, I’m coming in hot and starting this series off with one of my favourite places to go in Huatulco: Bahía de San Agustín. If you read my outline of the bays, you know that of all 9 Bahías de Huatulco, San Agustín is my favourite!

While it is close enough to La Crucecita to be done as a day trip or short excursion, San Agustin is so gorgeous I highly recommend staying the night to get the full experience. So, here is my guide to a weekend excursion to Bahía de San Agustin, Huatulco.

All about Bahia San Agustin

San Agustín is the westernmost of the Bahías de Huatulco, sitting right at the tip of Parque National de Huatulco. It boasts a gorgeous bay and some of the best snorkeling I have ever seen, the reef is just spectacular! San Agustin is a developed beach, so you are able to enjoy the serenity of the bay from the comfort of a beach umbrella at one of the many local restaurants that line the shore.

Panoramic view of Bahía San Agustín from the Dignity, Hurricane Diver´s boat

San Agustin bay is home to two of Huatulco’s 36+ beaches, though most people don’t make it to Playa Cacalutilla because of the long walk required to get there!

Just behind the beach, the town of San Agustin sits snug in the hill and forest surrounding the bay. If you find yourself with extra time, it’s always a delight to wander up to the church at the highest point of the town and take in the sunset.

Even in the high season, San Agustin tends to be one of Huatulco’s quieter beaches, largely due to how inaccessible the area can seem.

Check out the map of Huatulco’s bays and beaches here!

Things to do in San Agustin

So aside from knocking beaches off the list, why do people like to visit San Agustin Bay? Here are my top reasons that make San Agustin worth visiting!

#1 Go Snorkelling

The thing you absolutely must do in San Agustin is go snorkelling. Yes, I know you can snorkel in other bays closer to the centre, but the coral, rock formations, and fish around San Agustin are unique to this corner of the bay and definitely worth seeing for yourself!

Mermaid Shev exploring the waters of Bahía San Agustin

#2 Eat Fresh Seafood

Again, you can get fresh everything at some of the other bays as well, but I come to San Agustin specifically for the fresh oysters.

Because San Agustin is the end of the protected region of Bahias de Huatulco, just around the corner from the bay the sea gets cold and wild, and the oysters get bigger!

The best season for oysters in Huatulco is the winter and spring, you can watch the divers bring them in and shuck them right in front of you. Can you find anything fresher than that?

#3 A Quiet Retreat

Huatulco is not exactly a bustling metropolis, yet in the high season it can be pretty easy to tire of the constant onslaught of people. Visiting San Agustin bay can feel like taking a deep breath after the hustle of tourist season.

San Agustin is also mostly off the grid. There is minimal cell reception, and the few hotels and restaurants that have internet have very limited service. The ability to disconnect is another great reason to visit Bahia San Agustin!

#4 Explore all of the Bays

The 9 bays of the region are one of the defining aspects of Huatulco, visiting all of the bays is a fun and beautiful way to experience how unique each bay really is!

#5 Enjoy the sunrise!

You know I love a good sunrise, and San Agustin did not disappoint! In the winter you can catch it coming up between the rocks, and it is glorious.

I didn´t go at sunrise, but here is a panoramic view of the bay. The sun rises between the peninsula and the island on the left.

#6 Check out the viewpoint at Casa de Abuelo

After you take your breakfast at Café de Abuelo, be sure to wander up the stairs (maybe with your Café de Ollo) and take in the view from the terrace.

#7 Do Beach things!

Of course, you need to spend time on the beach! Fernanda and I raided the lost and found at the campground rustled up some sand toys. I think we came out victorious with this ballin´ sand castle.

Our fantastic Teso tent, never go to a beach without it!Fernanda and I getting silly in the sand. What a feat of architecture. The sand at San Agustín is mostly coral, so its pretty tricky to get it to hold a shape! Be impressed!We had a lot of fun in the sand, but this was also where I got my first Huatulco sunburn. Be careful!

