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 Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife sightseeing map: The page you’re looking for isn’t here

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Interactive Map of Tenerife – Search Touristic Sights. Hiking and Biking Routes

Printable maps of Tenerife

Interactive maps of hiking and biking routes around Tenerife

1. You can zoom in/out using your mouse wheel, as well as move the map of Tenerife with your mouse.

2. This interactive map presents two modes: ‘Biking Routes’ and ‘Hiking Routes’. Use the ‘+’ button on the map to switch between them.

Railway and landscape maps of Tenerife area

This Tenerife map has two modes: ‘Railway Network’ and ‘Landscape & Rural Map’. Use the ‘+’ button on the map to navigate.

Tenerife – guide chapters

City tours, excursions and tickets in Tenerife and surroundings

Spain – moving around the country

There are about 40 airports in Spain. The largest air harbor is the airport in Catalonia called “Barcelona”. This airport has a traffic of about 50 million people a year. It operates in areas within the country. There are also a number of international flights. “Barcelona” also accepts cargo shipments. Free buses run between the terminals. A special underground electric train also operates to transport passengers. The airport has a variety of restaurants and cafes, lounges, offices of international and state banks, shops and souvenir shops within its territory. You can get to the capital by using a shuttle bus, taxi or the subway.
… Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Spain

These days, Valencia welcomes no less beautiful holiday, the festival of Fire. A ritual procession bring flowers to the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary. A huge panel of bouquets is made. After that, the holiday begins. Two weeks after Easter,  a large agricultural fair takes place in Seville. It turns a city into a real celebration of Andalusian culture. The famous flamenco music sounds all nights long. Dancers wearing national costumes come out to the streets; sounds of castanets are heard everywhere. A corrida, which gathers the mightiest matadors of the world, takes place these days. Barcelona celebrates the day of San Jordi on April, 23. A theatrical battle with dragons is performed on the streets. After that, it is customary to give bouquets of red roses to all women, whether you know them or not.
… Open

Photogallery of Tenerife sights

Our guide to Tenerife

Travel guide to Tenerife

Tenerife can boast an incredibly beautiful coniferous wood Esperanza. You can admire its beautiful cedars, eucalyptus, and unique Canarian pine, which is found nowhere else in the world. Walking there is a real recreational event since the air is saturated with eucalyptus vapors and other rare components. The abundance of caves is a distinctive feature of Tenerife. The Wind Cave is the largest in Europe and the … Open

Best beaches

Beach leisure fans will be happy to know that all beaches of Tenerife are municipal. Even if there’s a luxurious hotel near, its beach is open for public access. Extra fee may be charged for beach equipment or showers. The best known and the most beautiful beach of the island is Las Teresitas situated in the city of Santa Cruz. It’s hard to believe that this picturesque and elegant beach is a man-made one; it … Open

Advices for travellers

4. The official language is Spanish; many local people are also fluent in English. You should definitely learn a few simple phrases in the local language to show respect for local traditions and culture; this will be appreciated by locals. 5. Mains voltage is 220 V, in some small hotels current can be variable. You may need adapters and connectors for some electrical appliances; you can buy them at any local … Open

Traditions and mentality of Tenerife

The end of the Carnival is very amazing and heart-stirring. The last day of the festival is called ‘The funeral of sardines.’ The huge figure of fish made ​​of papier-mache is burned on one of the city squares; the process is accompanied by the loud cry of local residents and visitors of the Carnival. This comical and touching ritual signals the end of the Carnival, but the next day locals begin … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Rather unusual and interesting treat is salmorejo; this dish is prepared of rabbit complemented with a generous side dish of boiled potatoes. It’s worth to tell a few words about this vegetable. It it is grown on local plantations in large quantities; culinary connoisseurs say that the local potato has a superb taste, so simple and affordable dishes of it are very popular among tourists. Gourmets have to … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Travelers shouldn’t limit the program of Tenerife vacations by staying at local beaches and hiking, as there is a tremendous amount of interesting entertainment options on the island. In Adeje there is a famous Siam Park water park decorated in Thai style. It is ready to offer visitors a wide choice of entertainment including beautiful pools with an abundance of water attractions, an interesting floating … Open

Interactive maps of Tenerife neighbours

Maps of Canary Islands

Maps of Puerto de la Cruz

Maps of Adeje

Maps of Los Gigantes

Maps of Playa de las Americas

Maps of La Gomera – online travel reservation expert providing reliable car rental and hotel booking services. We feature more than 25.000 destinations with 12.000 rental offices and 200.000 hotels worldwide.

