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Puerto del carmen best bars: 15 Bars & Clubs in Puerto Del Carmen: Map, Photos, + Reviews

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7 Best Cheap Bars in Playa del Carmen

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I’m always on the hunt for the best cheap bars in any city, and Playa del Carmen is no different.

This town is super touristy (like most beach towns are) and there’s nothing worse than wasting money and time on totally inadequate or overpriced drinks.

That’s why I drank my way through the city (just for you guys of course) and created this list of the best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen.



Ready to get drunk in the sun? Check out my fav top spots for cheap drinks in Playa del Carmen!


1. La Camelia’s

Location: 5th Ave. Between Calle 12 and 14
More Info Here

I can’t speak for their food because I didn’t try it, but La Camelia’s happy hour was amazing.

From 11am to 6pm every day, you can get two mixed drinks for 90 pesos / 4.75 usd. Not bad for one of the most touristy places in town!

The list of cocktails has over 20 options on happy hour, and the mojitos were delicious. I’ve also seen this sign out at various different hours of the evening, so I think their happy hour times are pretty flexible… walk by and take a look!


2. La Pechita

Location: 5th Ave Between Calle 34 and Calle 38
More Info Here

La Pechita is one of the best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen because they offer a good deal on mojitos and beers all the time, no happy hour needed.

The price for 2 mojitos is 140 pesos / 7.35 usd, or you can check out the beer deal which is 2 for 60 pesos / 3 usd. This place is on the more relaxed end of 5th Avenue and the tables spill out onto the street, perfect for people watching.



3. Manne’s Biergarten

Location: Calle 4 Between Avenida 10 and 15
More Info Here

Ok, this place was such a great find, and probably my favorite of the cheap bars in Playa del Carmen.

The delicious blended margaritas and other mixed drinks are only 60 pesos each / 3 usd each, and 1 liter margs are only 120 pesos / 6 usd! That’s a great deal considering on 5th avenue they usually cost way more.

Manne’s is one of the best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen because it’s totally chill, the waiter we had was friendly and nice, and this is the permanent price… no need to hit them up for happy hour because you’ll get the same great deal no matter how late it is.

Also, did I mention the tequila shots are only 25 pesos / 1 usd each? Dangerous…


4. Tropical

Location: 5th Ave. between Calle 8 and Calle 10
More Info Here

This restaurant often has a sign out front advertising 2 cocktails for 100 pesos / 5 usd total.

I noticed it at such random times that I stopped to ask, and the waiter told me they just put it out when it’s not crowded, and pull it in when it’s busy.

So, definitely walk by and take a look, and you may just be able to snag this deal. The restaurant spills out onto 5th Ave. and has a great location.



5. Palm at the Playa Rooftop Pool

Location: Calle 8 between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue
More Info Here 

The Palm at the Playa has FREE DRINKS for ladies on Friday night between 8 pm and 11p m. Did I mention it’s also a gorgeous rooftop pool with a view of the ocean?

During the days, you can also get pretty good deals because it’s a 300 peso / 15 usd entrance fee on Mon – Wed (and 500 / $26 on Thurs – Sun) but that all goes towards food and drink at the bar and restaurant.

If you’re sick of the sandy beaches, this is one of the best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen to visit and get free drinks on Friday night! (Although it’s not as cheap, you can also book this rooftop bar crawl through Playa on Airbnb that finishes at an infinity pool as well.)



6. Club de la Cerveza

Location: 5th Avenue between Calle 34 and Calle 38
More Info Here

I love craft beer, so I just have to include this one. The drinks aren’t that cheap (around 50 to 90 pesos / 2.50 to 4.50 usd per beer) but they do have a meal of three fried chicken tacos for 45 pesos / 2.50 usd which is a crazy good deal.

They also have a huge selection of different craft beers from Mexico and around the world and an awesome ambiance. If you’re looking for craft beer in Playa del Carmen (or cheap tacos) this is definitely the place.



7. La Verbena

Location: Calle 34 between 5th and 10th Ave.
More Info Here 

Another ladies night!

La Verbona makes the list of best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen because they have free drinks for women from 8 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday nights.

In addition to this  enticing offer, La Verbona also has an awesome ambiance with a jungle like atmosphere. Greenery hangs from the ceiling and nice lighting make this place romantic an relaxed.

Finally, it’s right by the Club de La Cerveza so hit this up first, save a few bucks, then splurge on some Mexican craft beer to finish the night.

Enjoy your night out, and I hope this list of the best cheap bars in Playa del Carmen helps you stick to your budget.

If you’re still looking for more cheap bars in the city, here’s another list of Ladies Nights in Playa del Carmen that you also shouldn’t miss.


