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Surf los organos: Los Organos Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (Piura, Peru)

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Surfcamp Los Organos | StokedSurf


Los Organos is located in northern Peru; endless sandy beaches, steel blue skies, impressive desert landscapes and of course waves characterize the picture here.


Just a few steps from the ocean, you can stay in cozy bungalows for 1-4 persons, with their own bathroom. Including breakfast. Free coffee or tea in the chill out area. Hammocks and a pool invite you to relax in the garden. Wi-Fi for free.


The 3005-kilometer coast of Peru is home to some of the best, longest and most consistent left-hander waves on our planet. From world class tubes to easy beach breaks without crowds and comfortable water temperatures. Depending on the swell direction, 3 different waves break on our doorstep. Surfing the house beach or surfing to the best spots along the coast of northern Peru.

Surf course

The private surf course takes place Monday – Friday. Board and surf suit are included and can also be used outside the course. No group course but 1: 1 lessons.

Surf Tours

With Jeep and our experienced guide to the best places. The choice ranges from perfect beach breaks to well-known world-class surf spots. Your guide knows every meter of the coast and brings you according to the wave conditions and your level to the best spot (Monday – Friday).
Gasoline due to the different distances exclusive (will be allocated to the participants)


  • Bed and breakfast
  • Shuttle from bus stop Los Organos
  • Free surf and surf course incl. Material or
  • Surf Tours incl. Jeep and Guide
  • tea or coffee

further activities

  •  yoga
  • massage
  • Whale Watching (August – October)
  • Diving and fishing tours
  • Visit of the protected area “Manglares de Tumbes”

Prices and deals

Package prices (per person without flight)

Surf Camp * + Free Surf
per week

  • 4 berth EUR 292 / CHF 319
  • 3 berth EUR 303 / CHF 329
  • 2er Bungalow EUR 319 / CHF 349
  • Single Bungalow EUR 369 / CHF 399

Surf Camp * + Surf Course (private course including surf suit and board)
per week

  • 4er bungalow EUR 528 / CHF 574
  • 3er Bungalow EUR 539 / CHF 588
  • 2er Bungalow EUR 556 / CHF 604
  • Single Bungalow EUR 605 / CHF 654

Surf Camp * + Surf Tours **
per week from 2 participants

  • 4 he bungalow EUR 528 / CHF 574
  • 3er Bungalow EUR 539 / CHF 588
  • 2er Bungalow EUR 556 / CHF 604

Single Bungalow EUR 605 / CHF 654 with 1 participant

  • EUR 627 / CHF 684
  • EUR 638 / CHF 694
  • EUR 655 / CHF 714
  • EUR 704 / CHF 764

* High season: 50% extra charge for overnight stay (Christmas / New Year, Easter, 20. 07.-05.08.2015)

** Gasoline is allocated to the participants

Shuttle from Talara airport, Tumbes or Piura / surcharge

Rental board + surf suit per day EUR 28 / CHF 30 flights from EUR 518 / CHF 622 (to Lima) Arrival possible daily


  • Group course with 2-6 participants per day. The daily 2-hour course takes place Monday-Friday.
  • per week EUR 165 / CHF 180
  • Private course on request

More Infos

Suitable for Beginners

Suitable for Intermediates & Advanced

Yoga on offer

Own rental surfboards


Airport shuttle service

Our Surf Season













Address & Contact

Surfcamp Los Organos



info@symbiosis-surf. com

+41 (0)78 61 41 746


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Surf and Kitesurf at Mancora, Lobitos, Organos and Cabo Blanco

Surf at Mancora and nearby beaches

The Peruvian north coast has excellent conditions for water sports, especially those that depend on the perfect waves and wind. Surfing in Mancora is almost a religion: from small local children to seniors from Lima, living here in front of the warm beaches of northern Peru.

Most of the more than 20 different points on the beaches of Piura and Tumbes are lefts hand, the most perfect when wind conditions and swell direction are ideal.

