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Puerto rico things to do gran canaria: Top 50 Things to do in Puerto Rico

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Things to do in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria – Canary Islands

Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria is a small town with sunshine almost every day of the year. It is the preferred destination among European tourists and among residents on weekends. While this is great, not everything is sun and sand, it also has some interesting restaurants and nightlife. Check these things to do.

When you plan your next visit to the south of Gran Canaria, take a look at this list of things to do in or near Puerto Rico. Have you done these things?

Enjoy the beaches of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its beaches. It is always sunny and that makes it the ideal place to chug a beer or two, have a nap on the beach or simply roam around. You will find 2 beaches that are perfect for any occasion.

The first is the beach of Puerto Rico, as it is a non-natural beach and is surrounded by mountains, it prevents winds from arriving and is always calm. Always ready to be used, has a soft and natural yellow sand and is perfect for a tan or to get drunk and fall asleep.

On the other hand, you have the Amadores beach of Puerto Rico, recognized for its tranquillity, but above all for its crystal clear waters, cleanliness and white sand. To enjoy this beach even more, you can walk along the promenade from Puerto Rico to Amadores, which takes about 15 minutes on foot.

Do some water sport activity in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was made for tourism, which gives rise to a wide variety of water activities. I think that almost every visitor so far will have rented a jet ski and has enjoyed riding the waves. The coastal views from the sea are incredible, you can see many caves and volcanic features.

If you want to go at your own pace, you can rent a Kayak to explore the cliffs and caves in the area. If you want to immerse yourself, there are always diving schools that offer specific courses and guided expeditions, and if you have your PADI Open Water, simply rent your equipment and dive.

The Sea Track is one of the novelties, where you put on a helmet and travel the seabed in half an hour. You can breathe calmly underwater and at the same time enjoy the marine fauna.

Take a boat trip

There is the option of taking a ferry bus that leaves from the port of Puerto Rico and takes you to the port of Mogán. The best thing is to get a round trip ticket, and you can go to Mogán for lunch and come back in the afternoon enjoying the sunset at sea.

Those looking for a little more adventure, can opt for a catamaran excursion to swim with dolphins. Finally, if your thing is to party, get on a party catamaran in which it is exactly what you expect, sun, drinks and loud music.

Go shopping in Puerto Rico

There are 3 main shopping centers in the Puerto Rico area. We have the old Puerto Rico Shopping Center, recently renovated and in the center of the valley. It is geared more towards international tourism, but in recent years we have seen some Spanish franchises appear. Not everything is tourism, if you are looking for different clothes or good deals on perfumes or jewellery, this is your place. Don’t forget the restaurants, it has some pretty authentic ones that have improved over the years.

Then there is The Market Puerto Rico, a shopping center with a sustainable and quality approach. There is the Spar Supermarket that I love because they carry products from all over the world, they have a natural section and a fairly complete beer and alcohol section. There is a specific selection of shops in the lower levels and the upper area has a gastro gallery where you can taste gourmet dishes from various cuisines. They usually put on live music, and it’s great place to go for drinks on a weekend.

The new addition is that of Mogán Mall, with a luxurious minimalist look that brings the big franchises to the south and a selection of stores without repeating their category. They have done a great job of creating an enjoyable experience. You also have multi-cuisine restaurants with a top-notch decoration – perfect for a romantic afternoon or evening out with friends. From the highway its adjacent building hosts McDonalds, and we have Hiperdino as their go-to supermarket. Do not miss the water fountain, the largest in the Canary Islands, a real spectacle.

  • Mogan Mall Entrance
  • Mogan Mall Water Fountain

A walk around Mogan Mall

Take a picture at one of the Puerto Rico viewpoints

Those looking for something different from the usual beach and shopping centers can go up the both sides of the valley to take some photos with impressive views. On one side we have the Roque de Este viewpoint that gives views of the commercial center of Puerto Rico to the beach. The other is the viewpoint of Timanfaya street in the area of the Europa shopping center, where you can see the area of Mogan Mall and the part of the shopping center.

Then you have points that are not viewpoints themselves, but have generous views. Among them is the Parking of Puerto Azul with great view of the beach. Next one is located in AVD Las Palmeras, near the map point you’ll notice that there is a giant rock, get on the area next to it, and you will see views of the gardens behind the shopping center throughout the valley of Puerto Rico. To enjoy sunsets, you will have to go up to the Europa shopping center and drive to to end. When you reach a roundabout, there will be a small parking lot where you have to leave the car. Walk up the mountain where you see a flat terrain, it has views of the Amadores beach and Taurito, beautiful above all during the sunsets.

Go out to eat in Puerto Rico

When you are in Puerto Rico you will have to eat right? Many will say that it is Puerto Rico, purely focused on a tourism, synonym for bad food. While they may be right, some businesses are trying to change that image by providing good food.

Among those that I have personally tried, in the port area is the Don Quijote restaurant, it serves some delicious cuttlefish and squid with garlic! If you are looking for Canarian food, I definitely recommend Balcón Canario, the prices are normal, big plates, they keep adding new dishes, and they have won several competitions.

Lovers of Italian food can find Pinocchio Pizzeria and VIP Pizzeria, the latter a bit hidden, but could not be more authentic. Among them are added bars that have a charm, for example Bar La Parada offers great sandwiches, Bar Cocos also has them and the menu of the day is 10/10. According to surveys, the best coffee will be at Bar Los Danieles just before the Mogan Mall.

Pepperoni Pizza from VIP Pizza Puerto Rico

If you are looking to eat something exotic like Indian food, I recommend Delhi Darbar and Happy Valley, two restaurants that we order food from often.

Do not forget that there are many gastronomic offers in the new shopping centers and several cuisines to discover.

