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Visa to ukraine for australians: UKRAINE VISA FOR THE CITIZENS OF AUSTRALIA

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Ukraine visa support

​​​​​​​The Australian Government remains committed to supporting Ukrainians and their family members who are temporarily in Australia as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The Department of Home Affairs is progressing visa applications from Ukrainian nationals as a priority, particularly for those with a connection to Australia.

Since 23 February 2022 the department has granted nearly 9,500 visas to Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and hundreds more to Ukrainian nationals elsewhere. Nearly 4,500 of these visa holders have since arrived in Australia. ​​

If you have accepted the offer of a temporary humanitarian stay before 11:59 pm on 31 July 2022, you do not need to do anything further until the department contacts you. Please see
Information for Ukrainian nationals who accepted the offer of temporary humanitarian stay before 31 July 2022.​

The Australian Government acknowledges that there will be some Ukrainian nationals who were unable to accept the offer of a temporary humanitarian stay, which ended on 31 July 2022.

Ukrainians and their families who are in Australia and wish to extend their stay can also access normal visa pathways, including the skilled, family, student and visitor visa programs. If a ‘no further stay’ condition (8503, 8534, 8535 or 8540) applies to a Ukrainian’s current visa, they can apply to have that condition waived by completing a
no Further Stay waiver request.

The department encourages Ukrainian nationals that want to come to Australia or extend their stay to
explore their visa options.

Ukrainian nationals who have arrived on a temporary visa and are unable to access normal visa pathways or cannot return to Ukraine, may apply for a Bridging visa E (subclass 050) or a Protection visa (subclass 866).

For more information on Bridging visa E or a Protection visa see
Other pathways for Ukrainian nationals in Australia​.​

Making a visa application

Anyone wishing to make a new application for a visa to travel to Australia should consider options relevant to their circumstances, including urgency of travel. Close family members can apply on behalf of their family members in Ukraine. For information about visas, you can Explore visa options.

If you are a Ukrainian national with a relative in Australia and you apply for a Visitor visa, you can make an application under the Tourist stream and provide details of your Australian relative. You do not need to make an application under the Sponsored Family Visitor stream.

Getting help with your visa application

If you need help to apply for a visa see
Who can help you with your application.

For assistance with migration agent appointments, you can access our
Translating and Interpreting Service.

If you do not have a travel document

Ukrainian nationals who wish to make a visa application to travel to Australia must hold one of the following:

  • a valid passport, which may include:
    • ​passports that have been extended by an Embassy​ or Consulate of Ukraine or the Ukraine State Migration Service with an inscription stating the extended validity date
    • additional minors (under 16) inscribed in a parent/guardian’s passport notated by an Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine or the Ukraine State Migration Service
  • a certified Certificate of Identity (Свідоцтво що засвідчує особу) issued by an Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine by a neighbouring country
  • an internal passport in the form of an ID-Card, that states in both Ukrainian and English:
    • full name
    • date of birth
    • place of birth.

​An internal passport in the form of a booklet is not valid for grant of a visa or travel to Australia.​ If you have these documents you should still provide copies with your application to help confirm your identity.

If you have problems making an online application

If you hold one of the above travel documents and you have difficulty making an application online, you can submit an online enquiry. We will contact you to provide assistance.

Do not enter incorrect or false passport details to submit an online visa application. If you have submitted incorrect information with a visa application, you should advise the department through an online enquiry.

If you cannot obtain a valid travel document

If you do not hold a valid travel document you will not be able to travel.

Ukrainian nationals who do not hold a valid international travel document can seek advice from the Ukraine State Migration Service or their nearest Ukraine Embassy or Consulate.

The Government of Ukraine has advised that a Ukrainian Certificate of Identity can be issued by the Embassies and Consulates of Ukraine in states neighbouring with Ukraine, such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

If you are unable to obtain a valid passport or a Ukrainian Certificate of Identity travel document, you should provide details of efforts made to obtain one through an
online enquiry. This may include reference to emails, correspondence with Ukrainian authorities. 

If you have an application in process you can upload documentation supporting your attempts to obtain a travel document, to your online application in ImmiAccount. We will contact you to discuss your application.

If you already hold a valid visa and you are unable to have your travel document extended, or you are unable to obtain a Ukrainian Certificate of Identity, advise the department through an
online enquiry. We will contact you to discuss next steps.  

Making an appointment for an immigration medical assessment

Only if requested to do so by a departmental officer, visa applicants outside Ukraine can make an appointment for an immigration medical assessment with a registered panel doctor. A list of panel doctors outside Australia is available on the department’s website at Offices outside Australia. 

Children travelling with one parent

Australia recognises that the crisis in Ukraine means that some children may be travelling across international borders with only one parent. Australia is committed to ensuring the welfare of children. To travel to Australia, a minor must have permission from both parents.

If you cannot provide this consent, you can make an application with available documentation. We will contact you to discuss your application. 

Entering​​ Australia

From 6 July 2022, the way you travel to and from Australia has changed. People entering Australia do not need to provide evidence of vaccination status. See
Entering and leaving Australia.