How to Get to San Agustin Bay Huatulco

Now that I have convinced you to visit, how do you get to San Agustin Bay? When you mention to locals that you are headed to San Agustin, they will probably ask you how you are getting there, “by boat?”. I learned quickly this is for good reason because the road is quite the trek! You can drive to San Agustin, or take a boat tour that heads to that region. However, if you want to stay and do things on your own time, it’s best to go by land.

How to Get to San Augustin by land

Take a Taxi – The most comfortable way to get to San Agustin

Huatulco taxi drivers are always willing to take you San Agustín. In 2022, it costs $300 mxn one way for a taxi from La Crucecita to San Agustin bay, and they typically will only allow 3 passengers.

While it is easy to find a driver to take you to San Agustin, it can be trickier to find your way back to the centre. It’s best to arrange with your taxi driver when to pick you up to make sure you will be able to find your way back. If you are staying for the day, the taxi driver will probably hang around San Agustin as well to wait for you, so set a location and time to meet.

*Remember you will not have cell reception or internet, so it is crucial to arrange a meetup time beforehand!

Take the Colectivos – the cheapest way to visit San Agustin

If you’re travelling on a budget, there is a way for you to visit San Agustin as well – by travelling like a local!

The most economical way to get to Bahía de San Agustin is by taking the city bus, then a colectivo (collective taxi) to the beach proper.

Step 1: City Bus to Santa Maria Huatulco

Catch the city bus in Santa Cruz or La Crucecita and stay on past the airport, until the bus turns off of Highway 200 towards Santa María Huatulco. The bus will stop at this junction.

This intersection is very obvious so don’t stress about missing it! The new highway overpass is being built here, and the intersecting road goes left towards San Agustin or right towards Santa Maria Huatulco.

You will see the San Agustin Taxi stand on your left!

Cost for bus from La Crucecita to San Agustin Entrance: $20 pesos pp

Step 2: Collectivo to the beach

The taxi collectivo stand at the entrance to San Agustín.

Once you are off the bus, cross Highway 200 and you will see the dirt road that leads to the bay. On the left-hand side are assorted vendors selling beach toys and snacks, and a billboard for San Agustín. On the right-hand side is the colectivo stand. This how you will get to the beach! The white and blue taxis are impossible to miss.

             Cost from highway to beach: $30 pesos per person
Total Cost: $50 pesos pp

This is not a route for the inexperienced or faint of heart. If you are accustomed to travelling in Mexico then go for it, but be sure you know what to expect. Its about a 20-30min ride down a bumpy gravel road, and the collectivos charge per person so you will have to wait until there are 4 people to fill a taxi. Be sure you are not on a schedule, its much more enjoyable if you are not on a timeline so the time you will probably spend waiting for buses and taxis is expected and less stressful.

To return, it’s easy enough to catch a colectivo back to highway 200, they drive back and forth behind the beach restaurants until they are full. Just be prepared to wait for the city bus (every 20-30 minutes) at the highway as it would be impossible to time it with your taxi. I would return in the afternoon and not leave it too late.

You can also contact the San Agustin taxi colective here! 📞 951 158-9949

As I’ve mentioned before, just always have a number for a taxi driver you can call. I have 3 so if one doesn’t show up I have a backup. If you get to the highway and the bus doesn’t come, or you are on a schedule you can just call a cab. It would be about $60-80mxn from that point back to La Crucecita. Use the wifi at a beach restaurant to call before you leave to save some time.

Drive yourself – the most convenient way to get to San Agustin Bay

If you have access to a car or plan on renting one, that can be the most convenient way to get to San Agustin! This means you are not tied to any timelines or need to make prior arrangements.

However, do not make the drive to San Agustin yourself if you are inexperienced with backcountry roads. The road from the highway to the bay is a narrow dirt path that can be in any state depending on the time of year. It can be just a few rough bumps, or large, gaping potholes – so be cautious and go slow!

Looking to rent a car? Discover Cars Huatulco is the best place to shop and compare prices!

