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Where to go in canary islands: 20 Top Attractions & Places to Visit in the Canary Islands

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Holidays in the Canary Islands 2022

The Canary Islands rightfully occupy a leading position among the most popular and elite islands of our world . The uniqueness of the Canary archipelago lies primarily in the fact that it has a rather unusual geographical location and, in addition, has an amazing southern climate, which is characteristic only of these islands.

As for the flora and fauna, the diversity can even be a little overwhelming. Due to the fact that a constant trade wind blows in this area, the weather in the Canary Islands can be called consistently favorable. And it is practically in no way inferior to the popular Hawaii. nine0005

What can you say about the Canaries? This is one of the seventeen provinces of passionate Spain. They are comfortably located directly in the Atlantic Ocean, about one thousand five hundred kilometers from the Iberian Peninsula. For the first time this place is mentioned only in the five hundred and fifth year. At that time they were deservedly called the “Happy” islands. Hanno, a Carthaginian explorer, while moving south after the deserted shores of the Sahara, suddenly saw islands that could simply amaze his imagination with their richness of nature. He mentioned them in his notes – “Sea circumnavigation of the navigator Hanno.” The islands were conditionally divided into almost two provinces, but they make up an archipelago. Provinces of the Canaries: Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Despite the fact that the islands have a common volcanic origin, they differ significantly from each other. Nevertheless, reviews of excursions in Tenerife and other Canaries resorts suggest that these resorts can amaze even capricious and demanding tourists with their variety of landscapes and attractions. nine0005

As for the modern population of the Canary Islands, they are proud, but at the same time affable and friendly people. Thanks to the Spaniards, Catholic teaching prevails on this island. Listening to Canarian music, you involuntarily remember that this archipelago has always served as a bridge between the New World and Spain. But, despite the fact that the tunes are almost always Spanish, nevertheless, you can hear notes of Arabic, Latin American and even African music in them. Why is this place so loved by Europeans? Probably because it is here that every woman can feel that she is unique, beautiful and unusually tender. Well, men appreciate it. nine0005

History says that this place has always served as an obligatory transit point on the way to the New World, and that is why you can see a huge variety of flora and fauna here. Almost all species have taken root in this place and now serve as a unique decoration for reserves, botanical gardens and parks of the archipelago. However, what to say, it is necessary to try to appreciate this beauty in a personal way.

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If we talk about Canarian cuisine , then it can be rightfully called one of the most democratic in Spain. Because her dishes, which are clearly of Spanish origin, actively complement African notes and there are also Latin American and African recipes. Due to the fact that this area has an extraordinary variety of fruits and a truly special climate, the local cuisine can be considered both nutritious and light at the same time.

In the center of the Canary archipelago, about one hundred and sixty kilometers from the coast of Africa, there are Gran Canaria which is one of the largest islands in the archipelago. Beautiful beaches, historical sights and great weather attract a huge number of tourists here.

The center of this island is restless, living in a surprisingly fast rhythm, but, nevertheless, in a special exotic city – Las Palmas . In this area, mountains can easily coexist with deserts, while valleys can coexist with banana plantations. And that is why conditionally Gran Canaria bears the name “mainland in miniature”. Well, the island itself lives solely at the expense of agriculture and, of course, tourism. Potatoes, bananas and tomatoes are harvested here all year round.