All international travellers must follow and comply with requirements of the state and territory they enter. For details see Information for international travellers.​

Additional travel advice

For up-to-date Australian Government travel advice see Ukraine Travel Advice & Safety. 

Airlines may also have specific requirements that you need to meet.

Visa and settlement support in Australia

Ukrainian nationals who have arrived on a temporary visa can seek information about visa options by submitting an online enquiry. Enquiries are generally responded to within 24 hours.

The ImmiCard​ is an official, secure immigration credential issued by the Department of Home Affairs. They are only issued to eligible foreign nationals
who do not have,
or are unable to obtain or use, an
identity ​document of their country of citizenship​ to establish their identity for visa grant and travel to Australia, and enrol for services in Australia.

The travel documents listed in
Applying for a visa to travel to Australia as acceptable for Ukrainian nationals to establish their identity for visa grant and travel to Australia are also considered as acceptable to enrol for services in Australia.​

ImmiCards are only issued in exceptional circumstances to clients who are unable to obtain the above-mentioned identity documents.

More inform​ation on accessing government services online is available at
Abou​t MyGov.


Interpreting and Translating Services

Ukrainian nationals arriving in Australia and their families have access to free interpreting and translating services. The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National, 131 450) is an interpreting service provided by the Department of Home Affairs for people who do not speak English, and for agencies and businesses that need to communicate with their non-English speaking clients.

Translation of documents is also available through our Free Translating Service. Ukrainian nationals arriving in Australia are encouraged to call The Migration Translators on 1800 962 100 for more information.

Contact Us

Enquiries can be directed to:

Enquiry form for Ukraine visa arrangements

Global Service Centre:

In Australia Phone: 131 881

Outside Australia Phone: +61 2 6196 0196


Visas, Immigration and Citizenship

Processing of visa applications from residents of Ukraine

Processing of Australian visa applications for Ukrainian nationals living in Ukraine is undertaken by the Australian High Commission in London.  For further information in English, please click here.

The Australian Embassy in Kyiv can not assist with visa and immigration enquires.

For general information on applying for an Australian visa, please click here.


Visa and Citizenship information

The Department of Home Affairs website contains information about Australian visas and citizenship.   This information is available in English.

This website contains comprehensive information about the range of visa products, eligibility, forms, fees and application procedures.  For most visa types, there are checklists and step-by-step guides to help you apply.


Digital Passenger Declaration

It is a requirement from the Australian Government that you complete a Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD). The DPD requests critical health information required for entry into Australia. You must be able to provide evidence that the critical information was completed before boarding the aircraft.

You must show airline staff at check-in that you have completed the DPD and provide relevant supporting documentation as evidence. Passengers who do not complete a DPD prior to check-in, may be referred to Australian Border Force Officers on arrival and face unnecessary delays.

The DPD can be completed by downloading the mobile app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android), or via a web form.

More information on the DPD can be found on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.


Online-only lodgement for Visitor visa (subclass 600)


The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) is introducing 100 per cent online lodgement for Visitor visas (subclass 600). The changes will be introduced in two phases commencing from September 2021. Following these changes, paper applications will not be accepted as valid for lodgement:

  • From 30 September 2021 (phase 1), all applicants applying for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) from outside Australia in any stream must lodge their application online via ImmiAccount. Applicants applying for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) in Australia in the Tourist stream may lodge their application online via ImmiAccount or by posting their application to the Sydney office. The courier option will no longer be available.
  • From early 2022 (phase 2), all applicants applying for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) in Australia in the Tourist stream must lodge their application online via ImmiAccount.


How can I apply for a Visitor visa online?

ImmiAccount is an online service that provides a simple, efficient and convenient way to apply for a visa. You can create an ImmiAccount, select the visa type you want to apply for, attach documents, submit family applications together and pay the application fee online at

You can also get help from a family member, friend or migration agent to submit your application if required.

Australian Visa Application Centres outside Australia may also offer assisted online lodgement services, depending on local country arrangements.


Where can I get additional information?

Information about these changes will be updated on the Department’s website for each Visitor visa (subclass 600) stream page. A list of all streams is at:

Information and guidance about applying online and using ImmiAccount is available on the Department’s website at:



Applying for Citizenship by Descent

From 1 May 2021, new Citizenship by Descent applications lodged outside Australia in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Israel will be processed in Australia instead of the Visa and Citizenship Office at Australian High Commission in London.

Applying online is the preferred way for you to apply and helps the Department to process your application faster. Apply online via the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you are unable to apply online, complete Form 118 Application for Australian citizenship by descent (PDF): Departmental forms (

Send the application, certified copies of documents and the payment receipt to the address on the form.

Please refer to the Department’s website regarding global processing times for Citizenship by Descent applications:

For online applications, persons should refer to ImmiAccount for the status of their application.

If the application is within the advertised global processing time, requests for priority processing will only be considered if exceptional compelling and compassionate circumstances exist and you have an imminent scheduled flight to Australia.

Should this apply to the application and you have not already confirmed this when your application was lodged, upload your claims for priority processing to ImmiAccount.

Pending Citizenship by Descent applications lodged prior to 1 May 2021 will also be processed in Australia.


