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The tower of power siam park: Tower of Power – Siam Park

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tower of power siam park



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That’s Wild!

If you like adrenaline, you cannot miss it! In this water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays. #siampark #siamwaterpark #tenerife #spaon #scariestwaterslide #highestwaterslide #viraltiktok #fyp #viraltiktok #fyp #fypシ

187K Likes, 5.1K Comments. TikTok video from That’s Wild! (@.thats_wild): “If you like adrenaline, you cannot miss it! In this water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays. #siampark #siamwaterpark #tenerife #spaon #scariestwaterslide #highestwaterslide #viraltiktok #fyp #viraltiktok #fyp #fypシ”. Would you dare ride this insane water slide?? 😱 | 📸-amusementforce (yt). original sound.


original sound – That’s Wild!



📍Siam Park Tower Of Power. Nearly fell forward ahaha

TikTok video from قصدك (@oscarsweiss): “📍Siam Park Tower Of Power. Nearly fell forward ahaha”. original sound.


original sound – قصدك



water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays. #siampark #towerofpower #tenerife #spain #holiday #girlstrip

212K Likes, 2. 4K Comments. TikTok video from thv (@user137783899188929): “water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays. #siampark #towerofpower #tenerife #spain #holiday #girlstrip”. The money will return
but I’ll never be 26 and
sliding on the tower of power in tenerife again.. Somewhere Only We Know.


Somewhere Only We Know – 𓆩♡𓆪


Camilla Nakling

This Terrifying Waterslide in Tenerife Goes Through a Shark Tank🦈 #waterslide #siampark #tenerife #ariel #lifeundersea #waterpark #slide #adrenalin #rush #towerofpower #hollyday #fun

255 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from Camilla Nakling (@naklingcamilla): “This Terrifying Waterslide in Tenerife Goes Through a Shark Tank🦈 #waterslide #siampark #tenerife #ariel #lifeundersea #waterpark #slide #adrenalin #rush #towerofpower #hollyday #fun”. Under The Sea.


Under The Sea – The Main Street Band & Orchestra



scarred for life #siampark #towerofpower

TikTok video from RTB🧿🤍 (@rosietaylor.x): “scarred for life #siampark #towerofpower”. ‘Mum im to scared to go on the water slides’ | me ten seconds later after the most traumatic slide of my life . government h00ker.


government h00ker – charlotte 🚲


Irina Sandu

#siampark #towerofpower #tenerife “If you like adrenaline, you cannot miss it! In this water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays.

TikTok video from Irina Sandu (@irinaasandu): “#siampark #towerofpower #tenerife “If you like adrenaline, you cannot miss it! In this water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays.””. original sound.


original sound – Better Together



Terrifying… but I had to see the bet through with my niece. I did it 💪🏼 #siampark #towerofpower #nevertooold #fyp

TikTok video from SamAndMilo (@lisamariemassicks): “Terrifying… but I had to see the bet through with my niece. I did it 💪🏼 #siampark #towerofpower #nevertooold #fyp”. Tower of Power 💪🏼. Lights.


Lights – Em1r


Siam Park

Tower of Power or The Giant? 🤩 #siampark #siamparktenerife #tenerife

1. 1K Likes, 57 Comments. TikTok video from Siam Park (@siampark_oficial): “Tower of Power or The Giant? 🤩 #siampark #siamparktenerife #tenerife”. in heat..


in heat. – Hentai Xander

Gold Sweet Ride – Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

The Gold Sweet Ride is a High-End kart in Mario Kart Tour. It was introduced in the Battle Tour. As the name simply indicates, the kart is a gold variant of the Sweet Ride, including the tires. Unlike the Sweet Ride, this kart increases the duration of Jump Boosts and the number of points earned for performing a Jump Boost.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホイップゴールド
Hoippu Gōrudo
Whip Gold
Chinese (Simplified) 金色鲜奶油
Jīnsè Xiān Nǎiyóu
Golden Cream
Chinese (Traditional) 金色鮮奶油
Jīnsè Xiān Nǎiyóu
Golden Cream
French Poche-à-roulettes d’or Golden Sweet Ride
German Gold-Süße-Sahne Gold Sweet Ride
Italian Scat-à-poche dorata Golden Sweet Ride
Korean 골드휩
Goldeu Hwib
Gold Whip
Portuguese Confeitauto ouro Gold Sweet Ride
Spanish Mangólido dorado Golden Sweet Ride


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NATO Air Base Installs Digital Air Traffic Control Tower from Saab

Thu, 6 October 2022

The first digital air traffic control tower is
now live and in operation at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen in

The base is equipped with a Saab r-TWR system, the
first military digital tower solution fully operational in NATO.

NATOs main operation base for its Boeing E-3A
airborne early warning and control system fleet in Geilenkirchen,
Germany will be using the Saab r- TWR in all weather conditions.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Control Tower

The solution, which is certified by the the German
Military Aviation Authority (LufABw), will service the complex military airbase with aircraft
types ranging from fighter jets to helicopters.

This is an important milestone for Saab going
operational with the digital air traffic solution within the
military domain. The digital tower provides a flexible and
scalable solution that is proven to be suitable for military
airbases as well as civilian airports of all sizes, said Per Ahl,
CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS).