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The Ultimate Guide To Nightlife In Playa Del Carmen [2023]

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Let’s face it, many people come to Playa del Carmen for one reason, to party! And even if it’s not all about the party for you the likely hood is you are going to want to go out and enjoy the nightlife in Playa del Carmen at some point during your stay in this vibrant Mexican city.

In this guide to nightlife in Playa del Carmen, I’ve picked out my favorite places to party in Playa at night. This list is full of the best bars in Playa del Carmen no matter what vibe you are looking for.

Although, if you are looking for more of a beach club day drinking vibe, then check out my Playa del Carmen beach club guide. And just in case you are thinking of venturing out to Tulum, I also have a great Tulum beach club guide you can read here.

Need somewhere to stay in Playa del Carmen? Read my Playa del Carmen accomodation guide to learn about the best areas to stay in… and which ones to avoid!

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Best Bars In Playa Del Carmen

Most of the nightlife in Playa Del Carmen is concentrated along Quinta Avenida (referred to as 5th ave, or La Quinta).

There is no shortage of bars available where you can kick back with a beer or a craft cocktail and enjoy your time in this town by the sea. From dive bars to swanky rooftop bars, Playa del Carmen nightlife has everything for everyone to suit all tastes and vibes.

Tequila Barrel

Tequila Barrel is one of Playa Del Carmen’s biggest sports bars on the famous Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue). There is always something going on at Tequila Barrel and it’s always a fun time. A nightclub and sports bar all in one, you’ll always find people dancing and enjoying life. Located between Calle 10 and Calle 12 Tequila Barrel is one of the best places to party at night in Playa.

Open 10 AM to 4 AM Daily 


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A post shared by Prana Hookah & Drinks (@pranaplaya)

If you’re in town and looking to listen to and dance to some Hip-Hop while enjoying flavorful/fragrant hookah and great drinks, you have to go to Prana. Prana is located on the same street as some of the best clubs in Playa Del Carmen, 12th Street. Most of the music you’ll hear in Playa is House, Techno, Reggaeton, so Hip Hop aficionados love to go to Prana to kick back and enjoy their night listening to something different. If you’re into hookah, good drinks, and Hip Hop, you definitely want to add Prana as one of your nightlife stops here in Playa Del Carmen.

Open 8 PM to 4 PM daily

Club Social

Karaoke bars are always a great option for a fun night out in Playa too. Grab your friends and head to Club Social for a night of singing, laughing, dancing, and drinking. Sing your heart out and belt out your favorite songs while enjoying beers with your friends. This casual bar is one of the best in Playa Del Carmen for karaoke and a laid-back good time.

Open Monday – Thursday 1-11 PM Friday and Saturday 5 PM to 3 AM

Playa Del Carmen Clubs


If you are looking to dance the night away at one of the best Playa del Carmen clubs, you have to go to Clandestino. Clandestino has a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy great drinks from the bar and amazing music. It’s a faviourite with the local expat community so here you will find a great mix of locals and tourists.

Weekend nights at Clandestino are unforgettable as far as Playa del Carmen clubs go. You’ll mix and mingle with some of the most beautiful people in town while enjoying the best nightlife that Playa Del Carmen has to offer. You have to party at Clandestino at least once while here on vacation and then come back again to have one of the best nights of your life. The music, drinks, and vibes are epic.

Open daily 6:30 PM till everyone leaves!

Looking for a reputable tour company in The Riviera Maya?

I’ve been working with Turismo Channel in Playa del Carmen for years and they are who I send all of my family and friends to when they visit the Riviera Maya. I really can recommend them enough for tours, private airport transfers, and rental cars. Vanessa and Oliver are personal friends of mine and I have 100% faith that you will have a wonderful time with them.

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Mandala nightclub is one of the biggest and best Playa Del Carmen clubs. Located right on the corner of Calle 12 and 1st, you can’t miss this huge posh open-air nightclub. Everyone goes to Mandala when they come to Playa. If you’re looking for great music, bottles, table service, dancing the night away with amazing people, Mandala is the Playa del Carmen nightclub for you. 

Open daily 7 PM till the early morning


One of the newest Playa Del Carmen clubs, and one of the best-kept secrets is Speakeasy. This after-hours club is a little bit hidden, but when you find it, you’ve found one of the greatest nights of your life. If you’re into really good music and love dancing until the sunrise, this is your place.

Speakeasy opens late (12:30 am) and stays open until the morning! You have to be on a list to enter and the club is completely air-conditioned for your comfort to dance all night and morning. The decorations inside and the sound system make for a really aesthetically pleasing experience. 

You can find more info about them via their IG account here.

Gay Bars Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places in Mexico just behind Puerto Vallarta. While there aren’t many Gay bars in Playa del Carmen, there are a couple of places where you’ll see the rainbow flag flying and know that you are welcome, no matter what.