The Drive

The drive to San Agustin can be rough, depending on the roads and the rains and who is driving. If you are prone to car sickness I suggest taking something when you leave Crucecita, so it kicks in by the time you hit the dirt.

Once you turn off Highway 200, after about 10 minutes of winding, dirt, pot-holed littered road you start to see some farms. Papaya, agave, and pineapple were among the ones we noticed! Then, some restaurants and houses will appear and you will start to come to a little village. As you pass a shop, look immediately to your left and you will see a HUGE tree with a large sign – Iguana Tree.

What I could capture of the Iguana Tree at San Agustín. It´s HUGE!

Unfortunately, I have never seen them at this spot, but I am told that often you will see large iguanas hanging out at the big iguana tree. If you have a chance, take a minute to stop here and visit the fruit stands and tienditas.

About 10 minutes past the Iguana tree, you will come to a fork in the road, you can take either side, depending which end of the beach you want to end up at. Finally, you will arrive at San Agustin Bay!

San Agustín is small in terms of an ocean bay, but it can feel pretty big once you start walking in the sand. So if you staying at the hotel or campground be prepared to walk a bit to get to the restaurant and snorkelling area of the beach.

If staying the night, you might be grateful for this distance as it means the area you are sleeping is distanced from and much quieter than the rest of the beach.

Where to Eat in San Agustin

Casa de Abuelo – Best Breakfast Restaurant

If you choose to stay the night or get up REALLY early, you might be in time for Breakfast. Casa de Abuelo is a classic Mexican breakfast spot. I like the enfrijoladas and a café de ollo.

My first Enfrijoladas! Tortilla with chicken inside, served in a bean sauce and topped with egg. Café de ollo is brewed in a large pot, then served in these traditional ceramic mugs.

Lunch / Afternoon

One of the several plates of fresh oysters my friends and I have devoured at San Agustín. I like lime juice, a little salt, and a little Valentina. Pico de gallo is my favourite, but not often available on the beach!

The restaurants here are similar to many of the other full service beaches (Maguey, Santa Cruz, etc.) so you will find a lot of the same offerings. If you take a taxi I like to ask the driver for the best restaurants, at San Agustín we like to go to Chalos.

However, the true purpose of going to San Agustín (beside snorkelling) is the oysters. Yes, you can buy fresh oysters at Santa Cruz or Maguey, but they are nothing compared to those at San Agustín (or Boca Vieja!). The availability of the oysters depends on the time of day, the tides, and the season (like everything else oysters have a cycle), but keep your eyes open for guys carrying a big net of them on their shoulders. They´ll be back with them displayed on a plate and you will have to act fast, before they sell out!


Many of the restaurants cater to the daytime beach crowd, so your options for evening dinner are a little less overwhelming. If you are up for the trudge down to the easternmost end of the beach, you might try El Capi. The only thing is that you need to eat dinner a little earlier – closer to 6 or 7. We arrived around 8 and they were pretty much done for the day so some dishes were unavailable.

The staff at El Capi were very accommodating, moving our table so we were right on the beach and could enjoy the picturesque evening.

El restaurante El Capi en Playa de San Agustín, with Playa Caclutilla in the background

Wherever you dine, I recommend a post-dinner seaside stroll to fully appreciate your meal and the place in which you consumed it. The sun sets very fast here, in the mountains it can feel like it is dusk for hours, but when the sun sets on the ocean it goes from day to night very quickly.

Fernanda basking in the dusk on the playa.

Where to Stay in Bahia San Agustin

The glorious sunset is one of the many reasons I recommend staying the night in Bahía San Agustín. Santa Cruz, Chahue, and all the more central beaches stay busy right until the end of the night. Here, the beach empties out completely and you are left with just the sounds of the waves and the incredible night sky. There is very little light pollution, so if you are a stargazer be sure to come prepared!

I spent an evening under the stars and enjoyed a homemade charcuterie board we had packed as we sat on the beach enjoying some post-dinner wine and cheese under the shooting stars.

