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Tenerife animal park: Welcome to Loro Parque!

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Loro Park Tenerife| Loro Parque

Loro Park

Save time and money with official Loro park tickets and pick up from resorts.Loro Park is one of the popular attractions not only in Tenerife but the entire Canary Islands, lets you see various creatures from around the world all in just one day! Wondering about Loro Parque showtimes? We won’t let you miss them via this excursion!

There are so many shows to enjoy at the park and they are all included in the price of your Loro Park tickets, the shows are everyday and a few times a day so you can plan your visit and assure you get to see everything you want to, here are the show times so you can get planning straight away.

Loro Parque showtimes

Loro show the amazing parrot and bird show Everyday 10:25 – 11:50 – 13:30 – 15:00 – 16:00 – 17:30

Orca Ocean amazing Orca show Everyday 11:45 – 14:00 – 16:45

Loro Park Sea Lions show Everyday 09:35 – 12:30 – 14:15 – 15:30 – 16:55

Dolphinarium and Loro Park dolphin show Everyday 11:00 – 13:15 – 14:45 – 16:00

Planet Penguin Opens every day from 08:30 to 18:00

Loro Park Tenerife Tickets

If you’re looking to secure Loro Parque tickets, look no further than us. TravelOn world offers two types of Loro Park tickets, either chose to go direct if you have a car and as you have booked with us in advance you will avoid the queue of people paying to get in, or chose the with bus pick up option where you will be picked up and dropped back after a full day at the park at or very close to your accommodation.

Loro Parque Opening Times

The Park opens every day fro 8:30 am to 18:45 pm so you have plenty of time to explore this fascinating place. A Tenerife zoo that’s home to hundreds of different kinds of species, La Parque Gran Canaria is an animal lover’s paradise as it treats tourists to endless attractions that will surely keep them occupied. Fun and excitement are the main themes in this theme park as its facilities will spoil you with interactive experiences, fascinating animal shows, and so much more!

Here are just some of the attractions that await you in the park.

Loro Park Animals

You’ll find no shortage of animals at Loro Park since it’s home to hundreds of different kinds of species. Here, you’ll discover over 200 penguins alone and more than 350 different kinds of parrots.

All sorts of animals can be seen at Loro Parque—from mammals, birds, fishes, and reptiles. Watch out for dolphins, gorillas, jaguars, hippos, sea lions and lions. You’ll also see mammals here that you won’t normally find in other zoos such as sloths, meerkats, anteaters, and killer whales.

In the reptiles section, you’ll find alligators, iguanas, and tortoises.

In the bird’s department, meanwhile, you’ll be fascinated by flamingos, cranes, swans, and as mentioned, parrots and penguins.

Various underwater creatures also abound here, some of which you can see in their amazing glory gracefully swimming in the Aquarium. There you’ll see freshwater stingrays and the colourful pacus.

Don’t miss the incredible Shark Tunnel where you can observe different kinds of shark swim above and around you. You’ll also see in the park different kinds of jellyfish and the so-called lucky fish which are the koi carps.

Loro Park Attractions

You’ll have a hard time choosing which part of the park to explore first with its countless interesting exhibitions. If you’re out with the kids who have lots of energy to burn, take them to Kinderlandia which features suspended bridges and trees and a tunnel slide. While they explore the playground, the Kinderlandia fairy adds to the fun by providing games and face-painting activity.

However, don’t miss the main attraction here which is the Orca Tren, Canary Island’s first and only roller coaster” which both kids and adults will enjoy.

Another must-visit is Planet Penguin, which is dubbed the largest penguinarium in the world. Explore the world of ice and see the delightful penguins go about real snow. There’s a huge iceberg here too!

Naturavision is also a fun attraction you can enjoy with your kids at Loro Park. It’s a movie theatre where you can enjoy an exclusive 3D version of Rio, and you can watch for free using your Loro Parque tickets! Don’t forget to take note of the Loro Parque showtimes!

Loro Park Orcas

Of course, the animal shows are a must-see here too! Head to Orca Ocean to see orcas perform acrobatic tricks. There’s also the dolphin’s show where you can see the charming creatures perform a synchronized dance.

Loro Park and Siam park Twin tickets 

If you are looking for twin tickets for both Loro Park and Siam park which are the two biggest attractions in Tenerife then get yourself over to our Siam park Loro Parque twin tickets page 

Lots of fun definitely await you at Loro Parque day trip packages. Book with us today and assure your day goes hassle free.

FAQs Loro Park Tenerife

If you have a car it will take aroudn 1.5 hours from the South of Tenerife. Loro Park is situated all the way in the North.

It is better to get a tour that takes you to Loro Parque in Tenerife that picks up in the morning and takes you for a full day and brings you back.

The animals in Loro Parque are kept in remakably good conditions the whole park is all about conservation and education.

It is advised to book tickets in advance for Loro Park in Tenerife even if you are making your own way as the lines to get in can be long. With a pre booked ticket you walk straight in and with a bus pick up also.

Las Aguilas Jungle Park Tenerife Tickets

Select Your Experience

  • Tenerife brings to you an exciting, must-visit family-friendly zoo, Jungle Park! With a host of activities, animal shows, and close-up encounters, you’ll have plenty to do.
  • This park is massive: it is spread across 7.5 hectares of land, and houses over 500 animals, so you’ll have much ground to cover, and a lot to discover.
  • From orangutangs and chimpanzees to exotic birds and birds of prey and leopards and jaguars, this zoo has it all, and then some.
  • The bird shows include falcons and eagles demonstrating their hunting skills, and parrots, macaws, and hornbills showing off their flair.
  • Penguins being fed in their enclosures and sea lions shimmying through the waters also happen every day in the afternoon, in case you’d like to join in on the action.
  • For those with an undying thirst for adventure, make sure to head to the Jungle Raid and partake in your preference of activities. Brave rope bridges, tunnels, and passages, and take on the bobsleigh track challenge (not included in the price of your ticket).
  • Entrance ticket to Jungle Park Tenerife
  • Access to bird shows and exhibition
  • These tickets can’t be cancelled or rescheduled.

