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Temperature for gran canaria: weather by month, temperature, precipitation, when to go

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Rambling Roger – Weather

The weather in Gran Canaria can be much more varied than one would expect from a small island. The South is warmer and drier than the North, but the mountains make a big difference also.

Within 20 minutes of leaving the South Coast you can be 500m ( 1,500 feet ) above sea level, with much cooler temperatures than on the coast, especially in winter.


The South of Gran Canaria is best walked in the winter, roughly November to Easter, the North is best walked from February to June, when there is an abundance of blossom and wild flowers, and of course on good days in the winter.

During much of the winter there is a possibility of a great deal of clouds in the north spoiling visibility and with temperatures of under 10 degrees, if it is windy it will be colder than you expect. Frost and Snow are possible in the high mountains, even likely in winter.

In winter the Artenara and Tejeda area ( North West ) usually has less cloud then the San Mateo area ( North East ). During July and August it is usually too hot ( over 25 degrees ) for serious hiking, September and October can be good, but the island will not be at its most beautiful as many parts will have gone several months without any significant rainfall.

Storms are rare, however never go walking if there is a forecast of a storm, because it is possible to get 6 inches of rain in a few hours, lightning is not common here but is possible. Snow is also rare but not impossible, and early morning there is often a frost in the higher mountains. If you do get stuck in very bad weather you may be lucky enough to find a large cave to shelter in.

The one thing I CAN guarantee about the weather.. that I CAN’T guarantee it !

– Rambling Roger

Weather Forecasts for Gran Canaria

If the weather looks unsettled ask your reception for weather information, or look in advance on one of the following websites:

Weather forecast for Gran Canaria
Latest weather reports from Gran Canaria Airport

ElTiempo. es
My preferred weather forecast..
10-Day weather forecast for Gran Canaria

Instituto Nacional De Meteorologia
The official Spanish weather forecast

Weather Underground
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria weather forecast

The weather in Gran Canaria is excellent for walking for most of the time. Climate change is starting to affect many parts of our world, the Canary Islands are no exception. We occasionally get extreme weather, maybe a storm in winter or a heat wave in summer, so please follow the following rule wherever in the world you are walking..

Weather forecasts are seldom perfect, but any weather alert means that some serious bad weather is highly likely, so it’s not worth risking your health and safety.

Gran Canaria Weather in May 2022 & Hottest Temperatures

The weather in Gran Canaria in May is perfect if you like warm temperatures but not too hot. This month sees some nice increases from April and conditions will now be suitable for all.

Another great reason to pay a visit now is that tourism begins to fall a touch. There is still plenty of people around but less than previous months. May is the perfect time to explore this “continent within a continent” without the crowds. This islands gets this name due to all it’s varying landscapes.

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May Weather
Resort Temperatures
Other Canaries

The weather in Gran Canaria in May is warm as the month begins which becomes hotter as the month progresses. You can expect the outdoor temperature to be 20 Celsius for the first two weeks of May. The last two weeks increases to 22 Celsius on average. While the Canaries are seldom as hot as the Spanish mainland, the temperature can reach 40 Celsius. Extreme temperatures are more common in July and August summer.

Hottest Temperature in Gran Canaria in May?

The hottest temperature on record in Gran Canaria during May is 36 Celsius. While this is always a warm month, It’s rare to see the mercury top 30 Celsius. The average daily high for May is 24 Celsius which increases further near June. The low for this month is 17 Celsius which is also common for the evenings.

Rainfall in May

One big difference from the mainland is the amount of rainfall which arrives in May. The Canaries in general see very little if any precipitation now. In fact, there is less than half a day per month on record for May. If it does happen to rain, it’s unlikely to be much more than a brief shower.

Weather in Maspalomas in May

The weather in May improves again as we enter the last of the spring months. The average temperature during the day now increases to 20 Celsius. May also sees an increase in the daily high to 24 Celsius with a low of 17 Celsius. The sea temperature also improves to a warm 20 Celsius, perfect for a swim. Rainfall is now becoming more scarce, there is usually 0-1 days of rain now. The hours of sunshine also increase to 9 hours from the 8 we had in April.

