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 Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Puerto de la cruz tourist information: Tourism in Puerto de la Cruz. What to see. Tourist information

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Small Coastal Town

El Puerto de la Cruz is a small coastal town of the northern coast of Tenerife. It is a town with a pretty historical area, besides this, it receives a lot of tourism in its numerous hotels.

In general, the southern coast is more popular, since the weather is usually better in the south of the island, but in Puerto de la Cruz there is a lot of tourism. The majority of people go there for the day, to visit the famous Loro Parque. But the center of town, with its ancient colonial houses, the port and streets are also worth a visit.

The town is near the city of Orotava, and it is reached with the Titsa buses.

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A Special Day

I found really surprising the port of this city. The city is built around it. However, at first I thought it was a bit small but, one must know that it is an ancient Atlantic port, so you can’t really compare it to other Mediterranean ports (like I did at the beginning).

The city receives a lot of tourism, but if I closed my eyes I could imagine galleons making a stop on its way to America. In the port’s surroundings there were many places where one could drink an aperitif under the warm sun of Canarias. You could also see the remainders of some festival. It was, without a doubt, a special

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With a Nice Promenade

Puerto de la Cruz is a small coastal town located in the northeastern part of the island of Tenerife. This town (very focused on tourism) is perfect as a base for our visit to Tenerife.

It is located only 30 km away from the airport and, most importantly, it has not been invaded by the massive tourism of the south of the island (the Cristianos area).

It has a very nice promenade and historical center, great for an evening walk since it is full of stores, bars and restaurants.

The fishing port of Puerto de la Cruz is located next to the old part of the town. It is great for walking and usually has a fair.

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Laura Velez

Very touristic place with lots of shops and beautiful views.

There are good places to eat and there’s also a beach, a special one for its black sand. There are also pools, artificial ones but the water is 100% natural. I would definitely recommend.

Hannu Nurmi

Great town in northern Tenerife

Much greener than southern side.

Roberto Gonzalez

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Mª de los Ángeles Sanz Pérez

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Ainoa IV

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Benoit Penant

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Angela Ruiz Garrido

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Enrique Milla

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Asensio Domingo Rodriguez

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Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


  • LAGO MARTIÁNEZ (Martiánez Lake)
  • PASEO DE SAN TELMO (San Telmo Promenade)
  • JARDINES BOTÁNICOS (Botanical Gardens)
  • CASTILLO SAN FELIPE (San Felipe Castle)
  • MUSEO ARQUEOLÓGICO (Archaeological Museum)
  • AMBIENTE (Atmosphere)
  • LORO PARQUE (Loro Park)
  • PLAYA JARDÍN (Jardín Beach)
  • CASA DE LA ADUANA (Customs House)
  • FIESTA DE LA VIRGEN DEL CARMEN (Virgin of the Carmen Festival)
  • ARQUITECTURA (Architecture)

In a Nutshell:
Year after year, this small city of roughly 30,000 habitants is a favorite amongst Tenerife’s visitors; yet the influx of tourism has not chipped away at Puerto de la Cruz’s easy-going, small town personality. Its port village heritage is still easily seen in the little blue and white fishing boats bobbing in the sea as well as in the traditional Canarian aesthetic – colorful stucco homes, vibrant potted flowers, airy balconies – gracing its picturesque streets.

Situated along Tenerife’s fascinating northern coastline and at the foot of Mount Teide, Puerto de la Cruz’s natural environs – rolling hills, natural parks and banana plantations – provide the stunning backdrop to this unique urban gem.
Puerto de la Cruz was declared a city of Tourist Interest back in 1955, and with one visit to this traditional yet modern town you’ll see why.

Puerto de la Cruz Culture:
Puerto de la Cruz’s vibrant cultural scene is an interwoven blend of age-old traditions and modern attitudes. Setting the stage is the traditional architecture enriching the town’s steep streets with colorful houses, traditional balconies and elegant chapels. Cultural hot spots integrate perfectly into the city scape, where you’ll find museums (Museo Arqueológico, Casa de la Aduana ), music venues (Auditorio Parque San Francisco), art galleries (Sala de Arte Cajacanarias) and more.