Kitesurf and wind on Mancora and nearby beaches

The north of Peru has extraordinary aquatic conditions, whether you’re looking for perfect waves or reliable wind. Surfing in Mancora (photo) is like a religion that is practiced by everyone, from local kids to older people from Lima who live on these warm Peruvian shores.

As far as kitesurfing, the beaches of Mancora are practically virgin to the sport. The combination of perfect waves and strong winds makes this an ideal place for this new discipline. The “windy” seasons are from April to December, the most constant wind are on August, September and October.

At beaches like Lobitos the wind season is more intense, almost all year you can practice kitesurfing, except some days or weeks on January and February.

Surf & Kitesurf services at Mancora and nearby beaches

We are Wild Kite Peru, a kite club based in hotel Casa Mediterranea right on the kite spot in Mancora. We offer Kite lessons, rental, coaching, wave trips and downwinders, kite repair, hydrofoil, with the best quality equipment (we are a Cabrinha kite school and authorized dealer), lessons (IKO certified) and the best vibes. Come to meet us and share the stoke! We invite you to read our reviews here on TripAdvisor. Website: Instagram: @wildkiteperu Facebook: Facebook/wildkiteperu

Mancora, Peru

Wild Kite Peru

Surf and Kitesurf

Waves and Swells

Both summer swells (north and northwest, see photo) and winter swells (south and southwest) allow specific surf beaches break differently; so almost all year round there are waves at Mancora and nearby beaches. It is for this reason that is difficult to recommend which surfing season is the best time to surf during the year. Some beaches, like Lobitos, works best with south swells (S, better SW and SSW) from April to November and on the other hand, in summer (November to March) Los Organos and beaches such as Cabo Blanco are exceptional. Mancora receives both summer and winter swells (expect swells too little and south, like S and SSW), resulting in a long left wave (reef break), very consistent, with several sections during the wave. The tourism and quality / consistent of the wave have made Mancora a semi crowd wave on this days: there are usually an average of 25 people in the water, many apprentices, some more experimented surfers and a strong dose of local surfers.

The waves in the area never exceed 3 meters and in general the surfers come to this stretch of coastline looking for perfection more that big waves. Cabo Blanco (35 kms south of Mancora) is considered the most perfect wave all over Peru. The crowd and poor consistent of this beach (breaks no more than 8 times a year) make it sometimes tedious to surf, but being inside in a good barrel at Cabo Blanco is a dream come true: tubular and perfect from beginning to end. Mancora is usually between 1 and 2 mts. high. Waves as Panic Point and El Hueco (Lobitos) are the most aggressive and can reach up to 3 mts in size, perfect waves, long and tubular.



Ocean Temperature

Due to its geographic location, the provinces of Piura and Tumbes receive excellent swells from the north (October-April), south (April- September), southeast and northeast. South of Cabo Blanco (see map) two currents crash, the Humboldt from the south and the Equatorial from the north, producing remarkable differences in water temperatures between beaches only a few kilometers apart. For example, you can surf in Mancora in board shorts and then surf the same morning in Lobitos (70 kms south) and the temperature drops to the point where a 3/2 full suit is required.
Of you only are going to surf at Mancora, we do not recommend any extra wetsuit, maybe a short one on exceptional weeks. If you are going to Lobitos, we strongly recommend you a thin long wetsuit (3-2mm) almost all year, except summer time.

Surf and Kitesurf Beach Guide

Exact Location of the best waves for surf and kite surf at Mancora and nearby beaches of Piura and Tumbes

– Listed from north to south
– Secrets point not included, contact local guides.

Swells directions:

N: North / NO: Norwest/ O: West (summer swells: between October and April).
S: South / SSO: South southwest / SO: southwest. (winter swells: between March and November).

