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 Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Who flies to the canary islands: United Airlines launches direct flights between Tenerife and New York

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Canary Islands Flights – Flights to Tenerife

Canary Islands flights make it easy to visit the charming Spanish islands, whether you book a flight from your home airport, start on the Spanish mainland, or hop from island to island. These islands, known for their wonderful weather, lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, and sunny days are open to visit 365 days a year, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of available flights in the off season.

Thanks to the usually perfect climate, harsh weather is rarely a worry or an impediment to travel. Canary Islands flights are just as likely to be on time during the middle of January as the end of summer. That means you can enjoy your vacation without worry about delays or getting stranded during a storm.

All seven of the main islands have modern airports that welcome flights from other islands and mainland cities. When booking flights to Tenerife or any of the other islands, you have many choices about where to begin. Many international airlines include the islands on their regular flight schedules, routing direct flights from New York, Boston, Toronto, and other North American cities. Flights also are available from cities such as London, Paris, Glasgow, Nice, and Hamburg, making it possible to include the Canaries in your plans for European holidays as a major destination or even a side trip.

Canary Islands Map

Cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote allow you the chance to see Britain and these Spanish islands all in one vacation. The modern and well-equipped airport at Exeter, located in the southwest of England, is a hub to low-cost airlines. Many offer year-round service to the beautiful and charming island of Lanzarote, as well as Gran Carina and Tenerife. When looking for cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote or one of the other islands, you’ll have a choice of many airlines with more opportunities to find sales and special fares.

The Exeter airport serves as a hub for vacations to some of the world’s best beaches. In addition to the cheap flights from Exeter to Lanzarote, the airport offers service to Corfu, Rhodes, and other Greek Islands. In the summer, regular service is also available to Malta, Spain’s Costa del Sol, and Majorca, along with the Canary Islands flights. Wintertime flights include the warm and sunny Canary Islands and popular ski destinations.

When looking for cheap flights to the Canary Islands, another good bet is a flight from cities throughout Spain. Low-cost airlines run regular flights from Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Often flights to Tenerife or any of the other islands don’t cost more than a nice dinner out and don’t take much longer either. Gran Canaria flights also are readily available and are a cost-effective choice for getting to the Canaries.

Because of the proximity to the African mainland—less than 60 miles at some points—short flights are readily available from airports around Morocco. Flights to Tenerife from Marrakech depart several times a day and don’t cost a fortune.

While air travel is the primary way most vacationers arrive on the Canary Islands, ferry travel is another option. A car ferry departs from Cadiz, on the Spanish mainland. Inter-island routes allow you the chance to see more than just the island where your hotel is located, and marinas are readily available for boat owners who want to make their own way.

However you decide to arrive, make sure you bring the proper paperwork. Citizens of the European Union and Switzerland can use their national identity card, while UK nationals, Americans, and citizens of other countries should bring along valid passports.

Flights to La Palma – How to get to La Palma

Direct flights to La Palma:




Thomson Airways

Alternative flights and ways to get  to La Palma! In many cases, the search for affordable flights Search to La Palma poses difficulties. There might not be suitable alternatives for all travellers (e.g., families with little children).
However, for single travellers, couples, families or  groups of adults we recommend having a look at the alternatives listed below!

Here are our propositions:

Option 1 – Flights to Gran Canaria (airport code LPA):

One sensible option is to fly via Gran Canaria (these tickets are often significantly cheaper than flying directly to La Palma).
From there you can take a small island airplane to La Palma!
Pay attention to the time of arrival and plan generously to make sure you have enough time to check in to your next flight and go to security once again . The airline cannot be held responsible, if you miss your connecting flight. Here the links to the airlines flying from Gran Canaria to La Palma: (on the top right you can change the language, if necessary) or

Advantages of flying via Gran Canaria:
Tickets from Binter or CanaryFly can be booked at a special price on the Internet if you book in advance!
Unlike Tenerife South you do not have to change airports.
Stadely (hourly or more) air traffic to Tenerife and at follow to La Palma
Direct flights to La Palma are possible (two or three times daily)
Gran Canaria is easy to reach from many international airports at reduced prices.

Option 2 – Flights to Tenerife North (airport code: TFN)

Technically a good alternative, but very few international airlines fly to Tenerife North airport.
Flights to La Palma take of at an almost hourly basis from Tenerife – North: Have a look at: (on the top right you can change the language, if necessary) or

Advantages of the flying about Tenerife North:
Tickets from Binter or CanaryFly can be booked at a special price on the Internet if you book in advance!

Unlike Tenerife South you do not have to change airports.

The last flight to la Palma leaves around 9pm.

Option 3 – Flights to Tenerife South (airport code: TFS)

Definely one of the busiest airports with plenty of flights arriving from everywhere. Tickets tend to be considerably cheaper tan tickets to La Palma.

How do get to La Palma from Tenerife South airport?

For example, by ferry.
First you take the bus 111, (ticket price per person around 2,00 €) or you take a taxi, (approximately 30,00 €) to the harbour of Los Cristianos.
The bus stop is located direct in front of the airport (Titsa = Bus Company).
Especially for later arrival times a ferry could be interesting. The crossing takes about 2 hours and the current timetable can be found here: (this page is also available in English) and here :
The disadvantage of the ferry is that it only cross once every day and timetables are announced only 4 to 8 weeks before. So this is for last minute fliers and the courageous!
The crossing is easy, and then in the habour of La Palma, your car is already waiting for you (
A further possibility is to taking the bus or a cab from Tenerife South to Tenerife North airport.
Taxi is fastest and will cost you around 100,00 €.

