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Visit gran canaria: The Official Gran Canaria Tourist Website

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PROUDLY GRAN CANARIA – The Official Gran Canaria Tourist Website

How did Gran Canaria manage to become one of the greatest LGBTI destinations in Europe? You probably don’t have to look too far. It just so happens that the seaside makes you happy and beaches go well with great weather, and it all comes together to create an unprejudiced live and let live attitude. The island is always a great port of call for good times, sport, a meal fit for a queen, dancing all night long, and living life with an open mind. Furthermore, it is highly likely that there won’t be a cloud in the sky today. Gran Canaria is waiting for you, with its warmest welcome at the ready.

Carmelo and Mauro are the heart of soul of the restaurant Mi Vida, a unique spot that is just a hop, skip and a jump from the marina in the small town of El Puerto de Mogán. In the early days of their relationship, Mauro, originally from Milan, and Carmelo, from Gran Canaria, dreamed of a life together. A little over two years ago, they made that dream come true and opened Mi Vida. Their restaurant serves up good times, with a sprinkle of creativity, good humour and a deep love of cooking.

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Eva has Portuguese roots, although she grew up in Germany. She came to Gran Canaria looking for adventure at the ripe old age of 18, with just one big suitcase and two backpacks. She intended to work a winter season, but 14 years later she’s still living on this island which has become her home. Eva current manages two restaurants in the Yumbo shopping centre, the Gio and the Ritz, and she remains irrepressibly in love with our ‘sunrises on the beach’.

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Fernando Ilarduya and his husband founded Freedom LGTB, the association which organises the Freedom Festival and Maspalomas Pride, one of the best-known pride marches in Europe. Fernando originally comes from Pamplona, but he decided to make Gran Canaria his home 10 years ago because of the great weather and, above all, because he felt free here.

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Jess works as a clinical psychologist with children and young people in a medical centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She hails from Madrid but last year, Jess decided to follow her intuition and moved to Gran Canaria to begin a new stage in her life. The island has brought her peace, quiet and above all, inspiration.

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Gran Canaria has become the international icon of LGTBI tourism, a sure-thing if you’re looking for ‘pride’ and sun. Decade after decade, the island remains a top holiday spot for the community. And we’re so proud of it.

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If Gran Canaria is known as a ‘miniature continent’, this is down to its amazing mixture of landscapes and all the choices this gives you. On this island, you can enjoy a thousand beaches, explore charming villages, taste their great cuisine, and dance all night.

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Gran Canaria’s cultural life is alive and kicking all year round, providing a full range of activities: music, theatre, popular festivals and so much more in a colourful palette of options that makes it easy to fill your days, each one different and unforgettable. This calendar outlines the most outstanding events.

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Find out about the events organised by the island’s LGTBI community, from shows to theme nights, parades, fashion shows, exhibitions or festivals.

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Visit Gran Canaria – Paradise in Europe

This wonderful place is situated 150 km off the coast of Western Sahara in the Atlantic Ocean. Seven major islands and six smaller form the Canary Islands. It is the second largest island of the Archipelago. People used to call Gran Canaria a “mini continent” because it has various climates, landscapes and it is located between three continents-Europe, Africa and America.

Thinking about going to visit Gran Canaria? We think it’s a great idea!

Visit Gran Canaria in Spain

About Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is located in the Canary Islands archipelago southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura.

Its capital is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria also known as “Las Palmas”. It is in the north part. The population of the city is about 400,000. It is divided into four main areas. The first is the district of Vegueta which is 500 years old. It is famous for the museums, theatres, the Cathedral. The second area is the tourist area where we can see a beautiful beach with lots of restaurants and shops situated on the shore. The next area is the port and the last is the University with more than 20,000 students in it.

Not far away from it is located Pozo de Las Nieves. It is the highest peak of the island- 6431 feet above sea level. There we can see green forests, deep valleys with many kinds of tropical fruits and flowers. In the winter it covers up with white snow that makes the landscape perfect.

The weather in Gran Canaria

The various climates, good wind conditions and the warm temperature of the water make Gran Canaria a real paradise spot. It’s a perfect place for sailing and other water sports. On its shores (about 240 km long) you can do everything- from shopping to partying.

The infrastructure of Gran Canaria is also well developed. This is a result from the good weather conditions. No matter what you want to do there you can do it. You can swim, sail, dive, and go fishing in the waters of the ocean. You can also enjoy the luxury of the yachts that are offered for rent.