The digital tower technology consists of a well-proven system
operated from a control room at the airbase. This includes sound
reproduction, high-definition cameras mounted on the mast to
capture a 360-degree view of the airfield and pan-tilt-zoom


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Stephanie Tully Appointed CEO of Jetstar; Markus Svensson Named as Chief Customer Officer 
Aeroflot to Resume Flights to Bangkok, Colombo and Goa 
Cameron Cundle Moves to China as General Manager of The Peninsula Beijing 
NATO Air Base Installs Digital Air Traffic Control Tower from Saab 
Marriott Signs Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Wuhan, China 
China Airlines to Launch Flights to Danang, Vietnam 
New Features Added to myCWT Platform 
Scoot Continues to Expand Regional Network 
SITA and Versa Networks Launch SD-WAN Solution Connect Go 
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US Army Orders Two More Boeing CH-47F Block II Chinook Helicopters 
Scoot and Singapore Airlines Unveil Network Expansion Plans 
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New Zealand Millennium Cup Opens Race to Multihulls of 18+ Metres 
British Airways to Resume Double Daily Flights to Singapore in November 
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Hotels: ADR, OR and RevPAR Trending Higher in All Asia Pacific Markets 
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New Japanese Airline Signs 10-Year GMA with ATR 
Thai Airways Unveils Winter 22/23 Flight Plan 
Marriott Unveils Plan to Add 5,000+ Rooms in Middle East by End-2023 
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Sihot Appoints Diogo Llorente as COO and Michael Wernet as Head of Operations 
Royal Huisman Unveils Wing 100 Megayacht 
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Asia Pacific Airlines Report 528.8% Rise in July Traffic 
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Siam Park is the largest amusement park in Bangkok.


Category: Active rest, Excursions

Tags: bangkok, water park, entertainment, siam park

Siam Park is the largest amusement park in Bangkok.

This park is a real entertainment complex, consisting of an amusement park and an aqua park.
The entrance area is decorated in the form of an original fairy-tale castle, consisting of seven towers painted in bright colors. Here you can get acquainted with the kittens Si and Am, who are the owners of the amusement park, escorting guests to the rides they are interested in.

Not only adults, but also children of all ages can easily find an exciting activity here.

In 2009, Siam Park was included in the Guinness Book of Records, the reason for this was the opening of the world’s largest swimming pool, which creates artificial waves. The pool area reaches 13.600 m², and the force of the waves does not leave anyone indifferent absolutely.

Siam Park evokes extremely positive emotions. And to make it easier for guests to navigate and choose entertainment to their liking, the entire territory is divided into several recreation areas:
Water Park ;
Extreme X-Zone ;
◾ and also three children’s sectors SmallWorld, FantasyWorld and FamilyWorld.

Water Park

This is where the wave pool is located. Water Park sector, i.e. the water park consists of numerous slides for every taste: there are gentle slides, and very steep and high ones.

Also on the territory of the water park, literally at every step you can find pools of various depths and sizes, as well as a calm river, near which you can either give yourself into the hands of a massage therapist, or just relax in a comfortable sun lounger.

Those who like to tickle their nerves are invited to go down the three-story “Super Spiral”, and those who appreciate peace can enjoy the numerous jacuzzis and spas.

It is almost impossible to get hungry or be left without the necessary purchases in the water park, because the inexpensive shopping center “Clubny Dom” is waiting for its customers here.


Vortex Bangkok X-Zone is located in the center of the Siam Park entertainment complex.

The Vortex attraction deserves the most attention here. In fact, this is a rollercoaster familiar to everyone, but their length reaches a record 765 meters.

At the same time, the highest point is 33 meters, which is higher than a nine-story building. On the descent from there, the speed is more than 80 km / h.

In addition, Vortex is replete with spirals, rings, ascents and descents of various steepness.

Among other attractions, the following are also worthy of attention:
◾Aladin, which will allow you to fulfill your fairy-tale dream – flying on a real magic carpet;
◾Giant Drop, where you can feel the impression of a free fall from a height of 75 meters, sitting on a special bench;
◾Log Flume, where passengers sitting in a large barrel descend on the original bobsleigh, which consists not only of water slides, but also sections of ascent.

Also in the X-Zone sector is the Siam Park Tower, the height of which is 100 m.

Small World, Dream World and Family World Sectors

Siam Park Bangkok – These are the sectors of the realm of family holidays. Therefore, all conditions for the leisure of children of any age, including the smallest, are created here.

They have swings, slides and carousels of various types, decorated with fabulous animals and popular cartoon characters. At the same time, their design is so interesting that a rare adult refuses to keep his child company while skiing.

In the family zone there is a fascinating attraction “Long Canal”, riding along which you can not only enjoy fast swimming, but also get a boost of energy from numerous splashes.

Jurassic Adventure

Thematic mini-parks arouse inexhaustible interest among visitors, among which Jurassic Adventure Park, a real Jurassic Park, occupies a special place. Literally under every bush and tree of the ancient jungle, you can meet dinosaurs that have died out for millions of years, meeting guests with eerie sounds and frightening movements.

