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San juan surfing beaches: Where to Surf in Puerto Rico

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Where to Surf in Puerto Rico

A surfer cruising a wave in Rincón.

Whether you’re an aspiring surfer or a pro, Puerto Rico has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is the ideal surfing destination: warm waters year-round, fun local surfing culture, and conditions ranging from easy, two-foot waves over a sandy bottom to tall, fast-moving barrels with reef breaks. Surf shops abound, many offering board rentals, lessons, or guided experiences.

The best surfing on the Island is around the northwest coast, from Isabela to Rincón, but if you only have time to explore San Juan you’ll still find spots with exciting waves. From October to February, swells are at the peak, and during the summer things tend to be calmer.

Waiting for the perfect wave at Domes Beach in Rincón


The quintessential surfer destination, Rincón has a statue of a surfer in the middle of town. Located on the westernmost point of the Island, Rincón has beaches on the north and west coasts offering a variety of conditions suitable for experienced surfers. The most popular surfing beaches are Domes, María’s, Tres Palmas, and Sandy Beach. There are several surf shops offering rentals, including Mar Azul Surf Shop, Surf Town Rincón, and Desecheo Surf Shop. For beginners who don’t want to miss out, Rincón Surf School offers surf lessons and guided adventures.

Looking out toward the break at Surfer’s Beach in Aguadilla.


Punta Borinquen, the nearly 5-mile coastline stretching from Crash Boat to Surfer’s Beach in the northwestern town of Aguadilla, was designated the Caribbean’s first World Surfing Reserve by the organization Save the Waves in 2018. Thanks to this designation over a dozen world-class surfing points, including Surfer’s Beach, Table Tops, Survival Beach, Wilderness, Wishing Well, Manglito, Gas Chambers, and Crash Boat, are now protected. Well worth the visit by surfers of every level, Aguadilla offers over 300 days of rideable waves on some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. Aguadilla also has many surf shops offering board rentals such as Surf Zone, Aquatic Dive and Surf, and Verde Azul Surf and SUP Shop, as well as a surf tour company, PR Surf Adventures.

Jobos Beach in Isabela is known for its lively surf scene. 


Another popular surfing destination on the west coast is Isabela, with surfing conditions for all levels of experience. Middles Beach, a stretch of sandy beach with powerful currents and rocky sections offshore where the waves break, is the site of the annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit.

Jobos Beach tends to be livelier since this beach also has sections that are good for swimming. There are also a few restaurants and bars nearby. Hang Loose Surf Shop offers rentals and lessons, and is right on Jobos.

A surfer catches a wave in Puerto Rico.

Other Beaches:

La Ocho

Located in San Juan and accessible from Escambrón beach, this area is ideal for experienced surfers. Nearby is La 8 Surf Shop (ocho means eight in Spanish), which offers board rentals; you can also coordinate surf lessons. Also located in San Juan is Spectrum Surf School which offers group and private lessons and board rentals.

La Pared

La Pared in the northeastern town of Luquillo is a good beach for beginners, with 3 to 5-foot waves with different size breaks over a sandy bottom. Surfing Puerto Rico Adventures offers surf lessons and board rentals.

Los Tubos

For an off-the-beaten-path experience visit Los Tubos in the town of Manatí on the northern coast. The beach faces northwest, creating similar surfing conditions as Aguadilla, and is one of the few beaches that can hold big swells. There are no surf shops nearby, so best to rent a board for the day in San Juan or bring your own.

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The Best Spots for Surfing in Puerto Rico

Known as the North Shore of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico’s surf scene is reminiscent of the sport’s birthplace on the shores of Hawaii. The island has some of the best surfing in all of the Caribbean, with warm waters, near-perfect weather year-round, and waves for surfers of all experience levels. In fact, surfing in Puerto Rico has become something of a rite of passage for aspiring surfers and pros alike. Experienced surfers are sure to dig the gnarly reef breaks (up to 20 feet high!), and beginners will also feel comfortable taking a surfing lesson in Puerto Rico’s milder swells.

Some of the best surf spots in Puerto Rico can be found around the northwest coast in places like Rincón and Isabela, but there are plenty of surf-friendly beaches around San Juan as well. With so many funky surf shops and beachside board rentals, surfers of all skill levels can get geared up and head out to catch some waves without having to fly with their board if traveling from overseas. Everyone is sure to love the laid-back culture and friendly island vibes that make Puerto Rico’s surf scene welcoming and fun.

Not sure where to go? Keep reading to find the best surf spots in Puerto Rico.

San Juan

Surfing around the San Juan area offers the best of both worlds for vacationers who can’t wait to get into the water but also want to take advantage of the city’s vibrant nightlife, culinary scene, and historic attractions like El Morro, Old San Juan, and the San Juan Cathedral.

Playa La Ocho

Suitable for all levels of surfers, Playa La Ocho is easy to access from Old San Juan and Escambrón Beach. It gets its name from the bus stop at the front of the beach, bus stop #8. This beach offers plenty of space for surfers to spread out and catch some waves, with swells breaking both left and right (although the locals will tell you that the left side is always best). One of the coolest aspects of surfing Playa La Ocho is that you can see the beautiful Fort San Cristobal from the beach.


