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Spain weather seasons: Seasons in Spain: Weather and Climate

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7th grade Spanish Weather and Seasons Vocab Foreign Language Flashcards

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How do you say “it’s hot/warm” in Spanish?

Hace calor

How do you say “it’s sunny” in Spanish?

Hace sol

How do yu say “it’s windy” in Spanish?

Hace viento

How do you say “it’s cold” in Spanish?

Hace frio (accent over the i)

How do you say “it’s cool” in Spanish?

Hace fresco

How do you say “it’s foggy” in Spanish?

Hace neblina

How do you say “it’s nice weather” in Spanish?

Hace buen tiempo

How do you say “it’s bad weather” in Spanish?

Hace mal tiempo

How do you say “it’s cloudy” in Spanish?

Esta nublado (accent over the a in esta)

How do you say “it’s raining” in Spanish?

Esta lloviendo (accent over the a in esta)

How do you say “it’s raining” without the Esta (accent over a)?


What are the two ways to say “it’s snowing”?

Esta (accent over the a in esta) nevando y nieva

How do you say Spring in Spanish?

La Primavera

How do you say Spring in Spanish?

La Primavera

How do you say Summer in Spanish?

El Verano

How do you say Fall in Spanish?

El Otono (swiggly line over the o in otono)

How do you say Winter in Spanish?

El Invierno

Boston Weather | Seasons, Average Temperature, Forecast

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Boston Weather


Spring is a welcomed season as temperatures start to rise and the growing season begins.  But, don’t forget a jacket and an umbrella, as the growing season also means moisture is in the air.

Check out our list of Spring activities.


Summer can be delightful with the ocean breezes helping keep the humid temps in control.  Evening temperatures can be cool and may require a light sweater.  And a pop up thunderstorm is not uncommon, so you may want to include an umbrella in your bag. Summers average high temperatures in July are above 80 °F (26.7 °C) and overnight lows above 60 °F (15. 5 °C)

Have a look at Summer highlights in Greater Boston.


Fall boasts crisp, cooling temperatures as Mother Nature displays her glorious colors in our foliage.  Grab that heavier sweater and maybe a scarf so you can enjoy a stroll through the park.

Take full advantage of all that Boston has to offer in Fall.


Winter emerges with cooler temperatures and a potential for snow fall December through March. Winters are cold, but generally less extreme on the coast with high temperatures in the winter averaging above freezing even in January, although areas further inland will be colder. Don’t forget to pack your heavy coat, hat and maybe a pair of boots.

Make the most of Winter with our list of highlights.

With four distinct seasons, Boston’s weather is forever changing. The statewide weather motto is: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes

Average Temperatures:

Month High (°F) Low (°F) Avg. Precip.
January 37º 22º 3.9″
February 39º 24º 3.3″
March 46º 32º 3.9″
April 56º 41° 3.6″
May 67° 50° 3.2″
June 77° 82° 3.2″
July 82° 66° 3″
August 80° 65° 3.4″
September 73° 57° 3.5″
October 62° 46° 3.8″
November 52° 38° 4″
December 42° 28°

3. 7″           

Weather in Utiel today, weather forecast Utiel today, Valencia, Spain

GISMETEO: Weather in Utiel today, weather forecast Utiel today, Valencia, Spain

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+1 34

Pension +1 34

Sun, 29 Jan




Mon, 30 Jan




1 00 900 900 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

002 4


7 00


13 00

16 00 3

19 00 9000

22 00

000 9000 −130000 −130000 −130000 −130000 −327 9000 −327







Wind speed, m/h

2-5 7-18

2-4 7-14

1-3 4-11

2-4 7-14

1-4 4-14

Sun, 29 Jan, today

Mon, 30


4 00

7 00

10 00 2 13 00 900

0029 3

19 00 0003

Sun, 29 Jan, today

Mon, 30


4 00

7 00

10 00 2 13 00 900


19 00 3

22 00






47 9000



Sun and Moon

Sun, 29Jan, Today

Mon, 30

Day length: 10 h 5 min

Sunrise – 8:15

Sunset – 18:20

Today is 2 minutes longer than yesterday

58 waxing moon

Sunrise – 12:06 (January 28)