Average Temperatures in May by Resort
  Maspalomas Playa del Ingles Puerto Rico
Average Temperature 20°C 20°C 20°C
High 24°C 24C 23°C
Low 18°C 17°C 17°C
Sea Temp 20°C 20°C 20°C

Other Islands In May




May Temperatures

  • May enjoys an increase in daytime temperature, it’s now 20 Celsius
  • After 4 months of the coldest ocean temperature, this increases to 20 Celsius
  • May sees and increase in sunny hours to 9 each day
  • There is less than half a days rain on record for May so you wont see much if any
  • The daytime high temp now is 24 C
  • This month has a low temperature of 17 Celsius on average

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Ocean Temperature

The ocean temperature for May now increases to 20 Celsius. For the first 4 months of the year, the temperature was at it’s year low of 19 C. Great conditions to enjoy a swim in the Atlantic and some water sports. If you like the sea even warmer then a a visit near June will be best.

Hours of Sun in May
May will see an extra hour of sunshine on average each day. You can expect 9 glorious hours of sun to enjoy from the 8 of April.

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The European Commission decided to cash out the stolen Russian billions under the guise of aid to Ukraine – Free Press They expressed their opinion on this matter in a joint article for the German edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Recall that an international expert conference on the restoration of Ukraine is scheduled to be held in Berlin, at which it is supposed to discuss how the world community can help Kyiv as much as possible.

“Even if one must always be careful with historical comparisons, this is nothing more, nothing less than the creation of a new Marshall Plan for the 21st century,” European politicians wrote.

Both believe that the restoration of Ukraine is a task for generations that needs to be started now.

The head of the EC and the chancellor also recalled that the “independent” is a candidate for the EU, which means that “the path to recovery is also the path of Ukraine to the European Union.”

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USA after November 9: “Goodbye Ukraine!”? The main thing is to adhere to the “manual” of the Western propagandist that Zelensky’s Bandera regime brings “order and prosperity” to the world. You just need to help him a little now.

The issue price is 350 billion euros. In this amount, as noted in the article, the World Bank estimated the damage from hostilities in Ukraine. At the same time, Scholz and von der Leyen admit that no one can cope with such expenses alone. Therefore, they propose to do this through the joint efforts of the EU, the G7, their partners, international financial institutions and leading international organizations.

To coordinate the process, it is planned to create a kind of “donor platform” that will ensure that funds go where they are most needed.”

Previously, the head of the EC had already promised Kyiv to pay 1.5 billion euros “to cover costs” monthly. With the prospect of extending financial subsidies for 2023. After that, the former vice-president of the French National Front Party Florian Filippo called her crazy.

“Ursula has completely lost her mind! Lock her up! One and a half billion a month for Zelensky’s Ukraine, which is 18 billion a year. In the meantime, the continent will live with shortages, unemployment and rationing,” he wrote on the social network.

According to a former member of the European Parliament, it is necessary to “stop the insane European officials.

In turn, the ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy in an interview with the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche compared the EU’s policy on the Ukrainian issue with “dancing on the edge of a volcano.”

According to him, the European Commission is acting outside its competence in the approach to the Ukrainian conflict. And he does not understand “on the basis of which article of the European agreements the chairman of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, considers herself competent in matters of arms procurement and foreign policy.”

Well, under von der Leyen’s sensitive leadership and not without the direct participation of Chancellor Scholz, the EU has already driven itself into an energy impasse with its sanctions against Russia. Now the same characters are going to implement the “Marshall Plan of the 21st century” in Ukraine.

But do they have any idea in what territorial boundaries he will operate?

“SP” asked President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies, Professor of the Department of European Studies of St. Petersburg State University Nikolai Mezhevich to comment on the situation :

— A feature of politicians working for the European Union is that they easily scatter billions of public money. But they will strangle and strangle anyone for twenty euro cents from their salary.

If you ask Scholz, Merkel or the same Borrell , if they don’t want to give half of their salary in favor of Ukrainian children (it doesn’t matter, the children of Donbass, they consider them Ukrainian, or the children of Kyiv), then you will naturally hear the answer “no”. They do not want to.

But they want to dispose of other people’s money with impunity. So, first they have to steal this money.

And, in fact, at the heart of this idea with the “Marshall Plan” is the desire to steal Russia’s frozen gold and foreign exchange reserves. That’s where the “ears stick out.” They plan to steal our assets under the guise of helping Ukraine.