Several times a day, there is a direct bus (line 343) which connects nonstop the two airports.
The costs per person are approximately 10,00 €.
Alternatively you can take the Bus (line 111) from the South Santa Cruz and then change to line 102 to the north airport.
From Tenerife North, it continues with the island aeroplane (almosthourly): (on the top right you can change the language, if necessary) or

Tickets from Binter or CanaryFly can be booked at a special price on the Internet if you book in advance!

A connection flight between Tenerife South and La Palma does not exist.

Option 4 – Flights to Madrid

With Iberia you may be able to book a ticket  directly to La Palma changing in Madrid. This option is oftentimes much cheaper tan a direct flight.
Furthermore, as you book the entire journey with Iberia, the airline is responsible should you not make your connecting flight.

If you fly with a different airline to Madrid, the airline is not responsible for you making your connecting flight!
In addition, you start and land on the island of La Palma, which means that even if the weather gets slightly worse, the larger planes going to Madrid usually can still take off.

flight time from Moscow to the Canary Islands

Ekaterina Vinogradova

Although the Canary Islands are officially part of Spain, the atmosphere itself is not European. Tourists from all over the world go there for the bizarre twists of landscapes. Volcanoes, waterfalls, green valleys, a warm azure ocean – what else does a true lover of beauty need?

The island archipelago includes only 7 islands – Tenerife, El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. 5 of them have international airports that receive aircraft from Russia. The flight time Moscow – Canary Islands depends on which of them you arrive. 9Ol000 pearl of the Canary archipelago. There are resorts here for families with children, and for those who like to have fun and stay up all night and go diving. There are two airports in Tenerife, but planes arrive from Russia exactly to Yuzhny airport. Its name gives away its geographical position on the island.

Tenerife Island.

How long is a direct flight from Moscow to Tenerife (Canary Islands)? From 7 o’clock , regardless of the airline you choose. These can be Air Berlin, Iberia, Alitalia, Air Europa, KLM, British Airways. There are options with transfers, but the duration of such flights can be up to a day.

Moscow – Gran Canaria

A large island in the Canary Islands attracts tourists with its virgin nature, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, windsurfing and other types of marine entertainment. The highlight of the island are its dunes. This is “Sahara” in miniature. The international airport on the island is located 20 km from the city – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria.

The answer to the question: “How long does it take to fly to the Canary Islands from Moscow to Gran Canaria?” will be – from 10 hours to a day. There are no direct flights, so you will have to be content with connecting flights.

Moscow — Lanzarote

Lanzarote is called the most amazing Canary Island. In the 18th century, many volcanoes began to erupt simultaneously. This went on for 6 years. Hence the unusual, “Martian” landscapes of the island. This is a nature reserve, so here you need to be especially careful when walking.

Lanzarote Island.

There are flights to Lanzarote from Russia, but they are only with transfers through European cities. The flight time will be from 8 hours 30 minutes.

Moscow – Fuerteventura

Island of sun and tranquility – that’s what they call it. People come here not for parties or similar entertainment. and for the opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. It’s good to come here with your family. It is also the “Mecca” of many surfers in the world. Doing this sport here is a real pleasure.


Flights from Russia to Fuerteventura are operated only with transfers in Madrid and other European cities. Total flight time is 8 hours 55 minutes minimum.

Moscow – La Palma

A small island of the Canaries, not quite suitable for mass tourism . The reason lies in the inconvenience of local beaches. There are many volcanoes on the island, many of which have not yet died out. The local airport is located 8 km from the city of Santa Cruz de La Palma. This is the eastern part of the island.

La Palma.

You can fly to La Palma only with transfers by purchasing tickets from Transavia, Iberia, Air Berlin. The flight will take from 10 hours 15 minutes to a day, depending on the transfer time.

Now you know how much to fly to the Canary Islands from Moscow on a direct flight, which means you can better plan your trip.

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How much to fly to the Canary Islands from Moscow and Kyiv. Airfare price

The Canary Islands, part of the territory of Spain, are located at a distance of several thousand kilometers from Moscow and Kyiv.

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The Canary Islands, part of the territory of Spain, are located at a distance of several thousand kilometers from Moscow and Kyiv. And the question naturally arises – in how many hours can such a considerable distance be covered by plane? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.


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  • 3 Where planes land in the Canary Islands

How to fly to the Canary Islands from Moscow

As we said earlier, talking about the flight to Tenerife, there are 2 ways to get to the Canary Islands – by charter flight or with transfers. In the first case, you will have to spend almost 7 hours in the air, but such a flight duration will pay off with the absence of transfers, which not everyone likes. If the cost of such a flight is as high as possible, then there will be difficulties with regularity – charters fly irregularly and have their own nuances.

The second option is a flight with connections. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and London are most often chosen as connecting airports. The duration of the flight in this case will be on average 9 hours (connection in Madrid and Barcelona) and up to a day (connection in Berlin and London). The latter option is characterized by a long waiting time for a connecting flight.

A flight with a connection is good because it allows you to find time for sightseeing and also save money – the cost of a ticket with a connection is lower than that of a charter.

Airfare to the Canary Islands

Non-stop flights to the Canary Islands can only be made from the two largest cities in Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Charters also fly from Yekaterinburg. The cost of the flight will range from 450-550 euros in spring and autumn to 1000 euros for the New Year holidays. In the middle of summer, such a flight will cost 600-650 euros.

Useful : buy air tickets to the Canary Islands.