Las Águilas-Jungle Park

The Jungle Park, also known as Las Águilas-Jungle Park, situated on the Canary Island in Tenerife is a zoological and botanical garden that is an ideal outing for you and your family. Spread across 7.5 hectares with over 500 animals, this delightful park has waterfalls, lagoons, caves and exciting adventures to offer you. Book your tickets to the Jungle Park in Tenerife for an unforgettable experience.

Jungle Park Tenerife Reopens Post COVID

Jungle Park Tenerife reopened to visitors on July 24, 2020 with all COVID-19 safety protocols and regulations in place. Visitors can now enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience at the park. Make sure you are aware of all the regulations before visiting Jungle Park Tenerife.

COVID-19 Safety Measures At Jungle Park Tenerife

  • Purchase your tickets online to ensure contactless transactions.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask to access the park and, in all places where it is not possible to social distance.
  • Floor markings have been created in potentially crowded areas to ensure social distancing.
  • Entrance and exit circuits have been created in the park to avoid crowding.​
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of specific areas and contact points has been increased.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be provided for visitors to disinfect their hands.

Best Way to Buy Jungle Park Tenerife Tickets? Book Online

Given the current COVID-19 situation, booking your tickets to Jungle Park Tenerife online beforehand is advisable. Here are other reasons why you should book your tickets online.

Convenience: Avoid standing in long queues, and simply buy tickets with the click of a finger. Your ticket confirmation is instant. 

Discounts: Great deals and discounts await you while purchasing Jungle Park Tenerife tickets online.

Advanced booking: Book your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets weeks in advance and avoid the chance of tickets running out.

Animals at Jungle Park Tenerife

During your visit to Jungle Park Tenerife prepare to be dazzled by a range of exotic animals all around. From birds and amphibians, to primates and penguins, Jungle Park Tenerife has it all!


  • Spot majestic eagles and falcons known for their speed and strength as they fly by.
  • Other birds like cranes, ibis, flamingos, storks, parrots, macaws and many more exotic birds can be found all around the park.


  • Orangutans live in special enclosures suitable for them to thrive. With waterfalls, rivers and lakes, they feel like they’re in their natural habitats.
  • You’ll spot Gibbons jumping from tree to tree, a delight for children and adults!
  • Other exotic primates like the Lemur, Marmoset monkey and the Capuchin monkey are waiting for you at Jungle Park.  

Big Cats

  • Enjoy spotting the great hunters of the forest – leopards! These agile, ferocious creatures walk gracefully around the park.


  • The Humboldt penguin, known to be joyful, is at the Jungle Park in Tenerife. Spend time observing them and how they eat.


  • The Jungle Park in Tenerife is rife with a wide variety reptiles.
  • You’ll find crocodiles, iguanas, house snakes and turtles lounging in the sun across the park.

Other Animals

  • Aside from the major animal categories, Jungle Tenerife has adorable meerkats and raccoons for guests to gaze at as they make their way around the park.

Jungle Park Tenerife Shows

Birds of Prey Exhibition Show

Get a chance to witness the adrenaline-pumping dives of eagles and a variety of other birds of prey. This thrilling show will keep you entertained and enraptured!

Sea Lions Show

Don’t forget to check out this incredible sea lion show that has sea lions displaying their natural skills with trainers by their sides. Prepare to fall in love with these adorable creatures who are capable of doing so much!

Other Attractions at Jungle Park Tenerife

Get on a bobsleigh

Get a chance to cover 800 meters of a high-speed jungle-crossing track on these amazing bobsleighs!

Things to do at Jungle Park Tenerife

  • Walk around the park and observe a wide variety of animals in different habitats. Primates, birds, leopards, and penguins are all around for you to admire.
  • Witness a special show and watch sea lions perform or see birds of prey take flights
  • Get on a bobsleigh for an exciting ride.
  • Admire the waterfalls, lagoons and caves all around you to feel like an integral part of nature. 
  • Spend time eating at  family-friendly food stops in the park.
  • Stop by the souvenir shop to pick something to remember the Jungle Park by!

Educational Efforts at Jungle Park Tenerife

As a zoological park, Jungle Park Tenerife is aware of its responsibility to raise awareness about animals and their environment. An excellent team of professionals are in charge of the Education Department who focus on educating school children on the natural heritage of our planet and how the future of biodiversity may be compromised. Their main goals are helping children understand how they have the power of protecting the natural environment. Teachers and their students can visit for free and immerse themselves in the park and all it has to offer. 

Plan Your Visit


Getting There


Park Rules



Jungle Park Tenerife is open everyday from 10.30AM – 4.30PM

Opening and closing hours may change due to COVID-19.

Show Timings:

  • Feeding Raccoons 12.00.
  • Feeding Penguins 12.15.
  • Birds of Prey Show 12.30.
  • Sea lion show 13.30.

Address: Urb. Águilas del Teide, s/n, Km. 3, 38640 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Find it on map.

Drive: Jungle Park Tenerife is within 10-12 minutes’ drive from Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and other resorts in the south of the island. If you’re staying in the north of the island, it’ll take around an hour and a half to reach the park. 