Jurassic Adventure offers jeeps that take you to the Dinotopia Dinosaur Museum.

Africa Adventure

Africa Adventure Siam ParkAfrica Adventure Mini Park invites you to admire the animated King Kong, and then take a boat or train journey through the African jungle and the world of waterfalls.

Here guests can get acquainted with very colorful aborigines and no less interesting fauna of Africa. Since the journey is very exciting and rarely ends quickly, the restaurant “Sally” is always open for visitors.

Opening hours and admission fees

Siam Park in Bangkok is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

The system for selling entrance tickets provides for payment in two ways: by subscription or one-time.

Subscription is beneficial in that it allows you to pay for a visit at once for a whole month, which is much cheaper on average. At the same time, it is possible to pay either for visiting only one water park, or for all attractions at once.

For tourists, it is more convenient to buy a one-time ticket, which allows access to all attractions.

Adult ticket costs $30, child ticket is $25.

An interesting feature is the division into “adults” and “children” based on height. So, if a visitor has a height of up to 130 cm, then he is considered a child. If higher, then adults. For the water park, there is one feature: if the height of the child does not exceed 100 cm, then he can go for free.

Siam Park entrance fee includes buffet meals. In the service pavilions, you can get both soups and main courses: rice, potatoes, etc. Desserts include salads and fruits.

In addition, a visit to Siam Park is often included in the list of services provided by travel companies to organize leisure activities for tourists. For example, you can book a tour as part of a group. This is a very profitable option, since at a cost of about $35, the group transfer will be free.

How to get to Siam Park?!

The special feature of Siam Park is its location. In fact, it is not located in Bangkok itself, but beyond its outskirts. Therefore, it is most convenient to get there by a local taxi, for the services of which you will have to pay from 200 to 300 baht if you go from the center.

However, public transport is also available. The amusement park is served by buses 60, 71, 96, 115, 168 and 519.

A bus ticket is several times cheaper than a taxi. The fare must be paid by the conductor. In addition, the conductor can be asked to indicate the desired stop.

The language barrier is not a problem here, since all the conductors are well aware of the needs of tourists and adequately respond to a request with a familiar amusement park name.

Mini Siam Park in Pattaya: where to find it, how to get there

Where to eat

Even though lunch was included in the price of the ticket, we did not even go to it because we had some concerns. In general, Siam Park is the only place in Thailand where we saw some food problems. First, the prices are higher than in Dream World. Secondly, the choice of dishes is small and limited mainly to Thai cuisine. Thirdly, even what was served hot was cold.

A portion of sliced ​​fruit cost 60–80 baht. The 60 baht hot dog consisted of soy sausage in a bun and ketchup. For some reason, the pizza turned out to be sweet, and the french fries, in general, could not be eaten. All in all, we were hungry. I recommend taking something with you.

Mini Siam Park in Pattaya

Between relaxing on the beach, visiting floating markets and excursions to local attractions, it is worth looking into the amazing and unique Mini Siam Park in Pattaya. It is worth doing this because there you can see large-scale copies of all the iconic sights of the world and Thailand. For example, in the “European” part of the park – the figure of Christ, which is installed above the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and in the “Siamese” – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or the ancient capital of Thailand Ayutthaya.

All architectural monuments in the Mini Siam Park in Pattaya are created on a scale of 1: 25, and these are not single buildings torn from their natural environment, but entire complexes that exactly repeat their surroundings. Children and passers-by walk along the streets of the “cities”, guardsmen in national costumes stand at their posts. All cars on the streets of cities can be distinguished by brands. A toy river flows under the model of the bridge across the Thames, and “real” steamboats go along it. Trees, fountains, everything, literally everything, is recreated exactly as it is in life. It is likely that the only thing that is not on these models is the ubiquitous sparrows.


Orchid Park is also known as Nong Nooch after its founder. Despite its name, the orchid zone occupies only a small part of the park ensemble.

This is a whole complex 17 kilometers south of Pattaya, covering an area of ​​about 250 hectares. There is everything here:

  • several zones and gardens, interconnected by paths, bridges;
  • a huge number of different types of plants, many of which you will not find in Thailand in their natural environment – they are very rare and brought from abroad;
  • butterflies, birds and animals, among which elephants are clear favorites, you can feed everyone, and you can also ride on elephants;
  • whimsical figurines in ceramics, sculptures in unusual materials such as corn cobs;
  • works of landscape art, for example, a bonsai park, a Versailles-style garden;
  • performances and shows for all ages – national ethnographic show, Thai boxing, cockfighting, elephant fighting;
  • entertainment for children in the form of attractions, playgrounds.

The park is so huge that a day might not be enough to walk around it completely. Having been there once, you can return after some time, because every time new plants, installations, expositions are added to the ensemble.

Also on the territory there is everything for tourists: restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, kiosks with drinks and snacks, as well as a whole hotel where you can stay overnight to continue exploring the park in the morning.

This is one of the largest and most impressive parks on the map of Asia, which makes it attractive for scientific research. So, there is a specially designated facility for lectures, seminars, equipped with special research instruments.