In terms of celebrations, Puerto de la Cruz hosts a mishmash of festivals ranging from the traditional to the artsy. Head to the beach for the bonfires of the Fiesta de San Juan, test out the new wines during the Fiesta de San Andrés or soak in the atmosphere of Semana Santa (Holy Week) as beautiful processions pass through the streets to the beat of soulful music. The most famous, however, is the Festival of the Virgin of the Carmen, which celebrates the patron saint of fishermen and sailors through fireworks, parades and even a maritime procession.

Puerto de la Cruz shows its artistic side with a wide range of annual arts festivals showcasing anything from visual arts (Mueca, Certamen de Arte Joven), to Baroque music (Festival de Música Antigua y Barroca), story-telling (Encuentro de Narración Oral Escénica), puppet theater (Festival Internacional de Títeres “Teatrapo”) and rock music (Festival Croma).

Puerto de la Cruz Beaches:
There’s no better way to relax in Puerto de la Cruz than claiming a patch of beach, setting down your towel and soaking up that warm Tenerife sunshine. The beaches in and around Puerto de la Cruz are typical of the island’s more rugged northern coast- rocky coves, black volcanic sand, etc. – and are great for all those fun water activities like jet-skiing and scuba diving.

Puerto de la Cruz’s beach scene does have a few highlights. Puerto de la Cruz’s two most popular beaches are Playa Martiánez and Playa Jardín. Playa Jardín, designed and landscaped by Lanzarote native César Manrique, features tropical gardens, volcanic rocks and tiny cafés around the edge. Following the same idea is the nearby Lago Martiánez, also designed by César Manrique. The nature-themed complex overlooks the coast and includes salt water pools, fountains, waterfalls, tropical gardens and terrace café. Other beaches in the area include the smaller coves of Playa Muelle and Playa San Telmo.

Puerto de la Cruz Tourism:

It may be a small town, but if you’re looking to throw a little Puerto de la Cruz tourism into your beach days, there’s no lack of things to see and experience. The town is chock-full of beautiful squares, but a good place to start out is the atmospheric Plaza del Charco. The lush, tree-lined plaza is situated right smack in the middle of the city and is a favorite place for people of all walks of life to stroll or kick back and relax.

Other stroll-friendly parts of town include the incredible 18th century Botanical Gardens, a veritable jungle of dragon trees, ficus trees and tropical plants from all over the world, and the Paseo de San Telmo, a pedestrian promenade running along the shore.

If you follow the Paseo de San Telmo you will eventually coem across the quaint and similarly named Ermita de San Telmo, a traditional Canarian church dating back to 1870. Other ecclesiastical buildings around town include the 16th century churches Iglesia de San Francisco y San Juan Bautista – declared a Historical and Artistic Monument- and the 16th century Ermita de San Amaro.

The religious stand-out, however, is the 17th century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia. Along with impeccable architecture, it features incredible coffered Mudéjar-style ceilings, beautiful artwork and its emblematic tower – once the highest point of the city and one of the beloved symbols of Puerto de la Cruz.

As an evidently affluent port town, Puerto de la Cruz fell victim several times to pirate attacks- that is, until the construction of the Castillo San Felipe. The 17th century castle kept the town safe and now serves as a cultural space for expositions, concerts and other cultural events.

Outside of the city awaits another world of touristic interest. Puerto de la Cruz serves as the perfect base for exploring the La Orotava region and the Mount Teide National Park. Also nearby is Loro Parque, a zoological theme park featuring the world’s largest dolphinarium, immaculately recreated jungles and a penguin exhibit that is out of this world.

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain – a guide, how to get there, where to stay and what to see

The climate of Tenerife determined the southern location of almost all resorts, with the exception of the very first, the founder of island tourism – Puerto de la Cruz.

Conan Doyle’s contemporaries rested in the coolness of the subtropical flora of the northern coast. Unlike the others, this city is not built specifically for tourists, Puerto de la Cruz – the keeper of centuries of history and the place of residence of the islanders, does not resemble the tourist centers of the south either in climate or atmosphere. If the landscapes of the sultry south evoke thoughts of a desert, then the humid north breathes freshness after rain and is fragrant with the aromas of flowers.