Bus: There are also dedicated bus services to the park from the north or south of the island. They run on specific days and must be pre-booked. Ensure you check the details with Jungle Park Tenerife in advance. 

Eat and Drink: 

  • La Palapa is an à la carte restaurant specializing in Angus burgers, barbecue ribs and nachos among a wide selection of dishes and desserts. It is situated on the premises.
  • Enjoy freshly made artisanal pizzas at Pizzeria el Canario on a magnificent terrace area where you can relax and enjoy the view.


  • The Jungle Park gift and souvenir store has a range of branded products such as plush toy animals, t-shirts, sweatshirts and much more. Take home great memories with you
  • Each attraction is specifically designed for safety so visitors must adhere to the rules while attending them.
  • Once you are inside the park, there are no refunds of the entrance tickets.
  • The park may change opening hours and dates at any time.
  • The Park Management reserves the right of admission. 
  • Visit Los Cristianos beach which is very close to Jungle Park Tenerife. Sit by the harbour and take in the sights around. 
  • Go walking and hiking in Tenerife and enjoy magnificent views.
  • Visit Playa De Las Vistas beach
  • Enjoy a range of water sports on any of the beaches in Tenerife.
  • Visit Teide Park at the center of Tenerife. 

There are a range of popular resorts located very close to Jungle Park Tenerife. Some of them include:

  • Spring Hotel Bitacora
  • h20 Big Sur
  • Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel
  • Green Garden Resorts and Villas

Visitor Tips

  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues and wait times.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking around a lot.
  • Ensure you respect the natural habitats and environments of all the animals.
  • Check with the park in advance to avail of their shuttle bus service.

All Your Questions About Jungle Park Tenerife Answered

Should I book Las Águilas Jungle Park Tenerife tickets in advance?

Yes booking tickets online ensures you don’t miss out on a spot and have a hassle free experience. Book your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets here.

What’s the best way to experience Las Águilas Jungle Park?

Visit Jungle Park Tenerife with your family or friends to enjoy a wide variety of animals and a number of exciting attractions.

What are the opening times of Las Águilas Jungle Park Tenerife?

Jungle Park Tenerife is open everyday from 10.30AM – 4.30PM.

How many animals are at Jungle Park Tenerife?

There are over 500 animals at the park include birds, primates, penguins, leopards and crocodiles.

Where can I book my Jungle Park Tenerife Tickets?

Book your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets online here.

Is there food available at Jungle Park Tenerife?

Yes there are family friendly restaurants at Jungle Park Tenerife for you to dine at.

How do I reach Jungle Park Tenerife?

You can either drive or take a shuttle bus service to visit Jungle Park Tenerife.

Monkey Park in Tenerife – how to get there and an overview with photos and videos

Monkey Park or Monkey Park Tenerife is a small zoo in the south of the island where you can not only look at animals, but also feed and pet them. Communication with the funny inhabitants of Monkey Park will especially appeal to children, but adults will also get great pleasure from it. How to get to Monkey Park Tenerife and who you can see there is described in my article, provided with many photos and a short video about the coolest animals living in the Monkey Park.

A few words about Monkey Park Tenerife

Monkey Park Tenerife was founded 27 years ago, in 1991, outside the city of Los Cristianos. It was opened in order to study the habits of rare monkeys and preserve these animals. A dozen different species of primates were brought here. Gradually, the zoo was replenished with other inhabitants: amphibians and birds. Lemurs also appeared in it – animals that live in the wild in only one corner of our planet – on the island of Madagascar near Africa.

Entrance to the Monkey Park in Tenerife

In order to attract more visitors to the Monkey Park, it was decided to turn it into a contact park: a place where you can interact with the animals up close. Of course, not all inhabitants can be fed and entered into their territory. Some of them are in enclosures covered with glass or a fence. But with lemurs, monkeys and some other animals, you can make contact and spend 1.5-2 hours here unforgettably.

Who lives in Monkey Park Tenerife?

Since this place is called the Monkey Park, its main inhabitants are various primates. Here you can see green monkeys, black baboon, brightly colored tamarins Golden lion, chimpanzee and others. . This is the habitat of guinea pigs, turtles, iguanas, monitor lizards, squirrels, snakes, crocodile. You will also meet with green, white and budgerigars, whose sonorous songs will cheer you up during a visit to the park. You will also see a green arasari toucan.

Monkey Park opening hours and entry fees

Monkey Park is open daily from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. Children’s ticket costs 5 euros, adult – 10 euros.

Map of Monkey Park in Tenerife

How to get to Monkey Park?

Unlike the famous Loro Park, which is located in Puerto de la Cruz, few tourists know about Monkey Park. This contact zoo is not located within the city of Los Cristianos, but outside it. But I will tell you how you can get there in different ways.

Monkey Park is located outside the city of Los Cristianos (from the sign you need to turn right)

1st way: by taxi.

If you are on holiday in Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Costa Adeje, you can order a taxi that will take you to the miniature park in a matter of minutes. The fare ranges from 4 euros (Los Cristianos) to 7-12 euros from other resorts.

2nd way: by public transport

The bright green buses of Tits, unfortunately, will not take you to the Monkey Park itself. From Los Gigantes, Las Americas and Costa Adeje you can take number 473, 343, 477 to the final stop in the city of Los Cristianos. Then you will have to walk (see below).

3rd way I tried: walking

Since I lived in Los Cristianos, I decided to go to Monkey Park on my own. My path lay first along Londres Street, and then along Avenguda San Francisco, which goes uphill past the tourist apartments. You should move along Avinguda to the exit from the city – wide highway 655. At the place where Avenguda San Francisco crashes into the highway, there is the final stop of the buses that I wrote about above. Now, both those who came by bus and those who walked on foot will have to follow the same path, looking at the brown mountains of the south of Tenerife.

