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Snorkeling in the canary islands: What to do in the Canaries as an activity lover

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The Definitive Mini-guide to Snorkelling with Children in Fuerteventura

Thinking of snorkelling with the little ones? The best place to try is the Islet of Lobos


The Canary Islands are a popular tourist destination. The archipelago has everything necessary so that children and adults have a great time. Families that visit the Canary Islands always want to repeat the experience. One of the reasons behind the success of the Canary Islands as a family tourist destination is the climate which has been called an “eternal spring”. The archipelago has average temperatures of 24 degrees with little rainfall, so outdoor activities can be enjoyed year round.  Another reason behind the demand for the Canary Islands is the archipelago’s natural beauty. There are majestic mountains and beautiful coastlines. The Canary Islands is also renowned for its leading selection of hotel and leisure options. The Islet of Lobos is a great example of the types of fabulous locations available on the Canary Islands. The small island is three kilometres from the port of Corralejo, in the north of Fuerteventura, and it is eight kilometres from the south of Lanzarote. The Islet of Lobos has a seabed which offers a true paradise for families who want to enjoy snorkelling.



Precious habitats

The Islet of Lobos’ natural park is 4.5-square-kilometres in size. Lobos can mean “seals” in Spanish. And the waters around the island are still frequented by a local variety of seal. The Islet of Lobos is a protected natural area that has very valuable and well-preserved habitats. These habitats have facilitated the survival of endemic species. The Islet of Lobos has white sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, and natural pools. The island is an ideal place for snorkelers of any age.



Boat access

From the beaches of Corralejo, the Islet of Lobos is visible in the distance. The Islet of Lobos is reached by boats that leave daily from the port of Corralejo in Fuerteventura. There are several tour companies which offer transport. Some companies just offer a tour of the area. Other providers offer a guide, food, snorkelling equipment, and a team of qualified snorkelling instructors. Some tour boats have glass bottoms which allow visitors to enjoy a captivating view of the ocean floor. The boats with the glass bottoms are particularly popular with children. There are also simple ferries for visitors who prefer to enjoy snorkelling trips by themselves. There is only one restaurant on the Islet of Los Lobos, so for visitors who are not part of a tour, it is recommended that they bring plenty of food and drink and snorkelling equipment. Ferry tickets are available in the port of Corralejo. Tickets can also be pre-booked online. Journey time by boat from Corralejo to the Islet of Lobos is short, with travel times of barely a quarter of an hour during good weather.  



Shallow, crystal clear waters

Snorkelling is great because you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the activity. Snorkelling is a great way to discover the wonderful underwater environment of the Islet of Lobos. The Islet of Lobos is a great place for snorkelling because the waters around the island are very shallow, barely reaching a few metres in depth at the deepest points. The shallow waters are an ideal setting to watch hundreds of fish move around a luxurious seabed. It should also be noted that because the water temperature around the Islet of Lobos is pleasant even in winter, snorkelers won’t need a wetsuit.



Only 200 visitors at a time

Visitors to the Islet of Lobos are limited to 200 at a time. This policy is designed to protect the rich natural landscape, the Roman archaeological site, and the ethnographic history of the island. Visitors who are only going to snorkel and won’t step foot on the island don’t need to ask for authorisation, but visitors wishing to visit the island need to seek permission from the local government website:




More than snorkelling

For those in the family that want to combine a snorkelling trip with something else, the Islet of Lobos has a network of trails to explore. The routes are well-made with signposts explaining the direction of travel as well as points of interest including information on local flora and fauna. There is a circular route around the Islet of Lobos which takes about four hours to complete. The route allows visitors to discover some of the wonders of the Islet of Lobos including the Marrajo salt flats, the lighthouse of Martiño, the Lagunitas basin, and the small port of Lobos. The route includes a section which follows the path of the mountain of La Caldera as it reaches to 127 metres in altitude. From the La Caldera mountain there are beautiful views of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.


The best spots you can not miss when visiting

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Snorkeling Gran Canaria is amazing. Gran Canaria is one of the Canary island and is officially part of Spain. It’s relatively close to either Tenerife and is next to the coastal lines of Marocco. Het climate is nice and warm throughout the full year. Due to the exotic climate Gran Canaria is a great place to find some exotic sea creatures which you’ll have trouble finding any other European hotspot. For example, you can even find octopus or different type of water rays. Due to the great climate you can go snorkeling in Gran Canaria year round.

The island mostly has a consistent climate, meaning that there’s great places to go snorkeling everywhere on the island. We have found the best snorkeling spots on Gran Canaria according the locals.