Applying for a passport

Apply for a passport online.

The Australian Embassy to Poland, located in Warsaw, processes passport applications for Australians in Ukraine and Moldova.  The Australian Embassy  in Kyiv can assist with passport applications and conduct passport interviews.

Please refer to the Australian Embassy to Poland’s website for additional important information on applying for a passport from Ukraine.

All passport applicants in Ukraine are required to present to the Australian Embassy in Kyiv for a passport interview, prior to sending their application to the Warsaw Embassy.  Interviews are by appointment only, and can be arranged by contacting the Australian Embassy in Kyiv at: [email protected].

The Australian Passport Office (APO) is currently seeing strong demand for passports. For this reason, it is advising its customers to apply for or renew their passport well ahead of their planned travel dates. The APO is therefore recommending, at least for now, that they allow up to six weeks to get a new passport.


Flight from the war: how Ukrainian migrants live in Australia

October 05 / 2022

Original source:
TV channel “Dom”

In Australia. Photo:

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Australia has taken in more than 3,000 Ukrainian migrants. Many humanitarian centers have been set up there, and local companies are happy to invite Ukrainians to work. About how immigrants from Ukraine live in Australia, it is said in the plot of the program “Ranok Vdoma”.

Until February 24, Ksenia Koznova had her own marketing business in Kyiv. After a full-scale invasion of Russia, the girl changed her office to a restaurant kitchen. With friends, she cooked food for the Ukrainian military, who defended the Kyiv region.

“Every day we got up at six in the morning and prepared two thousand breakfasts. Then two hours of rest and lunch.

The girl lived in a restaurant and helped the military until the end of March. Then I decided to go to my sister in Australia.

During the war, more than 3,000 Ukrainians came to Australia, mostly mothers with children or older people. Ukrainians need a visa to enter the country. The fastest way is the Subclass 600 tourist visa. It is valid for three months. After that, a 786 visa is issued for three years.

Now Xenia lives with her sister in Brisbane. Those settlers who do not have relatives in Australia are helped by the country’s authorities with the settlement. Every state has an organization that will find free housing for the first 28 days. A national base has been created where all Australians who want to help can register and provide Ukrainians with asylum.

Ukrainians in Australia receive financial assistance. Depending on the number of family members and the presence of children, the government assigns monthly payments until people find work. Local residents willingly help Ukrainians with equipment and machinery. And Australian companies help with employment. Representatives of companies even turn to the community and ask if there are Ukrainians who want to get a job.

Ksenia works as a marketer for a local company and helps her sister with her child in the evenings. In his spare time he takes part in various Ukrainian initiatives. She recently walked the catwalk in Brisbane. The entrance was for donations to help the Ukrainians.

More about the life of Ukrainians in other countries:

  • How Ukrainian refugees live in Austria Ukrainians live in Israel
  • Life in Romania: stories of Ukrainians fleeing the war
  • How New Zealand helps Ukrainian refugees
  • Ukrainians in Turkey: how people fleeing the war live
  • How Ukrainian refugees are helped in Malta
  • How Georgia welcomes Ukrainian refugees
  • Fleeing the war: how Ukrainian refugees live in Bulgaria

Ukrainians in Australia: new visa and assistance

SBS9 Language

SBS in Russian

3 in Russian

Australians help Ukrainians with paperwork in Cairns. Source: Supplied by Natasha Arens

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Other ways to listen 9

By Irina Burmistrova, SBS News, Svetlana Printcev

Source: SBS

subclass 449 visa. Where can I get help for those who are currently in Australia on a 600 visa?

Published 14 April 2022 at 1:51pm, updated 15 August 2022 at 12:17pm


Source: SBS

Available in other languages ​​

  • Since February 23, the federal government has issued more than 6,000 visas to Ukrainians fleeing the war.
  • More than 1700 people have already arrived in Australia from Ukraine.
  • They are currently here on the 600th visa and do not have access to benefits and medical care.
  • On Thursday morning, the Ministry of the Interior updated the website, inviting Ukrainians in Australia

    to fill out online forms

    as part of a two-step process for accepting the government’s offer of a three-year humanitarian visa.

  • The first step involves applying for a subclass 449 humanitarian visa prior to applying for a temporary subclass 786 humanitarian visa.
  • Ukrainians who need help with accommodation and general information after arriving in Australia can visit the



  • Volunteers across Australia take requests for help and provide support to Ukrainians in a Facebook group

    “Help to Ukrainians / Help to Ukrainians / Help Displaced Ukrainians Australia”


  • Volunteer, migration agent and representative of the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking communities of Australia from Cairns Natasha Ahrens said that help can also be obtained from special organizations.
  • She herself works with Centacare, which provides support for newcomers in Cairns and the suburbs.
  • Natasha Ahrens calls on Australians to help Ukrainians, and Ukrainians – to provide all possible assistance to local residents.

Also listen:


Ukrainians who fled the war ended up in Australia without access to Medicare, rental assistance or the right to work on tourist visas

Ukrainian students who arrived in Australia because of the war receive scholarships for continuing education

“Guilt, resentment and helplessness”.