Known as the “Sun Capital” of Puerto Rico, Luquillo is a perfect region to spend time at the beach. Home to El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo offers some of the most stunning views on the island. It’s also known for its beaches, especially its beginner-friendly surf spots. La Pared is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean to learn how to surf. Located just 45 minutes from San Juan, it’s not only convenient but also scenic. Especially during the fall months, La Pared has consistent surfable waves, but it’s a great sport for beginners year-round.



Located just outside the eastern border of San Juan is Carolina, a municipality rich in history. It’s referred to as the “Land of Giants” in honor of illustrious residents like poet Julia de Burgos and baseball legend Roberto Clemente, as well as Don Felipe Birriel González, who was known around the world for his height of 7’11”.

A hidden gem in Carolina is Isla Verde, where you can find calm beaches like Pine Grove Beach, which has perfect conditions for watersports like stand-up paddleboarding and bodyboarding. This charming crescent-shaped beach has beautiful blue waters and soft white sand where you can enjoy a picnic. The gentle waves in this area make it ideal for first-time surfers to learn this exciting sport. If you’re looking to hit the waves for the first time, this is the perfect spot for a lesson.



Located on Puerto Rico’s northwestern tip, Aguadilla is best known for its beaches and parks, as well as interesting attractions like the modern aquatic theme park, Parque Acuático Las Cascadas, and an underground freshwater source, the Ojo de Agua.

Surfing is a popular activity in Aguadilla, with many beaches to choose from. In 2018, the 5-mile coastline between Crash Boat Beach and Surfer’s Beach was designated the Caribbean’s first World Surfing Reserve by Save the Waves. Plenty of surf spots and some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico make Aguadilla well worth a visit.

Crash Boat Beach

Easily the most popular beach in Aguadilla, Crash Boat’s crystal-clear waters make this location a favorite for snorkelers, but its sandy bottom and fast, fun break draw surfers of all experience levels. The right-hand waves break off the jetty during a large swell. While the waves aren’t the most consistent in the area, when it’s a good surf day, Crash Boat can get crowded with eager surfers.

Surfer’s Beach

Surfer’s Beach features a long right-hand wave with a steep, energetic ride and a shorter left side. This reef break tends to attract many experienced surfers, and it’s also a popular location for surf competitions. The beach itself has a rocky shore and is fringed with almond and palm trees, creating a tropical getaway perfect for sitting back and watching the surfers.

Other Aguadilla surf spots to check out include Gas Chambers, Wilderness, Table Tops, Survival Beach, Manglito, and Wishing Well.


Beautiful beaches, colorful sunsets, great food, and the quintessential island vibe make Rincón one of the best places to surf in Puerto Rico. Located on the westernmost tip of the island, Rincón boasts the best views, and you can even spot migrating whales in the winter. An oasis for beginners and experienced surfers alike, this town hosts surf competitions and beach festivals throughout the year.

Domes Beach

Home to the Legend Surf Classic and other international surfing competitions, Domes Beach is one of the most recognized names in Rincón and Puerto Rico. It gets its name from the dome of a nearby defunct nuclear plant. Known for having the most consistent swells in Rincón, Domes’ combo of coral reef breaks and beach breaks offers a mellow ride for all levels of surfers.

Tres Palmas

Puerto Rico’s big wave beach, Tres Palmas is for the pros only! With strong waves rideable from 12 to 25 feet, the reef break far from the shore is well worth the paddle. It has three breaks, outer reef, middle, and inside, giving experienced surfers options for their perfect ride.

Looking for more Rincón surf spots? Consider Sandy Beach, Maria’s, and Steps Beach.


Isabela is one of the top destinations in Puerto Rico, known for less crowded beaches and crystal-clear natural pools. It’s called the “Garden of the Northwest” due to its lush forests and scenic beaches full of tropical fish, perfect for snorkeling. It’s also a great place to learn about indigenous cultures and try local dishes like quesito de hoja.

Surfers of all levels flock to the beaches of Isabela to enjoy consistent waves and powerful currents. One of the most popular is Middles Beach, where the annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit is held. Aside from this annual event, the beach is usually fairly quiet. This remote beach boasts plenty of sunshine and a long stretch of sandy shore, with middle to big waves for surfers.

Another great beach in the area is Jobos Beach, which has excellent waves as well as calm sections for swimming. This is a popular beach with the locals, so you’ll typically find a bigger crowd. There are convenient restaurants and bars nearby, making it a fun place to hang out.

No matter which beach you choose to visit, you’re sure to have a great time riding the waves in Puerto Rico. Whether you’re standing up on a board for the first time or you’re a pro looking for your new favorite surf break, you’ll find your ideal surfing paradise on the island! Start planning your trip to Puerto Rico and get ready for some unforgettable waves.

San Juan Beach in Alicante

Nature has endowed the city of Alicante with a great location: while many people want to visit the sea, the inhabitants of Alicante live on the Costa Blanca, adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. It is not surprising that in the city and its environs there are many beaches that tourists visit with pleasure.