Santa Rosa – Zorritos

Location: Km 1240 of the Panamerican Highway (500 mts north from Zorritos). 
Getting here: 
Any transportation that goes north (to Tumbes), stopping at Santa Rosa (500 mts north from Zorritos town). 60 kms from Mancora, 1hr00 on private vehicle – taxi from Mancora
The wave: 
Left, long point break, with conditions, early and glass, is perfect. No good for kitesurf (poor wind)
Details: Santa Rosa is a really good wave that break only few times a year. Uncrowded does not like wind. Occasionally tubes. Classic size: 2 mts. If the ocean is really big at Mancora on summer, Santa Rosa probably is really good and only few people surfing it.
Kitesurf:Not enough wind. 
Swells: Big north swells, direction N / NO / O. 
Level: Intermediate – Advanced


Peña Redonda

Location: Km 1212 of the Panamerican Highway (close to Pta Mero).
Getting here: Any transportation that goes north (to Tumbes), stopping at 1212 km. 30 kms north from Mancora, 40 min aprox. on private vehicle – taxi from Mancora
The wave: 
Beach break with short lefts and rights, Occasionally tubes. 
Details: It can be tricky to catch this place with good conditions. It is ideal to arrive very early before the wind picks up. When there are no waves at any other break you will find a little ride able wave here. If the ocean is big at Mancora, Peña Redonda probably won’t work.
Kitesurf:Not enough wind. 
Swells: Soft N / NO and O swells . Also soft S / SO and SSO swells. 
Level: Intermediate – Advanced.


Location: Km 1165 of the Panamerican Highway (in front of Las Olas and The Pink Parrot accommodations). 
Getting here: 
From Mancora, just walk through the beach or take a moto taxi.
The wave: 
Left reef break, long and funny..
Details: Rarely barrels (on El Ñiño conditions, a lot of tubes). Is a good surfing beach, sometimes really fast and usually crowded (20 to 30 surfers at the beach), Perfect for beginners (is one of the best waves for learning in all south america), mostly on the second or third section of the wave. On the afternoons winds usually show up, sometimes really good for kitesurf. Maximum wave size of 2 1/2 mts. Bigger, the wave just does not break good, except with El Ñiño conditions. Is a consistent beach, almost all year long breaks..
Kitesurf: For kite is a good beach, mostly from April to December, with winds up to 30 knobs.
Swells: All swells, expect S and SSW little swells.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate.


Organitos (“El Codito”) and Casablanca

Location: At Los Organos, Km 1153 of the Panamerican Highway (13 kms south from Máncora). 
Getting here: 
From mancora are buses and taxis that go to Los Organos. Then walk, taxi or moto taxi to the points (Punta Veleros area)
The wave: 
Lefts, point break. No good for kitesurf (poor wind)
Details: Both good waves for beginners. Lefts, not so fast and no too dangerous.. When north swells are big, Casablanca break good, long and fast. 
Kitesurf:Not enough wind. 
Swells: North swells for Casablanca, south swells for El Codito.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate.


Los Órganos (“La Vuelta”)

Location: At Los Organos, Km 1153 of the Panamerican Highway (13 kms south from Máncora).
Getting here: From mancora are buses and taxis that go to Los Organos. Then walk, taxi or moto taxi to the points (Punta Veleros area).
The wave: 
Left reef break powerfull and sometimes tubular.
Details: One of the best waves in Peru. It holds up to two and a half meters (8ft.) with various tube sections. It is definitely a memorable wave when the conditions are correct.  
Swells: N , NO and O.
Kitesurf: Even there is wind, we don’t see to many kitesurfers on the area.
Swells: Big north swells, direction N / NO / O. 
Level: Advance.


Cabo Blanco

Cabo Blanco

Location: Alt Km 1137 of the Panamerican Highway (4 kms from El Alto, 25 kms from Máncora).
Getting here: Direct taxi – private transportation from Mancora. Any transportation to El Alto. Then transportation to Cabo Blanco.
The wave: 
Left reef break, strong, magical and completely tubular.
Details: Cabo Blanco is world famous for its long, perfect tubes. In a few words, it’s a perfect wave with heights up to 3 meters (10 ft.). The best wave in all Peru. Usually is crowd and break just few times a year (8), lots of localism.
Kitesurf: No report on Cabo Blanco, but just 500 mts south from here is Cabo Blanquillo, a nice kitesurfer wave.
Swells: Big north swells, direction N / NO / O. 
Level: Advance.


