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Palma de Mallorca weather today ⋆ Weather forecast in Palma de Mallorca ➽ Current temperature Spain

Currently in Palma de Mallorca

Feels Like +12°C


Light cloud, no precipitation

Chance of precipitation 0 %
Wind 4 mps
Pressure 766
UV Index 0/12
Humidity 85 %
Precipitation 0 mm

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7 January




8 January




9 January




10 January




Palma de Mallorca: detailed information

The maximum air temperature in Palma de Mallorca for this day for the last 74 years of observations is +19. 9°C, recorded in 1982.

An absolute minimum of +2.5°C was recorded in 1985. The average temperature for this day is +17.1°C.

The heaviest rainfall (10.6 mm) in Palma de Mallorca was recorded in 1979. The maximum wind gusts were up to 21.71 m/s in 1953.

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Mallorca Weather 2021: Weather Forecast for the region of Mallorca in Spain

Weather Forecast for the region of Mallorca in Spain

Palma de Mallorca – El Arenal – Valldemossa – Alcdia – Sller – Manacor – Cala d’Or – Cala Ratjada

– delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK –

Average monthly weather data for the region of Mallorca in Spain

Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Water Temperature Sunshine Hours Probability of Rain Humidity
January 5C    41F 15C    59F 14C    57F 5 28% 82%
February 5C    41F 15C    59F 13C    55F 6 25% 80%
March 7C    45F 18C    64F 14C    57F 7 20% 77%
April 9C    48F 20C    68F 15C    59F 8 22% 73%
May 13C    55F 24C    75F 17C    63F 9 18% 73%
June 16C    61F 29C    84F 22C    72F 11 6% 68%
July 19C    66F 31C    88F 25C    77F 11 4% 68%
August 20C    68F 31C    88F 26C    79F 10 9% 72%
September 17C    63F 28C    82F 25C    77F 8 21% 75%
October 14C    57F 24C    75F 23C    73F 6 25% 79%
November 10C    50F 19C    66F 20C    68F 5 32% 80%
December 7C    45F 16C    61F 16C    61F 4 33% 81%

Minimum Temperature = Average minimum temperature of the recent years in Mallorca. The temperature may sometimes be higher or lower.
Maximum Temperature = Average maximum temperature of the recent years in Mallorca. The temperature may sometimes be higher or lower.
Water Temperature = Average water temperature of the recent years in Mallorca. The temperature may be sometimes below or above this value. On shallow beaches, the temperature will be higher in summer.
Sunshine Hours = Average number of sunshine hours per day in Mallorca.
Probability of Rain = The average daily probability of rain in Mallorca.
Humidity = The average humidity in Mallorca. Depending on the actual wind and the sunshine amount, the value may be higher or lower.



Indian Ocean
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Sea water temperature in Mallorca today

Sea water temperature throughout Mallorca is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C/68°F. The warmest sea temperature in Mallorca today is 17.1 degrees (Porto Cristo), and the coldest water temperature is 15.9 degrees (Can Picafort).

List of cities and resorts in Mallorca with the values ​​of water temperature today and yesterday. Also indicated are the maximum and minimum water temperatures that have been recorded this month over the past ten years. Weather data is given now for each of the resorts. For more detailed information about water temperature, sea state forecast, weather for today and in the coming days, select city



at least




16.6 ° C

16.7 ° C

13.5 ° C

16.8 ° C


16.8 ° C

16.8 ° C

13.7 ° C

17 ° C

16 ° C


In order to find out what was the temperature of the water on the island of Major. any day in the last 10 years, select the month you are interested in

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Medium temperature
Maximum temperature

What is the ideal water temperature for swimming?

The warmest sea water

Places with the warmest water in Mallorca today. In addition to the water temperature, the air temperature, weather conditions and waves on the coast

9012 ° C

9, 9011 9, 9 C

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Water temperature widget

To calculate the water temperature in Spain, satellite data are used together with the results of observations at ground stations. Water temperature, weather forecast and sea conditions are updated daily. Temperatures in shallow areas near the shore may be slightly higher than those shown here. nine0005

Resorts of the island of Minorca Spain

Menorca is the third most popular island of the Balearic archipelago in Spain. Unlike the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza known to us, tourism in Minorca began to develop quite recently, and this beautiful island has preserved its pristine nature and cozy, almost intimate, picturesque coves.

The islands of Menorca and Mallorca are located very close to each other, but how different they are from each other. Menorca is the second largest Balearic Island in Spain, but there are still few hotels on it and Minorca is mostly visited by tourists who want peace and quiet, and not noisy discos and bars. That is why if Mallorca is considered a youth island, then Menorca is chosen by wealthy tourists and couples with children, as well as lovers. nine0005

Menorca is one of the few large islands in Spain, where you can find almost deserted beaches, beautiful pine groves, and national parks and reserves literally encircle the entire island. Mostly wealthy tourists from England rest in Minorca, this is their favorite island in Spain.

