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Nature of Tenerife

Macaronesia is the collective name given to five chains of islands situated in the west-central area of the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands are: the Azores, Madeira, the Selvagens, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.


Out of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife lends itself most to biological diversity, due to its unique climate and geography. There are many local weather conditions and micro-climates. The action of weather and erosion on the various volcanic rocks from which Tenerife is made also contributes to the presence of a wide range of soil types.


There is, therefore, much rich and varied vegetation on Tenerife, with up to 140 species of plant being endemic to this island only.


All these different factors contribute to the presence of many varied habitats in which widely differing types of plants and animals have thrived.


A heritage of 140 plant species that are exclusive to Tenerife gives the island the greatest wealth of endemic species in the whole of Macaronesia. The combined action of all the different weather-related agents on the variety of volcanic materials has also led to a wide range of soil types.


The influence of all these different factors has generated a whole variety of habitats that shelter many different communities of plants and animals, whose interactions constitute the outstanding ecosystems of Tenerife.


The vegetation of Tenerife can be divided into 6 major zones that are directly related to altitude and the direction in which they face.


LOWER XEROPHYLIC ZONE: 0 – 700m. Xerophytic shrubs that are well adapted to long dry spells, intense sunshine, and strong winds. Many endemic species. Spurges, cactus spurge, wax plants, etc.


THERMOPHILE FORESTS: 200 – 600 m. Transition zone. Moderate temperatures and rainfall. Area deteriorated by human activity. Many endemic species: Juniper, dragon trees, palm trees, etc.


LAUREL FOREST: 500 – 1000 m. Dense forest of large trees, descendants of the Tertiary Age flora, situated in a zone of frequent rainfall and mists. A wide variety of species with abundant undergrowth of bushes herbaceous plants and ferns. Laurels, holly, ebony, mahogany, etc.


WAX MYRTLE – TREE HEATH: 1000 – 1500 m. A dryer vegetation, poorer in species. It replaces the degraded laurel forest. Of great forestry importance. Wax myrtles, tree heath, holly, etc.


PINE FOREST: 800 – 2000 m. Open pine forest, with thin and unvaried undergrowth. Canary Island pine, broom, rock rose, etc.


HIGH MOUNTAIN: over 2000 m. Dry climate, intense solar radiation, and extreme temperatures. Flora well adapted to the conditions. Endemic species of great scientific importance and beauty. Vipers bugloss, Teide white broom, Teide violet, etc.


The fauna of the island is also highly interesting, with many endemic invertebrates and unique reptile, bird, and mammal species. The fauna of Tenerife includes some 400 species of fish, 56 birds, 5 reptiles, 2 amphibians, 13 land mammals, and several thousand invertebrates, along with several species of marine turtles, whales, and dolphins. Altogether, the island provides ideal conditions for a close to nature healthy life.

Things to do in Tenerife, amazing routes for nature lovers

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Are you ready for your next trip to Tenerife? This beautiful island hides many treasures that make it truly unique: volcanic terrain, rock pools, hidden beaches, traditional food; in addition to a vast array of natural wonders which are the main attraction for nature lovers. Tenerife is famous for being a region dominated by rocky formations, Canarian pine trees and contrasting landscapes that range from dry zones to vibrant greenery, populated by vineyards and native fauna.

We understand how much you would love to lose yourself in this island’s lush greenery. For this reason, if you are looking for things to do in Tenerife, take a look at the list we have created so you can enjoy these Atlantic wonders with your family, partner or friends. You can only fully appreciate a destination on foot and so, with this being said, we urge you to come and explore every single part of Tenerife.

  • The Territorio Antiguo. This is one of the most enchanting trips to do in Tenerife. This magical oasis combines two of Tenerife’s largest volcanoes, Taco and Trevejo, with the incredible Los Gigantes, Masca and Carrizales cliffs. This beautiful combination is the best display of what this volcanic island used to be like. If you want to travel back to thousands of years ago and discover the volcanic landscapes surrounded by the sea, we recommend putting a day aside to visit this natural wonder in the northeast of the island.
  • Chinyero. This mountain is perfect for discovering with your family. The Chinyero Special Natural Reserve extends over 2,000 hectares and is an ideal spot for exploring nature on an easy trip with your children as it lasts no more than an hour and a half.
  • The two valleys. This is yet another natural wonder, a place to take in some fresh air amongst the mountains. The Güímar and Orotava valleys offer incredible views of the island’s volcanic formations, whilst, at the same time, offering the best lookout points of Tenerife. What makes these valleys stand out most is the way they differ, like the different sides of a coin… For example, the La Oratava valley is humid and smooth, allowing a vast array of fauna to reside there, from valley to valley. Its gravitational slide is worth a special visit.
  • Mount Guajara. You can go on a trip to this mountain through the Teide National Park which climbs to 2,715m high until it arrives to Mount Guajara, the third highest peak in the park and that which was used as an observatory for the astronomist Jean Mascart when he studied the Halley comet in 1910.
  • Teide. This is the crown jewel of the island and one of the best things to do in Tenerife, in addition to being one of the most difficult challenges for hikers. Located in its namesake National Park and reaching an altitude of 3,718, this volcano boasts the highest peak in Spain and the third highest in the world. It has been declared a World Heritage Site and, in order to climb it, you need to obtain special permission from the National Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy incredible views of it from the cable car that runs from the foot of this mountain to La Rambleta, a plain that sits at 3,500m, very close by the Altavista mountain hostel.

Are you all set for your trip? Fall in love with Tenerife by hiking its stunning trails and be amazed by the unique charm of its volcanoes.

Are you considering where to stay? Bahia Principe Sunlight Tenerife is an ideal option to go with friends or family. It is located in the south of the island, in Costa Adeje, a perfect area to give your trip that balance between relaxation and summer rhythm; you can take pleasant walks through lively areas and discover different entertainment options.

Do you want to know more about the hotel? watch the following video 😉

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