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Tenerife: Tourist Map – Road Map – Tourist Information – Dagenhardt, Frank; Moreno, Jose; Dufresne, Bill

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    90,000 map of attractions of the capital Tenerife-Santa Curus-de-Tenerife

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      Coat of arms

      Map of attractions in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

      The capital of the island of Tenerife is a lively city and at the same time a developed tourist center – Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

      Santa Cruz de Tenerife acquired the status of an important port city in Spain during the time of the conquistadors. Today it is a link connecting many trade routes between Africa, Europe and America. The first settlements in these territories appeared in the 15th-16th centuries. Quite quickly, Santa Cruz grew from a small Spanish settlement into a modern capital with its wide squares and busy avenues.

      The main attractions of the city are concentrated near the Plaza de España. Among these, one can single out a memorial erected in honor of the numerous victims of the Civil War. Immediately nearby is the ancient church of St. Francis of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

      Square: 150.56 km²

      Population: 221 567 people

      Housing zone: UTC0, in the summer of UTC+1

      Videos about Sante-Crushed de-Tenerife

      Photos of Santy-Crucia-de-teenerife
















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      Nice little town with great shopping and great atmosphere. Positive in everything. No parking in the yards, residents’ cars in the underground garages of the residents. Low speed trams. Troubles with parking due to tourists.

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            La -Oorotava – Teneerifa – Rain. map, sights and time travel to colonial times.

            Walking through the streets of La Orotava can be a bit uphill.


            Colonial city

            There is probably no place where one could feel the spirit of colonial times better. Orotava is a colonial city. The streets we walk slowly look almost like movie sets that will be banned for actors dressed as Spanish colonizers. It seems that time has not begun here since the eighteenth century. It is worth surrendering to this atmosphere and climate. It is worth slowing down just for those who here do not want to take quick steps forward. It is worth allowing a slow walk … although often a slow walk forces the street itself. The streets in this city sometimes rise so steeply that they can compete with the Bieszczady trails.
            Do not explore La Orotavi, walk with her !
            Go and go wherever you want. Stop, sit down, have a coffee. Do not rush.
            Spend some time here.

            Location of La Orotava on the map of Tenerife. La Orotava, Tenerife.

            Casa de los Balcones and other colonial residences

            The city is filled with beautifully preserved colonial residences of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. The Balcony House is generally considered the most interesting of them ( Casa de los Balcones ). From the outside it does not make a big impression, but the soul is hidden inside. Make sure you go there.
            Although I speak and write less about other residences, I must admit that each of them is impressive, especially when it’s time to take a closer look from the inside. And it probably doesn’t make sense to mention them by name… just walk around and watch. You will definitely meet them!

            Casa de los Balcones, GPS coordinates:
            28°23’18.0″N 16°31’33.2″W
            28.388343, -16.525878 – click and get directions -Orota

            Victoria Gardens

            Walking the streets of La Orotava, do not forget to visit Victoria Gardens Designed in the nineteenth century with an eclectic garden. Visitors are surprised by the unique accuracy and attention to the smallest details. The garden is shaped like a stepped slope, with intertwining fountains and colorful flower carpets. The top of the garden offers a unique view of the historic center of La Orotava.
            Entrance to the garden is free.

            Victoria Gardens, GPS coordinates:
            28°23’23.5″N 16°31’21.8″W
            28.389870, -16.522717 – click and get directions

            Gihuela del Botanico

            This is a small botanical garden in the form of an enclosed square. It is located just 100 m from Casa de los Balcones and in it you can see up close and without crowds and even touch the rather large size Dragon Tree ????

            Hihula del Botaniko, Coordinates GPS:
            28 ° 23’20.3 ″ N 16 ° 31’27.7 ″ W
            28.388973, -16.524369 – CARE

            LAS -AROROTA0031 Below is a map with four attractions of the city:

            1. Casa de los Balcones
            2. Constitution Square
            3. Victoria Gardens
            4. Gihuela del Botanico.

            All others in between. Walking between these points, you will come across other interesting places in the city.
            You can open the next walking route directly on Google Map (you can zoom in, edit or just launch in phone navigation) by clicking on: link to the walking route around La Orotava – [click] .

            La Orotava – walking map of La Orotava, Tenerife.

            Useful GPS Coordinates

            Car Park P1 – La Orotawa – Parking at Casa de los Balcones, GPS:
            28°23’25.8″N 16°31’28.7″W
            28.390495, -16.524633 – click and get directions

            Parking P2 – La OROTAWA – Central Parking, GPS:
            28 ° 23’18.0 ″ N 16 ° 31’35.3 ″ W
            28°23’26.6″N 16°31’23.5″W
            28.390729, -16.523184 – click and get directions

            Tenerife – tourist attractions

            There are several more tourist attractions in Tenerife’s blog. I grouped them into one category: Teneryfa .