Agricultural students come here to study the diversity of flora. In addition, there is its own college of architecture and landscape design, with more than two thousand graduates.

Chicken King Palace – Baan Sukhawadi

One of the most beautiful places in Pattaya is the palace of a Thai millionaire. It is not by chance that he is called the Chicken King. He made his fortune by raising chickens and supplying poultry to Pattaya. Baan Sukhawaddy Palace was built by famous Thai designers and architects with a special chic. On the territory there is a picturesque park with sculptures, fountains, gardens, lakes, among which peacocks walk. On 15 hectares there are several buildings built in the style of Thai-European eclecticism. In the evenings from 17:30, a transvestite show with dinner is held in the palace non-stop.

Discount on entrance tickets to the palace

History of creation

Until 1939, inclusive, the country of Thailand was called Siam. In 1986, the construction of the park of the same name was underway, in which it was proposed to exhibit exhibits of Thai architecture. With the increase in tourist routes that ran through the country, the authorities decided to expand the idea. The area allocated for the park was increased, and part of it was allocated specifically for the sights of the near abroad – Southeast Asia. They decided to keep the name of the park in tribute to memory.

A couple of years later, the owners decided to enlarge the territory of the park again, adding a zone dedicated to monuments from far abroad. Thus, in the Mini Siam Park in Pattaya, a Europe zone appeared. Among the exhibits were the most famous European architectural monuments, as well as the most outstanding sights of other continents. As the territory grew, the two parts of the park merged into one.

Mini Europe Zone

Mini Siam Park is divided into two thematic zones. The territory of Europe occupies a smaller area. The zone presents to visitors the architectural monuments of Western Europe and several other countries. The site features replicas of the following attractions:

  • Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, France.
  • Big Ben and Tower Bridge, UK.
  • Colosseum, Italy.
  • Cathedrals of Pisa, Italy and Cologne, Germany.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.
  • Glorietta, Austria.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia.
  • Motherland, Russia.
  • Statue of Liberty, USA.
  • Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt.
  • Sydney Opera House, Australia.
  • Christ statue, Brazil.

Looking back at the variety of monuments, it is not clear why the creators called the area European. Although it does not matter, since the main goal of the builders is to convey the beauty and details of the sights.

About the place Mini Siam

Location of the park complex The famous Mini Siam Park is a wonderful place, when visiting which the visitor will be able to learn in a short time the whole history associated with the formation and culture of the country, see secluded and unusual places that can be reached only after long and tiring trips

Particular attention should be paid to the ancient capital of Siam Ayutthaya, as well as the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Tower Bridge. The park is conveniently located in the northern part of the city, 3 kilometers from the center of Pattaya

Guests can walk to it on foot if they have free time or take a taxi, as the park complex is located on the main highway of the resort town – at 143 km of Sukhumvit Road. The main features of the parkThe park complex has been in existence for the second decade, but it is still very popular among tourists and local residents. Divided into two zones, Mini Siam shows the guests all the historical and interesting places of Thailand on the one hand, and the main sights of all countries of the world in a miniature version on the other. A small area of ​​the park contains models of 100 models of famous buildings in Thailand and architectural monuments from other countries of the world, the exposition scale is approximately equal to 1:25. In the daily open park complex, at a quite affordable price, guests can even see Russian sights in miniature, for example, St. Basil’s Cathedral. Accommodations located nearby The infrastructure in this sector of the city is quite well developed; . People who prefer not only a convenient location, but also a high level of comfort, should pay attention to the cozy and comfortable 4-star Mantra Pura Resort, and those who need only a room for the night, it would be better to choose more economical in terms of pricing 3-star hotels Bella Villa Serviced Apartments or Gulf Siam Hotel & Resort.

Asian Spice Garden

An unusual garden spread over an area of ​​half a hectare. You will need time to look into all corners and see the unique collection of spices and spices. More than 350 species of plants and trees are grown in the garden. In an interesting museum, you will get acquainted with the history of spices, books with recipes for medicines and ancient processing tools. In the picturesque garden, you can find both famous and rare types of spices: lemongrass, butterfly peas, chili peppers, pandanus, cat’s whisker and others. The spice shop sells ready-made mixes for cooking, sauces, traditional medicine preparations. You can visit the park on your own or opt for cooking popular Thai dishes.

Excursion to the Asian Spice Garden

Description of Siam Park in Bangkok

Siam Park is a grandiose project in its scale. The park was founded in 1975. Its symbols are kittens Xi and Am, who meet guests at the entrance to the territory, handing over balloons. To make it easier to navigate in this mini-town, it was divided into thematic zones.

This mini entertainment city has the world’s largest wave pool. Its area is 13.6 thousand m², for which it is included in the Guinness Book of Records. However, Siam Park cannot be called a water park, as there are only a few water activities. Real large-scale water parks are located in Pattaya.

Siam Park is a grandiose project

At the entrance to the park there is a bright castle with seven towers. You can start taking photos here. In addition to attractions, a water slide, a swimming pool and all kinds of entertainment, the park has shopping centers, cafes, shops, souvenir shops. You can rent a sun lounger, there is a rental of bathing accessories.