Sunny morning outside the city of Los Cristianos

Typical landscape of the south of Tenerife (outside the city of Los Cristianos)

From Avenguda San Francisco you must turn right onto the highway and walk along the road (there are no sidewalks, be careful!!!) minutes 10-15 until you see a gas station ahead on the left.

CEPSA gas station (view from Monkey Park)

Cross the road and follow the path past the gas station. Ahead you will see a tunnel passing under the TF1 motorway. You should go through it.

Behind the CEPSA gas station is a tunnel across the road.

After exiting the tunnel, you will notice the Monkey Park entrance gate ahead on the left. It took me more than an hour to get from the ocean to the park. I wandered around the streets of Los Cristianos a little. Monkey Park is a 35-minute walk from Passarella Oasis Hotel & Shopping Center (free bus to Siam Park departs from the stop in front of it).

4 way: by rented car.

If you live in Los Cristianos, then by car you can get to Monkey Park in the same way as on foot, but with more convenience.

Driving directions to Monkey Park Tenerife

If you are holidaying in Las Americas, drive towards Las Americas (to the right) on the TF1 motorway for about 5 km, then turn right at exit 69 towards Las Galletas (TF 65). Soon you will see a sign for Los Cristianos (TF 655). The road will make a 180° turn and you will follow it for 2 km to the gas station I mentioned above. True, unlike the path on foot, you will drive up to it from the other side. Then you just have to turn right and drive past the gas stations through the tunnel. And you are at the gates of the zoo!

What to feed the animals in the Monkey Park?

At the box office, together with the purchase of a ticket, you can purchase pet food: small containers containing green peas, corn, chopped carrots, apples. This food costs 3 euros.

At the Monkey Park ticket office you can buy not only an entrance ticket, but also food for animals and birds

It is not forbidden to bring food with you. It can be nuts and seeds for birds, apples and corn on the cob for monkeys, green salad (in Spanish lechuga) for lemurs.

Bananas, dates, biscuits are not allowed. Although the inhabitants of the zoo are very fond of them, these products are too high in calories. A few years ago, visitors to the Monkey Park fed the animals so much that they became obese. Fat lemurs can now be seen in the zoo. At the entrance, you will be asked what you brought, and you will have to open your bag or package and show the products. If you have something forbidden, you will have to leave it at the entrance and pick it up on the way back.

Well-fed catta lemurs basking in the sun in Monkey Park in Tenerife

Having heard beforehand that lemurs are reluctant to eat food for 3 euros and adore flying lemurs, I bought them a large head of lettuce, which they adore. Looking ahead, I will say that the animals were satisfied with my treat and ate it together with the guinea pigs.

When is the best time to visit the Monkey Park?

Although Monkey Park is open all day, the best time to visit is in the morning (9.45-10.30). At this time, the zookeepers feed the animals, and the hungry animals are very active. They run around people begging for food. They can climb on their hands or on their necks. But an hour later, they are already indifferently looking at the visitors who are holding out treats they brought with them or purchased at the checkout. Well-fed animals are passive, whether they climb up or sit, almost without moving.

A crocodile is dozing in the sun in a Monkey Park in Tenerife

In the evenings, some of the animals (mostly in enclosures) will get hungry again, and it will again be possible to watch them with interest.

What can you see in Monkey Park?

At the entrance to Monkey Park Tenerife, you will be greeted by a giant replica of an idol from Easter Island. And the territory of the park is decorated in eco-style. Stones, palisades, beautiful cactus gardens, trees, bridges are everywhere. Although many animals live here, you will not hear unpleasant odors. Their homes are clean and spacious.

On the territory of the Monkey Park on the island of Tenerife

On the territory of the zoo there is a cafe, a photo laboratory, a veterinary office, toilets. Behind the ticket office begins a zone with reptiles, a pool for a crocodile. Then you walk along the paths and look at the birds and primates in the enclosures. As in any zoo, there are information plates on the enclosures with the names of animals, descriptions of their habits, size and weight, and food preferences.

You can pet and feed iguanas in Monkey Park Tenerife.

There are several contact zones in the park. The main one is the zone of lemurs, which is called the lemur coop. At the time of my visit, 5 ring-tailed lemurs, 3 iguanas, a large turtle and many guinea pigs lived here. Lemurs descend from a high platform down and climb up again, and all other inhabitants run or slowly move along the ground.

Lemurs are busy eating my treat in the Monkey Park (Tenerife)

I came to the zoo half an hour after it opened and immediately went to the lion nest. At this time, only one animal with a striped tail was sitting on a bench, and the other four were located on the platform. I handed the salad to the lemur, but he lazily looked at the treat and, turning away, slowly walked away. I thought that everyone was already full, and I was even a little upset, because I came here mainly for the sake of katta.

Putting the lechuga on the table and tearing off a leaf from the head of cabbage, I began to shoot a video. A few minutes later, one of the lemurs began to descend from the platform and jumped onto the table. He approached the treat, grabbed it with his paws and began to gnaw at the head of cabbage. Seeing this, the second katta followed his example, grabbing a loose leaf. It was interesting to watch these unseen little animals and their breakfast. I stroked ring-tailed lemurs. They had a very thick fluffy fur coat. Then the other three kattas tasted my delicacy. A few lemurs are, indeed, moderately well-fed. Such funny fatties.

Ring-tailed lemurs from Monkey Park love green salad

When the animals ate, some of the leaves fell to the floor, where guinea pigs immediately ran up and greedily grabbed the leftovers. The ring-tailed head of cabbage was thrown onto the ground, where a crowd of pigs attacked and killed it.