Resort life began here at the end of the 19th century — following the fashion trends, the English aristocracy sailed on beautiful steamers to spend the winter in Tenerife, solemnly made promenades under umbrellas and enjoyed the pleasant island in every respect. After World War II, strings of simpler tourists stretched, Puerto was the leader among the Canary resorts until the 80s, until the delights of the south finally took the palm. The British are adherents of traditions, and to this day they love this place, Russian holidaymakers prefer the south, and yet it’s worth visiting the town at least once.

The choice of hotels in Puerto de la Cruz is wide – from luxurious five-star hotels to budget ones. The neat streets of the Old Town keep their charm, the violin cries in cozy restaurants. Cuban palm trees adorn the bustling Plaza del Charco, where lovers meet, ladies discuss the latest gossip, and gray-haired seniors play dominoes. It seems that the residents do not care about the numerous spa guests, and this is the secret of the city’s modest charm.

In Puerto de la Cruz, there are two beaches of your choice – Playa Martianez to the east and Playa Jardin, more convenient for swimming, on the opposite side. The coast pleasantly surprises not only with black sand, but also with a marvelous garden of exotic trees. However, the ocean is not gentle from the northern coast; in the winter months, it attacks the island with strong high waves. This minus more than pays for the pretty Lago Martianez – a whole complex of islands made of lava and pools with sea water. Take a walk along the embankment in the evening – music flows here in the light of lanterns, and artists paint portraits, then turn onto Calle Quintana – it will lead you to the historical center. The main treasure of Puerto is Loro Park, beloved by young tourists, with penguins and hand killer whales. No less noteworthy is the botanical garden, laid out in the 17th century at the behest of the Spanish king.

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Loro Park in Tenerife

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Loro Park is an amazing zoo located on the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canaries. ..

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Nice staff to help us with lost luggage. An excellent breakfast with all-squeezed juice, fruits, jamon, fish, a clean beautiful room with daily cleaning, next to the beach, does not use the pool, internet without interruptions throughout the hotel, we were worried that there would be no parking, but there are many parking spaces near the hotels and never there were no problems for 10 days of rest. On the last day, the flight was late and we paid extra for a late checkout without any problems! Great hotel, great value for money! I love it very much! The disadvantages include only a paid safe. It was declared in our room and I thought that it was included in the price, but indicated that it was necessary for use.
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1) The location is very advantageous: 15-20 minutes leisurely walk and you can find in the city center, in Loro Parque, in the city market, the picturesque Playa Jardin – just walk. 2) An excellent choice of dishes at breakfasts and dinners (at the table). 3) Private swimming pool 4) Daily cleaning, change of towels 5) Full change of bed linen – once a week, partial – once every 2-3 days for free needed. 8) Normal sound insulation 9) There are few sockets, but an extension cord was brought on demand. 10) The ocean water was warmer than the Martianez pools
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_O4030ZHOrenburg, Russia

We read reviews after everything was paid for and waited for doors to fall off, monotonous continental breakfasts and endless noise. But, fortunately, they were completely satisfied. We lived on the 6th floor overlooking the city street. Doors and windows are in perfect order. No dents or broken locks were found. Cleaning daily and indicative. We left 2 euros daily, we changed bedding and linen every day. Plumbing serviceable, spacious bathroom. Hairdryer standard hotel if you want, do styling, bring your own. There is really no refrigerator in the room, but it is possible to leave something small for storage through the reception. We went with children’s yoghurts without any problems. TV does not broadcast in Russian, and thank God 😄 you can watch it at home. In addition, Wi-Fi works great, even within the radius of the hotel it catches great. We watched serials and films without straining on the names we needed. Of course, there was noise from the window, but this is a city 🤷🏻‍♀️ It didn’t bother us at all, despite the fact that we were resting with a one-year-old child. You can always close the window if necessary. Here, probably, the minus is that the air conditioner in our room worked very poorly, but we completely managed with windows. About the cemetery. It can be seen from the corridor window, but in general it is not striking, since it is surrounded by a high white wall. And behind it is the endless ocean and palm trees, which take all the attention to themselves. The breakfasts at the hotel are excellent! Fried eggs, omelettes, all kinds of cheeses and sausages, legumes, stewed and fresh vegetables, salads, pancakes, waffles, all kinds of bread, yoghurts, churros, casseroles, a million jams, sauces, types of fruits (bananas, papaya, kiwi, apples, pears, grapefruits ), oranges, nectarines, melon, watermelon, etc.), dried fruits.