The zones into which the park is divided are difficult to get around in one day. Arriving in Bangkok city, experienced tourists recommend staying closer to the park. Then in the evening after an active day you will not have to waste time and energy on a long journey to the hotel.

How to get there?

Mini Siam is located on Sukhumvit Road across the street from Pattaya Hospital. To get to it, ask the locals for directions, or follow the signs. There are three ways to get to Mini Siam in Pattaya, not counting the transfer with a tour ticket.

The simplest, most comfortable, but expensive is a taxi ride. The cost depends on the distance of the trip, but, as a rule, not less than 100 baht. When staying in the north of the city, the park can be reached on foot. To do this, just get off at Sukhumvit Road and go north, then follow the signs.

Getting to Mini Siam in Pattaya is also easy. If you have a rented or personal vehicle, drive north along the Sukhumvit highway, following the signs.

An inexpensive way to travel is by songthaew – public transport. A trip to the track – 10 baht, on it – 20.

When ordering a trip through a tour desk, the price includes not only a visit, but also a transfer. This option is the most optimal if it is impossible to rent a personal transport and you need a long trip.


Thailand’s tourism industry flourished in the late 1980s, when wealthy Europeans and Americans became interested in the exotic culture of Southeast Asia. However, you won’t go far on one national color – Thailand needed to look for its own niche in the global tourism market, and the sun and the sea were clearly not enough to attract attention.

The idea to make the mysterious Siamese culture more understandable for Europeans was consistently implemented in the main Thai resorts, and in Pattaya at 19In 86, it was decided to build Mini Siam, a theme park that would showcase the picturesque sights of the country.

Another advantage of the compact location of all attractions is that tourists can get to know them without overcoming considerable distances, because most of the iconic objects of Thailand are scattered all over the islands. In addition, such a park is also interesting for local residents: not everyone can afford to visit island resorts. So Mini Siam achieved its goal – and today you can see a lot of not only visitors, but also Thais, who are also impressed by the miniatures located here.

By the way, they recreate not only Siamese sights – the park originally included two parts, one of which was supposed to demonstrate popular tourist sites in Europe. Today, the exposition has expanded even more: there are several buildings and monuments that are located in America, Australia and other countries of the world.

The history of Mini Siam Pattaya – how it came to be

Initially, in 1986, the Thai authorities began construction of a park that was planned to house exclusively Thai monuments, which confirms the name of the place – Siam – the official name of Thailand until 1939 years old Due to the high attendance from tourists, the plans have changed a bit. To be more precise – to increase the territory by adding other exhibits.

A few years later, the construction of the second park, Mini-Europe, began. Miniatures of the legendary architectural structures of that area were placed there – the triumphal arch, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. Soon, from the European sights, the construction “spread” to the outstanding places of America, Africa and the East. In the future, the parks united, turning into a whole city of miniatures in Pattaya. At the moment, minisiam in Pattaya is a park of impressive size for walking and relaxing, with a large collection of attractions from around the world in miniature.

What is interesting about mini Siam in Pattaya – exhibits

What is really amazing is the detail of the exhibits. The structures were not built from papier-mâché, it is immediately noticeable that the construction of miniatures was treated very scrupulously. Small cuts on the windows, flags in the hands of the inhabitants of tiny houses, cars on the bridge, small columns on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. All the nuances and, it would seem, trifles are copied and thoroughly transferred to the presented miniatures. It is worth noting that the park and structures are looked after. Despite the high humidity, tropical, heavy rains and the “wear and tear” of the exhibits by tourists – they all look pretty nice and clean.

When is the best time to visit Mini Siam Park in Pattaya

The “golden” hour to start walking in the park is between 16:00-17:00. It is at this time that you can catch two completely different mini-Siams: in daylight and with cozy night illumination. The realization of Night Mini Siam Pattaya is breathtaking. The light from the lanterns is not just directed at the miniature, it is “played out” in various forms – it burns from the windows of buildings, from mini-spotlights, torches in the hands of mini-residents.

In general, a walk in the park takes about 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the number of stops. A very interesting place for photographers and just those who like to take pictures. In Siam Park Pattaya – there really is something to shoot on camera. It is recommended to visit with children and at the moment when you have already gone around all the sights of Pattaya.

How to get to mini Siam, map

Getting to Siam Park in Pattaya is very easy. The attraction is located in the northern district of the city – Naklua. If you do not plan to spend money on a taxi, then you can take a tuk-tuk, the route of which includes travel along the Sukhumvit highway. Stopover point is McDonald’s. Turning to face him, you need to walk straight along the road. There you will see signs to the entrance.

Address: 387 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Rd., Pattaya City Naklua, Banglamung Tel: +66 (038) 727333, +66 (038) 727666

Cost: Admission for adults – 300 baht. For children less than 1 meter tall – 150 baht. For holders of a local Thai driver’s license – 200 baht. Siam Park in Pattaya is a pleasant place to visit with children, relax, have the opportunity to see the sights from a bird’s eye view, and just have a good time.

Attractions and entertainment

Plan of Siam Park in Bangkok.

I think it makes no sense to describe in detail all the zones. Upon arrival, you will be able to decide what to look for first. At the entrance there is a plan of the entire park indicating the rides, it is easy to navigate.