Panic Point (Cabo Blanco)

Location: Alt. Km 1137 of the Panamerican Highway (4 kms from El Alto, 25 kms from Máncora).
Getting here: Direct taxi – private transportation from Mancora. Any transportation to El Alto. Then transportation to Cabo Blanco.
The wave: 
Left reef break, very strong with several barrel sections.
Details: Una de las mejores olas del norte, junto a Cabo Blanco y Órganos. 
Muy larga, con series que pueden llegar a los 4 mts. 
Kitesurf: No report on Panic Poinr, but just 500 mts south from here is Cabo Blanquillo, a nice kitesurfer wave.. 
Swells: Big winter south swells, direction S / SO / SSO. 
Level: Advance.


Playas de Lobitos 
(La Piscina, El Muelle, Lobitos, El Hueco, Baterías)


Location: Km 1104 of the Panamerican Highway (17 kms from Talara, 65 kms from Máncora).
Getting here: Any transportation to Talara (from Mancora take EPPO or “colectivos”), from there, transportation to Lobitos. Direct taxi – private transportation from Mancora.
The wave: Lefts, point breaks. Lobitos and El Hueco are world class waves. For kitesurf is also paradise, one of the best beaches in Peru for surf and kitesurf.
Swells: The best is with south swells, directions S , SO y SSO.Some points of Lobitos also can break with north swells.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced.


Details of each beach at Lobitos:


La Piscina: Left breaking wave with sand and reef bottom. A fun little wave with tubes that form best in the second section. It is a good option when Lobitos is too small to surf. The beach is located on a military facility.

El Muelle: Located aside from the pier of Lobitos, is left is short, quick and barre ling!

Lobitos (photo): Long powerful left that regularly forms tubes as it breaks over a bottom of sand and rock. An increasable wave that was discovered only a few years ago. Almost the whole bottom is composed of sand. You will encounter strong winds every afternoon that can either make the wave better or worse. The wind here is strong, especially in the afternoons. 

El Hueco: When the conditions are right it’s a beginning to end barrel, with the final section connecting with its neighbor wave (Lobitos). It is one of the best waves in the area with surf practically all winter. The bottom is sand and rock with some dangerous sections of pointy rocks. It is definitely a great left, a big tube…

Baterías: Located 2 kms south from Lobitos, Baterías is a pretty wave that only sometimes is with good conditions, not as consistent as Lobitos and Piscina. Sometimes with north swells can surprise you.

Kitesurf: Many experimented kitesurfers comment that Lobitos is a great wave for waves and kitesurfing. The quality and regularity winds from April to December, with a perfect long left wave, make Lobitos a must for kitesurfers.

Waves and Swell Report:

Weekly Report:

Máncora Surf Report and Forecast

TOURIST COMPLEX SURF | Family holidays with children in Crimea

Resort card


A unique offer for our guests!

More than 40 services within the complex ALL INCLUSIVE

There is not a single paid service in the Tourist Complex “PRIBOY”.

All services provided on the territory of the Complex are absolutely free.

  • Leisure
  • Children’s fun
  • Health, sports and beauty
  • Comfortable rest


Two Categories of Rooms: First category and Comfort

We cook with pleasure and for pleasure,

we work according to the ALL INCLUSIVE system

Whenever you come, there will always be vegetables, meat and dairy dishes, juices, drinks, etc.
You can come to eat as much as you need from 8-00 to 20-00.

  • Canteen

    The richness of aromas, variety and piquancy, appetizing appearance and pleasant taste of Russian and European cuisine – just for you in the ALL INCLUSIVE format from 8.00 to 20.00.