Snorkeling Gran Canaria: Playa de El


Snorkeling near Playa de El Cabrón is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Gran Canaria. This is because of the rich underwater life, full of exotic creatures. Thanks to the seagrass and volcanic reefs the under water views are truly unique. For example, you will find youngsters, monk fish and parrot fish. In addition, there are also more special animals in the area. These are, for example, barracudas, octopuses and rays. The visibility is very good because it has the right conditions. It is a bit more difficult to reach and it is advisable to walk the last bit instead of driving. Luckily you can get straight in the water from the beach.

The popularity of the location has unfortunately not lead to great facilities in the area, so make sure you bring the right things before you go.

Snorkeling near Risco Verde

Risco verde is on the east coast of Gran Canaria. Near the place Arinaga is the beach which shows many similarities with Playa de el Cabron. The big difference with this beach is that it is located in a much less popular and tourist area of the island. On the other hand, it is also beautifully close to a beautiful nature reserve. You can also park more easily here because there is a boulevard nearby. You can walk straight into the water via a staircase. So highly recommended!

Snorkeling near El Puertillo

Snorkeling is also possible at El Puertillo. In terms of underwater life it is a bit quieter here than in the other places, but the water on the other hand is also very calm here. In addition, there are nice facilities available and there is a parking space for the car. You can easily enter the water via the beach. For the fish, because there are plenty of them, you have to swim to the rocks in the neighborhood but they are nearby!

Snorkeling El Puertillo

Snorkeling Gran Canaria: near Sardina del Norte

Finally, you can also go snorkelling at Sardina del Norte. This place has more large fish and even different types of small sharks. These can be, for example, large rays, angel sharks or even a whale shark. It is easily accessible by car and it has a beach and a jetty. Slowly the rocks run into soft sandy soil where you can lie very nicely!Snorkeling Sardina del Norte

Are you interested in more places to snorkel within the Canary Islands? For example, take a look at our post about Snorkeling in Tenerife or snorkeling in spain in general. Do you have any tips for other great places to snorkel in Gran Canaria? Let us know in the comments so we can update our information and help everyone enjoy the most out of this great island.

Snorkeling in BAYAHIBE with Dressel Divers


Snorkeling Center

Discover the fun of snorkeling in Bayahibe and La Romana! We provide super snorkeling tours to the best reefs in the area. Our Bayahibe snorkeling tour departs daily from the pier in front of our snorkeling center.

The warm Bayahibe sun on your back creates a nice contrast to the cool water below as you float and hover over the stunning reef islands. Exploring the reefs of Bayahibe is a must on your holiday, you will no doubt enjoy the abundance of fauna and good visibility. nine0009

During snorkeling tours, you will enjoy not only beautiful underwater views, but the paradise beaches of the Bayahibe coast overlooking distant tropical islands. The tourist area of ​​Bayahibe is quite small, which means that the structures of human hands almost immediately disappear from view.

Snorkeling video!

Snorkeling photo!

Bayahibe Daily Snorkeling Tours

Our daily Bayahibe Snorkeling Tours depart daily from the pier in front of our snorkeling center. Approximately 10 minutes boat ride towards La Romana will take you to a magnificent reef with typical tropical flora and fauna. nine0009

The Dressel team at Bayahibe is fully focused on making your snorkeling boat tour a fantastic experience with a focus on safety. Our overall safety rating for Bayahibe ranks second for zero incidents over the past 20 years of daily snorkeling services at multiple locations. Our equipment staff will help you find the right size mask and fins and give you a detailed trip briefing and suitable snorkeling techniques.

In addition to the standard snorkel equipment and fins, we offer a life jacket that allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water or adjust your buoyancy to dive. nine0009

Our snorkeling boats in Bayahibe are designed not only as a means of transport, but specifically to make you feel good and comfortable on your trip. They are spacious with a large shaded area and fresh drinking water for everyone.

Snorkeling tours in Bayahibe

Snorkeling season
Continues all year round!
Average visibility:
+35 meters
Coldest water:
26 ºC
Warmest water:
31 ºC

Snorkeling at a hotel in Baiaiba

Live and flood


Our Snorkeling Center is located in

***** Iberostar Hacancyus Dominicus0009

Playa Bayahibe, 2300 Higuey, Dominican Republic

Snorkeling tours are available from various resorts on the Bayahibe coastline!


Why not walk and snorkel with Dressel Divers?

Some of the hotels are located along the coastline, which means that the Iberostar Hotel and Dressel Divers can be reached on foot.

