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Tenerife theme parks and waterparks: Theme Parks in Tenerife | TripsPoint

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Theme Parks in Tenerife | TripsPoint

Over the years theme parks in Tenerife converted the island to a world-class tourist attraction centre. Despite Tenerife is an island it got a wide variety of forests, beaches, mountains, jungle and several climate zones which attracts the tourists from all over the world. There is also Jungle Park in Tenerife where you can enjoy birds of prey shows. So Tenerife got several theme parks in place. Each park in Tenerife got its main subject it wants to communicate the visitors. Most of the parks want to show the beauty part of Tenerife as well as entertain the tourists. To amusement there a quite number of theme parks in Tenerife. Visiting a theme park while in Tenerife is a must do activity or excursion.  Tenerife theme parks have a well-planned timetable – the time set by the park management is enough. The parks are world class level and meets all the standards required in the amusement industry.



Loro Parque theme park is Nr1 Zoo in the World

This park shows the beauty of marine animals as well as wild animals. It is a world class park known for its ability to show all kind of animals. It is Adventure Park where you will have fun and excitement. Starting with the marine animal, Loro Park gives to see the killer whale shows at Orca Ocean. You spend adequate time and get to know whales at this theme park.

Loro Park is well known for its unique and with outstanding beauty gardens it owns. It has been awarded a certificate of Animal Embassy for creating a zoological garden for animals. Moreover – Loro Parque is the first park in the world to be awarded such certificate. This zoological garden is a world-class garden with excellent facilities and installation as well as outstanding beauty.

Situated in Puerto de La Cruz with lush tropical climate which’s more humid and so different from the dry sunny South of the island, Loro Parque created perfect conditions for every kind of animal it hosts. This required tens of millions euros to invest and the most advanced modern technologies to create a special environment replicating natural habitat for each kind of animal living there. All these huge modern installations are placed underground and not visible to animals and visitors. You can visit them joining Loro Parque Discovery Tour right after you entered the park – it cost a few extra euros and not included to the entry ticket, but it really worthy to do. Loro Parque is a pearl of theme parks in Tenerife.

The park as designed a village resembling that of Africans. Mostly this place is ideal for young children, the village is a resemblance of huts where children can climb and have fun. There is a snake slide where you can slither. This jungle experience as hanging bridges where you swing and have fun. Loro Parque is full of enjoyment. When you book your vacation plan your visit to this amusement theme park and expect to learn so much here from marine, jungle and wild animals.

Planning your visit to Loro Parque, remember some requirements – make early booking, children must be accompanied by adults, drinks and food are not allowed to bring with you and not included to a normal entry ticket. There are a few cafeterias and restaurants in this theme park territory.

Loro Parque accommodates everyone from the young to the old and is opened all the days from 8:30 AM to 6:45 PM. Because the Loro Parque location and it’s very popular you have to plan your visit in advance. If you stay in Puerto de La Cruz – then just take a taxi or free whee-train starting from the centre of the town every 30 minutes. If you stay in Tenerife South (Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, Las Americas) then book Loro Parque Express bus day tour that includes express transfers and entry tickets. If you stay in Los Gigantes area (Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago, Alcala, Abama) then book Loro Parque Express day tour from Los Gigantes. If you stay in other resorts of the South like Callao Salvaje, Playa Paraiso, La Caleta, Las Galletas, Costa del Silencio, Golf del Sur or El Medano, then book Loro Parque Standard bus day tour. Staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna or other towns of the North you will have to rent a car or use public buses, or taxi to get to this theme park in Puerto de La Cruz.


Siam Park – biggest water park in Tenerife and Europe

If you want to discover the thrilling and extensive water park in Tenerife this park suite you. Siam came to operation 2008 and for years now has been a centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world. This theme park features are water slides, wave pool and a river flowing in slow motions this just a few to me as there is more other attraction to this park.


Siam Park allows all age of people from young to the oldest. It has attractive features for everybody. After you get your admission to the park there are quite a number of things you will see. Some of them include; sea lion island, jungle snake, Siam beach, cabanas, champagne club, Naga racer, tower of power, the powerful Singha and so many other exciting things.

This theme park is located on the South of Tenerife Island and the park has the most spectacular water attractions in Europe. The park features a Siamese theme. The park was opened by her Thailand prince and Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.


As in all theme parks in Tenerife there are some requirement to enter the Siam Park – children under 18 year’s age should be accompanied by an adult; Siam park officials my request you documents to verify age and identity; drinks and food are allowed to bring with you; Villas, Bali beds and Cabanas must be booked far in advance.


It is recommendable you make an early booking with the park and confirm your place is reserved to avoid last minute rush or frustrations. As there is tour grade in this park make chose yours. Once in the park make use of all your time to explore the park and you will enjoy and have fun.

Siam Park is opened from 9:00 AM till 5:30 PM all the days. To get to Siam Park from Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Costa Adeje you can use the park’s free bus coursing every 30 minutes and stopping at certain collection points in these resorts (ask your hotel reception where’s the closest one). If you stay in or nearby Puerto de La Cruz the best option is to book Siam Park entry tickets with bus transfer from the North. If your hotel is located in Los Gigantes area (Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago, Alcala, Abama, Callao Salvaje or Playa Paraiso) then you must book the Siam Park day tour with transfers from Los Gigantes area.


Jungle Park – a theme park that combine zoo and botanical garden

If you love to travel in the jungle while watching wild animals this park is best for you while in Tenerife. In this jungle park, you will see over 500 animals as well as experience the jungle climate and conditions. You will walk around having a closer look at white lions, tigers and many more. This park will give you a chance to ride the toboggan run and watch bird of prey show. The park caters for lunch and other drinks although will have to buy.