Camping Don Taco – the best place to camp on the beach in Huatulco

Camping on the beach in San Agustin is the most budget-friendly option for staying in the ba, but also the MOST FUN.

There is this little campground called Camping Don Taco that’s nearly at the easternmost tip of the San Agustín beach, almost at the end (furthest from the open ocean and the town of San Agustín de flores, close to El Capi. We communicated with them over WhatsApp and were very pleased with the little campground run by a lovely couple. The owners live on-site and are always out playing cards and watching the tents. The only entrance is the wee parking lot and the small gap in the fence on the beach, so we felt quite comfortable leaving our things in the tent, the management was always supervising the comings and goings.

View of Campground Don Taco from the bayThe owner´s kitchen and living spaceThe dining area. Behind the tables you can see the parking lot, to the left is the bathroom, shower, and outdoor cooking spaceThe palapa over the tenting area, looking out over the beach

Amenities: they had bathrooms with running water, showers, and a little outdoor cooking area with a big sink and a hotplate.

There is a long table under a roof, and a little “lost and found” room with things past campers have left behind. Stay tuned for how Fernanda and I put the sand toys to good use. They also have some tents and other camping gear, so if you don’t have a tent you can rent one for $100mxn.

                Cost – $150mxn per night per tent, not per person.

                                + $100mxn if you need to rent a tent

It got COLD. We hadn’t brought a ton of stuff, just the tent. I slept on my beach towel and used my backpack as a pillow. But being on the water it was quite chilly (I loved it, so refreshing compared to my 33° bedroom back in Crucecita), and was ok in a crewneck sweater (from Nothern Peaks Co.) and my favourite MEC pants I had brought. However; Adriana and Fernanda froze. They were wearing all their layers, had a blanket, and were using their towels as blankets and were still cold. Be prepared!

Habitaciones y Abarrotes Nancy – San Agustin’s best hotel on the beach

The hotel on the beach; Habitaciones y Abarrotes Nancy is quite new, and reviewers say the rooms are simple but very clean!

There are some other options in the town, but I would highly recommend staying on the beach. After all, you came all this way!

Bonus trip – Playa Riscalillo

If you have stayed the night, eaten the oysters, and feel like you have completely absorbed everything San Agustín has to offer, just 2 minutes further down the road is Playa Riscalillo. This is a very new development, the road was only built in 2020 so before that it was only accessible by boat. This is another gorgeous bay, only 4 restaurants, and great snorkelling too.

While most of the swimming beaches are great for everyone, Riscalillo would be particularly great for kids I think. At the north end the coast line wraps around in a semi-circle creating a very protected, shallow, sandy cove. When I was here with my friends in June 2021, an eagle ray came into the bay and swam with us. It was magical!

Summary – How to spend a day at San Agustin

I love spending my days at San Agustín and it always leaves me with the eternal conundrum – I love to come back but I also love exploring new places! San Agustín is a place you could explore for a few days. Sure, the beach may get tiring after a day, but there is so much more to do in the area! I still have not been out to explore the town. There is a church at the highest point that would have some lovely views, or go eat under the iguana tree. I am sure there are lots of glorious secrets yet to be discovered in that gem of Oaxaca.

I hope this inspired you to get out and explore Bahía San Agustín for more than just a snorkel tour or the day.

Sea water temperature in Playa de San Agustin in September

Is it warm enough to swim in Playa de San Agustin in September? The highest sea water temperature in Playa de San Agustín in September was 25.5°C, and the lowest was 21.8°C. The average sea temperature in Playa de San Agustin in September is 23.3°C and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. To find out the sea water temperature today and in the coming days, go to the section Water temperature in Playa de San Agustin today

To get an accurate forecast for the sea temperature in Playa de San Agustin for any chosen month, compare two years within a 10 year range using the chart below. You can also see the data in the form of a graph of temperature changes in September. In addition to the sea water temperature in Playa de San Agustin, for the selected years, the table also shows the maximum and minimum temperatures for each day in September.