Estimated hiking time from: Minutes
Holiday Village White Sands 10-15
Occidental Allegro Bayahibe 10-15
Occidental Grand Bayahibe 10



Not staying at the Iberostar Hotel but would like to go snorkeling with Dressel Divers? We can arrange this using our transfers (exceptions may apply). nine0009


Do you want to spend the whole day at the hotel? Sign up for Transfer ALL INCLUSIVE , which includes lunch (buffet), unlimited drinks on the beach, use of the pool and other services.

Additional Services Visit and swim

You or anyone in your group can take a diving course or enjoy parasailing or banana boating.


Sign up for transfer and snorkeling with Dressel Divers!

Part of the hotels are nearby! (there may be exceptions)! Why not join our VISIT AND SWIMMING trip?

nine0036 15-20

nine0036 10-15


Estimated transfer time from: Minutes
Aura Bayahibe Wyndham Grand Bay 10
Bahia (downtown) 20-30
Casa Del Mar
Casa Mexicana 25
Condumel 20
Coral Princess 20
Costa Del Sol 5
Bayahibe Palace 20-30
El Cid La Ceiba 15
El Bayahibeeño Beach Resort 25
Fiesta Americana Bayahibe
Flamingo Bayahibe 20-30
Hotel B Bayahibe 25-30
Hotel Bayahibe & Resort 15-20
Melia Bayahibe 20
Park Royal Hotel 15-20
Presidente Intercontinental Bayahibe 15
Residencias Reef Apartments 20
Sunscape Sabor Bayahibe 10
Safari Inn 20
Villablanca Garden Beach Resort 20
Wyndham Bayahibe 7

Offers and discounts

Online discount up to 20%

Pay online before you arrive and save up to 20% on diving and snorkeling!; these services must be paid prior to departure by credit card or bank transfer. nine0009

Snorkel Special

While we provide all the equipment, you may prefer to purchase your own super economical snorkel. You can also buy a new personal kit with a mask and fins, in which case we will give you a professional snorkel for free. We have many colors and patterns for you to choose from.

Free trial dive!

Want to stay underwater longer without holding your breath? No problems! As a snorkeler, you already know a lot, so why not take it to the next level? Want to try it for free first? Join us in the pool in the morning or afternoon for a test dive. nine0009

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Snorkeling in Bayahibe

Kanawa Island Snorkeling | Bali Travel Guide 2023

El Snorkeling on Kanawa Island is one of the best snorkelers in Bali . A very virgin place where time has stopped.

Kanawa Island is on the border Komodo National Park . This means that what we are going to find in its waters will be truly fantastic.

In addition to snorkeling, we can enjoy the marine life at night from the wooden jetty, which acts as a small port.

One thing no one does and thanks to the installation of light bulbs we will enjoy like never before. nine0009

The resort has diving goggles, take them and enjoy the best snorkeling like never before. No matter what time you enter, you will see all kinds of coral and fish.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll even see turtles and little manta rays.

There is a place where female blacktip sharks they give birth to their young. This place is in the Kanawa, but this… we will let you discover them if you visit the island.


  • 1 Kanawa Island Snorkeling
    • 1.1 Where to Snorkel on Kanawa Island
    • 1. 2 Video Kanawa Snorkeling
    • 1.3 How to get to the island of a ditch in Indonesia
    • 1.4 Reviews about the island of the Divide
    • 1.5 Interesting tubes
      • .1 Snorcling in the tanjung Japun
      • 1.5.2 Snorcling in Crystal Bay
      • 1.3 Lembongan

We are going to see everything you need to know to enjoy this pipe. nine0009

Where to go snorkeling on Kanawa Island

La Kanawa Island It’s really small, we cover the whole circle in an hour. From the bungalows on the island, we have several points where you can go snorkeling.

remember never enter alone , consider that you are in Indonesia and on the border of Komodo National Park.

If you want to enjoy this Kanawa snorkeling experience, remember to always do so with an escort or in a group. nine0009

Video Ditch Snorkeling

How to get to Kanawa Island in Indonesia

Once you are at Bali , from the family airport you should get plane tickets to Indonesian Island Flores , to Labuan Bajo Airport.

To get from the airport to the small coastal town Labuan Bajo You can go by taxi or walk which is 10 minutes.

On the main street of Labuan Bajo we will get tickets to take a small boat or Junkung at ditch island .

It is important to know that the boat leaves at 12 noon.

It lasts about an hour and a half and costs 100.000 rupees, about 7 euros.

Those returning to Labuan Bajo also leave at 12 noon.

Reviews about Kanava Island

I read a lot of comments about Kanava Island . Everything is bad.

You must know that this is a very small island and the bungalows are very run down. If you are looking for a five star resort, don’t go here. nine0009

There is electricity for a few hours and there is only one bar-restaurant where I must say that the food is very good.

This is a unique experience, very similar to Robinson Crusoe.