Las Miches

Las Miches located at the corner of 10th Avenida and Calle 4 is an open-air bar that’s lots of fun at night. There is even an awesome music bingo event hosted there each month! The music is always good and the vibes are right for a fun night where you will feel comfortable and respected. 

Open 5 PM to 4:30 AM daily

Club 69

Club 69 is one of the only gay clubs in Playa Del Carmen. You’ll be able to find cheap drinks and drag shows, but go during the weekend if you’re looking for more of a crowd. It’s more of a tourist scene than anything, but a place to go and enjoy some drinks and conversation. 

Open Tuesday – Sunday 6 PM until late

If you are looking for more information on gay bars Playa del Carmen from experiences travelers in the gay comunity check out this post.

The Best Rooftop Bar Playa Del Carmen

Days and nights in Playa Del Carmen are best spent on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the sea and the city. There are plenty of rooftop bars in Playa del Carmen, but only some are the best! A great rooftop bar Playa del Carmen not only has epic views and drinks, but the pool makes the difference. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cocktail and the sunset from a pool while overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

The Thompson

ou have to go to The Thompson rooftop Playa del Carmen. This is absolutely one of the best rooftop bars in Playa Del Carmen. It boasts one of the greatest views and the rooftop pool is Instagram-worthy. Grab a day pass and enjoy the atmosphere, the food and the drinks into the night. If you want to impress your guests or your date, take them to The Thompson and thank me later. 

Reef 28

The rooftop bar Playa del Carmen at the Reef 28 is always a good idea. After spending time in the spa, head up to the rooftop bar Playa del Carmen for views, music, and a good time. Lounge in the chairs by the pool or in one of the beds and enjoy your day or night. The music on the roof is always good and sometimes DJs come to play house or techno. On Sundays, there’s even a foam party! The drinks from the bar are refreshing and the rooftop has an awesome view of the sea right at the end of Calle 28. 

IT Ganesha

IT Ganesha has an amazing rooftop pool in Playa del Carmen. There are two different rooftops to enjoy and plenty of delicious drinks flowing from the bars. Perfect for ladies’ night out and weekend parties, IT Ganesha in the happening neighborhood of Zazil-ha is a must. Disco, House, Afro House and Techno nights keep you dancing while the amazing drinks keep you cool. Enjoy watching the sunset or get there for a super fun night out. There is a beautiful fire pit on one of the rooftops with plenty of seating around to enjoy your drinks from the bar.

Beach Bars Playa Del Carmen

Fusion Beach Bar Playa del Carmen

If you have guests in town or want to have a fun night out with a date or friends, head to one of the best bars in Playa Del Carmen, Fusion! Fusion is always a good time and is a great place to start your night or spend the evening out in Playa.

Set right on the beach at the end of Calle 6, Fusion has live music, great drinks, fun vibes, and a nightly fire show. Fusion is one of my fave beach bars Playa del Carmen as it has a great mix of people and you can go casual or dressed up and have an amazing night out in Playa. If you go during a full moon, you can watch the moon rise out of the sea while enjoying a fire show and great drinks. Be sure to visit Fusion for a fun night out!

Open daily 8 AM until late

INTI beach

While on vacation in Playa Del Carmen and looking for a really nice night out on the beach, you don’t want to skip going to INTI beach. Their dinner and drinks menu is light, fresh, and fun and the music at night will get you dancing!

Located right on the beach between 4th and 6th street, this beach bar in Playa del Carmen is a must. At night, you’ll be surrounded by lit-up palm trees as you dine or drink at the bars. There are plenty of cute places to sit and enjoy the night on the beach, like the hammock chairs or the tables set in the sand. At night you can catch really good DJs spinning house music or techno. Some of the best nights to go are Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to enjoy the beach, the drinks, and the music.

Opens aily from 9 AM

Las Hijas Beach Club

Las Hijas Beach Club is not to be missed! Situated right over the water, this is one of the best beach bars to enjoy the sunset and then dance into the night. The sky bar on the roof of the club has one of the best views. The open-air design has two floors plus a rooftop. There’s a pool, palapas, drinks and good food to enjoy as well. On the weekends, local talented DJs come to make you dance dance dance!

This is one of Playa’s newest spots for nightlife and if you haven’t been yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Take your friends and have an awesome night out dancing right by the Caribbean Sea! The breeze, the vibes, the people, the music make for an unforgettable night out in Playa.

Las Hijas Beach Club is one of the town’s favorites. Go dance and enjoy yourself at one of the best beach bars in Playa Del Carmen.

Open daily from 10 AM

How Safe Is The Nightlife In Playa Del Carmen

It would be wrong of me to not at least touch on the safety aspect of a night out in Playa del Carmen. One thing I would like to say is that in the 3 years I lived in Playa I personally never had a single safety concern on a night out in Playa del Carmen. That said, I know many people who have. From people getting their phones stolen in a club to being drugged taken out to the jungle and sexually assaulted.