Resorts of the island of Menorca:  There are not many resorts in Minorca yet, but several decades will pass and the island will change beyond recognition. The main resorts are: Mahon, Sant Luis, Cala Blanca, Kaya Galdana, Kaya Anna and Son Bou, Canta Prima. nine0005

Mahon the capital of Menorca, located in the south-east of the island in a natural harbour. It is near Mahon that Minorca International Airport is located. The local old color is combined with modern buildings and narrow streets.

Just south of the capital of the island are two very famous resorts in Menorca Sant Lluis and Punta Prima . St. Lewis is currently the most famous tourist center of the island. The shallow coves of this area with an excellent sandy bottom are great for families with children. nine0005

Resort Punta Prima is located right on the seafront, 5 kilometers south of the city of St. Lewis. Its white-sand beaches are beautiful and offer excellent conditions for water sports.

At the opposite end of Minorca is the historic center Ciutadella , a city rich in history and culture. Near Ciutadella are the beautiful resorts of Menorca: Cala Blanca and Calan Bosch . The bays on this west coast of the island are sheltered from the wind and have good sandy beaches. The resort of Cala Blanca can even be recommended for youth recreation, there are discos, bars and a diving center. nine0005

Beaches in Menorca: Almost all the beaches of Minorca are located in very secluded rocky coves, protected from strong winds and waves. Rocky cliffs and mountain slopes are gradually replaced by snow-white sand. Both the local population and tourists prefer to relax on the southern coast of the island. After all, the most famous resorts of Menorca are located there, and the beaches offer tourists water activities and are equipped with sun loungers. But as soon as you move away from the resorts, you can find beautiful beaches where you will relax in the singular. nine0005

Things to do in Menorca : Although this beautiful island is known as a quiet place in Spain, but this does not mean that there are no any kind of entertainment. For example, you can rent a car and go on independent excursions around the island. Or visit the Equine Fiesta festival, which takes place in August. Also for you water sports on the beaches of Menorca, as well as live music in restaurants and bars.

Excursions in Menorca : If you are not afraid of boat trips, then you can book a boat trip to Mallorca, go fishing or sail around the island and relax on the cleanest beaches.

If you are interested in the historical and cultural component of the island, be sure to visit the ancient capital resort of Ciutadella. It is in this city that a real medieval flavor is felt. During the tour you will walk along the picturesque streets, take away the Venetian palaces, visit the town hall square. nine0005

There are few organized excursions in Menorca, mainly sightseeing tours of its two largest cities: Mahon and Ciutadella. Therefore, many vacationers specifically rent a car and explore the island themselves.

Weather on the island of Menorca: Minorca is the northernmost of the Balearic Islands in Spain, and therefore the weather here is slightly cooler than in Ibiza or Mallorca. So the average daily temperature in winter, and this period from December to February, is around + 10-12 C. These months (December, January, February) in Menorca are also the rainiest of the year. nine0005

Spring comes to Spain from March, by the end of the month the weather on the island gets better, it becomes warm and good. The air temperature in March is 14-15 C, and there are more and more sunny days.

April and May are the best times to travel around Minorca, the island comes alive after winter, the trees fill with strength and beauty, and a gentle breeze blows from the sea. The beginning of May is not the best time for a beach holiday, you can get a tan, but you won’t be able to buy enough. Only at the end of May the water warms up to +20-21 C.

In June, using an urgent Schengen visa, tourists begin to come to Menorca, the weather is very comfortable and stable. It is for holidays in June that you can purchase an inexpensive ticket, because the price of tours for holidays in August and July increases significantly. June in Minorca is beautiful, the beaches are almost free, there are few vacationers, the prices in restaurants and bars are lower, and the June sun gently bakes vacationers.

A significant influx of tourists is observed in early July. Of course, because July is probably second only to August in popularity among vacationers. These are the most popular 2 months of the year. The air temperature in July and August is about +28-30 C, water +25-26C. nine0005

In late August and early September there is a small outflow of tourists from Menorca. In September, there are a little less tourists, because most vacationers are ending their holidays, prices are dropping, and the weather is as beautiful as in June, only the sea is warmer.

October is the last month for holidays in Minorca. It is in October that the beach season ends, and from November to March, as a rule, only elderly Englishmen remain on the island to rest.

Air and water temperature in Menorca

Water waves

nine0313 19

Month Air T, C Water T, C Month Air T, C Water T, C
January 10 13 July 29 25
February 12 12 August 30 26
March 14 14 September 24 23
April 17 17 October 22
May 22 19 November 19 17
June 26 23 December 15 15

Hotels in Menorca: Currently, the choice of hotels on the island of Menorca is significantly lower than in Ibiza or Mallorca.