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NATO combat swimmers are approaching Vyborg with explosives on their backs? Four more explosions were recorded in the Gulf of Finland at the very beginning of the Nord Stream . Which raises some questions…

– Of course. The only thing is that the classical model is simply taken away, as in the Odessa gateway, it is still not very convenient for modern Brussels. Therefore, something else is suggested. And already under this, public opinion is being formed, stories about the G7, G20, etc.

No one will give you anything. Simply because the borders of Ukraine are unclear.

And they can write whatever they want. How politicians both Scholz and von der Leyen compromised themselves. But Scholz can only be re-elected, and von der Leyen is generally a person who was not elected by anyone and is not responsible for anything.

In general, the concept of “political prostitute” is very ancient, known as far back as Greco-Roman times. In any case, there are records on this topic in the literary sources of the ancient Romans.

It’s just that in modern Europe it has reached such a demonstrative level. And we are actually seeing it. The democratic mechanism of responsibility to the voter has been violated. These are all the results of agreements with no one knows who, no one knows with whom. But the money will be taken from the real pockets of the Germans, French, Danes, etc.

They are still silent. But this “for now” will end soon.

It’s not just about the upcoming winter. The fact is that the overall efficiency of the European economy is falling. And in these conditions, the only way for European “political prostitutes” of various levels to stay in power is to constantly introduce new topics. Now it’s the “Marshall Plan”, then there will be something else …

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There will be no more “agreements”: Zelensky dispossessed Abramovich of kulaks Why did Kyiv take on Russian oligarchs who are quite loyal to him?

“SP”: – I remember that some of the Europeans have already lobbied for the “Marshall Plan for Ukraine” before. It meant an annual investment of 5 billion dollars in the economy of the “independent” over ten years. ..

– The idea of ​​the Ukrainian “Marshall Plan” was first put forward by Poland, back in 2017. Then this project was actively supported by Lithuania.

Why Poland? Because the one who puts forward the plan will be the operator of financial resources. And in Warsaw they “fairly” decided that from each euro they, as operators, would be able to receive 20 cents in fact.

But, of course, nothing was implemented. Yes, and it could not be realized. Because no one provides assistance to a country that is without certain borders.

There are no borders in Ukraine. Therefore, there can be no help. Or we will ask: “Give us two hundred billion to restore Crimea. You consider this territory to be Ukrainian…”

Well, if you think about it, of course, in their logic.

“SP”: – Last week, Zelensky said that Ukraine needs $62 billion in financial assistance from the West next year. How long will this parasitic country sit on the neck of Europe?

– There is such an insect – an encephalitic tick. If it sticks into a person, it is very difficult to tear it off. You will tear it off, tear off the body, and the head with jaws will remain in the wound. Moreover, the peculiarity of this situation lies in the fact that even now, in the 21st century, the encephalitis vaccine has limited effectiveness.

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Will Zaporozhye Motor Sich return to the Russian aviation industry? The director of a strategic enterprise that produced engines for Russian aviation was detained for treason

Here, the parallel with present-day Ukraine is the most direct. But the Europeans themselves launched it on their necks. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to tear off the “square” from the “power source”. At least at the moment, there are no grounds for a different scenario.

“SP”: – And when will the Europeans understand that they are being used so cynically?

– In order for a European to really understand something, he should have only flour in the refrigerator for a month, and the temperature in the room should be plus ten. Europe is still living with a powerful layer of subcutaneous fat – the 70s, 80s, 90s, “zero” years. There are no people who truly remember poverty. In Russia it is full, but there it is not.

But they will have just a great, 100% chance to remember.

You know, I once talked with a German professor at the best of times, the conversation turned (Germans usually don’t like such talk) about salaries, and we came to the conclusion that we could live well on three thousand euros. But then, I had to tell him that I could live on three hundred. Here the German had eyes the size of a tea saucer. And when I told him that I could live on thirty euros, the German did not believe

And now my German friend, so to speak, will have the opportunity to live not on 300 euros, of course, but on one and a half thousand. And this, with the current tariffs for utilities and food prices, is a big test, I will tell you, for a successful German professor from the University of Berlin.

Help “SP”

“Marshall Plan” – a post-war American program to support the European economy, named after US Secretary of State George Marshall .