I spent half an hour with these unusual animals, stroked the turtle and the iguana, and then went to look at the rest of the park’s inhabitants.

These amazing creatures live in the Monkey Park in Tenerife

I saw some monkeys for the first time, such as the narrow-nosed black drill and the funny green monkeys. And behind the glass sat tamarins with fiery hair on their heads (golden lions). A white-handed gibbon moved along branches and ropes. In the bird kingdom, parrots chirped merrily, a toucan flew in circles, and two white parrots made love.

Monkeys in Tenerife’s Monkey Park

White-handed gibbon in Monkey Park (Tenerife)

I also saw the area where “family” lemurs live. I managed to look at their miniature, recently born cubs. I also visited the contact zone, where there was a mongoose lemur. He came down to me when I handed him a piece of an apple, but did not eat it. But I managed to stroke the fluffy. There are several zones with lemurs in the zoo, but most of them are in the first, the one where the turtle lives.

Mongoose lemur in Monkey Park

What not to do in Monkey Park in Tenerife?

Visitors to the Monkey Park may not be given prohibited foods to animals. It is not allowed to smoke in the park and give cigarettes to primates. You should not shout loudly here, knock on the windows, stick your hands into the cages. It is undesirable to stroke animals against their will: they themselves must make contact.

This is what happens to those who anger the lemurs of Monkey Park (Tenerife)

About visitors

At the time of my visit, there were few people in the park. Several people wandered around the lemur coop, but all without refreshments. And my salad went with a bang. And everyone watched as Madagascar animals eat it. Then people came up with food for 3 euros, but katta were reluctant to take pieces of fruit. But at the exit in another zone, I saw that one ring-tailed fluffy was taking corn grains from a woman from a box. So I was glad I brought the lechuga and came early. Then I again looked into the lemur coop, but its inhabitants were already fed up with my treat, and there were more people there.

On the territory of the Monkey Park in Tenerife you can see a lot of cacti

Most of the visitors to the Monkey Park are Russian tourists (women with children or families, a few young couples). There is no pandemonium, and I walked alone around many enclosures.


I spent 2 hours in Monkey Park. I saw enough of different animals and birds, fed the lemurs. The emotions that you experience from contact with our smaller brothers are very warm and joyful. Therefore, I advise everyone: when you are in Tenerife, be sure to visit the monkey park, where you will have the opportunity not only to see unique animals, but also to communicate with them, as well as take many photos and videos that will remind you of the Canaries, who know how to surprise.

Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Prices 2021, official website, reviews, photos, videos, how to get there, hotels

Loro Parque is an amazing zoo located on the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. Loro Park in Tenerife was opened by businessman Wolfgang Kisling on December 17, 1972, 3 kilometers from the city of Puerto de la Cruz and 150 meters from the Atlantic coast. The name of the park in Spanish means park of parrots and parrots were its first inhabitants. Over the years, the number of parrots has grown to the largest collection in the world of 4,000 birds, and besides them, numerous other animals have settled in the park.

Tenerife’s 13.5-hectare Loro Park features a penguinarium, a dolphinarium, an aquarium, a 3D cinema and many other attractions included in the admission price. The killer whale show, which began to be presented to the general public in 2006, is unique in its kind. This kind of show is quite rare in the world, and it is undoubtedly a great pleasure to look at smart big killer whales.

The park’s logo is a red parrot, a blue dolphin and a black tail of a killer whale. The logo was changed after the appearance of killer whales in the zoo, and before it was only a parrot.

© Loro Parque


Loro Parque was founded by German-born Wolfgang Kiessling, together with his father. Previously working as a manager in an airline, Wolfgang visited the island of Tenerife with his wife and could not help but fall in love with the nature of these places, deciding for himself to stay permanently. After exploring the island and going to the beach, the question arose that I needed to do something. At that time, many solutions for starting a business were considered and it was decided to create a small and modest park of parrots, due to the small availability of funds and investments.

Wolfgang was looking for land to host a bird park in Tenerife, but at the time it was necessary to have a Spanish partner to make it official, which didn’t suit them. Then the notary offered them to buy a house and turn it into a hotel, and already in the hotel you can have some additional options, such as a park or a tennis court. A five-star hotel was created with only five rooms.

In 1972 the first show with birds is created, at that time it was the first show with parrots in Europe. Exceptional guests, politicians, film actors came to the hotel. A lot of money and efforts were spent on the hotel, without giving practically any profit, although the park brought more and more money each time, including even having to invest in the hotel from his earnings. At 19In 79, it was decided to close the hotel, as the laws had changed. Now the Kissling family lives in this house, located on the territory of Loro Park.

In 1995, the Kisslings saw fit to reinvest in the hospitality business by purchasing the award-winning Botanico y Oriental Spa Garden Hotel.

Soon, additional investments are made for the penguin pavilion, followed by one of the most expensive investments, the Orca Ocean complex for killer whales. By constantly investing and improving the business, Wolfgang improves the entertainment experience for travelers and locals arriving in Tenerife, making the island richer and more interesting, especially impressing our future generation, children. In 2008, one of the best water parks in Europe opens in the south, initially laying the Thai theme in its design, calling Siam a park, and this is the merit of the Kissling family.

Mast show!

Loro Park is famous for its 4 interesting shows. Each performance takes place 4 times a day and lasts 20 minutes. All spectators who have taken places in the front rows are given capes and raincoats to protect themselves from the abundant splashes that fly from the water where the artists work.