Water temperature

Sea state

Weather forecast

Select two years to compare:

Year 1: 2007200820092010201120122013201420152016201720182019202020212022
Year 2: 2007200820092010201120122013201420152016201720182019202020212022



23 C

23 23 C

23 C

23 C

23 C

23 C

23 ° C 9003 23 C

23 ° C 9003 23 ° C

° C

900 900 900 90 95 27 27 September 27 on September 27 September 27 September 27 September 27 C

23.7 ° C

Day 2022 2021 Min. Max.
September 1 22.9°C 23°C 22.5°C 23.5 ° C
September 2, 23.3 ° C 23.4 ° C
September 4,


21.9°C 23.8°C
September 6, 23.4 ° C 23.7 ° C 22.4 ° C 23.8 ° C
7 September 7,

23.5 ° C
September 8, 23.5 ° C 23.3 °C
September 10 23.4 ° C 23.3 September 23. 7 ° C 23.2 ° C 22.1 ° C September 14 23.8°C 23.

September 17, 23.8 ° C 23.9 ° C 22.3 ° C 24.3
September 19 24 ° C 23.8 ° C 22.2 ° C 24.3 C
September 21 24.1°C 23.7 ° C 22.5 ° C 24.6 ° C
September 22,

24.1 ° C 23.9 ° C

22.4 ° C 23 ° C
23.9 ° C 22.4 ° C 24.7 ° C
September 24, 23.6 ° C 23.7 ° C

22.5 ° C

24.6 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 900 ° C 9003.

23.6°C 23.6°C 22.8 ° C 25.1 ° C
26 September 23. 9 ° C 23.7 ° C

22.7 ° C 25.2 ° C 22.7 ° C 24.8 ° C
28 September 23.6 ° C 22.5 ° C 900 23.6°C 22.6°C 24.7°C
September 30, 23.6 ° C 23.4 ° C 22.5 ° C 24.9 ° C


The average water temperature in PLAYE de San Agustin in Senti 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

2014 2015 2016 2017 23.30487

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • Sepa

  • October
  • November
  • 901

    Would you like to know where the water temperature is suitable for swimming in September? Select the continent you are interested in, the day of the month and the desired water temperature

  • Date (day and month):
  • Water temperature:
    >=16°C>=17°C>=18°C>=19°C>=20°C>=21°C>=22°C>=23°C>=24° C>=25°C>=26°C>=27°C
  • Medium temperature
    Maximum temperature

    Temperature in neighboring cities

    Nearest cities with average water temperature in September. In addition, the maximum and minimum water temperatures for this month recorded over the past decade are shown 25.4°C Balito 23.5°C 22.2°C 25.6°C

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    The southern part of the island – beaches with magnificent golden sand in the tourist area of ​​Maspalomas (Maspalomas), or, as it is also called, Costa Canaria ( Costa Canaria). The real “pearl” of Maspalomas, and of the entire island, is the Dunes (Dunas de Maspalomas): Sahara in miniature, with the purest golden sand and a well-maintained five-kilometer beach. Maspalomas includes the resorts of Bahia Feliz, Playa del Aguila, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Campo Internacional and Meloneras. Baia Feliz and Playa del Aguila are good for windsurfers, San Agustin is a quiet place with gray sandy beaches, and the well-equipped Playa del Inglés (“English Beach”) with golden sand is popular with young people and those who is not too tired of civilization and does not want to give up all its benefits even on vacation. Campo International is the greenest and most respectable area of ​​Maspalomas. The proximity of the Dunes, a freshwater pond with waterfowl, a natural palm oasis and silence are the characteristic features of this place. Meloneras is still a new, but very promising resort, which, however, cannot boast of having sandy beaches. nine0520 North coast – beautiful cliffs, stones of volcanic origin, small deep bays with azure waters of the ocean. The central part of the island – a variety of tropical vegetation, evergreen trees, mountainous terrain with two high peaks.

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