Where to stay when you visit Gran Canaria

When we talk about the resorts in Gran Canaria we need to say that Puerto de Mog is the most beautiful one. It is situated on the south-west coast of Gran Canaria. Pueblo de Mogan is also a great place nowadays called Little Venice. It is full of nice yachts and has many little bridges. The window panes of the houses there are painted in beautiful shades of green, yellow and red. You can see flowers and greenery anywhere in the city. In the center you can have a meal in extravagant restaurants; there are bars and shops everywhere. The beach there is well protected from the Atlantic wind and waves so you can perfectly enjoy resting there.

Most tourists stay in one of the resorts along the South coast when they visit Gran Canaria, others go to Playa del Ingles which is full of dunes and beaches with golden sands. It is usually visited by over 2,000,000 tourists every year. Maspalomas, San Augustin and Puerto Rico are also famous names of the tourist attractions that are worth a visit. The National Park area is the west coast beauty of Gran Canaria.

Search for accommodation in Gran Canaria below:

All the factors of the climate, the beauty of the nature, the perfect infrastructure turns Gran Canaria into one of the best places for living on Earth.

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Gran Canaria, Spain
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10 The best attractions in the Grand Canarius 2022

Popular entertainment

  • Natural and protected zones

  • Views

  • 9000 ruins

  • National parks

Popular cities in Gran Canaria


Canary Islands, Spain

Las Palmas de Granarii

Canary Islands, Spain

Puerto Rico

Canar Islands, Spain


show all

  • Palmitos Park

    Natural and protected areas • Zoos

  • Barranco de Guayadeque

    Natural and protected areas • Grottoes and caves

  • PINAR de Tamadaba

    Natural and protected zones • Forests

  • La Charca

    Natural and protected zones

  • MiRador Caldera de Los Marteles 9000 9000 9000 9000 • Geological Education • Geological Education • Geological Education

    Natural and protected areas • Parks

  • Banana Park

    Natural and protected areas

  • Reserva Natural Especial de Guigui

    National parks • Natural and protected zones

Show all

  • Pico de las nieves

    mountains • Sighting venues

  • MiRador de Mogan


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  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
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  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000
  • 000 9000
  • 000 los Pozos de la Nieve

    Points of Interest and Landmarks • Lookouts

  • Mirador Pico de Bandama


Show all

  • beach de las canteres


  • Plaiya de Maspalomas

  • Playa AMADORES

    PLAYA de MOOTA now

  • Beach Gui-Gui


    Entrance tickets from 619. 01 rubles

    Author: elenapletn

    Not an outstanding but interesting place – a private zoo for the rescue of exploited animals. Many enclosures are cramped, but…

    There are playgrounds. At the end of the beach there is a board rental…

    3. Palmitos Park

    Natural and protected areas • Zoos

    Author: GILUNG

    4. Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas


    Walking through this little desert, you really feel like you are in a desert!

    5. Pico de las nieves

    mountains • Viewing venues

    Author: Elenapletn

    were on the observation deck at the peak of Las Naves, a cloud rushed around us, the beauty of the Incredible!

    6. Roque Nublo

    Geological formations

    Author: ilonajola

    Be sure to take water with you!

    7. Playa de Maspalomas Beach

    0002 9. Vegueta

    Historical sights • Neighborhoods

    Author: 151jelenaz

    Santa Ana Cathedral is the main church of Las Palmas, the capital of the island of Gran Canaria. Located in the district …

    10. Playa de Mogan



    Author: Ladad5

    LOVE AT THE TOURD! And I hope to come back someday! Very beautiful beach and port, and especially the…

    Review for: Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria

    Published January 15, 2020

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Jelena Z

    Playa de Gandia, Spain484 publications

    The best beach on the island

    An excellent beach with yellow sand and an area for outdoor activities. There are playgrounds. There is a surfboard rental at the end of the beach.

    Review for: Playa de las Canteras

    Published March 18, 2020

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Svetlana S

    7 publications

    Highly recommend, especially if you are with children. We stayed at the Vista Flor Hotel.

    I liked the road to Palmitos along the gorge. I liked everything: the show with wild birds, with dolphins, the aquarium, the Butterfly House, and most importantly: the location among the mountains. The park is interesting for this, in my opinion, everything is built into the mountains, even restaurants and an amphitheater.

    Review for: Palmitos Park

    Published October 11, 2022

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Natalia

    Kelheim, Germany69 publications

    like in the desert

    The dunes are very beautiful, the sand is soft and pleasant to the touch, but you need to come in the morning or in the evening, otherwise it is very hot and the sand burns.

    Review for: Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas

    Published August 19, 2022

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • elena

    5 publications

    We visited the clouds.