Dolphin show

It is probably hard to surprise a modern person with a show with dolphins. But the performance in Loro is special. First of all, because of the most complex tricks, thought out to the smallest detail, skill and apparent ease with which the program numbers are performed. The performance involved both dolphins themselves and trainers in beautiful, comfortable costumes for performing tricks. During the show, a bright cockatoo periodically flies over the pool, which is also a participant in the performance.

Killer Whale Show

The killer whale is a magnificent mammal, wrongly called “killer whale”. They live in all oceans. This is a large animal, more than 6 meters long and weighing up to 5.5 tons. Calm, pensive in appearance, killer whales are smart, grateful and bring great joy to the visitors of the show. However, during the performance, the audience in the front rows will be doused with water from head to toe. The raincoat saves, but not much.

Sea Lion Show

The California Sea Lion Show takes place in the smallest pool. These lovely quick-witted “seals of the sea” will bring real pleasure to small and large spectators, will amuse with interesting tricks and real circus numbers. You will see funny scenes from life, dances, jumps and be surprised at the amazing interaction and understanding between animals and humans.


Year Event
1972 Founding of Loro Park and opening of the first parrot show in Europe.
1972 Expansion of the park area to 35,000 m² with the arrival of new animal species: alligators, turtles and chimpanzees.
1982 Construction of a cinema – “Loro Vision” and expansion of the area to 60,000 m².
1983 A feeding center with 100 bird aviaries is under construction.
1987 Grand opening of the largest dolphinarium in Europe
1989 Opening of the orchid garden (Orquidiario) and construction of a new alligator enclosure.
1990 The Gambian market opens its doors.
1991 Discovery of Tiger Island.
1992 Extension of the park to 135.000 m².
1993 Inauguration of the Thai-style village of Princess Galyani Vadhana, the porcelain museum, the playground and the Choza de los Duques restaurant.
1993 Grand opening of the gorilla enclosure and aquarium.
1993 A free mini-train on wheels begins to operate to transport visitors.
1996 Completely reforming the cinema from Loro Visión to Naturavisión 3D
1997 Grand opening of the “Arab Palace” and installation of enclosures with monkeys.
1998 Inauguration of the new Chimpland (Monkey Land) and Casa Pepe restaurant.
1999 Deployment of the “Penguin Planet” pavilion with Humboldt penguins. 7,000 Bops (fish) are housed in the world’s largest Plexiglas cylinder.
2000 Alligator area reform.
2001 The Discovery Tour starts operating. Creation of an enclosure with the placement of rhinoceros iguanas and Galapagos tortoises in them.
2004 Opening of the veterinary clinic “Villa Colina”.
2005 Creation of Kinderlandia entertainment center for children.
2006 The show with killer whales originates – “OrcaOcean” and educational.
2007 Construction of a large nursery for Loria parrots and their free flight.
2009 Creation of Katandra Treetops enclosures. Where you can hear the birds of Australia and Asia.
2018 Opening space with dwarf hippos
2018 The foundation of an aviary with lemurs

in Loro-Park in Loro-Park live in Loro-Park in Loro-Park. And the most numerous, of course, are parrots. The collection of parrots is approximately 4,000 individuals of more than 350 species. Other birds include flamingos, cranes, penguins and black swans.

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Photo: © Loro Parque

The mammal class includes chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, jaguars, lions, tigers, anteaters, sloths, red pandas, otters, capybaras, dolphins, sea lions and killer whales. Among the inhabitants of the water are sharks, numerous species of tropical fish, jellyfish, koi, catfish, rays and sea turtles. Reptiles are represented by crocodiles, iguanas and big cute Galapagos tortoises.

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Photo: © Loro Parque

Dining in Loro Parque

Inside the zoo, you can satisfy your hunger and replenish your energy from seven different bars and restaurants with different cuisines. Gourmet food, of course, is not worth waiting for, but a quick meal in a relaxed atmosphere and continue your journey completely.

Cafe bar “Thai”

Located at the exit of the zoo. An ideal place to discuss your visit and taste the best coffee and sweets.

Cafeteria “Vista Teide”

A place where you can pause your entertainment and order a light snack, while enjoying the beautiful view of the Teide volcano on sunny days.

Restaurant “Casa Pepe”

Pepe’s house offers you various Spanish snacks on the outdoor terrace with fresh air.

Bar Bambú

Close to Kinderlandia, in the area dedicated to children, you will find dishes for yourself and with a children’s menu adapted to taste and everything necessary for the little ones.

Restaurant “Choza de Los Duques”

“Choza de Los Duques” or Duke’s Hut – a self-service restaurant with 232 seats. Offers a wide variety of dishes.

Grill bar “Patio del Loro”

Will cook for you a delicious shish kebab and entrecote, as well as a variety of delicious grilled meat dishes.

Loritali Pizza

Italian restaurant and pizzeria where you can taste the best Pasta (pasta), pizza and much more, made from the highest quality dough with natural ingredients.

What you will find on the territory

Today you can see:

  • killer whales
  • fur seals
  • dolphins
  • 340 species of parrots (there are about 4000 in total)
  • 180 penguins (by the way, the penguinarium here is the largest in the world)
  • 15 thousand sea and river inhabitants from all over the world.
  • gorillas
  • giant tortoises
  • crocodiles
  • hippos
  • tigers

You will be amazed by the atmosphere of the entrance
Landscaping impresses with its beauty and originality.

The Thai village is the only complex of its kind in the world on such a scale. You will not be able to pass by it, since the entrance is located here. At the entrance, you seem to find yourself in Thailand – Thai-style houses, a picturesque lake, amazing and colorful landscapes lead to indescribable delight. By the way, koi-carps are even specially bred in the lake, which, according to Thai belief, bring long life and happiness. Here you will be met with an offer to visit the Discovery Tour in Russian.