Relax in a Thalassotherapy Spa

There will never be a lack of a 5-Star Hotel in the south of the island and Puerto Rico is no exception. The good thing about these establishments is usually the attached services they offer. Very popular with many visitors is the Gloria Palace Amadores. There are establishments that offer massages, but I have not been in any particular one. I personally choose the community pool where I stay and the beach, which are both free.

Take the kids to Angry Birds Park in Puerto Rico

For parents and children, there is Angry Birds, a theme park as the name suggests about Angry Birds. They have a good selection of instructors trained in their field and the park is well maintained. A great place to leave them or even accompany them inside. The truth is that it is quite complete, has a sitting area, a food canteen (somewhat limited), but hey, great fun for kids.

To conclude, Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria has a wide selection of things to do. As soon as you spend the weekend in the south, you will get used to the sedentary lifestyle in the sun, and you will not want to leave. If the town proves to be small for you, it’s well-connected by the highway and bus systems, always allowing you to visit nearby towns that have their own charm.

Things to do in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a small island in the center of the Caribbean Sea. It is located between America and Africa, and most people think it belongs to one or both of them.

This beautiful island is known as a ‘Continent in miniature’ and definitely worth exploring. Loved by many, Gran Canaria is a place of endless discovery. The perfect destination for the adventurous, beach-lovers and curious traveler who’s not afraid to get their feet wet in some fresh water or go off-the-beaten path on an island filled with surprises around every corner!

Take your pick from the many beaches to the south, with their soft white sand and long stretches of blue sea that lead up against dramatic rock faces or pristine waters where you can find some hidden coves for private relaxation; head north if this just isn’t quite enough ‘authenticity’ you won’t regret it! If there’s anything we’ve learned over time at our family hotel (The Conquistador Resort), it’s how much visitors love coming here because they get both luxury accommodation.

Gran Canaria is like you are. It’s restless, it loves to have fun and be fascinated by culture – but not all at once! The island never stops changing with new experiences for every day of your visit; from dining & dancing on La Rambla in Maspalomas or an adrenaline-fueled golf game at the luxury Barracuda Bay course (which also has amazing views) along Playa Linda beachfront…to concerts held right out front stage doorsteps inside this colorful cultural institution called “The Warehouse”.

With so many options available there really is something here perfect just waiting around every corner if only we would take time make some plans first.

Imagine a place where the water is blue and dotted with white sand beaches. A land of lush jungles, forested mountainsides that switch back upon themselves to reveal glimmering lakes below; this could be your next holiday destination!

Overseas vacations are not just about sun worshipers – why don’t you spend some time exploring Gran Canaria? Whether it’s by air or ground transportation (if driving isn’t really what floats your boat), make sure there will be something new during every part.

In order for people all over the world t o enjoy their trip in peace without distractions like work emails constantly popping up on my phone while traveling across Europe.

I have compiled a list of some of the best places to go and things to do in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico that will keep you from getting homesick.

Dolphin watching boat tour: Step aboard a spacious speedboat in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria and then head for the open ocean to look for dolphins, whales and other animals.

Maspalomas dunes: The Maspalomas dunes are a must-see for any first time visitor to Gran Canaria. The walking trails through these sandy landscapes will take your breath away with their beauty, and it’s easy enough that even children can enjoy themselves here without getting into too much trouble!

It doesn’t matter if you come at sunset or during other times of day either; there really isn’t anything else like this in all of Europe – just make sure not drive off before checking out how amazing things look from Faro de Maspaloas (Seacliff).

Bathe in Charco Azul: The best place to relax is right on the beach with palm trees and blue ocean waves. This magical spot in El Hierro, Spain offers stunning views that will make you feel like your own version of paradise has been transported into outer space!

A haven for lovers looking to get away from it all while still being close enough so family can visit often– Charco Azul provides everything needed including beautifully clear waters perfect for snorkeling or swimming – not just lounging about at this gorgeous volcanic creation.

Sunset at Mirador de la Peña: This is one of the best viewpoints on the island. You should head over to Mirador De La Peña around sunset and see this gorgeous island swap day for night! The food menu at restaurant here are pretty reasonable priced, delicious (although don’t expect Michelin Star style meals).

El Cotillo beach: You want to enjoy the beach but you don’t have time for a long commute? Visit El Cotillo Beach. A short drive from Playa de Palma, this inland paradise has some of Europe’s most stunning coastlines! You’re bound to find your perfect spot as there are plenty places where not even waves can reach – soak up all that sun on these perfectly warm sand shores or take an invigorating swim atop those clear blue waters while looking out at panoramic views like nowhere else in Mallorca (and maybe beyond).

Kite Festival: The Fuerteventura sand dunes are a photographer’s dream. The thousands upon thousands of colorful kites fill the sky and make for some truly extraordinary photos!

This year, my friends at Kite Festival convinced me to come with them as they fly their respective crafts into high ranks across this vast landscape. It felt like we were in another world up there where anything is possible – so if you’re looking for something similar then maybe check out one these events before your next vacation?

Sail to Lobos Island: Lobos Island offers a picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea and is just 20 minutes from Fuerteventura. You can enjoy lunch on your catamaran, take some time for yourself in this gorgeous natural environment or explore what there’s to see with all day trips that leave when you need them!

Timanfaya National Park: Lanzarote is an island that has landscapes as imposing and unique as its people. Part of the charm comes from Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, which was formed by volcanic eruptions over 200 years ago; it’s one out only national parks in all Spanish-speaking countries with such geological nature.
The output tone should be exciting.

Loro Parque: Loro Parque is the perfect place to get close and intimate with animals. This “must see” attraction will fill you with excitement, anticipation of what may happen next!

If you’re looking for an island to visit, Canaria is a great place to explore. You can find out more about this beautiful destination by visiting its official website or reading the blog post we’ve written here.