    We were on the observation deck at the very peak of las Nieves, clouds were rushing around us, the beauty is incredible!

    Review for: Pico de las Nieves

    Published January 15, 2020

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Polina G.

    8 publications

    Very cool

    Very cool place for adventure lovers. It was very fun. Just wear sneakers and take warm clothes with you as it is very windy there.

    Review of: Roque Nublo

    Posted April 15, 2021

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Natalia

    Kelheim, Germany69 publications

    soft sand

    It is very nice to walk barefoot, the sand here is like flour, and the color is golden mixed with black volcanic.

    Review for: Playa de Maspalomas

    Posted August 18, 2022

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Nikolai S

    Kyiv, Ukraine38 publications

    There is always enough space!

    One of the beaches where there is always a convenient place! The entrance to the water is convenient, the water is quite clean, despite the port. The rest of the ingredients are the same. Recommended

    Review for: Playa Amadores

    Published July 3, 2018

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Jelena Z

    Playa de Gandia, Spain484 publications

    Panorama of Las Palmas

    Santa Ana Cathedral is the main church of Las Palmas, the capital of the island of Gran Canaria. Located in Vegueta district next to Plaza Mayor de Santa Ana. From the observation deck, which can be reached by elevator, a beautiful view of the city from all its four sides opens up! The sea view is great!

    Review for: Vegueta

    Published March 14, 2020

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Lada D

    Perm, Russia39 publications

    I would stay here forever!

    I fell in love with this town! And I hope to come back someday! Very beautiful beach and port, and especially that part of the town adjacent to the port. There are canals, and such cute little houses, immersed in flowers and greenery, and miniature squares and public gardens!

    Review for: Playa de Mogan

    Published January 10, 2020

    This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Dinkalisa

    Berlin, Germany36 publications

    Spectacular views

    Wonderful place, amazing views. The caves are very authentic. Unfortunately it was raining so we didn’t spend much time there.
    The road to the gorge is not difficult. We parked at the Tagoror restaurant, where we had lunch. Parking is free for visitors. At 12.00 there were no problems with parking, by 13.00 a lot of cars arrived, they could hardly find a place.

    Review for: Barranco de Guayadeque

    Published November 17, 2018

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • Alla B

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia43 publications

    we did it!

    The beach can only be accessed from the water, which is not interesting, or on foot along the path through the mountain pass from the village of Tasartico. One way the road is about 6.5 km. Altitude difference to the pass – 350 meters, after the pass, down to the ocean – 550 meters. In addition, you need to know the low tide schedule, since only at low tide does the water recede from the rocks and the beach reveals its finest pink sand. It was very difficult, but we never regretted that we went! Of the entire two-week stay on the island, only one day, January 10, 2015, was suitable for us at low tide to go to Gui Gui. It was unforgettable!!!

    Review for: Beach Gui-Gui

    Published January 27, 2015

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

  • NaRuTa2015

    St. Petersburg, Russia61 publication Grancanaria, in the morning we thought about what to do. Husband said he found something to do for the day.
    “Let’s go to a cool place right now!” – with this phrase our trip began. Traveled by car, 15 minutes from our hotel. We arrived just in time for the opening, around 10:30. The weather was great, bright sun, + 20.
    The show was watched in the front row. We wandered through this wild west town. We looked at the school, the bank, the sheriff’s office, the prison, the saloon and the cemetery at the church with cool tombstones, the house of the undertaker. Everything is done in the style of the 19th century. Like in the movies – the wild west!
    There is a place where you can sit and have a snack (if you take it with you), a playground, Indian wigwams, walking horses, a souvenir shop.
    After the street show, the saloon show. Focus, dancing. You can also order lunch.
    In general, we had a good time. The photos turned out great.
    I recommend to visit.

    Review for: Sioux City

    Published January 25, 2020

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews. FAQs about Gran Canaria

  • Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria
  • Beach de las Canteras
  • Palmitos Park
  • Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas
  • Pico de las Nieves
  • See all attractions in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria according to Tripadvisor travelers the best outdoor activities in Gran Canaria are:

  • Roque Nublo
  • Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas
  • DH Guide Canarias
  • Roque Bentayga
  • Pico de las Nieves
  • See all outdoor activities in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria according to Tripadvisor travelers the most popular outdoor activities in Gran Canaria with kids are:

  • Yellow Boat Mogan Boat & Snorkel Excursions
  • Blue Dream Sailing Gran Canaria
  • Blue M Boat Trips Puerto de Mogan
  • Isla Breeze Boat Rental
  • Surf Maspalomas
  • See all kid friendly things to do in Gran Canaria on Tripadvisor

What to see in Gran Canaria in 2022 OrangeSmile.