Playa del Carmen is no different from any other city around the world, you need to be aware of the safety issues and try and avoid putting yourself in potentially unsafe situations. I actually wrote a VERY in-depth and honest piece about safety in Playa del Carmen and I would strongly suggest reading that.

My biggest piece of advice, especially to solo female travelers is to know how you are getting home before you go out. Please do not get in a taxi unless you know the driver and book over the phone with him/ her direct, or using one of the WhatsApp taxi services. Do NOT just get in a taxi you flag down in the street. Always sit in the back of the taxi and take a photo of the license plate and send it to a friend. Oh and avoid the police… they like to ‘shake down’ drunk tourists walking home. Best to just give them your money to avoid getting roughed up or taken to jail for the night… this is the most common crime.

Anyway, like I said, personally I’ve never had an issue. But it would be wrong of me to not mention some safety concerns people face going out at night in Playa del Carmen.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to This Is Playa if you are an African American expat or tourist planning your time in Playa it’s a great resource to get the best information.


Hotels in Playa del Carmen 5 stars with prices and photos, reviews of 5* hotels in Playa del Carmen

from11 181 rubles

Per room per night

Acanto Boutique Hotel

Calle 16 Norte Playa del Carmen
, Downtown Playa del Carmen ~950 m

Hotel on the map

Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma

Acceso Xcalacoco El Limonar
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~6. 3 km

Hotel on the map



from28 178 rubles

Per room per night

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Carretera Federal Chetumal-Puerto, Juarez Km 298
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~8.1 km

Hotel on the map

based on 1748 reviews



from14 339 rubles

Per room per night

Blue Diamond Riviera Maya – Adults Only

Carretera Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Km 298
, Downtown Playa del Carmen ~9. 5 km

Hotel on the map

from11 254 rubles

Per room per night

El Taj Condo Hotel

1ra Avenida Norte, Esquina Calle 16 Norte Bis
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~1.1 km

Hotel on the map

based on 1281 reviews



from7 246 rubles

Per room per night

Encanto El Faro Deluxe Beachfront Condo Hotel

Calle 10 Y Zona Federal Mar
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~550 m

Hotel on the map

from33 454 rubles

Per room per night


Carretra Tulum – Cancun Km
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~1. 8 km

Hotel on the map

based on 195 reviews



from3 188 rubles

Per room per night

Eurostars Hacienda Vista Real

Paseo Xaman Ha Retorno 3 , Lotes 12 Y 13
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~1 km

Hotel on the map

based on 585 reviews


8. 4

from10 171 rubles

Per room per night

Fairmont Mayakoba

Carretera Federal Cancun – Playa del Carmen Km 298
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~8.5 km

Hotel on the map

from20 805 rubles

Per room per night

Family Concierge at Paradisus La Esmeralda

Quinta Avenida Esquina Calle 112 Norte Lote 1 Manzana 569
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~750 m

Hotel on the map

Very good

7. 8

from5 523 rubles

Per room per night

Grand Riviera Princess – All Inclusive

Prolongacion 5 Avenida Manzana 20 Lote 006
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~6.8 km

Hotel on the map

Hotel Basico

5 Avenida Y Calle 10 Norte , Quintana Roo
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~200 m

Hotel on the map

from9 317 rubles

Per room per night

Hotel Cacao

Quinta Av. Entre Calle 30 and 32
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~1.4 km

Hotel on the map

Hotel Xcaret Arte – All Inclusive, Adults Only

carr. Chetumal – Puerto Juarez Km. 282
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~6.1 km

Hotel on the map

This hotel is located in Playa del Carmen, 6 km from the Playa del Carmen Marine Terminal. There is a bar, a garden and a private beach at the property.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico – All Parks and Tours / All Fun Inclusive

carr. Chetumal – Puerto Juarez Km. 282
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~6 km

Hotel on the map

This hotel is located in Playa del Carmen, 6 km from the Playa del Carmen Marine Trade Terminal. It offers various facilities such as a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court…

Palmaïa – The House of AïA Wellness Enclave All Inclusive

Paseo Xaman Ha, Lt.1, Playacar
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~3.5 km

Hotel on the map

A luxurious all-inclusive resort with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. It offers large outdoor pools, a wonderful spa and beauty salon, 5 catering restaurants…



from10 475 rubles

Per room per night

Paradisus La Perla Playa Del Carmen

One of the most booked hotels in 2014

Quinta Avenida Esquina Calle 112 Norte Lote 1 Manzana 569
, Center of Playa del Carmen ~3.2 km

Hotel on the map

based on 7287 reviews

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