If you get tired of walking around the park, you can rent a golf cart for 20 baht per person. By the end of the day we were so tired that we had to rent one just to get to the exit.

Siam Park has a lot of entertainment that will appeal to fans of extreme sports. Every now and then screams are heard from the rides, visitors who have risked or overestimated their capabilities) I am not a fan of such frightening entertainment, I can’t even watch from the side without fear.

The attractions at Siam Park are impressive.

The park has its own observation deck. Since the platform constantly rotates around its axis, you can admire the magnificent panorama and take many great photos.

I recommend to take a ride on the water attraction with the head of a lion (pictured above). It is great! Climbing up, back, abrupt and unexpected descents down into the darkness… The sensations are very exciting. This slide consistently attracts a lot of visitors, and only up to 6 people can join the boat, so expect a small queue.

Another fun attraction is Jurassic Adventure. You have to drive in jeeps through the “jungle” with dinosaurs. I do not want to tell anything else, so as not to spoil your pleasure, you will see everything for yourself. There will also be a five minute queue.

Useful tips for vacationers

So that your vacation is not overshadowed by misunderstandings, when planning to visit Siam Park, you should think through everything in advance. It is necessary to clarify the time of the visit, the schedule of transport and solve the issue of food.

How to get to Siam Park

There are several ways to get to the park:

  1. Taxi. The price is about 500 baht one way, including the toll highway. Fast and convenient, but more profitable in terms of money if 3-4 people are traveling.
  2. City bus. The most budgetary way – the fare is not more than 50 baht. The road can take about 2 hours, as the city is large, there will be many stops along the way, and traffic jams often form on the roads. Buses No. 60, 71, 96, 115 (without air conditioning) and No. 178, 519 go to Siam Park(with air conditioning).
  3. Tickets including transfer/excursion. Taking a transfer is convenient and easy. The tour provides for the presence of a guide, which will not be in the transfer, but he is not particularly needed in the park, since everything is intuitively clear.

Opening hours for 2019

The park is waiting for guests every day from 11:00 to 20:00. The pools are open until 18:00. In order to be in time everywhere and visit as many attractions as possible, it is worth coming to the opening. For possible changes in the schedule, you can follow the official website of the park.

Entrance fee for 2019

Ticket price depends on the age (height) of the visitor. The price of an adult ticket is $30. Entrance to the territory for children 100–130 cm tall is $25. Children are allowed to visit only the Water Park, Family World and Fantasy World zones, that is, they can visit any attractions, except for the extreme ones in the X Zone. In the water park, a locker for things costs 50 baht, a circle for a walk along a slow river – 100 baht, a towel – 100 baht.

Cost of attendance and subscription for 2019year

Where to eat

The full ticket includes a free lunch. This should be clarified at the time of purchase. The ticket will indicate the time at which you need to go to the cafe to have lunch. If lunch is not provided, you can have a snack with hot dogs, salads and fruits, which are offered in bars. There is a large selection of drinks.

How to get there on your own?

Legend of Siam Park is located south of Pattaya, there are three ways to get here:

  • Own transport. From Pattaya, the whole journey will take you about 30 minutes. First you need to exit onto Sukhumvit Rd and drive south towards the floating market, which will remain on the left. Then you will pass a signpost to Mount Buddha and Wat Yan. And the next sign will show the way to Nong Nooch Park, from the Sukhumvit highway to the park is only 1 km.

  • Taxi. You can take a taxi from Pattaya to the Legend of Siam park: bikers, tuk-tukers and taxi drivers know the way very well. The cost of a taxi is from 250 baht to 400 baht, depending on the greed of the taxi driver and the ability to bargain. As a rule, a taxi in the opposite direction from Nong Nooch to Pattaya is more expensive, so it’s better to arrange a round trip at once.

  • Songteo. From anywhere in Pattaya, you can take a tut-tuk (10 baht) or walk to the Sukhumvit highway. Here you need to catch white songteo, which goes south from Pattaya. The cost of songteo is 20 baht. You need to get off at the road that leads to Nong Nooch Park, from here it is less than 5 minutes walk to Legend of Siam Park.

What you can see on an excursion to the Mini Siam Park in Pattaya

In this park you can feel like a real Gulliver, suddenly found himself among all these small palaces, castles, palaces and monuments. There are even miniature trees!

And that’s why the feeling that not everyone in the park is small, and you are too big, does not go away until the end of the walk. Almost like suddenly finding yourself in your own kindergarten.

In general, to begin with, I will show a few photos from the Mini Siam park, and then I will tell you the main useful information for those who also want to go on an excursion here.

Despite the fact that I have already seen some of the sights presented live. But it was still interesting to see them all in one place.

Well, I suggest you go on a mini trip to Mini Siam.

I dreamed of the sky of London… To smithereens on the Tower Mooost. In the morning… I’ll find out in the morning, you’ll find out later. ..

Miniature African village with a totem

Arc de Triomphe in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is now not only in Paris, but also in Pattaya. Can’t tell at all at night. 8)

Sydney Opera House, couldn’t help but take a picture against its background

Trevi Fountain in Rome – a mini version (at least here the fountain is not closed for eternal restoration)

Miracle Square in Pisa Italy

St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow monument from the square “Fighted to death”

Statue of Liberty. I don’t know – American or Parisian? After all, they are all so similar, like three nesting dolls.