Gran Canaria is the most popular of the islands of the Canary archipelago and is located in its southern part. Before the conquest of the island by the Spanish colonialists, the Guanches lived there. Gradually, the island became a colony, and eventually became one of the most remote and amazing provinces in Spain.

Extensive beaches with golden sand have become the hallmark of the island of Gran Canaria. The Playa de Las Canteras beach is very popular among vacationers and local residents. It is … Open

Nature about. Gran Canaria is a wide variety of landscapes that can be seen in such a small area. They are so magnificent and contrasting – empty areas near mountain elevations are bordered by a huge riot of dense tropical foliage, steep rocky mountain ranges combined with spacious sandy beaches, which in turn are surrounded by valleys of banana plantations.

Gran Canaria has many attractions on its territory – this is the old quarter of Vegeta in the south of the city, which contains interesting architectural and historical monuments, St. Anne’s Square, where the Cathedral is located, the house of Christopher Columbus, which today is the Museum of the Age of Discovery, the Canary Museum islands, which presents evidence of the ancient Canarian civilization. The island’s capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is one of the largest ports in the Atlantic Ocean, is home to almost half of the island’s population. Copyright

Gran Canaria is home to stunning resort hotels and exclusive themed hotels, making it easy to choose the right place to stay. One of the most … Open

Arriving on about. Gran Canaria must visit the Canteras Boulevard, which is full of restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, as well as La Cue Pintada – a tuff cave with rock paintings that are over two thousand years old.

There are many interesting natural monuments on the islands, one of the most unusual is Roque Nublo. This is the name of the rock, located in the very center of the island, its height is about 60 meters. With its shape, the rock resembles a raised index finger. Local residents have many interesting legends associated with it. For many tourists, the main entertainment is climbing a rock, from the top of which a wonderful view of the city opens.

… Open

One of the most beautiful places on the island are the dunes of Maspalomas. These sand dunes are located off the coast of the ocean and look incredibly beautiful. This unusual natural area has been declared a nature reserve; its area is more than 400 hectares. Only at first glance this area may seem completely deserted, in fact, rare insects can be observed here, and in winter migratory birds stop here.

Nearby is another interesting object – the lighthouse of Maspalomas. This lighthouse was built in 1861, however, it was not used for its intended purpose until 30 years later. The historic lighthouse is still active today; in recent years it has become a popular tourist attraction. Several spacious viewing platforms have been equipped near the lighthouse. There are excellent restaurants and cafes, as well as souvenir shops with a curious assortment of goods.

Among the upscale hotels in Gran Canaria, one of the most stylish and attractive is Seaside Sandy Beach. It was decorated in an elegant style, taking into account the most beautiful national traditions, in all … Open

One of the most mysterious sights of the island are the caves of the Guanches, hundreds of years ago they served as a home for one of the most mysterious peoples on earth. The main feature of this tribe was its atypical European appearance for these places. In a matter of years, the mysterious tribe was completely exterminated by the Spanish conquistadors, today only a mysterious cave remains as a reminder of their unique culture. It is very large, according to rough estimates, up to twenty families could live in this cave.

Several beautiful castles have been preserved on the islands. Castillo de la Luz is considered one of the most interesting. This fortress was built to protect the island in the early Middle Ages, and in 1599 it was completely destroyed by pirates. A few years ago, the fortress was restored and the Museum of Shipping was opened within its walls. Part of the historic building is used for various exhibitions and cultural events.

Cultural attractions in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria presents a wide variety of attractions that will be interesting to see for all travelers. An important sightseeing object is the Church of Iglesia de San Juan, the construction of which began in 1906. The well-known Catalan architect Gaudi worked on the project of a beautiful neo-Gothic building. The construction of the beautiful church was completed only 70 years later. The beautiful graceful building is decorated with sharp spiers and carved rose windows, which make the facade even more original and original. The church houses an important religious relic – a wooden crucifix from the 16th century, which occupies a place of honor above the altar. Next to the church there is another interesting architectural object – the old houses of Arukas, in the aggregate, the architectural ensemble looks very impressive.

Visitors to the city should definitely see the miniature castle of Castillo de la Fortaleza. It was built less than half a century ago and not at all for defensive purposes, but for the sake of a quirk. Today, the castle houses a museum that stores a wide variety of historical and archaeological collections, as well as valuable works of art dating back more than one hundred years. The castle has rooms dedicated to ancient weapons, historical artifacts, collections of botany and prehistoric exhibits, as well as an excellent art gallery.