San Juan Beach, also known as Playa de San Juan, has spread its sandy arms in the suburb of Alicante called San Juan de Alicante. Despite the fact that there are other beaches in Alicante that are much closer to the city center, Playa de San Juan is considered one of the best and most famous beaches in the city of Alicante. nine0003

The beach is 2900 meters long and 60 meters wide. Playa de San Juan is located in a lively residential area. San Juan Beach is adjacent to Mucha Vista Beach. There is no clear boundary between these two beaches. Mucha Vista beach is located between the city of Alicante and the city of El Campello.

Near the beach of Playa de San Juan there are restaurants, bars and cafes. Some of them are located almost on the beach itself.

Playa de San Juan is close to a large number of shops. The shops located near San Juan Beach offer shoppers games, handicrafts, beachwear and accessories, as well as various items that beachgoers may need. nine0003

Playa de San Juan has a Blue Flag sign. This sign is awarded to beaches that meet European standards of safety, order, cleanliness and comfort. The “Blue Flag” indicates that sewage does not enter the sea near San Juan Beach, and the water there is not polluted. Near the beach of Playa de San Juan, several streams flow into the sea, but their water is filtered.

It is worth noting that in Alicante, people who decide to swim in the sea are warned about the conditions for bathers with flags of various colors. You can read more about these flags in the article “Playa del Postiguet in Alicante”. nine0003

San Juan Beach delights visitors with a vibrant sea that is calm most of the time. The waves near San Juan Beach are moderate, as if they did not dare to disturb the rest of the people who came to the beach. Wooden paths spread under the feet of visitors, and clear water beckons to the sea. Coming to San Juan Beach, you will enjoy the warmth of the sun, rich blue sea water and light and clean fine sand warmed under the sun.

If you get tired of relaxing on the beach, San Juan Beach offers its visitors a variety of entertainment. On the beach of Playa de San Juan there are rental points for equipment for water sports: for kiting (doing this sport on the beach is allowed from about October to May, because during the beach season kiting is prohibited on San Juan beach), surfing , windsurfing and SUP (sup-surfing, surfing on a board with a paddle). Also on this beach you can rent a catamaran or a light sailboat. nine0003

San Juan Beach has sports fields where beachgoers can play beach volleyball or mini football.

During the summer months, San Juan Beach hosts sports and cultural events.

Playa de San Juan has playgrounds. There, children can play various games, ride a swing or slide down a slide. There are even special houses for children’s games on San Juan Beach. One of the playgrounds on the beach of Playa de San Juan is built in the form of a ship … In short, the little visitors to the beach of San Juan will not get bored. nine0003

When you arrive at Playa de San Juan, you can rent a parasol, sun lounger or deckchair. Beach visitors can use the showers.

In the evenings, when the sun disappears below the horizon, as well as at night, Playa de San Juan becomes a place filled with romance. Loving couples walk along the seashore. In the evenings, people who come to San Juan Beach can also visit the beach bars.

The beach of San Juan in Alicante gives the impression that you are in a holiday dream come true. Bright skies, calm seas, clean sand and palm trees will be the perfect setting for your holiday. Therefore, if you want to soak up the sun or swim in the warm sea water, then San Juan Beach is waiting for you. nine0003


“Sun and beach, culture, ecotourism, hiking”

Surfing on the beaches of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua from Costa Rica, 4 days.


nine0049 RESORTS

begins and ends at the border with Penyas Blancas (Costa Rica). Includes
visiting the most important surf beaches San Juan del Sur, Tola in Nicaragua.


For beginners, the best months are from October
to March

For advanced, the best months are from April
to September.


4 days / 3 nights





(English for surfers; Russian for
beginning and end of tour). nine0003


Hotels and private houses



Min. 4,

On this Nicaraguan trip, you will have the opportunity to discover beyond the pristine beaches
Nicaragua, its majestic perfect waves for Surfing! nine0003


Day 01

Penyas Blancas (Costa Rica) – San Juan del Sur. nine0050 Meeting by
arrival at the border. Transfer to San Juan del Sur. Registration at the hotel.

Day 02

Sant Juan del Sur – Tola
– Popoyo beach. nine0050 Very
we will leave early for the Iguana hacienda on Tola beach. Surfing at Popoyo Beach.

Day 03

Tola –
If you
wake up early, you can immediately see the waves of the sea, enjoying a cup of coffee. You
you can also have breakfast any time before or after surfing. Later you will go
to surf on the nearby beaches. On your return you will enjoy the swimming pool,
relax and unwind while waiting for dinner.


Day 04

Tola – Penyas Blancas (Costa Rica).
to the border of Penyas Blancas, Costa Rica. nine0003

Prices and information



4 – 6 persons

7 – 9 people

10 – . … people












for “tourist class” hotels:







de Palermo for 250 people.

Juan del Sur


Hacienda Iguana



package price included:


transfer by air-conditioned bus/car.

hotels, 03 nights.

¨                                                           “Full
boarding house, breakfast, lunch and dinner. nine0003


¨         Bilingual –
speaking guide.

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