Children will be delighted with the Kinderlandia playground. It was built in the style of an African village.

Everything here is impressive – scale, volume, beauty. Here you want to wander all day – so that not a single corner of this wonderful world remains unexplored.

How to get to Loro Parque

Order a private transfer

The zoo is located in the north of Tenerife in the city of Puerto de La Cruz. The distance from the southern resorts: Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje is about 70 km (1 hour 10 minutes) along the western part of the island, the road runs along the TF-1 highway, through mountains and settlements, with a slight serpentine.

Free of charge on the road tram

There are many ways to get there, it all depends on your choice. The cheapest option is on the free train, running only on the roads of the city of Puerto de la Cruz.

• From the Reyes Católicos stop to Loro Parque: Every 20 minutes. Start at 09:00 h. • From Loro Parque to Reyes Católicos: Every 20 min. Last train at 18:45, departure only.

By paid bus Loro Park

From the south by paid bus provided by the park itself in both directions. Price: adult 13.50 euros round trip, children (6-11 years old) 8 euros.

TITSA – Puerto Santiago Post 07:00 Best Tenerife 08:30 Jardines del Teide 08:00

stop TITSA Playa la Arena 07:00 Princesa Dácil 08:35 Comm. DUQUE Center (taxi) 08:00 Varadero 07:00 ISLA Bonita 08:05


stop TITSA Playa Paraíso 07:35 Bouganville 08:15 Bahía Princípe Costa Adeje 07:35 Olé Tropical (на кругу) 08:20 Банк Santander 08:25 Best Tenerife 08:30 Marola 08:30 Madrigueras (на углу) 08:30
  • Magma Arte & Congresos stop. (code 7944)
  • From the main station in Los Cristianos (code 7140)
  • The journey time in one direction is about 1 hour 41 minutes. Cost one way: €14.60 (cash), Bono Bus pass €9.60. You get to the bus station and then you can change to line 381 or walk 1.5 km (18 minutes).

    Individual transfer to Loro Parque

    The most convenient way to get there without tedious bus stops, and most importantly quickly, is to order a transfer to Loro Parque. You do not need to look at the navigator and drive a car during your vacation. Our air-conditioned car with a Russian-speaking driver will pick you up at any address and, after visiting the zoo, will take you back. You pay the road with waiting in both directions. During the trip, you can chat and find out any information about the island. If you have a desire to visit a local delicious restaurant with typical Canarian cuisine, then our local and Spanish-speaking person will advise you on the best choice and order of dishes. In addition, we suggest you take a sightseeing tour for a small fee to this transfer, for example, through the Teide volcano, with a visit to the best observation platforms.

    Transfer price

    From Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas and the next 20 km

    From 1 to 4 people – 100 euros for all 4 passengers (up to 5 hours of waiting included). From 5 to 8 people – 150 euros for all 8 passengers (up to 5 hours of waiting included).

    From Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago, Alcala, Abama

    From 1 to 4 people – 90 euros (5 hours incl.) price for all, not per person From 5 to 8 people – 140 euros (5 hours incl. .) price for all, not per person

    Check-in to the restaurant – (+15 euros to the total cost). Additional hour of waiting after 5 hours – (+ 15 euros) for each subsequent hour. Additional excursion: +40 euros to the transfer price for (1-4 people), + 60 euros for (5-8 people).

    Order a transfer to Tenerife

    By car

    If you rent a car, getting to Loro Park is not difficult. Moreover, you can order a navigator during the rental or, as another alternative, use your smartphone with Google maps. To do this, you need to connect an inexpensive Internet connection so as not to use expensive roaming tariffs. Probably offers the most affordable prices. If you don’t have either, then ask for a map of the island from the car rental company or take it to the hotel reception, there are no problems with them. The shortest route runs along the western part of the island, along the new TF-1 expressway, and averages about 70 km (1 hour 10 minutes). There are no toll roads on the island, and there are not so many roads, we are mostly confused by interchanges. On the roads closer to the park you will be warned by signs to Loro Parque.

    We offer you to rent a car from our website. Full insurance is included (without glasses), child seats, Russian-speaking employees, we deliver the car to the place and pick it up, a map of the island, a navigator. Rent a car


    Tenerife’s official taxi can be considered one of the most expensive offers to get to the park from Playa de Las Americas. Convenient only if you are near the zoo. The cost in one direction will come out to you about 100 euros and the same amount will have to be paid for the return, especially since the tariffs include paid waiting, if you agree with him to go back. Tariffs can be found on the page Taxi in Tenerife.


    Killer Whale Jump
    There have also been accidents that are still shrouded in mystery. All of them are connected with killer whales that attacked their trainers.

    In 2007, orca Tekoa almost drowned her trainer Claudia Wohlhardt. After this incident, the trainers did not work in the water with killer whales for more than 6 months, and Tekoa was suspended from work altogether.

    In the spring of 2009, the youngest killer whale Skyla dragged her pool coach and threw her overboard into the stands.

    The worst and most mysterious tragedy happened on Christmas Day 2009. Kyto – the largest individual (born 1995) allegedly dragged his trainer Alex Martinez to the bottom of the 12-meter pool and inflicted injuries incompatible with life. “Supposedly” – because the management officially declared this case an accident. However, the investigation and autopsy showed that the trainer’s body showed clear signs of an animal attack (multiple fractures, abrasions, etc.). The coach did not die immediately, but on the way to the hospital. It is also suspicious that relatives were informed about the incident only an hour after the tragedy. There is a whole series of articles on the Internet about this, but no one really knows what happened. But after this incident, trainers no longer work with killer whales in the water. 9,00 €

    Discovery tour is a group tour of Loro Parque, which will give you an idea about the inner life of animals, will reveal some curious secrets to you, for example: how much does a killer whale weigh? what do penguins eat? or: Why are some gorillas in groups bachelors? The behind-the-scenes tour runs daily, at different times, for 1 hour and 45 minutes, in Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch and Russian. Included in the “Premium” and “Diamont” packages, purchased separately for 7 euros for children and 10 euros for adults.