A beautiful modern building houses an equally popular cultural institution – the Museo Canario, whose exposition is dedicated to the history of the Canary Islands. Among the exhibits presented, the most valuable are the archaeological finds of the Cro-Magnon period, ancient pottery and antique jewelry.

Many interesting excursion objects are located in the vicinity of the city. Fans of walks in picturesque natural places will enjoy an excursion to the La Cueva pintada cave. Inside the cave wall is decorated with rock paintings, according to scientists, the age of some of the drawings is about 2 thousand years. The painting is truly a unique find, as it has fully retained its original color. In addition, vacationers are invited to take a fascinating walk around the cave, during which you can fully appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna of Gran Canaria. More about cultural attractions

Entertainment in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria never ceases to attract fans of beach holidays. This is a real paradise for those who like to enjoy the hot sun and dedicate their vacation to water activities. The best and largest beach is considered Maspalomas (Maspalomas), which covers the territory of several small resorts. The incredible beauty of golden sand, crystal clear water, well-equipped coastline and a wide range of entertainment make these places popular with tourists from all over the world. Those who like to relax in a more peaceful and secluded environment should go to the northern coast, which is famous for its abundance of beautiful bays and tropical forests.

Adherents of ecological tourism love to relax here. Exciting excursions are held every day in beautiful natural places. One of the main advantages of the resort is the abundance of natural attractions. Vacationers should definitely look into the local Botanical Garden, which features a huge collection of exotic plants and flowers. For those who want to go fishing, the small village of Arguineguin is suitable. Local residents will rent all the necessary equipment for a moderate fee, as well as tell you about the most “fishy” places.

Not far from the town of Baia Feliz, there is an excellent karting track, the length of which is 1650 meters. There is also an attractive Aeroclub de Gran Canaria, which has long been a favorite among fans of extreme sports. Visitors can book a helicopter ride, paragliding or parachuting; from a bird’s eye view, the island of Gran Canaria looks simply mesmerizing.

The resort is not devoid of the usual entertainment facilities. Among the nightclubs, vacationers single out Xtreeemz. The owners of the establishment never cease to amaze guests with colorful themed parties, and the choice of treats in the bar is able to satisfy the tastes of any gourmet. For shopping, it is best to go to the Yumbo and Kasbah shopping malls. In addition to numerous shops and fashion boutiques, they offer stylish restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues. Among the open markets, Fisaldo stands out. Here visitors will be offered to buy interesting souvenirs, handicrafts, as well as a lot of other national products and home decorations. More about entertainment

Gran Canaria attractions for families with children

The picturesque Canary Island is literally created for family vacations and active entertainment. Many of its sights and entertainment complexes are aimed specifically at vacationers with children. In Maspalomas, you can visit the Holiday World Maspalomas amusement park, which is the largest on the island. There are suitable entertainments for children of any age. The park has many colorful carousels and extreme rides, a large Ferris wheel and a bowling center, as well as many other interesting places for recreation. Many people especially try to get into the park in the evening, when it is decorated with spectacular artistic illumination.

Sioux City Park is considered the most unusual amusement park on the island. It resembles a real old town from the films about the Wild West. This complex was built specifically for the filming of the next western, and when the film was shot, it was converted into an entertainment center. Here you can take a walk, look into interesting cafes and souvenir shops, as well as diversify your vacation with typical cowboy entertainment, for example, learn how to throw a lasso or take a few riding lessons. Such unusual entertainment will definitely appeal to children.

For those who are most fond of water activities, on the island of Gran Canaria, in addition to the beaches, a large selection of water parks is available. Aqualand Maspalomas is considered one of the best. It is located in the vicinity of Maspalomas, in a very picturesque area. Visitors to this park have access to a swimming pool and chic slides, a special children’s pool with attractions is equipped for the youngest visitors. The pools are surrounded by spacious terraces with sun loungers and parasols; very comfortable conditions for relaxation are created here.

No less attractive is the Lago Oasis Waterpark, which also occupies a large area and is well equipped. The central place in the water park is occupied by a huge pool, stylized as an artificial beach, it is complemented by a variety of slides and other children’s attractions. The territory of the water park is decorated with live palm trees and exotic plants, in the shade of which very cozy recreation areas are equipped. There are cafes and restaurants on the territory of the water park, there is a beautiful alley for walking and many other cozy places to relax. More about children’s attractions

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What to see in Spain

The main attraction of Madrid remains the Royal Palace, which now hosts only important meetings and official ceremonies.