This theme park is hosts the largest piece of tropical jungle in Europe. There are waterfalls bridges and a large wide range of fauna and flora found in the natural settings as well as caves and lakes. The park is known for its animals like the white lion, tigers, gibbons, orangutangs, penguins, red pandas and a variety of birds. This park gives one a memory of all kinds of animals rarely from in other parks.

Visiting Jungle Park kids have to be accompanied by adults and drinks and meals are available  in its restaurant. Having entry tickets you will have 8 hours in the park so you have time to enjoy as much as you like. As all the theme parks in Tenerife the Jungle Park is opened daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Aqualand theme park in Costa Adeje – the best water park option for kids in Tenerife

This park gives one an experience to see dolphins interact with the trainers. There is a quite big and well maintained dolphinarium in the park. The dolphins in this park do shows jumping, dancing and moving around the water with the trainers. It is an enjoyable experience to watch around the park. For now, 15 dolphins have been born in this theme park in its closed environment. This experience to watch dolphins interact with human being is awesome. Visit the park with your small kids.

There are many attractions in the Aqualand park like water slides, waterfalls, a huge volcano, and hydro-massage showers, huge Jacuzzi heated by the natural sun, greenery or outdoor spa. If you have your kids with you they will play in the water playground and there are experienced lifeguards to watch over them.

The park is opened from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from September to June while during the hot month of July to August from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This gives one enough time to explore the park and have maximum fun in this theme park. Food and drinks are available but you will buy and also lockers to put your stuff but you pay.


Forestal Park – a theme park in Tenerife for those who love spend time actively

You love hiking and feel yourself a Tarzan, so the Forestal Park is one of theme parks in Tenerife which is right for you. In this theme park, you will have a chance to swing along the high rope while you fly on the giant zip line and it is an experience most of the tourist love about forest park in Tenerife. You don’t require any experience to have done, but safety directions are given as you start.

The main theme of this park in Tenerife is to experience the swing along the tress. It is safe as there are officials to assist you. It is 4 hours navigation through the trees as you take zip wires, Tarzan swings and rope swings. There are obstacles, but you will cross them as you navigate in the high placed ropes. All matters of safety are sorted by the instructors to make your experience in this park enjoyable.

Arrive to the Forestal Park in time so paperwork will be sorted out early enough. Pay attention to the safety briefing and be dressed according to the weather – have shoes with proper grips. No sandals or slip off shoes. There is parking on the site of the theme park with a space enough for everyone. Phones and camera are permitted in the park also. The park doesn’t take liability for any item that is lost or damaged in the park. It is advisable you don’t carry valuable items to the park.


Monkey Park – the smallest animal theme park in the world

Situated by Los Cristianos it’s really small and cozy zoo specialized on different species of monkeys. You can get to this theme park by taxi or rented car only, because no public transport getting you there and no transfer service offered by park. Monkey Park is nice experience for children – they even can touch and play with some monkeys there.

Monkey Park open its doors daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


In Tenerife, there are theme parks to suit every preference. The parks like Loro Parque and Siam Park are world class theme parks to make your vacation holiday memorable and enjoyable. To make a booking it is easy as it is available online. Reserve your place today and make all arrangement in advance. Inquire more with the park office to be certain you have made the right choice of the park to visit. If you are looking to more tours and activities to do along your holiday in Tenerife, please, visit our blog Things to do in Tenerife.

5 Best Tenerife Theme Parks | Amusement Parks

Top Amusement Parks in Tenerife

Apart from the beautiful natural display of forests, beaches, mountains and jungles of Tenerife, the Island has posed to be a world – class tourist attraction center with a variety of theme parks that beautifies every bit of the city. Some of them includes Siam Park‚ ARTlandya‚ Bubble Soccer Tenerife‚ Costa Martinez and many more. The entry tickets of these theme parks and amusement centers in Tenerife has been provided by TripIndicator after comparing prices from top ticket suppliers and checking up on quality features they possess.

More fun – filled activities lies on water by booking Tenerife cruise and boat tours to see more of seashore attractions like Playa de las Teresitas‚ Playa la Tejita‚ Playa de los Gigantes‚ Playa Jardin‚ Puerto de la Cruz and lots more. And also take your family on Tenerife water sports activities like swimming, surfing, canoeing, and lots more. To see more of Tenerife main attractions like Mount Teide National Park‚ Siam Park‚ Head to the beaches‚ Whale and Dolphin Watching‚ etc. Book the best Tenerife hop on hop off bus tours which include audio guides and unlimited stops round the city.

Let your kids explore the city with the numerous kids’ activities in Tenerife. Keep them entertained and let them have fun in their own way. Furthermore, move closer to attractions, discover hidden gems and take photos by joining a local guide on Tenerife walking tours, an experience for you and your family not to miss. Moreover, have bites and drink wines of the Island’s locals by going on Tenerife food tours. There are other free things to do in Tenerife if you are a budget traveler or you want to have savings as well as have fun.

Best Tenerife Theme Parks Price

“Pyramids of Güímar Admission PREMIUM Ticket” €18
Pyramids of Güímar SIMPLE Ticket €12. 5
Skip the Line: Jungle Park Tenerife Entrance Ticket €30
All Day Entrance to Siam Park in Tenerife €64.99
Aqualand Costa Adeje – Ticket €31
Skip the Line Siam Park Direct Ticket €38
Skip the Line: Artlandya Admission Ticket in Tenerife €10

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