  • Cafe

    Refreshing cocktails, invigorating and tonic juices, light and medium snacks for a small gastronomic holiday in the ALL INCLUSIVE format are waiting for you from 8.00 to 20. 00.

  • Invigorating and tonic drinks and juices for everyone – the best remedy for the heat!


Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times

  • Territory
  • Numbers
  • Beach
  • Animation
  • Infrastructure

Children’s happiness in non-stop mode

Every day the best animators delight your children with bright entertainment programs

Unforgettable adventures and discoveries, new knowledge, skills and hobbies are waiting for your children. Who knows, maybe it is in “Priboy” that we will reveal all the facets of children’s talent.

Especially for you and your children:

Your child will be delighted with a lot of entertainment!

  • contests;
  • quests;
  • master classes;
  • board games;
  • discos;
  • costume shows.

A team of professional animators will find the key to every child’s heart, fill their eyes with sparks of joy and happiness.

Invited artists and incendiary shows

Vivid impressions, an unforgettable sight, amazing emotions and a lot of positive!

We have done everything to make your stay in Priboi memorable! Performances from specially invited artists are waiting for you, whose talents and abilities conquer at first sight, from the first breath, from the first chord.

Waiting for you:

  • fire show and fire festival;
  • illusionists and conjurers;
  • show “Total Freeze” with liquid nitrogen;
  • tightrope walkers;
  • circus performers.

Amazing shows will make you forget about your usual thoughts and fuss and plunge into the world of emotions and impressions.

Write your review

We will be grateful if you share your impressions and write a review about your vacation in the Tourist Complex “Priboy”. We highly value the opinions of guests, which allow us to maintain a high standard of services. 9Top DIV >

For those who dream of a real South American adventure: Peru’s ten most beautiful beaches

Peru is known for its ancient cultures, centuries-old cities and rich history, but this charming country has much more to see than meets the eye. Peru’s beautiful 1,500-kilometer coastline has some of the best surf beaches in the region. Here you can walk endlessly on desert miles of white sand, swim in the sea, where the water temperature is 24 degrees all year round, or enjoy the world’s best surfing competitions.


Miraflores Country Beach may not seem like a classic tropical paradise to you, but that doesn’t mean the beach isn’t worth your time. The city beach in Miraflores is located in the rich city center of the lively capital of Peru – Lima. The location within the borders of the capital means easy access to the city center, but at the same time enough space and fresh air for a good rest. The beach is surrounded by high-rise residential neighborhoods on the edge of rocky cliffs covered in lush grass with fantastic ocean views along the “Costa Verde”. It’s a popular spot for the daredevils, who are drawn to the great surf and paragliders dreamily soaring over the sands. Walk along the beach sidewalk and discover local restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch.

Los Organos

Calm and secluded, Los Organos is a sleepy little seaside town located near the popular Mancora area. The secluded beautiful beach here is ideal for those looking for tranquility without the crowds and fuss. Here you can watch the local fishermen bring in their daily catch and keep an eye out for the sea turtles who love to search for food around the dock. Sample local Peruvian dishes in the little restaurants around the old town square. The best thing to do in Los Organos is to experience the amazing marine life. You can go on a whale watching trip that frequents the waters along this coast. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of majestic mammals in their natural habitat. Well, if you are tired of a beach holiday, you can always make a trip to the cities of Peru.

Cabo Blanco

This tiny fishing village and its wonderful beach are known as the place where Ernest Hemingway was inspired to write his famous novel The Old Man and the Sea. Hemingway spent a lot of time in Cabo Blanco, enjoying the excellent fishing that was popular in the area in the 1950s and 60s. Nowadays, the search for huge fish has been replaced by the hunt for big waves, which attract surfers from all over the world. Cabo Blanco is not a place for beginners, as the waves here are epically big. The famous big Peruvian pipe is a challenge for many surfers. The beach itself is completely covered in soft sand, fringed by rocky cliffs that are reflected in the deep blue of the sea.