Most of the park’s exposition is devoted to Thai attractions:

Church of the Wat PHO in Bangkok

Traditional Thai Village

Royal Palace in Bangkok


and even one of the most beautiful Thai waterfalls in a miniature.

Legend of Siam Theme Park

A massive theme park opened in Pattaya in 2019. Its territory of more than 10 hectares is divided into three parts: ancient Siam, traditions of Thailand, myths and religion of the Kingdom. In the park, you can rent a Thai costume and take pictures in it against the backdrop of wooden houses, mythical statues and golden temples. The floating marketplace showcases products from all 77 provinces in Thailand. You can move around the park on foot or by one of the transports – an old train, tuk-tuk or boat. Among the attractions of the “Legend of Siam” is the house of the Thai ghost Mae Nak, a fair with carousels and a Ferris wheel, a stylized village with a rice field and huts by the river, a copy of the temple in Ayutthaya and much more. Read more about the Legend of Siam park in a separate article.

Entrance tickets with a discount from Kluk

Useful information for tourists going to Pattaya and Thailand

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Buy online tickets for buses, trains, ferries to move around Thailand and Southeast Asia at 12GoAsia.

Find last minute tours to Thailand from all major tour operators (Pegasus, Anex, Tez Tour, etc.) and book them online at Level Travel.

And yes, do not forget to take out an insurance policy, in Thailand, medical services, even for trifling reasons, are very, very decent.

Have a good rest, warm sea and interesting adventures!

Hot tours in Pattaya from leading operators can be bought online (select your city and the desired number of days of travel)

How to get to Mini Siam Park

  • Mini Siam Park can be reached by taxi (any transport that you catch on the street). The price of the trip depends on your ability to bargain. Before the trip, ALWAYS agree on the price with the taxi driver and NEVER agree to the first price offered to you. Otherwise, your excursion will cost more if you bought it at the tour desk right away.
  • Take a songteo (tuk-tuk) from the center of Pattaya to Sukkumvit Road and from there walk to the park.
  • A white songteo with a blue stripe takes you directly to the park, this minibus runs along the Sukkumvit highway. To do this, you need to take a regular songteo to Tesco Lotus, change there to

Park zones

I already wrote above that Siam Park consists of 5 zones. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Water Park (water park)

The Water Park zone is a water park with a wide range of water activities: a variety of slides, pools, jacuzzis and a spa club. Here is the largest pool on earth with artificial waves, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records. An artificial lazy river flows along the entire territory of the water park. You can lie on an inflatable mattress and slowly go with the flow. And if you want to completely relax, then visit the spa club in the water park, where you will get a real Thai massage.

But the main entertainment in the water park is the water slides. The most extreme of them are Speed ​​Slides and Super Spiral. The first slide reaches a height of 23 meters, and the second is 4 spiral slides.

Also in the water park there are many low children’s slides, there is an artificial waterfall, sun loungers with umbrellas are everywhere. You can rent an inflatable ring and a swimsuit.

X-Zone (extreme zone)

In the center of Siam Park there is an extreme zone called X-Zone. There are many exciting rides that not everyone dares to ride. For example, the Vortex attraction is a roller coaster, their length is 765 meters, they develop a speed of 80 km/h and rise to a height of 33 meters.

Also an interesting attraction is Aladin, where you can ride on an airplane carpet.

On the Giant Drop you will experience free fall from 75 meters.

I recommend the Log Flume (tiger’s head slide), it’s not very scary, but quite exciting.

Queues periodically appear near the rides, but they move quite quickly.

X-Zone also has an observation deck that offers a beautiful view of the entertainment complex, you can estimate its size from above. The height of the observation deck is 100 meters.

Family, Fantasy and Small World

These areas are for families with small children. There is an interesting attraction “Jurassic Park”. You get into a jeep and drive through the jungle, where you are met by different dinosaurs. Of course, they are not real, but they can move and make sounds. Very informative.

Another interesting attraction is called African Adventure. You get on a boat or train and go on a safari, where you will see replicas of the peoples of Africa and the animals of this continent.

There is also a mini-museum, an amphitheater, a horror room and many different carousels for children (mini-motorcycles, swans, spaceship, horses, etc. ).

How to get to Siam Park in Bangkok

We arrived in our car. This is easy to do using the navigator, even if you are coming from Pattaya. Enter “Siam Park City in Bangkok” and follow the directions. And Pattaya to go about 120 km. From Bangkok, getting to Siam Park is even easier, but do not forget that the park is not located in the city itself, but in the suburbs – in Min Buri.

If you want to stay in Bangkok, I recommend Eastin Siam Piman Bangkok. It is located just 5 km from Siam Park at an equal distance from both airports. Prices at the hotel are affordable and the rooms are large in size.

If you plan to visit Siam Park on your own, I recommend staying at this hotel and taking a taxi to the park.