    “Premium” ticket – allows you to enjoy your visit to the zoo to the maximum using additional packages. Included for you: Discovery Tour (1 hour 45 minutes), a reserved seat for the performances, as well as meals at the Patio del Loro Grill (3 courses with a drink).

    “Diamond” ticket – packages included for you: Discovery Tour (1 hour 45 minutes), getting to know the animals as closely as possible, reserved VIP seats for the show with a detailed guide to the park, as well as meals at Brunelli’s restaurant Steakhouse with the best meat dishes and ocean views. To take full advantage of the package, you need to arrive before 09:45.

    If you purchase one of the packages, then you need to call +(34) 922-373-841 ext. 24 hours before arrival. 512/210 or email mail and warn about booking places on the show.

    Tickets on the official website

    Opening hours

    Loro Park is open daily, seven days a week:

    • park territory – from 09:30 to 17:30,
    • penguinarium – from 09:30 to 17:05,
    • aquarium — from 10:00 to 17:30.

    Schedule of shows held in the park:

    • parrot shows – 10:45, 12:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:45,
    • killer whale shows – 11:45, 15:15,
    • sea ​​lion show – 10:00, 11:00, 13:45, 14:30, 15:45,
    • dolphin show – 11:15, 13:00, 16:15,
    • screenings at Naturavision 3D cinema – 11 :45, 14:45, 17:15.

    © Loro Parque


    • The Zoo accepts debit cards and cash.
    • Free WiFi is available on site.
    • You are only allowed to smoke in designated areas.
    • It is not allowed to enter the territory of the zoo with pets.
    • If you lose any items, please contact the staff.
    • You can request a baby stroller, wheelchairs or a motorized car if you need it. The service is paid.
    • The cost of a baby stroller is 5 euros per day. A deposit of 30 euros is required, which is returned when the stroller is returned.
    • A wheelchair is provided free of charge, but a deposit of 30 euros is required. It is necessary to reserve in advance, 24 hours in advance, by phone +(34) 922-373-841. ext.331
    • Motorized car rental costs 14.30 euros/day with a deposit of 30€. You will be required to provide photographic documentation. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling +(34) 922-373-841. ext.331

    Enlarge map

    Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and glasses.

    Additional services

    Besides entertainment, the following additional services are traditionally in demand:

  • smoking areas,
  • rental of baby carriages,
  • rental of wheelchairs for the disabled,
  • photo services,
  • organization of birthday celebrations and other holidays, conferences and other events.
  • © Loro Parque

    Helpful Hints

    The park is located on a mountain, so you will have to go up and down the paths more than once or twice. Take care of good and comfortable shoes before the trip.

    Food on site is quite expensive. Take a couple of bottles of water with you, so as not to overpay at least for it. You can see the prices below.

    Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the show starts. If you come in 5 minutes, then at best you will watch the show standing up, and at worst you will stay behind the gates, since the number of spectators at each show is limited by the number of seats.

    It is better to approach killer whales 25-30 minutes before the start, as everyone goes to killer whales in the first place.

    Where to eat

    After intense walks, climbing rope ladders and squeals of joy under the splashes of water, you will inevitably want to eat. There are several cafes in the park that serve set meals. If you are traveling with a tour group, check if lunch is included in the price. Sometimes it is not included, but the guide on the spot orders set meals for those who wish (the group is served faster). Taking food with you from home is against the rules, but like in Siam Park, I did not see bags being checked. However, I wouldn’t risk it.

    Cafes in the park are different: pizza, hamburgers, typical Canarian food (simple but hearty like meat with baked potatoes). On average, lunch costs 9-15 EUR per person. Next to the dining area in the cafe there is a closed area with a house, where, in fact, the owners of the park, the Kisling family, live.

    Souvenir shop and goldfish

    At the exit, full of impressions, you can once again look into the gorilla enclosure. Surely at the very beginning you wanted to see “everything-for-everything” and missed these handsome men. Nearby there will be a typical Thai pond with goldfish. The fish are large and cast red-gold. In the center of the pond is a sculpture of a goldfish with an open mouth. They say that if you throw a coin and get into the mouth of a fish, then the wish will come true. Believe it or not, I got it and my wish came true that evening!

    There is a bell next to it, next to which there is an inscription saying that if you have done at least one good deed during the year, you can strike and your cherished wish will come true. Under the bell is a box where you can throw a coin if you wish. Well, many people hit the bell, but I myself didn’t find out about the box the first time :).

    Nearby is a museum of porcelain parrots and a gift shop. Parrots in porcelain after living and colorful, to be honest, I don’t really want to look. Although the statues themselves are beautiful.

    But the store is popular. Here you can buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and backpacks with the image of the inhabitants of the park. Plush dolphins, killer whales and other inhabitants of Loro Park are also sold at a cost of 9.95 euros. If you didn’t buy something, but left the park, it doesn’t matter. In Siam Park, the souvenir shop duplicates the assortment, and the penguin not bought in Loro Park is quite a reason to get acquainted with one of the most famous water amusement parks.


    Frankly speaking, Tenerife abounds in natural and zoological parks: Jungle Park with eagles, a small Monkey Park specializing in lemurs and monkeys, and Amazonia with hummingbirds.