Observation – 2:12

Full Moon – February 5, after 8 days

Ultraviolet index, points

Sun, 29 Jan, today

Mon, 30

1 00

4 00

7 00

10 00

13 00

16 00

19 00 9000 9000 9000

2 00 3

Geomagnetic activity, KP-index

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000. 29 Jan, today

Mon, 30

1 00

4 00

7 00 3

10 00 9000 9000

13 00 2

00 9000


19 00

22 00




Venta del-Moro




Chelva 9000 9000




Villar del Arzobispo


Casas Ibanez


    • 3.1 MORE FUN
      • 3.1.1
  • Several factors can turn just a good trip into an unforgettable experience: cultural and entertainment offer, local cuisine, accommodation, weather. .. If you are planning a weekend or more day trip to the Catalan capital, we have great news for you – you don’t have to worry about a single about one of these aspects. Even about the weather in Barcelona. nine0003

    It’s no secret that Barcelona has more than enough interesting sights, as well as great restaurants where you can taste delicious traditional dishes Catalan cuisine . It will also not be a problem to find a good place to stay in Barcelona, ​​as our apartments near with beach include everything you need for your perfect holiday. As for the weather, then this will not be an obstacle. nine0003

    So, to ensure that you pack only the clothes you really need in your suitcase, this post about the climate of Barcelona will be very helpful for you. In addition, we will recommend some of the best apps so you can know the temperature and rainfall in advance. Record!


    As you probably know, Barcelona has a mild climate Mediterranean , but with one peculiarity: urban microclimate . This means that the temperature in Barcelona can be up to 7°C higher than in other neighboring cities. In addition, the city’s position north of the Mediterranean basin gives it other characteristics, such as a very short dry heat period.

    Barcelona has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, all of which are perfect for visiting the city.

    Winter , which lasts from December to March, is short, with rather cool temperatures and little rain (usually 10 to 15 cloudy days). During this period, the average mark on the thermometer is about 10 ° C, maximum 13 ° C. Night Frosts Usually are less than than Week B. the Besos river in the north. In the city center, they are almost not observed. Most low temperature , which when – 962 years old. It was followed by other snowfalls, much less, in 1985, 1993, 1999, 2010 – in this year, the height of snow cover in the center and on beaches Barcelona was 5-6 cm, from 10 to 15 cm in the surroundings located higher, and about 30 cm in Tibidabo. Also, a small snowfall was recorded in 2018.

    As for summer , it is a long and warm season with high humidity. In July and August, maximum temperatures during the day usually hover around 30°C. Yes, there may be exceptions: for example, when the southwest wind blows (lebeche or gabino, which is known in Catalan as In autumn the weather is still pleasant, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 21°C until the end of September and around 15°C until the end of November and early December. Also, it may not be sunny every day, and it is likely that you will encounter rain. So if you’re going to visit Barcelona during these months, take an umbrella with you and pack your demi-season clothes, something warm to throw on, and short-sleeved T-shirts in your suitcase in case the days are particularly warm. nine0029 2 concentrated within a few days, unlike what happens in the British capital. Another important difference from the main English city is the amount of sun. As you can guess, Barcelona wins by having over 2500 solar hours hours in .

    Autumn is the rainiest time of the year. The months with the most rainfall are October with around 100 liters and September with frequent storms and cold torrential rains, as well as some days in the spring. nine0003

    On the contrary, the most dry months is July and it’s always better to have an umbrella with you, although it’s always better to have an umbrella with you 404 33 Therefore, you can’t go wrong by booking Lugaris Apartments in Barcelona with pool. You can almost always use it!


    Even though you already know what time of the year is best for your holiday in Barcelona, ​​it’s still worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast. To do this, we offer the following Free mobile apps for Android and iOS apps to better plan your trips and sightseeing in Barcelona.

    • App Alertes. The Catalan Meteorological Service has created this personalized alert service that tells you in real time when it’s raining in your selected Catalan cities. There are data from more than 160 weather stations. nine0416
    • El Tiempo de AEMET. The State Meteorological Agency has its own application with which you can find out in detail what the weather will be like in any corner of Spain.
    • El Tiempo en The Public Broadcasting Agency provides you with a 7-day forecast for 8,000 Spanish cities – including Barcelona and other municipalities in its province – and 2,000 more cities in other countries.

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