Siam Park Bangkok

Siam Park City (Thai: สวนสยาม, Suan Sayam) is an amusement and water park in Khan Na Yao district of Bangkok, Thailand. Opened November 1980 years. Opening hours: the water park is open daily from 10:00-17:00, the amusement park is open daily from 11:00-18:00.

History of the park

Siam Park was opened by founder Chaiwat Luangamornlert in November 1980. By creating it, he wanted to bring fun to Thailand and a smile on the faces of children. Now the park is visited by about 2 million tourists a year from all over the world, and it also boasts the largest attractions in the region.

The park covers an area of ​​120 acres and is considered the largest theme and water park in Southeast Asia. The idea behind the water park was to create an oasis without the hustle and bustle of the city, because although there are many beaches in Thailand, there are none in Bangkok. At the moment, the wave pool is the largest in the world. Stretching over an impressive area of ​​13,600 sq.m, it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records and is the only man-made beach in the city. The theme park originally started with a few rides, but has expanded over time and now has over 30 different rides.

Recently, a complete renovation was carried out here, and in 2007 the construction of new attractions was completed: Vortex (Vortex), which is one of the two largest suspended winding slides in the world, Boomerang (Boomerang), Giant Fall (Giant Drop), Aladin ( Aladin), Si-Am Tower, Condor, Top-spin, Mega Dance and Log Flume. Four new rides will also be completed next year, including the Pony Express, a new family ride.

Siam Park is divided into four main areas: water park, amusement park and theme park (Siam Genius). The amusement park is also divided into four subzones: Fantasy World, X-zone, Family World, Small World. The purpose of such an organization is the desire to offer something interesting for all ages. There is also: Pathfinder Camp, used by Scout groups; a huge amphitheater, on the stage of which shows from America, Russia, England and China are regularly held.

Siam Park was not the first park to open in Bangkok, but it is by far the longest running park in the country, and thanks to its success, it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010.

Theme Park Attractions

Vortex This is one of the two largest hanging slides in the world and the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The attraction has a length of 765 meters and consists of five loops with several drops. Designed and built by Vecona Co. Ltd.

Giant Drop An attraction that offers a free fall from a height of 75 meters.

Boomerang Reverse slide with 3 loops. This is the well-known rollercoaster from Vecona Co. Ltd.

Log Flume The park’s newest attraction that will offer a truly impressive spectacle as well as an exciting ride.

Top-spin (Top-spin) The attraction lifts up into the sky, and then spins in the spray of fountains, so you can get wet here.

Siam Park Tower A 100-meter automatic observation tower offering a 360-degree panorama of Bangkok.

Mega Dance The attraction will spin in its “spider” hands.

Double-Deck Merry-Go-Round One of the park’s first rides is a double-deck carousel.

Twin Dragon Dragon themed pirate ship.

Africa Adventure One of the park’s newest rides. Here you can take a trip around the island by ship or train, during which you will be able to see the animatronics of tigers and elephants, and even King Kong.

Jurassic Adventure Jeep ride through the world of ancient animals. Here you can see animatronics of more than 30 different types of dinosaurs, as well as a volcanic eruption.

Dinotopia Dinosaur Museum. Here you can learn the history of these amazing creatures.

Condor The attraction will spin and lift into the sky to a height of 24 meters.

Aladin Magic flying carpet with centrifugal rotation.

Astrofighter An analogue of the Orbitron attraction in Disneyland.

Trabant A thrilling ride with a UFO theme.

Enterprise Exciting 360-degree ride without seat belts. Same model as Six Flags Magic Mountain attraction.

Astro-Liner Space flight simulator.

Monster Spinning thrill ride for adults.

Rock&Roll This ride will rock and roll.

Tagada Disco The attraction is a giant rotating plates, where the force of gravity will make you stick to your seats.

Big-Double Shock Haunted scary house tour.

Ballon Race A rather new attraction, opened in 2009, which will take you on a journey floating through the air.

Water park rides

  • Talay Krung Thep is the world’s largest wave pool with cascading waterfalls and numerous rock pools.
  • Speed ​​Slides is a 75-foot slide that has been the tallest slider in the world since 1970.
  • Super Spiral – 4 spiral slides integrated at different levels.
  • Lazy River – a river flowing through the water park.
  • Spa Club is a wellness spa offering authentic Thai massage.

Merits and awards

The visit of the King of Pop to Siam Park

In 1993, Michael Jackson visited Siam Park. He was in Asia with the “Dangerous” program and in his spare time visited the largest water and theme park in Bangkok.

Largest wave pool

On April 30, 2009, Guinness World Records Judge Mr. Talal Omar, in a ceremony organized by Mr. Veerasak Kousurath, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, officially recognized 13.600 sq.m (146.389sq.m) Siam Park City wave pool in Bangkok, Thailand, the largest on the planet. Mr. Kowsurath and Mr. Chaivat Luangamornlert, owner and CEO of Siam Park City Co. Ltd, received the Guinness Book certification at a ceremony organized on the shores of the wave pool. According to Siam Park City, the wave pool has been known as the sea inside Bangkok for 30 years and is a hugely popular attraction in Thailand’s largest amusement park.

Siam Park received an award for excellence in entertainment and leisure activities.