This laid-back beach is also a great place for advanced surfers. Huanchaco has grown from a modest fishing town with a beautiful beach to its own place on the travel map. Visitors often stop here on their way to explore the many historical sites in the area, and relax on a long stretch of golden sand. The beach has established itself among numerous water sports enthusiasts and is known for its unusual style of fishing, which is practiced by local fishermen. Caballos de Totora, or “little reed horses”, are woven boats that fishermen ride on the waves in search of fish. Nowadays, surfboards are more common than cane horses, but adherents of the original tradition can still be seen.


All surfers – from amateur to professional – should definitely make their way to this perfect Peruvian beach. The label of the best surf spot in Peru was earned for a reason – the waves here are fantastic due to the confluence of currents, so there are many surf schools in the area. The spirit of surfing prevails in the city, which was once in the hands of the British oil company. Traces of the oil industry are still scattered across the surrounding landscape – drilling rigs remain at sea, and old buildings lie close to the beach. Instead of detracting from the attractiveness of the beach, the effects of British influence have added more charm to the beach and the city, complementing the interesting architecture. Old British buildings are located on the coast overlooking the sea – some of them are now inhabited by locals, others are abandoned or used as surfers’ hostels.

Las Pocitas

South of Mancora Beach, about 10 minutes away by car, is the lesser known Las Pocitas, one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru. The name of the beach is translated as “Little Wells” – this name comes from the reservoirs that appear inside the craters in the rocks at low tide. These bathtubs are perfect for small children who love to splash and play in them. Las Pocitas is surrounded by beautiful natural vegetation, the atmosphere here is quiet, peaceful and ideal for a relaxing seaside holiday. Turquoise water and soft white sand create the quintessence of perfect tropical beaches. Everything here is made to take a sun lounger and enjoy the sun along the beautiful sandy coastline.

Playa Roja

Playa Roja, or Red Beach, takes its name from the extraordinary color of the sand. The unusual red sand is due to volcanic activity in the area, which has made the area incredibly fertile. Magical rock with solidified magma inside is washed ashore by the waves, leaving amazingly bright red sand, which becomes even more attractive against the creamy yellow hues of the rock. The red beach of Playa Roja is surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the Paracas National Reserve. With miles of cliffs and coastal waters, its aim is to protect the diverse marine life of this region, as well as to preserve the local Paracas culture. The beach becomes even more beautiful as the sun begins to dip below the horizon, illuminating the sand and turning Playa Roja into a true tropical paradise.

Playa de la Mina

Also located in Paracas, La Mina Beach offers dazzling coastal views with sparkling turquoise green waters perfect for swimming. The sandy shore of the beach is ideal for lovers of measured rest who want to lay back in a hammock and soak up the rays of the Peruvian sun. It will take a little effort to get to this paradise by descending the clay slopes. At the end of the road, a lush landscape opens up overlooking La Mina Beach in all its glory. During the height of summer, the area is rightfully popular with tourists, but you can still find a secluded spot on the beach. You will also have the opportunity to stay on the beach for the night – for this you need to bring a tent with you. The clear night sky is littered with stars, and at sunrise you can see pelicans and sea lions sunbathing on the sand.

Punta Sal

Punta Sal, hidden along the northern coast of Peru, is a top class beach. It is not without reason that it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru. Punta Sal is popular with city dwellers who come here to spend time on the golden sands. It is also the longest beach on this part of the coast – its gentle waves and golden sands make for an amazing place to spend a few days in a carefree holiday. Due to its location close to the equator, sea currents heat the water to a comfortable 24°C all year round! These warm temperatures, along with calm waters and clean sand, make Punta Sal the perfect beach holiday destination in Peru.


Mancora is a quaint seaside village that enjoys 365 days of sunshine a year. It is a popular place for surfers and attracts travelers with its special atmosphere.

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